Game of Love 6 November 2020: Shukla runs and someone catches him. Shukla comes running and falls down. Shivaye walks in and gets shocked. Some time before, Anika says till Shivaye comes, I have to continue this event. She talks to everyone. She says we have a famous singer Maya here, I will request you all to welcome here. Maya sings Muskaan jhuti hai…… and dances around. Tej and Shakti look around. Anika thinks they all are finding that man. Pinky sees Shukla and stops him. Shukla fools her and runs. Jhanvi says he fooled you and you didn’t know. They go to catch him.

Abhay says its good if they fight, my work will be easy. Shukla sees Abhay and recalls him taking the tapes from him. He says its him, I should tell Tej. Anika sees Shukla and recalls seeing him. She collides with Tanya. She says I m in hurry. Tanya says you spoiled my saree, you are jealous as Shivaye came to me. Anika says let me go. Tanya throws her phone and says I didn’t do this intentionally. Anika checks phone and says its broken, how will I call Shivaye. Anika looks for Shukla. Someone pulls Shukla. Anika sees Tej on call. She follows. They all come back in living room. Shukla says let me go, I won’t tell anyone. Someone hits his head to the pillar. Anika says where did he go. Tej goes to address everyone. He thanks them for coming and contributing, this event is organized for those people who are suffering for that tragedy. Shukla calls him out. He comes running to them in injured state and signs behind. He falls………..They all get shocked.

Shivaye comes home. He walks in. They all look on. Shivaye sees Shukla and gets shocked. He asks what the hell is this……. Gauri gives tea to her mum. Some men come in and take the things. Gauri asks what are you doing, stop. The man says you didn’t pay rent since many months. Gauri says I will pay, give some days time. The ma says you have troubled us. Her mum says this girl’s marriage is happening from our house, wait for some days. The man refuses. Om comes and asks the man to stop. He says you want the rent, why are you create problem. The man says I didn’t get rent, you pay it. Gauri says talk to me, I will repay. The man says enough now, its all new excuses. Gauri asks where will I take my ill mum. Om says don’t fold hands in front of him, pray to Lord, Lord gives everything. The man asks who are you. Om asks him to take money and go. Gauri asks why are you giving money. Om says I m her new tenant. Gauri asks what. Om says let me talk, count money and take money, I m Sardar, if I get angry then…. fight with Sardar is never good. The man says we got money, pay rent on time now. Om asks him who will keep things back. The man asks the other men to keep things.

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Shivaye comes to Anika. He says I told you to keep an eye on that man. She says I did so. He says if you knew, you would know who did that with Shukla. She says Tanya came and argued. He says she did her work, you should have done your work, you wanted to get involved, I should have handled this. She tells what happened. He asks how many excuses will you give, accept if you did mistake. She says you also did mistake, you got Tanya home, how are you bearing her. He asks how are you getting her in between. She says you got her between. He says you know she means nothing to me. She says tell her to stay away. He says so you are jealous. She asks shouldn’t I be jealous if she roams like your wife. He says you are going on other tangent, my plan failed, its my mistake, I should have done this myself. He throws his phone angrily. She too does the same. They see each other. She says if you can break phone, I can also do this, do you think you can prove truth by shouting. He says you are giving me lecture than accepting mistake. He walks off.

Dadi comes to Anika. Anika says it was my mistake but he scolded me. Dadi says fights shouldn’t become a habit, as person tells the things which he shouldn’t, such things leave a mark on heart, man can’t understand many things, it becomes woman’s responsibility to manage relations. Anika asks her not to worry, she won’t let the cheap fights affect their marriage.

Gauri asks who are you, I don’t know you, why did you help. Om says Lord help you, I m just a medium, I gave money to them when they asked you. She asks what. He says I will explain, I m your tenant, you are their tenant, I gave money to them directly, leave all this. He says I have to set a sweet shop, I was finding a house and came here. Gauri says I will return money till tomorrow. Om says let me stay here. She asks why, you can stay in hotel. He says I can’t have food there,, I want mum’s handmade food. Gauri’s mum asks her to let him stay. Gauri says its Richa’s marriage, how will we…. Om says Richa’s marriage will have sweets from my side. Richa asks Gauri to agree, maybe Lord has sent him to help. Gauri agrees.

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Rudra talks to some people. He introduces his personal bodyguard, Bhavya, fashion world is such, he hired a rough, tough and mature girl to get a reality check. Bhavya thinks to concentrate just on duty. She says I don’t drink. Rudra asks how did you think I will offer you wine, this is the problem with small people. He drops the glass and says clean it up. Bhavya gets hurt while picking glass. He gets worried and stops. He recalls Bhavya slapping him. She cries and sees him. He smiles.

Om gets a room. Gauri says you can stay here, or sleep on sofa, or go hotel. Om says I m fine. She asks him to fill water to have bath, water comes twice, for two hours. Om asks for two hours. She says so I m telling you to go hotel. He says its fine, own house is different. She asks own house? He says I mean yours, don’t take tension, I m comfortable, what are you seeing. She says I felt like…. He asks did you remember someone. She says no. He thinks maybe you don’t want to miss me, very soon I will apologize to you. He dances.

Rudra talks of the deal. The man gives sweets box. Rudra says you are giving me bribe, its fine, everyone takes bribe. Bhavya recalls how she got trapped. She says bribe is illegal. Rudra says she was ACP before, she was suspended, even then she has attitude. He asks her to mind her language, look down. She says my eyes will never bend in front of everyone. He says you are talking to your boss. She scolds him. She says I can’t compromise with my ethics, I kick your job, I quit. She goes. Rudra smiles and goes after her.

Om says I have to stay here for some days, don’t know how they stay. He hears Gauri’s mum. Gauri’s mum asks her to give food to Dilpreet. Gauri says don’t know he will like simple food. Om welcomes Gauri. She gets food. He says I was waiting for food, I m hungry. She asks him to order food if he wants. He says I m ready to pay extra for this food, it fills soul, mind, heart along with stomach. He eats food. She thanks him. He says sorry. She says I said thanks as you saved me from goons, why did you say sorry. He thinks there are many reasons. He says you got food for me, I didn’t ask you to sit so sorry. She asks him to have it and goes. He sings dulhan hum le jayenge. He eats food.

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Rudra stops Bhavya. He asks where are you going, without my permission. She asks did you not hear what I said, I quit. He says you got memory loss, you forgot you signed a contract. She asks will you force me to work. He says you will work by your wish. She says in your dreams. He says maybe you didn’t read it well, you can’t leave my company before 3 months, else you have to deposit 30 lakhs, as far as I remember, your salary is just 35000, there is just one option, work for me, follow my orders, stay as my slave, leave this attitude at home. She says its not written in this contract, you have to deal with m attitude.

Om ties the pagdi. A pot falls. Gauri goes to see. He quickly ties pagdi. She doesn’t come to his room. He shuts door and makes pagdi proper. He comes out and sees Gauri stitching clothes. She gets hurt by the needle. He gets worried. Saathiya…..plays….. He gets a call. He answers call. Shivaye asks could you not call after reaching, you forgot us after going Sasural. Om says I was going to call. Shivaye asks did you meet Gauri. Om says yes, but she didn’t meet me. Shivaye asks is everything fine, did she say anything. Om says she just tolerates everything silently, I m seeing real self esteem now. Shivaye says I can understand, even I misunderstood Anika before, you won half battle now, you have to win Gauri’s heart. Om says I have to give her much happiness, I have just given her tears, I want to fill happiness in her life, did you find about Kalyani mills. Shivaye says not yet, I will find soon. Om asks him to take care and ends call.

Gauri and her mum talks to the guy’s mum, who shows much tantrums. The lady says we will come for Roka tomorrow, I want you to take care of my relatives well, we have no greed, but we want relatives to get shagun, give one saree and jewelry to women, give one suit piece and envelop for men, keep laddoo box, anyone can say I did son’s engagement in beggar’s house. Om looks on. Gauri says don’t worry, we will do as you say. Richa gets sad. Om thinks why did Gauri agree to fulfill demands, how will she do this.



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