Game of Love Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Tuesday 3 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Nandini says I have called Aditi here. She meets Shivaansh and says I have seen Shivani’s engagement footage, you know the reason behind the power cut, because of an ice knife, which was aimed at you. FB shows Nandini seeing the footage. She sees the ice knife hitting the circuit box. She says that’s why there was water near the circuit box, someone wants to kill Shivaansh.

FB ends. Nandini says thank God the aim of ice knife got missed, Honey had called you, but it doesn’t reflect in your call record, I have checked it. He asks how can this happen, my team and I have my phone, I trust Avi, Aasya and Khanna more than I trust myself. She says I know you are still in shock of Honey’s death, you need to be very careful, someone is trying to target you. He says I have no enemies. She says its our job, we will find it out, police needs to be with you, so I called Aditi here. He says no, she has made my life miserable. She says she is a responsible and capable officer, trust me, she has been suspended, it works for us, no one will doubt her seeing her around. He says I don’t need police protection, I have my own security.

She says we need Aditi to reach the culprit, I couldn’t save your dad, I regret it even today, I don’t want to make any other mistake. He says okay, whatever you said will be done. She thanks him. She says you are very precious, we don’t want to lose you. She goes. He thinks you can save me from the world, how will you save me from death, I have less time, I can’t lose it, I have to do a lot for my family. Nandini says Aditi, you will be responsible for Shivaansh’s protection, you must stay here now, all the best. Aditi agrees. Nandini goes. Aditi says I have told you, a lot of meetings between us are yet to happen. She goes. Nani gets a call. She says yes, we are at home, there is no worry, fine. She says it was Angad’s mum on call, she said Angad’s Bua wants to meet Shivani. Radhika asks what does she want to talk. Shivani comes and asks is Angad’s family coming. Nani says yes, his Bua wants to meet you. Shivani says I heard she is very arrogant. Radhika says let her be, Shivaansh will handle her. They go. Nani prays for Shivani’s happiness.

Shivaansh comes to Nani and asks what happened. Nani says I m liking the head of the staff, Sharda scolding the staff. Sharda scolds staff and says I don’t tolerate mistakes, everything should be perfect, Shivani’s inlaws are coming. She instructs the servants. Nani and Shivaansh look on and laugh. Shivaansh says why are Ahujas coming again. Nani says Angad’s Bua didn’t come on engagement, so she is coming to meet Shivani. He says let her come, Shivani is perfect, aunt is nothing. Nani asks him not to do bad shayari like Dhruv. Shivani hugs Sharda and says I want keys of Nani’s room, I have to take jewellery. Sharda says take anything and then return keys to me. Shivani says you are the home minister.

Shivaansh welcomes Ahuja family. Dhruv sings and jokes. Shivaansh says he has a habit to joke, don’t mind. Bua says you call this a joke, its considered offense in our family, where is Shivani. Dhruv says sorry. Shivani comes and greets her. Shivaansh introduces her. Bua says I m glad to see that at least someone here got good values. She asks Aditi and asks who is she. Shivaansh says security. Bua sees Radhika. They all sit talking. Bua says I have seen how Nani and Dadi were doing Mata Rani bhajan, we will see the rest of the family now. She says I had gone to do puja and got this kajal from the adornment of Parvati idol, I wish to apply this kajal into Shivani’s eyes. She applies kajal to Shivani. She says everyone should get this blessing, I should apply this to Radhika too. Radhika and Shivaansh refuse. Bua insists. Nani and Dadi also stop her. Bua says you all are insisting to stop me. She goes to Radhika and removes her glasses. Shivaansh comes in between and holds Radhika. He takes Radhika’s glasses back from her. He asks do you realize what you have done. Bua says I got the truth out, your sister has a problem in her eyes, you have hidden this from us, I have seen this in engagement photos, one of her eyes isn’t normal. He shouts enough. Radhika cries.

He hugs Radhika and says my sister doesn’t have any problem. Bua asks really, why is she hiding her face, you hid this from us, who knows if this is hereditary, what if Shivani and Angad’s child has the same problem. She says if the girl’s family lied so much, I don’t trust that girl. He says we didn’t lie to you. She says you didn’t say the truth that your sister is ill. He says Shivani and Angad’s alliance is forming, why are you dragging Radhika in between. Bua says marriage is union of two families, we came here to take bahu, not some disease. Dadi says don’t get angry, they made a mistake, forgive them. Bua says they hadn’t apologized. She says if Shivaansh is ready to apologize, maybe I will forgive. He says we didn’t do any mistake, you had insulted my sister, you should apologize. Bua says you should bow down to us being the girl’s family, you will have to apologize to us else….He asks else what. She says we will break this alliance. Everyone gets shocked. Bua asks him to think well, will he break Shivani’s alliance to save his sick cousin sister. Aditi looks on.

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