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Game of Love 15 february 2021: Shivaye comes shouting Anika. Anika stops and sees him. Sahil’s mum says Anika’s marriage is getting fixed. He asks marriage. She says yes. She asks Gauri to give him sweets. Gauri asks him to have sweets. He takes a laddoo. Sahil’s mum asks him to sit, the house belongs to him. He says no, its fine, I wanted to talk to you, can you come out. He goes and thinks of Anika. Tu jaane na….plays…. Anika comes to him. She asks what do you want to talk. He says nothing, you go. Anika says Mr. Oberoi, please call off this wedding, that guy isn’t right for Priyanka. He asks what’s the guarantee that the guy you are marrying is good. She says we are talking about Priyanka. He says I ended that topic. She says you will regret. He asks and you. She says I didn’t get that. He says same here. She says Mr. Oberoi…. He says my name is Shivaye, you can address me by my name. Nikhil comes and says Anika….. all okay? Is there any problem, Sir if you don’t mind, can I take my would be wife with me. Shivaye says yes. Nikhil holds her and asks shall we go, future Mrs. Nikhil Sharma, come everyone is waiting for you. They go. Shivaye looks on. Anika turns and looks at him.

Its morning, Priyanka asks really, what a great news, congrats. She hugs Anika. She stops Shivaye and says you know Anika is getting married, congratulate her. Anika and Shivaye look at each other. Anika says Priyanka…. Priyanka says stop being formal, we are friends Anika, lets shift to the casual you. Anika says fine, don’t worry, I m getting married, it doesn’t mean that I won’t focus on your marriage. Priyanka says but its your day today, you may go. Shivaye asks what do you mean by its her day. Priyanka says Anika is getting engaged today. He asks so soon? Priyanka asks isn’t it amazing, you are getting engaged to Tia today and even Anika is getting engaged today, what’s his name. Shivaye says Nikhil. Priyanka says nice man, its a good coincidence. He says yes, coincidence. Anika says I want to show you the wedding themes, come. Omru come and ask what happened. Shivaye says she is getting married. Rudra says we know Priyanka is getting married. Shivaye says I m not talking about Priyanka.

Om asks whom are you talking about then. Rudra says Om, he is talking about himself, what happened to your hindi, why are you referring to yourself as she, instead he. Shivaye says I m talking about Anika, not myself, looks like its the season of marriage, I thought just Priyanka is leaving this house, but Anika will also leave. Om says she is here just till Priyanka’s marriage, she is not going to stay here forever. Rudra asks why do you care. Shivaye says who said I m bothered, I have a problem with the word marriage. Om says you have, Anika has no issues with it, its a good thing, someone is getting settled. Shivaye says yes, its a good thing. Om says don’t you think he is behaving strange. Rudra asks shall we find out. Om says we have to, this is uncalled for. Rudra asks where are you going. Dadi asks Shivaye to call jeweller, its your engagement in the evening, what will you make Tia wear if you don’t get the ring. He says okay and goes.

Anika asks should we invite even Payal for the wedding. Payal says sure, she is my good friend, we have entire group, Daksh, Payal, me, and more. Anika says it means Daksh knows Payal. Priyanka says they are really good friends. Anika says but Daksh mostly stays in London. Priyanka says yes, he has his business there, but he keeps visiting India to meet me. Anika asks after your marriage… Priyanka says I will get settled with him in London. Shivaye says this girl should have been a spy instead wedding planner, she is getting info about Daksh so casually, she will end up saying wrong about Daksh. He says I have some work with you. Anika goes.

She asks 100 kg laddoo. He says yes, Dadi told laddoos should be sent with Priyanka’s wedding invitation, I want 100 kg laddoo in two hours. She asks how to arrange it. He says its your work, you have to figure it out. She says even the halwai needs time, how can I do this. He says I want 100 kg of laddoo, if you can’t do this, you can leave this job. She says I will do this. He asks sure. She says 100%. he says don’t tell me that you will make it. She says I will make it myself. He asks how. She says its my work to figure out, after all I m the wedding planner. Anika goes to kitchen and starts preparing the laddoos. She checks recipe on net. Shivaye looks on from far. She starts making the laddoos. The big plate gets filled. She gets tired. Gauri cleans the things. Sahil’s mum says its Anika’s engagement and she isn’t here, we are working here.
Gauri says Anika went for work, that’s why we are given this shelter. Sahil’s mum says call her and ask her to come home, will she get ready for engagement or simply sit before inlaws in the same attire. Gauri calls Anika. She asks where are you, when will you come, its your engagement, come soon else Nikhil will make aunt wear the ring and she will even accept it. Anika says I have to make some laddoos, I will come. Gauri asks are you a wedding planner or halwai. Anika says I will come and explain, I don’t have time, bye. Gauri says she is strange, its her engagement today and she is making laddoos there. Anika takes the laddoos out. She makes more laddoos. Jeweller says have this ring, your

Dadi has chosen this for your fiancee. Shivaye sees the ring. Sahil’s mum and Gauri come. Sahil’s mum calls out Anika. Gauri says sorry Mr. Oberoi for entering your house this way. Sahil’s mum says its her engagement today, so we have come to pick her.
Anika says you here. Sahil’s mum says you should have come and got ready, you are wasting time here. Anika says I had urgent work. She says I have made laddoos and packed as well, you can send it with invitation. Shivaye says okay. Gauri asks what happened to your hands. Anika says nothing, my hands must have got swollen while preparing the laddoos. Gauri says your hand is swollen. Anika says it will be fine in some time, don’t worry. Sahil’s mum says your hands got swollen on your engagement day, we don’t have a ring for Nikhil, if his ring doesn’t fit your finger, how will your engagement happen. Anika says we can talk this out at home, I have spoken to Nikhil already, he has no problem, he just wants me to wear his ring. Shivaye looks on. Anika goes with Gauri and Sahil’s mum. Shivaye says no, stop…..I needed your help, only if you can stop. Anika says you carry on, I will come.
Rudra is on the way. He drives while talking to Om on call. He says I m bringing all shagun gifts, I m coming in 5mins. Bhavya comes in his way. He says you….. she says its me. He says I m in a hurry. She says that’s why you didn’t see the signal. He says the road was vacant so… She says so will you jump over the signal, you will be charged for overspeeding too. Rudra says Om, I will call you later. She says were you talking on phone, you will be charged for it too, show me your license. He says I m Shivaye’s brother. She says it doesn’t matter to law, law doens’t discriminate. He asks her for his license. She says collect it from police station, you need not meet the commissioner for this. Gauri says I will deck up Anika so that Nikhil is left awestruck. She sees a gold chain. Sahil’s mum takes it and asks how did you get this, did you steal.
Gauri says I have bought it from my savings, I have been saving from my pocket money which Anika gives me every month, its a wedding gift to her from my side. Sahil’s mum says I will sell it. Gauri takes the chain back and says Anika has never prayed for herself, she won’t ask for gold, forget this chain, you know me well, I m Gundi, I m threatening you knowing you will take this chain from Anika, its just for Anika, I will give this to her after marriage, make sure you stay quiet in front of Anika’s inlaws in the engagement ceremony.

Anika asks how can I wear this. Shivaye says I just want you to try this, Tia will come late, if I don’t like this, I can ask the jeweller and call for more options, it will just take a min, I won’t be able to find it on my fingers, your hand will be fine. Jeweller says please wear it if he is insisting. She says fine. She says its too tight. He says try it, how will it go inside if you don’t wear it properly. She asks shall I chant any mantras for this. He says no, its not the way to wear it. She says I m wearing it the right way, its too tight. He says not this way. He holds her hand. Lights go dim. Mere haath me…..plays….. They see each other. He makes her wear the ring. They recall their moments. He says beautiful, something difference, unique….. jeweller says wow…. beautiful.
Anika gets her hand back and asks what did you just do. He says I m sure the ring will look more beautiful when Tia wears it. She asks can I take it off. He says you won’t be able to. She asks what did you say. He says be careful, its very special.
She tries to remove it and says its stuck. Shivaye says you don’t know how to wear and how to remove, what do you know then. Gauri calls her and says Nikhil may come anytime, you have to get ready, come fast. Anika says I m coming. She runs to kitchen and puts hand under water. She tries to remove ring and thinks what to do. Dadi asks what’s wrong, Tia’s ring is in Anika’s finger. Shivaye says I just wanted to see how it looks, so I asked Anika to wear it, it got stuck. Rudra says its so funny, Anika had the shagun chunri first and now the engagement ring. Om asks how will engagement happen now. Shivaye says I called the jeweller, he is sending the ring cutter. Rudra says ring cutter will come, he will cut the ring, then he will join it and polish it, till then Tia will come.
Dadi asks what about the engagement, what will you do now. Nikhil and family comes. Anika greets them. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and Tia. Rudra says Tia has come, but ring didn’t. Sahil’s mum says lets begin the engagement, Anika forward your hand. Nikhil’s mum says not the right, the left one. Anika forwards her hand. Nikhil asks whose ring is this. Everyone looks on. Priyanka asks what do you mean. Rudra says ring is there, but not currently, when we get it from Anika’s hand… Tia’s mum asks who is Anika. Rudra says wedding planner. She asks what’s the engagement ring doing in her finger. Om says its a long story. She asks how will engagement happen without the ring. Rudra says I have a plan. Om asks him not to share bad jokes and plans. Rudra says no, Tia is wearing many rings, Shivaye will make her wear any ring, engagement should happen on time, Shivaye will make her wear that ring when it comes. Dadi asks what are you saying, Shivaye’s named ring is in someone’s finger, you are asking Shivaye to make Tia wear her own ring, that will not fulfill the ritual.
Rudra says engagement should happen on mahurat, Tia can wear Shivaye’s ring later. Om agrees. Rudra says tell me, is the mahurat imp or ring. Tia’s mum says I agree, we will do the ritual with Tia’s ring. Dadi says fine Shivaye, make her wear her own ring, we can’t let mahurat pass. Anika says I tried everything, but the ring isn’t coming out. Gauri says its fine, then wear it in your right hand, you can wear it later too. She asks Sahil’s mum not to argue, it doesn’t matter, Anika can wear ring in right hand. Nikhil’s dad says but ring is put in the left hand’s finger. Nikhil says it doesn’t imp, exchanging rings is imp. Shivaye makes Tia wear her ring. Tia smiles. Everyone claps. Tia makes him wear the ring. Nikhil makes Anika wear the ring. Everyone claps. Anika thinks of Shivaye. Priyanka feeds sweets to Shivaye and Tia. He thinks of Anika. Everyone congratulates. Rudra says I was thinking why this happens with Shivaye, roka happened with Anika and engagement too, maybe she is the right one for him. Anika sees the ring.
Shivaye comes to meet Anika. He asks about her engagement. She says ring didn’t come out yet. She shows her right hand and says I had to wear the engagement ring in other hand. He says ring cutter has come, so…. The man tries to cut the ring. Anika’s hand bleeds. Shivaye scolds him. The man says sorry, the finger had swollen, she got a scratch. Shivaye says you think its a minor scratch, her hand is bleeding. The man says sorry, but the ring. Shivaye says get out of here. The man goes. Shivaye says its all my mistake, your hand got swollen and I insisted you to wear this ring, this was my idea to call the ring cutter. She says its fine. He asks is it paining. He blows on her wound. She says Shivaye……. He looks at her, holding her hand. Daksh and Priyanka come. Daksh says wow, what wedding planning is happening at this hour.
Shivaye says actually the ring cutter came to cut the ring, but it didn’t. Daksh says the ring which was supposed to be in Tia’s finger, what is it doing in this wedding planner’s finger, you are holding her hand and sitting here, isn’t it too much, I m much worried for my sister. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Anika says sorry, I shall leave. Daksh says that ring belongs to my sister, please… Anika tries to get it off. Shivaye says its okay, you can return it tomorrow when the swelling subsides. Anika goes. Daksh says I don’t think she will return the ring, its an expensive ring, anyone can turn dishonest for it. Shivaye says Anika is not such. Daksh says you know a lot about her. Priyanka asks why are you pulling his leg. Daksh says he is my brother in law, I hope he didn’t mind. Shivaye says I will just come. He goes. Daksh thinks Anika wants to expose me, I will teach her a lesson, such that she won’t be able to show her face to Oberois.
Its morning, Anika says I have to talk to you, its imp. Shivaye says I don’t want to. She says its really imp. He says I don’t want to talk about the ring. She says ring…. and sees it. She says did you think I m talking about the ring. He asks then what. She says I had come to return the ring, and I wanted to tell you about Daksh. He says I don’t want to talk about him, give it to me. She asks what. He says ring. She says sure…..She removes the ring and gives it to him. He leaves. She also leaves from the room. Omru look on. Rudra says they are playing with those rings. Om asks did you notice something, whenever Anika is in Shivaye’s room, Shivaye tries to run out of the room. Rudra says you are right, he behaves differently. Om says I think its all our illusion. Rudra says the smoke comes out only when there is an incense stick burning. Om says only when there is a fire. Rudra says that’s what I meant. Om asks shall we find out what’s happening. Rudra asks how. Om says we have to find out. Rudra says we will directly ask Shivaye. Om says yes good, he will tell us, the moment you start talking about his personal life, he turns mute. Rudra says when I commit to do something, I make it possible. Om says stop delivering dialogues and tell the plan, Mere bhai….


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