Game of Love 30 November 2020 Star life: Pinky and Jhanvi fight for keys. Shivaye gets the keys. Tej says stop, what’s in the bags. Pinky asks will you check my son’s luggage now. Tej says why not, who knows what they are taking. Shivaye gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye asks Rudra to promise, he will take care of everyone. Rudra says I will not agree, I will not let you go. Shivaye says if anything happens to Tej, I can’t forgive myself, everything will get fine, I will return, really. Rudra says no. Shivaye says calm down. He leaves. Rudra cries shouting no.

Pinky asks Shakti to explain Shivaye, how can she leave on Jhanvi’s saying. Shakti asks Shivaye to stay back, he will explain Tej. Pinky asks Anika to explain Shivaye, tell him not to leave the house. Shivaye says no need to say anything, have courage, who will take care of Dadi, you have to be strong Anika, after my leave, you will manage my family. Anika says you have spoken as rich people again, get one thing straight, I m not a modern wife to live without husband, I m middle class wife to stay with husband till I have a breath.

Shivaye says try to understand, I did mistake, why will you bear punishment. She says we are one, we are incomplete without each other. He says you are stubborn, I don’t know where will I go, what will I do. She says I will suffer without you, I will stay with you, I m coming with you, I will pack my bags. She goes. Pinky cries. Shakti asks Shivaye to think again. Shivaye says I have decided, I have to go. He goes.

Tia says I know its good that Shivaye is leaving on his own, but if he leaves, your purpose won’t be solved. Tej asks what do you mean. Tia says I mean it will be your loss, Shivaye is a businessman, he will take all share papers, land deals, etc, and then Anika’s jewelry will also be much expensive right.

Anika lies in Dadi’s lap. Dadi says when bahu leaves, family falls apart, my house is breaking, I m not able to do anything. Anika says we will have distance, but hearts will not be distant. Dadi says relations got bitterness, love changed into hatred. Anika says its not hatred, its annoyance, just family gets annoyed. Dadi asks how will you manage alone. Anika says who told you we are alone, we have your love and blessings with us. Dadi says I m worried for Billu, he will fall lonely without his brothers and family. Anika says I can’t take Omru’s place, not even of family, but I can promise you, whatever happens, I will never leave him. She hugs Dadi.

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Rudra sees Shivaye and calls Om. Om doesn’t answer. Rudra says what shall I do, I will call Bhavya, even her number is not reachable, what shall I do to stop Anika and Shivaye. Gauri hugs Anika and asks her not to go. She says I lost my sister once, if you go, I will lose my sister again. Anika hugs and explains her that gold’s purity is checked by putting it in fire, our relationship is of gold, we will come more close by this distance, whenever you need me, I will always be there. Gauri cries. Anika says I want to give this to you before I leave. She recalls Dadi giving her the keys. She cries and says Dadi gave me these keys, I m giving this to you, you have to take care of this house’s happiness. Pinky comes and stops Anika.

She asks Anika did she go mad. Pinky says no need to do anything for such people, Dadi gave you keys as you are Shivaye’s wife, I will keep the keys. Jhanvi comes and tries to snatch the keys. She says you have already over the business, you want to take over the house too, Om is elder son after Shivaye and Gauri is elder bahu after Anika. They fight for keys. Dadi shouts to stop them and cries. Shakti asks them to stop it. Anika and Gauri see Dadi crying and run to her. The keys fly off and land in Shivaye’s hands. He goes to Dadi and keeps the keys near her feet. He cries touching Dadi’s feet. He says I had promised you, I will not let this family break, I lost. He rests in her lap and cries. They all cry. Shivaye hugs Dadi.

Shivaye packs his bags and looks at his room. Anika comes and asks are you fine. He says I m fine, journey won’t be easy, you can… She says if my husband never changes his decision, why will I change, happiness is not linked by place, but by person, my happiness is with you. He hugs her. They come downstairs. Pinky says listen to me, don’t go. She cries. Dadi asks who will take care of us if you leave. Shivaye walks to Tej and asks how are you feeling now, these are some business project files, I want to hand over these to you, take care of yourself. Shivaye goes to touch his feet. Tej moves back. Dadi says you can atlest bless Billu. Shivaye and Anika get leaving. Tej says stop….. what’s in the bags. Shakti asks what do you mean, what are you saying. Pinky asks will you check my son’s bags now. Tej says why not, you never know what they are taking in these bags. They all get shocked.

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Rudra says I will shoot myself if you leave. Shivaye scolds him and takes the gun from his hand. He shoots upwards. A chandelier chain breaks and it falls down. Some time before, Tej asks Shivaye to show what’s inside the bags. Pinky says my son is a king, he is giving away everything to you before leaving. Shakti asks Tej to stop it. Shivaye says I have no problem, Tej can check our bags, we just want your blessings. Tej says no need to check bags, your wife has worn much jewelry, it makes it clear what you guys are taking in the bags. Dadi asks Anika not to remove her jewelry. Anika says I don’t adorn myself with gold, I adorn myself with Shivaye’s love, let this gems be here, my precious gem is going along me. She removes all her jewelry. They all cry. Shivaye hands over the jewelry to Jhanvi.

They take Jhanvi’s blessings. Jhanvi doesn’t bless and acts stern. Pinky asks Shivaye not to go. She hugs Shivaye and Anika. She asks Anika to take care of Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika hug Pinky and Shakti. Anika asks them to take care. Dadi hugs Shivaye and cries. He says you are our strength, you can’t fall weak, who will take care of this family if you break down, smile and bid my farewell, don’t cry, nobody shall cry. He says Gauri, I don’t need to tell you, I know you will take care of everyone. Anika hugs Dadi. She says I know you will take care of everyone, don’t forget to take care of yourself. She hugs Gauri and cries. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand.

They get leaving. Rudra calls him out. Shivaye and Anika turn. They all get shocked seeing Rudra pointing a gun at his head. Shivaye asks what’s this stupidity. Rudra says whatever you think of this, I will shoot myself if you leave. They ask him to stop. Rudra says I will not get back if I have to kill myself to stop you two. He asks Shivaye to promise, he won’t go. Shivaye says drop the gun. Anika asks Shivaye not to get angry, look at Rudra. They talk and go close to Rudra. Shivaye diverts Rudra and gets the gun from his hand. He shoots upwards. A chandelier chain breaks and it falls down over the table. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye throws the gun and goes to Rudra. He pulls Rudra and slaps him twice. He says you never talk of dying in front of me again. He slaps again and asks him to accept his decision like Om and he always do. He says its an order, until Om comes home, you are incharge of this house, you will take care of entire family, do you get that Rudra. He hugs Rudra and cries. Rudra says I won’t let you go. Shivaye says take care of yourself.

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Rudra says I will do anything you want, I will go college and study, please don’t go. Shivaye says please let me go. Rudra says we all need you. Shivaye says I have to go. Rudra asks anyone to stop Shivaye. He holds Shivaye’s legs and asks him to stop. Shivaye gets away and leaves with Anika. Hame in chodke tum kahaan….. Rudra recalls his moments with Shivaye. Shivaye thinks of Omru. The family and even house staff get sad. Shivaye cries and holds Anika’s hand. He steps out of the house. The diya gets blown off. Rudra turns angry and breaks things.

Tej stops him. Rudra shouts why did you do this, why did you separate me from my brother, are you happy, you must be happy, you wanted this since long, you wanted we brothers to get apart, you can’t see children’s happiness, we have just learnt hatred, fights and division from you, you can never be happy separating us, you will never get peace by breaking Dadi’s heart. He goes. Everyone disperses. Dadi says Rudra vented out his anger, but when Om comes, what will Tej answer him, Tej has lost all the three sons today. Shwetlana and Tia look on. Tia congratulates her. Shwetlana says see what I do now. Tia says I m listening to the silence post storm for the first time. Shwetlana says this is just a start. Servant says a parcel came for Shivaye.

Shwetlana says send it to us. Shivaye and Anika are on the way. She asks are you fine. He says I m okay. She says pain is a cheap thing, you should share it. He says I m fine, let me just focus on my driving. Shwetlana says Shivaye is not at home, give the parcel to us. The man says I m strictly asked to give this to Shivaye. She says he doesn’t stay here now. She takes the parcel and checks. She reads the letter and gets shocked. Shivaye calls someone and asks did you give the parcel to that woman, okay thanks. Anika asks what happened. He says nothing, I had to send something to someone, its done. He thinks I have to face the evil if I have to save my family, I wanted Shwetlana to focus on me, so I made her believe that I m away from home but still a threat on her.


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