Game of Love update Monday 11th January 2021 Star life

Game of Love 11 January 2021 Star life: Anika says no Shivaye, let it be, our work is done, this idiot has confessed all his crime, and here is the recording. Police catches Veer. Veer shouts. Everyone comes there and sees Veer. Shivaye says arrest him, he has confessed his crimes. Roop gets shocked.

Anika says what did you get after planning so much, Shivaye always failed you, you would be better in jail, go to jail happily, get out. Veer pushes the constables. Shivaye punches him. Veer screams. Tej makes Shivaye and Veer away. Roop shouts no. Shivaye asks what happened. She says let the police do their work. Shivaye says stay in jail now, enough of this fake friendship, game is over. Veer says no, game just started, I m your enemy, I will ruin you all, I swear it, Oberois are finished. He sees Roop. She signs no. Veer gets angry and goes.

Shivaye says this man told my wife that there is someone from this family, who is involved with him, you have to find him. He gives the recorder to inspector. Inspector says don’t worry, we know how to make him speak. Rudra gets happy. Anika asks Pinky not to worry, Veer will get fine after he gets beaten up by police. Roop thinks cheap girl is flying after becoming big house’s bahu, see how I ruin your life, you are proud of your love and Shivaye, I will change this love into hatred, I will make you reach the place from where you have come. Pinky does Anika’s aarti. Shivaye asks what’s the need to do all this. Pinky says problems are always on you, you left home and then faced Veer, Shwetlana and Soumya troubled you when you came back. Shakti jokes. Pinky cries and says I myself have changes, Anika has forced me to change, Anika has suffered a lot for the sake of this family and Shivaye, she has risked her life, I accused her many times but she didn’t answer back, I really wanted to hate her, but her love made me forget my hatred. Anika cries and says you never hated me, it was just anger, elders have a right to get angry. Pinky says this is your problem, you are very good, you are the best, after all you are my bahu, family comes first for you too, like Shivaye.

Anika says all of us are together because of the family. Pinky kisses her hands. Shivaye says their union will continue, dad are you interested to see Rudy’s marriage video. Anika says we are also interested. Rudra says did that man take battery too. Shivaye says light is on, check, did you insert DVD. Rudra says sorry, I was excited and forgot. He drinks water and spills some on the DVD. He says this will dry off. Pinky says history repeats itself, when we were seeing Roop’s wedding tape, Shivaye spilt water on it, when he was 6 year old, he said we will dry it by putting it in front of the fan. They laugh. Shivaye says I said what I felt right. Rudra says dry this in front of the fan too. Shivaye says you are not so young. Om says water doesn’t spoil DVD, wipe it and try. Rudra plays the DVD. They all smile.

Shivaye asks did Veer say anything to police. Khanna says no, he is too stubborn, he didn’t speak a word. Shivaye says tell police to force him, I must know who is involved with him. Khanna’s phone rings. Balam pichkari ringtone plays… Khanna says sorry Sir, its my mum’s phone. Shivaye asks what about this ringtone. Khanna says you all danced on this song on Holi, I couldn’t take my mind off this song, since then.. Shivaye says its fine, go, get to work. Khanna goes. Shivaye smiles and recalls Veer’s words. He says what did he mean, he came to take revenge for his mom, I don’t know him and his mom, what happened that night, I need to think, Kalyani mills…. He thinks of Pinky’s words. He calls out Pinky and asks Bhavya. Bhavya says she was in temple with Gauri. He asks Gauri where is mom. Gauri says she just went to her room.

He goes to Pinky’s room. She asks what happened. He says I need to know truth, you told me, you had taken Roop’s child to hospital that night, is this true. She says yes. He says you told me about Roop’s wedding when I was a kid, it doesn’t mean sense, how did she get a child when mills fire incident occurred, tell me the truth, why did she get a child before marriage, why didn’t you tell me. She says that child was illegitimate, we had hidden this always, just Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and I know this, even Dadi doesn’t know this, how could we tell you all. He asks where is that child. She says we didn’t ask Roop, she didn’t say anything. He asks his date of birth. She says he was born around Diwali, in November. He goes. He calls inspector and asks did you get any info about Veer. Inspector says no, he didn’t say anything, we got to know about his orphanage, he was born in November. Shivaye thinks even Roop’s child was born in November. He thinks of Roop and Veer’s words. He says does this mean Veer is Roop’s son, only one person can confirm this. Roop sees Veer’s pic and says forgive me, you went to jail to get my revenge, I will not leave Anika. Shivaye comes. He asks is everything fine, why are you sitting in darkness. She says yes, my head was aching a bit. She checks time.

He sees her pocket watch and recalls Anaika’s words. He sees the pic and says Veer.. your son, he did this on your saying, he tried to kill Anika, he tried to ruin me, why Bua, why such hatred towards your family. She asks what family, family is one which supports you, not the one which leaves you to suffer in the cruel world, family is of guys, not girls, girls are considered an outsider, if a son makes mistake, its a mistake, if a daughter makes mistake, its a sin, Tej always did mistakes, when I made a mistake, he asked me to leave this city, when I got pregnant out of wedlock, they were ready to end ties with me, they laid a condition that I can either leave house or my child, I made my child away so that the Oberois family’s dignity doesn’t get damaged, what did my brothers do, they didn’t me my share, if Tej and Shakti did this mistake, would anyone ask them to leave. Shivaye says if something wrong happened with you, you should have fought for your child, dad and Tej would have agreed if you talked to them, you turned annoyance into hatred, you wanted to kill family.

She says you don’t know their truth, if you really wish to hear, here you go, all the elders are murderers, this Oberoi empire is built on many innocent lives. He says I don’t believe this, my family is not part of this, if you think you can instigate me against my family, then you have a misconception. She says you are living in misconception, reach Kalyani mills at 12, you will see their true faces today.

Shivaye recalls Roop’s words. Jhanvi gives file to Tej and asks did you take BP medicines. Tej says yes, anything else. Shakti asks Pinky why does she kill him by giving sugary tea, she can give him poison at once and close the chapter. She says I have put extra sugar, he is saying so much. She says you have forgotten that I m diabetic, you call it sugars, I will be doomed. She says let your enemies get doomed. He says to be honest, you are becoming my enemy, you are adding much sugar every day. She asks Tej to take a sip and say if its much sweet.

Tej says if I say anything, you will say I m taking my brother’s side, give the tea to Shivaye and ask him if he likes it. She says no. Shakti asks why not, Shivaye is her lovely son, she doesn’t want her son to taste it. She says no, he likes black coffee without sugars, he will find this much sugary. Shivaye thinks Roop is lying, my family can do mistake but not sin, I shouldn’t think of Roop Bua’s words. They get some message and turn tensed. Pinky says I forgot to do puja and goes. Tej says I need to go office. Shakti says I will come along. They all disperse. Shivaye looks on.

They all come to Roop and ask about the message, why did she write that they have to go mills at night. Roop says our manager Shukla called, he said police is investigating Kalyani mills case after Shwetlana’s arrest, if police finds Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, it will be a big problem. Pinky says they didn’t get the body that time, what are you saying, it must have decomposed by now. Roop says no, police can find his identity by bones and teeth, we have to move that dead body, else you all will be suspected, you all got benefited by his death. Shakti says but we didn’t kill him. Roop says I know, how will you prove this, if Shivaye received Shukla’s call, don’t know what would have happened, go and check the dead body. Tej says I think she is right, we all should go to mill. Roop thinks I want Shivaye to catch you all red handed, then he will believe all my lies.

Rudra sees Bhavya’s luggage and says is this all, this room is yours as well, it can be easily accommodated, its not much, I will keep it. Everything changes in the room. She likes the pink decors and says mindblowing, now it looks our room. Om and Gauri come. Om says maybe we entered the wrong room. Rudra says no, wrong happened with my room. Om says much wrong. He says very nice. Gauri says it looks so nice. Bhavya shows her the room. Rudra asks did this happen with you. Om says on the very first day, I explained Gauri that she got married to me and she was entering my room, I m the man of this room, that side… keep belongings there, her stuff shouldn’t come on my side, be a man, love your wife, listen to her, but don’t obey her, you will become a wife’s puppet in some days. Gauri asks Om to show her new hair brush. Om says sure baby I will get it. Gauri shows Bhavya. Om says I had explained you, love your wife, this is its good example. Om jokes on him. He says I understand it now, man of the house, big deal. Om says one has to say, be a man.

Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and Pinky come to Kalyani mills. Pinky says we are here to dig out the buried corpse today. Tej says I remember, the fire broke out here. Shakti says I remember Mr. Kapoor’s dead body was lying here. Jhanvi screams seeing skeleton hand. They get shocked. Roop records and says just four hours more, Shivaye will be here and they will be caught. Shivaye thinks I m not able to decide, there is no need to go to mills, when I know my family can’t do this, Roop is playing some game, but I have to put an end to this.

Anika asks where are you going. He says yes. She asks right now, when its raining heavily. He says I have to meet clients. She hugs him. Tej and Shakti run back to mills. Anika says I thought we will enjoy the rains and have a chat, we will spend time, your meeting ruined my plan, don’t go please, work can be done tomorrow, but rain won’t happen. She plays with rain. He says I need to go. She says please don’t go, I feel scared to be alone at home, the new pair has gone for a romantic dinner, Om and Gauri went for a movie. He asks where are mom and dad. She says they have gone to attend a wedding with Tej and Jhanvi, don’t go anywhere, we will enjoy this rain. He thinks whose wedding, did they go to Kalyani mills. He says I have to go, I will ask Khanna to take care of you, I will be back soon, meeting is imp.

Tej and Shakti dig out the soil. Anika shuts the door and sings Haye ye majburi….She hugs Shivaye. He sees the time. He says I m sorry but I have to go Anika. He leaves.

Shivaye reaches the mill. He gets shocked seeing Tej and Shakti’s cars. He leaves his umbrella. He thinks it means they have lied to come here. Shakti says this ring belongs to Mr. Kapoor. He recalls. Tej says Roop is right, Mr. Kapoor’s dead body is here. They see the skeleton. Shivaye looks on shocked. Anika watches tv. Lady says do you know where is your husband right now, he is having fun with another woman. Another lady says no, its a lie, my husband went for work. The first one says what work does he have during midnight, meeting and all are excuses to fool wife. Anika asks really, no Shivaye isn’t such, he has really gone for a meeting, but why hasn’t he returned till now. Lady says you are so innocent, all men are the same, they lose interest in wives after some years of marriage, the wife stays at home and husbands stays outside. Rudra and Bhavya come. Anika says I will show him, he left me alone and went.

She throws water assuming him to be Shivaye. She sees Rudra and says sorry, I thought it was Shivaye. Bhavya laughs. Rudra jokes and says its okay. Bhavya asks did Shivaye go anywhere. Rudra asks where. Shivaye thinks of Roop’s words. Tej says this is really…. Shivaye says its your business partner Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, right. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Shivaye says Shwetlana told me, I didn’t believe her, Abhay told me, I didn’t believe him, I ignored the tapes too, but today seeing you all here, its proved that its you who killed Mr. Kapoor, you all are murderers. He cries.

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