Game of Love 4 August 2020: On Game of Love Tuesday 4th August 2020 Written update, Anika says no, and stands before Shivaye. The man shoots. Shivaye goes to him and says how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife.

Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika fight with the goons. Goon Amar says let them go Prem, we will leave. Prem shoots Amar. Amar asks why did you shoot me and falls. Prem shoots at Shivaye and Anika. They move. Shivaye beats him and asks how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked and shouts Shivaye.

Amar sees him arm shot. He falls down. Anika hugs Shivaye. Music plays…..


She asks are you fine. He nods. He asks how are you. She says fine. He asks why did you come in between, if you got shot then, what do you always save my life. She says I m such, I will always in between. He asks why. She says I m like that. He says even I m like that, I m trying to explain you, I m like you, you can’t see anyone in problem, I can’t be without knowing entire truth, I have this name, blood and family is wired inside me, I can’t change, I m trying, I don’t know what shall I do.

She says I m scared if anything comes in front, how will we face it, my future is affected by past, if my past is such that shakes our relation then… He says our relation can never shake, we won’t let it shake, we will handle it, like we handles these goons, some trees don’t bend in front of any storm, like me, stubborn, I m trying to change, it can’t happen soon, it takes time, its a lifelong process, we will change each other. She nods. He says journey is long, it will take time. They cry. He says our relation won’t be affected, its our responsibility, we accepted each other. She says yes. He says we will handle it and holds her face. Inspector says seeing you two, I recalled a poetry. He tells the lines, journey is long and tough, you change a bit, I will also change a bit and see. He asks them to go home, they will take care of criminals. Shivaye asks Anika to come along. He holds her hand. They smile.

He says I can’t walk more. She says don’t lose courage, something will happen. He asks will miracle happen again. She says yes and tries. She says miracle happened, see. He gets shocked seeing her scooty. She asks him to come and laughs. She says you now believe I have miracle in my fingers. She asks him to sit. He asks where. She says my head, sit beside me, come. He asks how to sit on this. She asks did you not sit on scooty. He says I have private jet, chopper. She says it was… what’s the use of it. He says I will call for it. She says you have no phone, you can sit on scooty for the first time. He says yes, there’s always a first time. He tries and sits in scooty’s extra carrier. She asks did you sit. He says please let it be scooty, don’t make it space shuttle. She asks are you scared. He asks her to wear helmet. He says I m slightly embarrassed. She asks why, because of scooty, or sitting in lower level than wife. He says both, but don’t tell anyone about this. She drives. Yuhin kat jayega safar……plays…..

Their old moments are seen. Pinky says Shivaye was not careless, he is spoiling because of Anika. Anika and Shivaye come home. Pinky asks him where was he, he should have said where is he going. He says I was stuck somewhere. Pinky says I know, you are stuck, you could have called me once, you were away all night. He says I had no phone and car, we were stuck in some adventure, I will rest, we will have lunch together. He asks Anika to come. Anika stumbles. He holds her. She says I m fine.

He takes her along. Pinky looks on and says this is left now, now Shivaye is becoming wife’s puppet, Anika get happy, from today, you and your smile will get lost from this house. Anika says I m fine. Shivaye makes her sit and asks her to show her foot. She says you won’t touch my foot. Pinky comes and sees them. She says Shivaye, there is press conference in an hour time. He says yes, maybe. She says you are forgetting everything.

He says thanks for reminding. She says Guru ji called and asked about kulgotra puja. He asks why did you get after that thing. Pinky says that puja is necessary. He says tell Guru ji we don’t want to do this puja. Pinky thinks Shivaye can’t change truth. She goes. Shivaye checks his clothes. Anika asks you refused for kulgotra puja, you keep family traditions first, is this right. He asks what did we decide, we will accept the way we are, we will change each other, your name, blood and family are not imp than you, past can’t change, we can make present and future beautiful, I m trying to do what you said. She says but such a big decision, you took for me. He holds her face and says for us, we can have bullet for each other, so we can hear Pinky’s scolding as well. They smile.

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Pinky asks Dadi to explain Shivaye. She argues. He says I decided this puja won’t happen. Anika says its truth, you are Shivaye’s twin brother, I have proof, DNA test result. Some time before, Anika says you took big decision for me. Shivaye says for us, if we can have bullet for each other, we can have mum’s scolding, what’s there to cry. She says I m happy. He asks this way? She says its tears of happiness, I never thought I will see your this avatar, Sweet Singh Oberoi, I m much afraid I can lose you. She cries and says you know I m not scared of darkness as much as I m scared of happiness, as there is fear to lose happiness, I don’t know how to experience this, I don’t know what Lord feels, whenever he gives me small happiness, he snatches something big from me, I m scared…. He stops her and says nothing will happen, your life will have happiness to stay forever, I will even fight with Lord for this. He hugs her and says you are mad. She says even you are mad. He says I will go and change.

She gets a call from Khanna. She recalls having a secret with Khanna about DNA test reports. She says what shall I do now, I promised Shivaye we won’t check any other’s past, when Shivaye took this big step, should I know his past. Pinky asks Dadi to explain Shivaye, he is breaking the traditions, I can’t believe he is same Shivaye, today he does not care for family, you tell me, is Kulgotra puja imp or not. He says Kulgotra puja won’t happen. Dadi says Pinky is right, we have to keep puja even if we won’t know Anika’s kulgotra. He says then questions will arise, this puja won’t happen. Pinky says this never happened in Oberoi family. He says there is always a first time, you are thinking ancestors will wait for me to do this puja, I decided this puja won’t happen. Anika thinks to tell Khanna that she does not want to know anything.

She answers. Khanna asks her to talk to Dr. Goyal. Dr. Goyal says the DNAs matched, they both are brothers. She gets shocked and recalls Mahi. She says how can this happen, Mahi is Shivaye’s brother, is Shivaye knows this then…

Mahi calls Kamini and says why is she not answering my call. Kamini answers. He asks why are you not answering call, are you fine, I was worried. She says you would have not called me if you were worried. He says I called to ask your welfare. She says I m fine as you are not with me, don’t call again, else police will know my location by your call. He sits sad and says mum should have not said wrong, but no she is right. He says person comes and goes alone, no one said person has to live in world alone. He cries and calls out to someone. He sits drinking and crying. He sleeps.

Pinky argues with Shivaye. He says Rudra and Om’s wives info will be written in kulgotra, except my son’s wife. Shivaye says it does not matter to me, we won’t discuss this again. He goes. Anika looks on. Pinky says he is ruining traditions for Anika. Anika thinks Shivaye decided he does not want to know about me, what shall I do, it will be big thing if I tell him, and if I don’t tell him, he may know about someone else. He comes and says press conference is going to start. She thinks to tell Shivaye or not, Mahi is his own brother, will he bear this truth or not. He asks what happened. She says I have to leave Sahil to boarding school, I can’t attend your conference. He says that’s fine, its not so imp. She recalls Dr. Goyal’s words. She hugs Shivaye. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I just had to say all the best for press conference. He says its not any war. She says even if it was a war, I would never let you lose. He goes. She thinks sorry Shivaye, this time its about your brother and entire family, I have to meet Mahi to know complete truth.

Shivaye gets the man’s call. He recalls Naintara. He says I don’t want any info about her, don’t pass my number to her. He says I promised Anika I will not let her past affect our future. He goes. Pinky says Shivaye is not caring for Anika’s name, blood and family, I will make her out of my son’s life. She calls someone and asks are you ready.

Mahi wakes up hearing door knock. He sees Anika. He asks her to leave. She says I got to know why you saved Shivaye’s life, do you have any answer, what relation do you have. He says nothing. She says blood is blood, I found it that Shivaye is your brother. He gets shocked.

Shivaye is in press conference. The reporter asks him about Tia and Shivaye’s company merger. Shivaye says its not happening, there are some business reasons, we are discussing current projects here. Pinky signs the reporter. The man asks about Anika. Shivaye says press conference is not about my wife. The man says you always said your wife will be from respectable and big family, we want to know your wife’s family business. Mahi says whatever you said is… She says its true, you are Shivaye’s twin brother, so you saved his life, I have proof, DNA test result.

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Anika confronts Mahi. He shouts Pinky is not Shivaye’s mum. She gets shocked. Naintara says I m Anika’s mum, I dance in lovely dance bar. Shivaye gets shocked. Some time before, Anika says you are Shivaye are twin brothers, so you saved his life, I have proof, DNA test result, I came here for Shivaye. He says its Shivaye every time, everyone takes his name, he is rich man, I m this poor guy, he is a king, I m a drainage insect, he is legitimate and I m illegitimate, my life starts and ends on him, Shivaye does not know I exist, I became Shivaye and met his family, everyone loves him, you also came here for Shivaye, what do I have to give you. She says I know you are Shivaye’s brother. He says I have relation but could not keep it. She cries seeing him, and says I can understand when you are alone, you have to fight with life every day, if you heard illegitimate, I have heard orphan, I went through this pain.

Shivaye says you have old interviews, why did you come here. Reporter says you don’t want to tell about your wife. Shivaye says its none of your business, you have no right to interfere, my wife is not from well known family, but she is from decent and respectable family. Naintara walks in.

Anika asks Mahi to come with her, his family does not know about him, when they know… Mahi says they should not know, else it will be Shivaye’s gangaram. She asks why, its not just about Shivaye, its about you too, that’s your real place, you are a Oberoi and have right to live there. Mahi says I will decide that, just go. She asks him to think of his mum, who does not know she has other son, does she not have right to know about you, one son got mum’s love, other son did not get chance to call her mum, its injustice with you and her, don’t you wish to call her mum, she is your mum, if you say her once, she will just hug you, Shivaye is like world for her, she will be mad knowing she has other son. He asks her to go. She says I know you have anger, annoyance and questions. Give her a chance to talk. Mahi says no, I won’t give a chance. Naintara smiles.

Anika says I know you are angry, but a mum has full right to meet her son. Mahi asks what mum, she is not my mum. She says Shivaye’s mum will be your mum if you are his twin. Mahi says she is not Shivaye’s mum. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye asks who are you, why did you come here. Naintara says I came to meet Shivaye. He says its me. She says it means you are my son in law. Pinky reacts. Reporter asks who are you. Naintara introduces herself as Anika’s mum. She says I spread happiness in boring and sad people’s life, I have seen you at lovely dance bar, I dance there. Shivaye gets shocked. Reporter asks are you bar dancer. Naintara laughs and does shayari. She says anyone can name me anything. Pinky smiles. Naintara asks for Anika, call her, she should know her mum came to meet her. Anika thinks of Mahi and Shivaye.

Shivaye says she is Anika’s mum, what will she go through knowing this. Anika says if Shivaye knows Pinky is not his mum, what will he go through. Anika leaves from Mahi’s house. He thinks of Pinky and Shivaye. She thinks how can I hide such a big thing, if I don’t say, things will spoil, I will talk to Om, he will advice me. She calls Om and says I have to talk something imp. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, I will meet you at home. He asks what’s the matter, is Shivaye fine. She says yes, he is at home, his press conference is there. He asks what are you hiding, tell me where are you, I will come to take you. She tells him she is at goodluck chawl. He asks her to stay there. Reporter says this woman is claiming she is your mum in law, how true is this. Shivaye walks down to Naintara and says I have to talk to you, come. Pinky smiles.

Naintara says you are ashamed of me and does not want me to meet Anika right. Shivaye talks to Anika. Anika and Shivaye see the news. Anika asks is this true. Some time before, Naintara sees the antiques and smiles. Shivaye asks will you have something. She says when time comes, I will take for sure, I came to meet my daughter, where is she. He says she is not at home. She says I would have kept Anika with me always, if I knew she will become such a big house’s bahu. He thinks she has such a cheap thinking, I can’t believe she is Anika’s mum.

Naintara says I have to admit, you are very rich, what happened, what are you seeing, are you seeing me and Anika matching. She asks him to ask what he wants. He says I want to know about Anika’s father. She says even I want to know about him, I will tell you when I know, my innocent son in law, I had many men in my life, I don’t know who fathered Anika. He gets shocked. Pinky asks is this Anika’s mum, is she saying true. Naintara asks who are you. Pinky says I m Shivaye’s mum. Naintara says it means we are Samdhan, and hugs Pinky. Shivaye recalls Naintara’s words.

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Om comes to chawl and sees Anika. She wipes her tears. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks I m not able to say when its so imp. She says nothing, its too hot here. I had headache and called you, so that if I faint, you should know I m here. Om says fine, come we will go home. She thinks to think well and do anything, one small mistake can shake the world. Shivaye says mom Anika should not know this, send this woman out of here. Pinky says what, she is Anika’s mum. Shivaye says don’t know how will Anika react knowing this. She says you can’t separate them. He asks how can I believe she is Anika’s mum, I have to check her background and then I will get her to Anika. She says you gave your card to find Naintara, so she is here. He asks will you taunt me more. She says you can run away from truth, but can’t change it, Anika is this bar dancer’s daughter, even if she goes from here, she will come back again.

Shivaye goes to reporters. The reporter asks him did he know he is marrying a bar dancer’s daughter. Shivaye says this press conference is now over. He asks Khanna to throw cash on their faces and not the news from leaking. Shivaye leaves.

Pinky says Shivaye wants you to leave from here. Naintara says fine then. Pinky says you are going so easily, how come, I did not throw money on your face to send you so soon, you came as Anika’s mum, would you give so easily, you are fake mum, but have to act. Naintara says I m acting. Pinky taunts her and asks her to act and cry. Naintara says fine, I won’t go if you say, I will stay here. Pinky says very good, now listen to me, even if I tell him to get out, if I slap you, you won’t go, you just wait for Anika. Naintara and Pinky smile. Pinky thinks it will be fun when Anika meets her wrong mum.

Anika comes home and recalls Mahi’s words. Shivaye walks in corridor. Shivaye and Anika see each other. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. He thinks of Naintara. He sees Naintara coming. Naintara smiles seeing the house. He takes Anika to talk. He makes Anika sit in room. He asks Pinky what is that woman doing here till now. Pinky says I tried, she said she will meet Anika and go. He says that’s not possible, Anika is not ready for this, I will send Naintara. She smiles.

Anika asks how did you come here. Shivaye thinks whom is Anika talking to. Naintara says I m finding Pinky’s room, can you tell me. Anika says Pinky’s room is that way, did you come to meet Pinky. Naintara says no, I came to meet my daughter, but she is not at home. Anika asks your daughter, does she stay here. Naintara says yes, who are you. Shivaye worries and stops Anika. He takes Anika. She says I was talking to her. Naintara calls him out. He stops. She asks did my daughter come. He says not yet, she will come. He takes Anika and leaves.

He makes Anika sit and asks her to watch tv. He goes. Anika says what happened to Shivaye. Naintara asks Shivaye to call Anika. He says its late now, you go and meet her tomorrow. She asks are you joking, do you not want me to meet your daughter. She says you wanted to meet me, what’s the matter. He says its your mistake, you should have called and come. She says if I say Anika is here, then….. She says mum’s eyes can’t get cheated, the girl who left in room is my daughter right, you are ashamed of me, so you don’t want me to meet my daughter, you are doing wrong. He says its not like that, I don’t want to meet Anika today, I m afraid if Anika sees you this way, she does not know you, I will tell her and prepare her, she will be shocked, but I will talk to her and then call you.

She asks what will happen then, I want to meet her. He asks her not to shout, its his house, not her…. its not a small thing, its a big thing, I have to prepare her. She says I will explain her, just call her. He says its enough now, I m behaving her as you are Anika’s mum, don’t force me to misbehave, shall I call police. She says what’s the need to call police, I understand. He says you may leave. She says fine, I will come tomorrow. She leaves. He says last time when Anika got to know I went orphanage, she left home, now when she knows I found her mum, and her mum is a ….. how will she react, I can’t tell and hide this truth, can Anika handle this situation or not, what shall I do.

Shivaye goes to Anika and says I need to say something. She asks is this true. Reporter says Shivaye tried to buy the media so that media does not leak about Anika’s background, she is rich businessman’s wife, she is a dancer’s daughter in reality. Anika asks him is this true.



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