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Game of Love 13 November 2020 Starlife: Anika reads the sign and follows the light. She gets a wonderful surprise from Shivaye. Some time before, Anika makes a Rangoli. She says Dadi asked me to make Laxmi footprints, you also make one. Bhavya says I m not the bahu of this house. Anika says but you are a daughter, you can make it. Bhavya also makes it. She says I had no family, I m celebrating Diwali after long time. Anika says Diwali is celebrated with family. Bhavya asks how did you celebrate your Diwali. Anika says I used to prepare since a year. Bhavya asks why. Anika says there were no crackers and sweets in orphanage. Shivaye hears them. Anika says there was diyas, I used to get those diyas and keep them safe to use in next Diwali. She cries and says I liked toffees a lot, when I asked ashram people, they used to say orphans don’t get these, orphans don’t celebrate Diwali. Bhavya cries and hugs her. They wipe each other’s tears. Bhavya says when Lord gives, he gives a lot, see you have a loving big family. Anika says we both have this. Bhavya asks her not to cry. Shivaye goes.

Rudra scares Jhanvi by crackers sound and laughs. She beats him and asks what’s this madness. He says I was having fun. He goes. Bhavya stops him. He sees Khanna and plays sound. Khanna gets alert and looks around. Rudra says have shame, you are our bodyguard, who will guard us, I will send your pic to Shivaye, all the best. Anika checks cupboard. She sees her things gone and comes to Shivaye. She says don’t know where did my things go. He shows her belongings in the cupboard. She says its here…..who got this here. He says this is your room too.

She asks and Tanya. He says shoot her, you have right on my house and life, none can take your place, its my mistake, I shouldn’t have let Tanya blackmail me and shouldn’t have let you go, sorry, I messed up. She asks where is Tanya. He says maybe she went after we met Shukla. She says when you show this, why do you have a problem to say what you said in jungle. He asks what, I m not getting this. She says fine I don’t want to hear anything now. She turns to go. He holds her hand and stops her. He says don’t get annoyed on festive day. She says none’s heart is hurt on festive day. He asks her to take her gift. He shows her charm bracelet and says I promised you I will fix it. He holds her hand and makes her wear it. O jaana…..plays……. They see each other.

Gauri hears Dadi. Dadi says Bhavya, bahus make Laxmipadh always, I wish Gauri was here, she would have made it. Gauri says this family did a lot for me, I can do this while going. Bhavya says its fine, I will make it. Anika comes to Shivaye. She collides and says sorry. Shivaye says someone is looking very pretty in anger. She says no use of this. He says come on, lets end this annoyance. She says you gave me gift for Diwali, I also made something for you. He asks really, show. She asks him to close eyes. She shows his laddoos plate.

He asks what’s this. She says laddoo. He asks gift? She says I made this by my hand, why don’t you say you are scared to have it. Gauri makes the Laxmi footprints in the rangoli. She goes. Bhavya comes and sees the third footprint. She says maybe Anika made this. Anika feeds laddoo to Shivaye. He finds tough to eat it. She says I will give this to everyone. He says I will have all this, I want to do something that makes you happy. He shows a surprise. She turns and smiles seeing Sahil. She hugs Sahil and says his school refused to send him. He says I can use benefit of being SSO. She thanks him. He wishes them happy diwali and hugs them.

Dadi says we shall start aarti now. Pinky says Shivaye you are eldest, start aarti. Tej says I m eldest, Om will do aarti. Dadi asks where is Om. Tej says Rudra do aarti. Pinky asks will youngest one do aarti. Dadi asks them to stop fighting, they all know who will do aarti. Pinky says yes, Shivaye will do aarti. Shivaye goes ahead and forwards his hands to Rudra and Om. Rudra and Om hold his hand. Lafzon ka yeh……plays….. Their old moment of Maha Aarti is shown. Gauri looks on from far. They together do the aarti. Ram Ram….plays….

Dadi says Shivaye and Anika will do aarti now. Shivaye and Anika do the aarti. Rudra asks is puja over, it means fun time starts, Bhavya is getting party chance along duty. Shivaye asks is annoyance over, why are you smiling. Anika says its because Rudra is cute. He asks whose brother is he. She says he is like me, he says what’s in heart. He says Diwali didn’t end yet. Rudra says their romance started again. He asks them to come. Gauri sees Om coming and worries. She turns and lights diyas. Om looks at her. Her dupatta catches fire by the diya. Om gets shocked and calls her out. She runs. He runs after her. He stops her and blows off the fire by his hand. She sees Om’s hand burnt and cries. She turns away. He asks where is your focus, who are you. She makes an excuse, wishes him happy diwali and leaves.

Anika comes to room and reads a note, follow the lights. She looks around. The lights go off. She sees a linear light on the floor. She follows it. She goes out and sees a chocolate fountain. She smiles seeing a doll house. Toffees shower on her. She holds the toffees in hand and cries. She sees the led lights flashing I love you……Shivaye comes there. She happily cries.

Shivaye asks Om to fight for his life. Anika says we have to stop a marriage. They all take disguise and come. They dance on Mehendi laga ke rakhna…… Om says I have come here to take you as Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Gauri cries. Some time before, Anika cries seeing Shivaye. He says I can’t get your childhood back, I can get back memories, I will fulfill your every wish, I can’t change your childhood memories, but I promise we will make new memories together, it will just have happiness. He holds her. She cries. She asks how did you become so sweet. He says I had your handmade laddoos. She asks him to say it if he has done so much.

He kisses her. They lie down. He says I love you….. in her ears. Ishq hai aansun…..plays………. She says I thought you can never say. He says I wanted to say but… She says but you were shy. He says I m not so shy and holds her close. She gets shy and hugs him. O jaana….plays……

Rudra says this evening is for us youngsters and Shivaye is also here, I mean he is young compared to Dadi, we will play truth and dare. Lafzon ka yeh….plays in BG. Shivaye says you will ask me how to play. Anika says I know, its 2 rs game, I always say truth. Rudra says don’t say Om’s line, just Om is truth’s BF. Om says truth and my breakup is going on, not funny. Rudra spins the bottle.

Shivaye says truth. Anika says then tell me, how did you like the laddoos made by me. He says it doesn’t matter if I like the one making laddoo. Rudra asks how does Anika agree soon. Shivaye says I will tell you secrets later. Bhavya says I have a dare for Rudra, open this. Rudra opens the box and screams seeing the bomb. They all pass it to each other. Rudra throws it away. They all see the paper streamers and smile. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…….

Shivaye asks whose turn is it. Rudra says Om. Shivaye asks truth or dare. Om says whatever you like. Shivaye says why did you not get Gauri back, tell the truth. Anika says Om, tell before game ends. Om says everything ended between me and Gauri, she is marrying someone else. They get shocked. Rudra says Gauri loves you. Om says she loved me, I didn’t value her, I lost her. Shivaye says heart is lost in love, not courage. Rudra says there maybe a misunderstanding. Anika asks Om to say who is that cheap guy. Om says no use now, its too late. Shivaye says no, Oberois never quiet. Bhavya says don’t let true love go away. Rudra stares at her. Shivaye asks Om to fight for his life if he is a Ishqbaaz. Anika says come, we have to stop a marriage.

Gauri’s mum tells her that they have come. Gauri comes and meets the guests. Ajay’s mum says Ajay and Mukesh’s marriage is happening in same mandap, we just want a bahu like Gauri, we have no demands. Gauri thinks I can’t think of someone else than Om, I m doing this for Richa, once Richa marries, I will get away from her silently. Om comes dressed as Dilpreet. He greets Gauri’s mum. She says you came on right time, its Gauri’s roka. Om goes to Gauri and says you are marrying, but you are already…… She says sometimes destination is never found. He says so you changed the way, sometimes destination comes to the traveller. Saathiya…..plays……… She looks at him. He says you did right, main thing is you are happy, I didn’t think I will see this one day. She asks where did you go. He says I went home for Diwali. She says Diwali is celebrated with family. He says not just diwali, we have a rule, we celebrate every function together. She says its same in my Sasural. He says I got a surprise for you, but you gave me a surprise, come, my family came to meet you. She asks where are they.

He shows her. Shivaye and Rudra dress as Sardars. Anika comes as old lady. Bhavya comes in a punjabi avatar. Shivaye sings Mehendi laga ke rakhna…… They all dance around Gauri. Anika hugs her and winks. Anika dances in high spirits. The lady says see how is she dancing in this age. Shivaye holds Anika and controls her. Gauri recalls Om. She takes him aside and asks why are you doing all this, no need to do more drama, I know you are Om, you are living as Dilpreet, you got them, why. He says I came here for you, listen to me once, when you went from my life, I realized my mistakes and your value, I really missed you. She cries. He says I know I have hurt your heart, you didn’t wish to see my face, I came in disguise to end your complains, I just wanted to take you back, but you decided to marry, you didn’t think about me once, I can’t tolerate this. She asks why. He says because I can’t live without you, me and my family need you, I came here to take you with all the respect, by making you Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Saathiya………plays……….. They cry.


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