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Game of Love 21 December 2020 update: Anika thinks why are they coming towards me, if they recognize me, plan will get flop. Anika acts to faint. Shivaye holds her. Omru ask what happened.

Shivaye says maybe Goa’s weather isn’t suiting her, I will drop her to the hotel. Veer thinks who is this Begum Khan, why is she helping Shivaye, I have to find out. Shivaye takes Anika out. He asks her to be careful, and not take risk. She asks him not to get scared, the enemy will get trapped. He says enemy will be after you. She says fine, go in, I will call you. She leaves in the car. Shivaye turns to see. Anika asks him is everything fine. He says yes, is anyone following you. She says no, not till now, wait a mum, a car is following, that driver is wearing a mask. Shivaye says okay then, I m coming. She wears the veil and asks the driver to drive faster.

Veer follows. Anika says you are gone today, we will find your truth. Veer says I won’t let that woman help Shivaye. Shivaye thinks so Anika was right, that enemy will follow us, finally we will know who is trying to ruin us, Anika shouldn’t put herself in any trouble. The car stops. Anika asks what happened, why have you stopped the car.. Driver says its road is closed ahead. Anika gets down the car. She thinks this board wasn’t here, when Shivaye and I made a plan to take this route, how did this board come suddenly. Veer comes. She sees him. Shivaye’s car stops. He falls over the steering. He checks the car and thinks this tyre had to burst right now. He runs on the road. Anika runs ahead. Veer runs after her. Shivaye checks Anika’s car and asks the driver. The driver signs him. Anika reaches some place. Shivaye shouts Anika…..

Anika stops seeing the masked man/Veer in front of her. Veer stares at her. Shivaye says I m coming Anika, don’t worry. He runs inside the space and sees many cars parked. He gets on the top of a car and shouts Anika. Veer ties up Anika. She thinks no matter what happens, I shouldn’t talk, else this man will know I m Shivaye’s wife, Shivaye will be reaching, I should engage him till then.

Shivaye calls Anika and hears her phone ringing. He gets her phone. He thinks I hope she is not in any trouble. Veer says I don’t know who are you and why you are helping Shivaye, you won’t sign this deal, else tomorrow’s newspaper will have the news of your death, not the deal. Shivaye gets Anika’s sandal and thinks she is somewhere nearby. He sees a warehouse and enters. He thinks Anika just give me some sign. Anika sees Shivaye outside the window. She thinks I can’t call out to Shivaye, else this man will know I m his wife, this man can run away, it will be good if I stay quiet. Shivaye looks for her. Veer pours kerosene around and over Anika. Anika wishes Shivaye comes soon. Veer asks Begum Khan to show her face before dying, so that a killer remembers the face of the victim. He pulls down the veil partially and says wait, even the victim has the right to know who the killer is. He removes the mask. Anika gets shocked seeing Veer. Shivaye gets on the window and looks on shocked.

Veer says I m Dr. Veer Pratap Chauhan, a friend of Shivaye, who is writing the story of his destruction, when I m writing it, I will decide which character dies and when, its your turn today. He ignites the fire. Veer goes. Shivaye rushes in and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Anika asks him not to take risk and leave. He says I can’t leave. He jumps inside the fire ring. She asks him to save his life. He says I m saving my life, we can talk about this later. She asks him to go. He says let me think what to do. He frees her. He lifts her and takes her out. They see the fire explosion.

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Anika hugs him and cries. She asks are you fine. He asks are you fine, I told you this has risk. She says I told you that no danger could harm me when you are with me. He asks why did you risk your life. She says we would have not know who did this, I would have never believed this, our enemy is… He says he is Veer… She asks do you know it. He says I have seen him, I couldn’t imagine Veer is our enemy, he had saved our lives, we considered him our friend, we shared our joy with him, he wants to ruin us. Veer is on the way. He says you will be ruined Shivaye, I have destroyed the support that could have saved your sinking ship. Shivaye says it means his goodness, friendship was just a drama. Anika says he can’t fool us now, we know his truth. He says but we still don’t know his motive, what enmity does he have with me, I didn’t even know him before coming to Goa. She says we will know it. He says we know him, but he doesn’t know this. She says and we will take its advantage.

Omru say Anika’s phone is not reachable. Shivaye gets Anika home and asks are you fine. She nods. They all ask what happened. Shivaye thinks I can’t risk their lives by saying Veer’s truth. Shivaye says due to short circuit, the car caught fire, I m fine, Bhavya get the first aid box. Om says you are bleeding, are you fine. Shivaye says yes, listen to me, I have made a decision. Rudra asks what are you saying, we should leave this house and go to Oberoi mansion, we won’t go. Shivaye says I have decided this, its final. Om says we will not agree. Rudra says we will stay here, even if you hit us, marriage will happen in this house.

Shivaye says if we stay here, marriage will not happen, I didn’t wish to tell you all, but you didn’t leave any option, someone is troubling me, someone is trying to ruin me, if you all stay here, you will suffer financially, I don’t want this to happen. Omru ask the matter. Shivaye says someone is targeting me, my business and finances have suffered badly, I have to find out who is he, I want you all to go back to Oberoi mansion, in fact take Anika along. Anika says I won’t leave you. Rudra says even we won’t go. Om says our parents couldn’t separate us, you think money will separate us. Veer comes and greets. Shivaye and Anika recall Veer’s truth.

Veer asks what happened, you look worried, all okay. Shivaye says its good you came, they won’t listen to me, you explain them. Veer asks what’s the problem. Shivaye says I won’t hide anything from you, you are like my family, there is someone who is trying to ruin me, he has set my construction site on fire, my bank accounts have got emptied, I was going to get money from Dubai deal, don’t know why Begum Khan is not answering my calls, I don’t want my family to suffer, I m asking them to go Mumbai, but they are not listening to me. Veer smiles. Shivaye looks at him. He asks Omru to understand him, he is already in a mess, they are not just his brothers, but someone’s husbands too, they are responsible for Gauri and Bhavya’s safety and comforts, go back home and take Anika along. Veer says Shivaye is right, if you all stay here, you will end up in trouble, it would be better that you all go Mumbai, Anika don’t worry for Shivaye, I will take care of him. He goes to hold her. Shivaye pulls her away and asks her to pack her bags. She refuses. He says you have to go.

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Soumya says everyone is leaving, our plan will flop, I m doing this for Rudra, please do something. Veer says you need to relax. He adds a pill and gives her the water. She drinks and asks now what. He says everything will happen what I want, you will do what I say. He asks her to slap herself. She slaps herself. He says enough. She says I feel dizzy after drinking that water. He says you are right, I have added something in it, always remember, nothing can happen without my wish, go back, go to Mumbai with everyone, don’t worry. She goes. He says I m the one who started this game, I will be the one to end it, in my style.

Its morning, Om says we know we should send Anika, Gauri and Bhavya for their safety, but we can’t leave you alone, we are not so shameless. Rudra says unity is strength, we are united. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Gauri says she is adamant that she won’t leave. Shivaye goes to Anika. They argue. He says you are not safe here, your safety is most imp to me. She asks what about your safety, you want me to run away, if you think I will leave you, you didn’t see me yet. He says this house isn’t safe for you. She says it isn’t safe for you too, I will go Oberoi mansion with you. He says you won’t leave your adamancy, okay. She says you can’t force me, I won’t go. He says you have to come, you didn’t leave any option for me. He makes her sit in the car. She asks why are you doing this. He says this is the right thing, just go. She says please Shivaye….

The car leaves. He thinks this is not possible till I prove Tej innocent by finding Kalyani mills secret, everything is related to that secret, I have to fight this war alone, I don’t want my enemy to use you all as baits to win. He says what enmity does Veer have, he saved Anika and my lives, thank God my family is safe, its time to solve Veer’s mystery. Veer looks on. He says if you think your family is safe, its your misunderstanding, if you think you are ahead of me, I should tell you, I m ten steps ahead of you. He calls out Shivaye. He asks all okay. Shivaye says all okay Veer. Veer says you are alone now, your brothers and Anika left, but how can I call myself your friend if I leave you alone. Shivaye says your friendship is the reason that I stayed back, you have always been a good friend for me, now its my turn to return your favor, its my duty. Veer says our friendship will take on a new meaning, we shall meet in the evening for drinks. Shivaye says sure. Veer smiles.

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Shivaye calls someone and says I need all info about Veer, no one should know about it, do it fast. He asks who’s there and checks the house. He gets shocked seeing Anika hiding. He asks why did you come back, I told you to go home. She asks are you angry. He says yes. She says you have a bat in a hand, why did you throw it, break things, but listen to me carefully, I won’t leave you. He says I had asked Omru, I will call them. She says I didn’t listen to them. FB shows Om saying we will come along. Anika says you go and drop Gauri, Bhavya and Soumya, I m going. FB ends. Shivaye says Veer is dangerous, we don’t know what is he planning. Veer smiles seeing the papers. He recalls adding the pill in Tej’s drink. He asks Tej to sign the papers. Tej signs. Veer says its said, an enemy’s enemy is your friend, but for me, he is just a pawn, I will bring a disaster in Shivaye and Anika’s lives every day, this is my promise.

Anika says Veer can’t do anything till we are together. Shivaye says right, he won’t be able to succeed. Dadi asks Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakti to come fast. They ask what happened. Dadi says Om called, my three grandsons are coming back. Pinky asks are Shivaye and Anika also coming back. Dadi says Om said they all are coming back, Pinky prepare the puja plate. Tia looks on. Omru, Gauri, Bhavya and Soumya come home, and hug Dadi. Pinky sees the partition line and stops. She passes the plate to Dadi. Dadi asks where are Shivaye and Anika. Om says they didn’t come. Rudra says Shivaye didn’t agree. Pinky says just Omru returned, this family’s happiness can never return till my Shivaye comes back. She goes.

Anika and Shivaye come to the hospital. She says you think the hospital staff will give us info about Veer. He says Veer told me he works in city hospital, I m sure the staff would know about him. She says if Veer knows this, he will doubt on us. He says he won’t have any doubt, I m just smiling. She says I didn’t say anything funny. He says just come with me. He smiles seeing the nurse at reception and talks. Anika stops him and asks about about Veer, can you tell me where is he. Nurse asks who are you. Anika says I m his/Shivaye’s wife. Shivaye tells a fake name and says I spoke to Veer and he himself gave us an appointment. Nurse says no, I meant to say, there is no doctor named Veer Pratap Chauhan in our hospital. They get shocked.

Dadi asks Jhanvi to do aarti of her bahu and would be bahu. Jhanvi does Om and Gauri’s, Rudra and Bhavya’s and Soumya’s aarti. She says when Tej went to Goa, I was scared, I thought how will you all react, but I m so happy now, you have forgiven Tej, why didn’t Tej come along with you. Rudra asks isn’t dad here. She says no, he is in Goa.

Anika says Shivaye it means, Veer is an imposter. Shivaye recalls Shweta. He says remember I told you once, Shweta was scared of Veer, I m sure we are missing out something, I m sure she has some info that can be beneficial for us. She says she would be in school right now, we don’t know in which school she studies. Shivaye recalls talking to Shweta and says City international school….


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