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Game of Love 25 December 2020 update: Anika says Veer is fooling us, he is fine, he can walk, I have seen him, he is conspiring to kill you, he said an Oberoi is your enemy, he wanted to kill me too, just I know how I reached here, we have to do something. She cries. He stands still.

She says Shivaye why aren’t you saying anything. Anika says Shivaye and goes to him. She makes him turn to her. She holds him and sees the shooting stars. Om’s shayari and Shivaye’s words play in BG. O jaana…plays…. She sees him and gets away. Shivaye shoots her.

Anika holds herself and drops inside the heart decorations. Veer comes smiling. He says and this puts an end to Shivaye and Anika’s love, there was Ram ji who has taken Sita’s Agnipariksha and then there is Shivaye, who shot his wife, Shivaye didn’t kill Anika, I made him do it. FB shows Shivaye coming home and shouting Anika. He coughs. Veer hides and says Anika will come, her death will get her here, you both always save each other, why don’t we try something else this valentine. He adds a pill in the water glass. Shivaye sees the water and drinks it. Veer comes to him and says now you will do what I say. He gives the gun and says shoot Anika. FB ends.

Veer says well done Shivaye, no one would have given such a valentines day gift, action is over, now time for reaction. He snaps finger and asks Shivaye what did you do, you shot Anika, I heard bullet sound and came here to see, you shot Anika. Shivaye asks what, how can I. Veer asks how did this happen. Shivaye sees Anika. Veer says you shot Anika whom you loved so much. Shivaye says I didn’t do anything, Anika you…. He holds her. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays….. He checks her pulse. He says you can’t die, you can’t leave me. Veer says she has left you, you killed her. Shivaye hugs her and shouts no. He cries. Shivaye says I m sorry, I did wrong, I m your culprit. Veer asks where are you going. Shivaye says I have to tell everyone. Veer asks are you mad, will you spend life in jail. Shivaye says I can’t live without Anika. Veer asks what about your family, they will be on road. Shivaye says I shot her. Veer says just two of us know this, no one else should know this. Shivaye asks what will I tell everyone. Veer says we have to dispose Anika’s dead body, you trust me right.

Shivaye digs the grave. He hugs Anika. He says I didn’t wish to do this, I wanted to give you valentines day surprise, I wanted to express how much I love you, forgive me. Veer says we have no time for this, your Anika is dead, we are burying her as we can’t do her final rites, you are her husband and have to do this. Shivaye says sorry Anika, I love you. He places her in coffin and covers her. He puts some soil. Veer says Shivaye hurry up, come on, everyone will doubt, you remember what to say, good, come on. Pinky asks did you all come, where are Shivaye and Anika. Om asks did Shivaye not come home. Pinky says no, I m trying to call him. Rudra says he would be busy as its valentines. Om says look he is here. Veer gets Shivaye. Om asks what happened. Pinky asks where were you. Gauri asks where is Anika.

Veer says Anika is missing. Pinky asks where did she go. Rudra asks what do you mean by that. Om asks did you try calling her. Pinky says did someone kidnap her. Veer asks Shivaye to say what exactly happened. Shivaye says I had planned valentines surprise for Anika, she wanted to go for a drive, all of a sudden, we met with an accident, when I got conscious, Anika was not with me, since then she is missing. Pinky asks are you okay. Om says you should have called us. Veer says there was network issues, I was passing by and stopped the car seeing Shivaye, I too started finding Anika, but we couldn’t find her. Om says don’t worry, we will find her. Rudra says yes, don’t worry. Bhavya says we should find missing report. Veer says she is right, we should call media and take help, so that public also helps us. They all go. Pinky asks Shivaye not to worry, Anika will come back on her own.

At the press conference, Om says we will find Anika. Soumya says I can’t understand you, I thought you are doing everything for Anika but you… Veer says I like playing with dangers, but I m not a fool to foster it, Anika was my passion, not destination, Anika was a threat to us, it was imp to make her out of our way, you know our motive is something else. She asks why are you helping Shivaye. He asks who is helping Shivaye.

Shivaye sees Anika’s pic. He addresses media. Reporter says we got the news that Anika is missing. They ask questions. Shivaye says listen to me, I called the press conference so that I get help to find Anika, yes Anika is missing, its true that she was with me before she went missing, we went on a long drive, we met with an accident, when I got conscious, she wasn’t there. He says Anika wherever you are, please come back to me, I can’t live without you, come back. Veer says enough of this emotional drama, lets have some action. He sends a video to all the reporters. Reporter says you act well. Om says mind your language. Rudra says don’t forget you are talking to Shivaye. Reporter says no, we are talking to a murderer, who murdered his wife. They get shocked. Om asks what nonsense. Reporter says its true, here’s the proof. They all see the video and get shocked.

Reporter says you act well. Om says mind your language. Rudra says don’t forget you are talking to Shivaye. Reporter says no, we are talking to a murderer, who murdered his wife. They get shocked. Om asks what nonsense. Reporter says its true, here’s the proof. They all see the video and get shocked. Shakti says Shivaye can never do this. Om says someone is trying to frame Shivaye. Rudra says we won’t believe this even if Lord tells this. Media asks them how can they deny this after seeing the video. Om asks will you accuse Shivaye based on a video.

Rudra says this video is doctored. Om says the video is not clear, how can you say its Anika, why would Shivaye kill his wife. Reporter says rich families have dark secrets, maybe its something related to Kalyani mills, so Anika got killed. Veer says Anika is dead, Shivaye will go jail, and Oberoi family will be on roads. Om says you can’t frame my brother, this video is doctored. Reporter says its police’s work to decide this. Police enters the house. Reporter says inspector, Shivaye killed his wife, this video is the proof, arrest him. Inspector says I got this video too, Shivaye is under arrest. Pinky asks Shakti to do something. Om stops inspector from arresting Shivaye. Inspector says Shivaye has to go jail, evidence is against him. Om asks Shivaye to say someone is trying to frame him. They ask Shivaye to say something. Shivaye asks inspector to do his work. He gets arrested.

Inspector asks him to come. Pinky cries. They all ask Shivaye to say something. Inspector comes and asks who filed Anika’s missing report. Bhavya says I did. Inspector asks who is Shivaye here. Shivaye says its me. Inspector asks why don’t you answer phone, we found your wife. Anika walks in, dressed unusual like a banjaran. They get shocked seeing her. Veer says how’s this possible, how can Anika die and come back. Inspector says your husband Shivaye…. Om says now that the case is solved, I don’t think you need to arrest Shivaye. Inspector says sorry and goes.

Veer asks inspector where did you find her. Inspector says near Lonavla, we shall leave now. Anika asks my husband? And faints in Shivaye’s arms. Doctor says she has an internal injury, be careful, she may behave strange, her brain is affected, she will gain senses too, try to understand and support her so that she recovers soon. Veer says how’s this possible. Shivaye says she can’t be Anika. Veer says you shot her. Shivaye says she is impostor, its some ploy. Gauri says Anika got conscious. Bhavya asks her is she fine. Anika gets up. Gauri says don’t stress your mind. Rudra gives photo album. Anika sees Shivaye and her pics. Anika says he is…. Gauri says husband. Om asks Shivaye to talk to Anika, don’t feel guilty. Shivaye says I think she needs rest, let her rest. Rudra asks them to come. They all go. Shivaye shuts the door. Anika asks Shivaye to sit. Shivaye asks her to stop drama, who is she, she is not his wife.

She says if you say this, I will start crying, Patidev. He says don’t call me Patidev. She asks then shall I call you Kapil dev, you are angry as I didn’t do my duty. She touches his feet. She says you have a great style, you won my heart. He says you are not Anika. Anika says I m your wife. He says you aren’t Anika. She asks am I Sridevi or Raveena, everyone is calling me Anika, you are confused. He says no. She shows their pic and says I think you got more hurt. He gets hurt by her looped hair plait. He says I will prove you are not my Anika.

Shivaye says how did press get the video, just you and I knew this, did you do this Veer, are you double crossing me. Veer asks what, I m the one who is helping you get out of this mess, if I had to call police, I would have called the same day. Shivaye says that means someone was there who recorded this video. Veer says we have to know who’s this girl, maybe she leaked this video. Shivaye says yes, she has all answers. Veer says go and get answers. Shivaye says no, its late now, tomorrow I will prove this isn’t my Anika.

Gauri and Anika sit talking. Gauri says I really like your new accent, how did you get this idea of red ribbon braid. Anika says I named this Chamki. Gauri says I think Anika is coming back. Anika asks what do you mean. Shivaye comes. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says he is angry with me. Gauri asks are you angry with her. Shivaye says no, I regret for my behavior, sorry Anika I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Gauri goes.

Anika touches his feet and thanks him. He says no need to say this. She says its my duty to touch your feet, I m doing my Patnidharm. He asks it means you will do anything I say. She says I have to keep you happy, I didn’t fail in any test. He asks her to make her fav dish. She says I know everything. He asks do you know your fav dish. She says yes, I want spices. He says everything is there in kitchen. She says it will be great, I have a bat habit of self talking. Shivaye says people do that in tension. Anika says I never get tense. Shivaye says lets do this.

He takes her to kitchen. She asks is this a grocery store. He says its Oberois kitchen, its my duty to fulfill your needs, including ration, don’t get confused, choose your ingredients and make your fav breakfast. Om says you are making breakfast after many days. Shivaye says no, I m making Anika make it, so that she becomes normal soon. Om asks Anika does she need any help. Shivaye says no. Anika says you are right, you are innocent middle child. Shivaye says I want food made by my wife, not yours, come. He takes Om with him.

Shivaye sees Anika. Veer says I thought you are going to expose her, but you are waiting to have food prepared by her. Shivaye says Anika’s fav dish, when she doesn’t make aloo puri, it will be proved she is not my Anika. He goes. Veer says even I want to know this girl is Anika or not, its good, you are doing my work.


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