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Game of Love 22 January 2021 update: Roop says I didn’t do anything, Anika did that, you can check CCTV footage. Shivaye says I have already seen that footage, to be honest, I was angry, but then…. I realized I was doubting Anika, I can deny anything when its about Anika, I know you are behind all this, Anika can never do this, you are burning in this revenge fire more than us, you lost your son, stop it now, just stop. Roop says I will avenge Veer’s death, if you get saved, I will kill Anika. Pinky slaps her. She says Anika isn’t alone, she is enough to deal with you.

Roop laughs and says I made your lioness bahu dance on my fingers, I set Kalyani mills on fire, I killed Mr. Kapoor, I killed Anika’s dad, and who got framed, you all …. I blackmailed Shivaye and got him married, I showed that marriage to Anika, I made her against you all, I told her to give fake evidence to police, but she refused, I pretended to be Anika and gave proof to police, I did all this, this is my house, nobody can harm me, you don’t have the proof. Shivaye asks who said that. She cries and says I m saying it. He says whatever you said, everything for recorded in my phone recorder. She shouts give me phone. Bhavya holds Roop. Shivaye says I have proof.

He calls hospital people. He says you are my Bua, so I m not giving you to police, I will always have this confession, if you try to harm my family, I will give this to police. Roop is taken away. Shivaye asks Om to keep the phone carefully. Rudra says thank God you got conscious, I was scared, Dadi went US and you went on silent mode. Pinky pats him and asks am I any mobile phone. Shivaye hugs her and asks are you fine. They cry. She says let it be, its evident you are miserable without Anika, go bring her home, everything will be fine, I will be fine soon. They ask Shivaye to get Anika back. Gauri asks where will you find her. Rudra says we will track her phone. Bhavya says we can’t track her location if phone is off. Pinky says how will we find her. Shivaye says I know where she will be. He leaves. He drives off. He thinks Sahil told me Anika is taking a taxi for Pune. He reaches the taxi stand and shouts to some departing taxi.

It starts raining. He throws his phone angrily. Anika says whatever happens in life, your arrogance and style of throwing phone will never change, right. He sees her. He says I felt you left. She says I was going, but I couldn’t leave. He asks how did you leave last time, I told you to wait for me and not believe anyone, why didn’t you wait for me. She says its limit, you are scolding me instead of convincing me, I m going. He holds her and says just go and show me. She says let me go. He says how to let you go, you are my life. She says that’s why you don’t share anything with me. He says I wanted to prove it to you this time, you always complain that when it comes to choosing between you and my family, I always choose family, I chose you this time, I did everything for you, I wanted to prove your dad innocent, I didn’t know Bua will double cross us, you would believe Bua and leave me, I didn’t know.

She says I left but my soul was with you, you don’t know what I went through seeing you in marriage mandap with that girl. He asks didn’t you have faith in me and our love. She says I was clueless, you were getting married to someone, Roop was instigating me that you are doing this to save family, I was breaking down. He says you could have fought with me and questioned me, but you left, you abandoned me. She says you should have looked for me, why didn’t you. He says you think I didn’t find you, go and ask Sahil, I made him swear on me, so that he doesn’t tell you that I know you are at Chanda’s place, I didn’t want you to return home before Roop’s chapter ended, I was just trying to protect you Anika, and then mum’s condition…. She asks how is mum. He says she is fine, come home and meet her, promise you will not disappear again, don’t you dare do this again, don’t you dare….. He hugs her. They cry. She says then listen to me, promise me that you will never hide anything from me. He says I can’t change my nature.

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She says do one thing, hold on your nature here, I m going. He pulls her and lifts her in arms. He asks her to go now and show. She asks what are you doing, everyone is staring. He says I m taking my wife home, is there any problem, I m forcing you to come, listen to me, I promise you, no matter what happens in our lives, be it your fault or mine, our love will remain the same, our trust will never break, I won’t let you go away from me. She asks what else. He asks what else. She says it looks good, keep talking. He says I forgot to tell you something. She asks did you do anything wrong. He says you have become too heavy. She jumps on to put more weight. Hum tum…..plays…. They come home. He says you have caught a cold. Gauri comes and hugs Anika. Anika says you will catch cold, wait. Rudra jokes on their union. Shivaye sneezes and says shut up, get a towel.

Om asks them to go and change. Pinky comes and hugs Anika. Anika says sorry. Pinky asks why are you saying sorry, stand there, will I welcome you just like that. She does their aarti and tilak. She says Kalyani mills matter ended, children had to go through a lot for our mistakes, I will pray that happiness returns in your lives. Rudra says happiness has come back, sisters united, Billu and Billi united, you came out of silent zone, Roop went to mental hospital, Kalyani mills secret got revealed, Pooja went out of this house, and my biceps have grown by an inch, if we don’t celebrate this happiness, then it won’t be right. Pinky agrees. She says we will keep jagrata. Rudra says we will keep party before jagrata. Om asks them to go and change, else they will fall ill. Pinky goes. Om stops Gauri and says Anika will stay here, let them spend time.

Gauri says I m so foolish, Anika will stay here. Om says weather is so pleasant, they would be spending time, we will also spend time. Shivaye makes Anika close eyes and takes her to room. She asks why, tell me. He asks her to open eyes now. She gets surprised and says all this…..blankets, colour of pillow covers…. He says bed linen. She says whatever it is, this brown colour rug. He says carpet. She says this wall paper, its of my choice. He says exactly. She says you don’t like this, then how did all this get here. He says I missed you a lot, I felt your presence by having these things here. She says ho…. He says no, its Aww…. did you like it. She says I liked it a lot, my happiness is not in these things, just lift your hands. She hugs him. She says I m happy when I m in your arms. He kisses her. Music plays….. He holds her close.

Shivaye holds Anika close. Gauri comes calling out Anika. She says sorry to come, Om asked me not to go but… Anika says its fine, come I have to show you something, this new bedsheet and pillow covers. Gauri asks her to see what she got. Anika says Kurmure… Gauri says we used to have it in childhood. Anika says we used to fight for it, we won’t fight now. They eat it. Shivaye opens mouth to have it, seeing them. Anika and Gauri remind few instances and laugh. Om comes. Shivaye and Om smile seeing them. Om says sorry I told Gauri not to come here, but.. Shivaye says its okay, I think they deserve this. Om says right, they look so happy. Shivaye says we will let them stay happy, we are brothers right, we will also go and talk. They have coffee at the pool side and see time. Shivaye says its fine, they met after many years, they will have much to talk. They see Anika and Gauri talking. Rudra comes and sits between them. He sees Anika and Gauri. He says so sisters made you out of the room.

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Shivaye says excuse me, they aren’t our sisters. Rudra says you didn’t understand, I mean they made my brothers out. Shivaye says we came out by our wish. Rudra says I think they will talk all night, I m going to sleep, take care, its obvious I m going to sleep, you both sleep here because the talks will go on all night. Shivaye says no, Anika will just call me. Om says Gauri will call me. Rudra says don’t underestimate the power of talkative Trivedi sisters. He goes. Shivaye says he says anything, he could have seen Anika calling me.

Om says Gauri will call me. Its morning. Shivaye and Om wake up near the pool. They see Anika and Gauri sleeping. Om says I know, they met after many years, they had much to talk. Shivaye says do one thing, don’t tell this to Rudy that we slept here. Rudra comes laughing and says nothing is hidden from me, I have seen Sisters’ union and husbands’ exile, seriously I realized that Bhabhis and Bhavya will feel bad when we forget them in Obro moment. Shivaye says nothing like that, we have always maintained the balance in relations.

Shakti sees Pinky getting ready. He says don’t think about going out, you won’t go alone. She asks what are you saying, are you scaring me, anyone can go in coma hearing this. She says May month started, you know the date. He says 10th May. She stares. He says you are staring at me as if I forgot your birthday. She turns away. He says wish you a very happy birthday. She says Shivaye always remembers my birthday and does something special every year, he will do this year too. Om, Gauri and everyone discuss managing arrangements. Shivaye says our party should be the best one. Pinky thinks Shivaye is planning surprise party for me.

He says the most beautiful woman of my life. Anika smiles. Pinky thinks so this party is for Anika, he forgot my birthday. He asks Pinky to be there and inform dad too. Anika asks Pinky did she have breakfast. Pinky says no. Anika goes to get. Pinky thinks even Anika didn’t wish me. He says I planned a surprise. She asks for whom. He says of course for Anika, she came home after a long time. Rudra comes. Shivaye calls out Anika and says there is a surprise for you. Rudra moves and shows Sahil. Anika hugs Sahil and asks how did you come here. Sahil says Rudy got me here. She thanks Shivaye. Shivaye says its an imp day, how would it be complete without Sahil. Pinky thinks you remember Sahil, not my birthday, why am I thinking so, Shivaye and Anika met after long time, they are happy, he will remember my birthday till evening. Shivaye stops her and says I have a surprise for you and everyone, welcome the cutest, sweetest, Mrs. Kalyani Oberoi.

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They all smile seeing Dadi. Shivomru hug Dadi and say we missed you. Dadi says I missed you too. They all hug Dadi. Pinky says you returned suddenly. Dadi says Shivaye has sent ticket and said its a special day, so come back soon. Pinky asks special day. Shivaye says Anika has come back. Pinky thinks did he call Dadi for Anika. Khanna says jeweller has come, he said he got something for Mrs. Oberois, Shivaye has given the order. Jeweller says have this diamond necklace. Pinky thinks Shivaye has ordered this for me, it means he remembers my birthday. Shivaye comes and takes the box. He says you are coming now, its good I saw your car. The man says sorry, it got late. Shivaye says thanks, you can go. He says its good that mom has seen this, I have to hide this from Anika. He goes. She says costly gift for wife, you didn’t wish me, you could have given me a flower, I would have got happy with it.

Rudra moves away the flower basket and signs Bhavya. She falls in his arms. Flowers fall over them. They have a moment. Pinky comes and reads the banner, for the most beautiful woman in the world. She asks what’s this banner. Rudra says its for Anika, Shivaye got this made. Bhavya says its a welcome party for Anika. Pinky asks the date. Bhavya says its 10th May. Rudra says oh, its 10th today. Pinky smiles. He says I had a workout with trainer today, I have to cancel it. Bhavya says fine. Pinky goes.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He compliments her and says I can’t get my eyes off you. She says concentrate on driving else accident may happen. He says you know its me who is driving, I drive so well, my two eyes are on you and third eye is on the road. She laughs and asks what did you say, third eye, you really consider yourself Shivaye. He says I m Shivaye. She says just my name, let me try this. Shivaye says you are striking poses by wearing these earrings and jewelry, so that you can have my attention. Anika says you think I have no work, as if this is the only thing to do. He asks what’s more imp than me. She says you will be jealous if you listen. He asks her to say. She shouts Shivaye. He applies brakes. They get shocked seeing…. He sees nothing. She laughs and asks did your third eye not help, you are Pheku Singh Oberoi. He says now you will see how I drive, get ready. She says be careful please. Gauri asks Om to fill colors well.

Om says you are forgetting your husband is an artist. She says I didn’t forget, my experience in making Rangoli isn’t less. He says then make it here, why did you ask me. She says so that it happens soon, fill colors there. He asks where. He touches her face and applies colors to her. She asks what did you do. He says nothing, I just colored you in my color. She says its fine, I will fill colors, move. He smiles. She applies color on his face and laughs. He says its fun. She says you have become naughty. He runs to apply colors to her. They romance. Pinky looks on. They stop and talk about Rangoli. Pinky asks for whom is this Rangoli. Om says Anika. Gauri says Shivaye told us. Pinky says this is also for Anika and goes. Pinky thinks everyone is just thinking for Anika, no one cares for me, my son forgot me, I will remind Shivaye. She smiles.

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