Game of Love Tuesday 22 October Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Tuesday 22 October Update 2019 On Starlife

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Game of Love Tuesday 22nd October Update 2019 On Starlife

Roop goes to get oil. She looks for bottle. Shivaye asks are you finding this. Roop asks what is it. Shivaye says you will know it now. Roop asks him did he go mad, don’t do it. She shouts have you gone mad, don’t do this. He goes to light the chemical. He throws the liquid down. He says it doesn’t contain what you have thought, its the same bottle which you ordered on Rudra’s name. He recalls that the billing address was on Roop’s name. He says I have removed the explosive content and added water in it, that’s why explosion didn’t occur, why did you do this Bua. She asks what are you saying.

He says you want to hear it from me, you tried to take my life, I saw you fiddling with the wires, you put the live wire in the swimming pool, I saw you before falling into the pool, I also saw the almonds fallen there. She asks what are you saying, I returned from temple when Rudra pushed you into the pool. He says you have been trying to create the misunderstanding, you provoked Rudra against me, when he didn’t come in your words, you have done this, puja wasn’t Nani’s plan, I have seen you and knew you will do something during the puja, I have few close people in my life, I regarded you like my mum, why did you try to take my life. She says I hate you, you took away Shakti, Tej, and then this house and property, what did I get, just an allowance, you all kept me away from everything, you all took my share, that is why I envy your happiness, when I see you three together, I get jealous.
He says you tried to separate three of us. She says yes, I will keep trying always. He says you won’t succeed, because we are united and will always be united. He says death can separate you guys, right, that is why I wanted to kill you, because you are the shield of this Oberoi family, this family will be ruined if you are dead. He says you won’t succeed. She laughs and asks what will you do, will you tell everyone what I do, you can’t dare to do that, you haven’t tell Omru that you killed Tej to save their lives. He asks how do you know about this. She says I know everything, Tej used to tell me everything, he got you framed in Nancy’s case by Mohit’s name, he tried to emotionally blackmail you, then he tried to kill Omru, but you killed Tej to save Omru, you went to jail, but because of your nobility, you didn’t tell anyone why you killed Tej, you are very good, this nature is power of Oberoi family, and its your weakness, I know you can’t see them upset, so you won’t tell my truth, like you didn’t tell Omru that you killed Tej to save them. They see Rudra at the door. Rudra cries.

Shivaye says listen to me Rudy, don’t say anything. Rudra runs downstairs to Om. Om asks what happened. Rudra says Shivaye had killed Tej as he wanted to kill us. Om asks what are you saying. Shivaye says nothing, Tej used to love you. Om asks is this true. Shivaye says Tej loved you both. Rudra says Roop has tried to kill Shivaye. They all get shocked. Rudra says Roop is responsible for this, I will not keep quiet, Roop knew that Shivaye killed dad as he wanted to kill us, even then she instigated us. Shivaye says we will do the puja, come on guys. Khanna says please tell the truth to everyone now. Om asks what truth. Shivaye says no. Om says you didn’t tell me the truth that day, tell me.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says I know Shivaye asked you not to say anything, you have respected his request, but today you have to tell the truth. Khanna says sorry, I won’t keep quiet today, that day I told Tej’s truth to Shivaye. He tells them whatever happened. FB shows the moments. Everyone gets shocked. Khanna says Sir didn’t want you to disrespect Tej, so he kept quiet and ordered me to keep quiet. Om says you have tolerated so much for us. Rudra says what did we do, please forgive us. Omru fall in Shivaye’s feet. Shivaye asks then to get up. Om asks what are you made of, we taunted you, we tortured you and you have tolerated it. Shivaye says you were not wrong being sons. He hugs Omru. Everyone cries. Shivaye says its not your fault. Rudra says its our fault, Tej tried to kill us, we have punished you, you saved our lives. Om folds hands and apologizes. Rudra says you may punish us, but don’t ever go away from us, don’t hate us. Shivaye asks them not to utter any word now. He says you both are my biggest strength and weakness, I can hate myself, but not you two. He hugs them. Lafzon ka yeh…plays….

Priyanka holds ears and cries. She hugs Shivaye. Dadi apologizes. Sh says I have done a sin, not a mistake, I doubted you, you are like Ram, I thought you are Raavan, forgive me. He hugs her. Dadi stops Roop. She slaps Roop and says both my sons are dead, and now you are dead for me too. Nani says I m glad that this truth came to light because of her, else Omru would have blamed Shivaye all life. Roop says don’t be happy, they have united just to fall apart. Shivaye says no, we fell apart and united again, such ones never fall apart. Rudra says we are respecting you even now, don’t ever show us your face. Roop leaves. Shivaye says sorry Anika(Surbhi Chandna), this puja… Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says I have got the sign which I wanted, we have to get married. They hug. Dadi says you will get married tomorrow. They smile. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) sees some smoke expelling out of room. She shouts Shivaye and gets in.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) gets surprised seeing the starry ambience. She smiles. Shivaye comes and hugs her. O jaana…plays… she asks why did you do this. He says you have spent the night under the sky, remember, when I was in jail, I longed to see the open sky, I had one dream, that we look at the stars under the open sky, you fulfilled my dream without my expressing it, can you see that star, that is known as the pole star, its there since ages, the entire universe revolves around it, I did all this so that I could tell you that… Nani comes and looks at them. She says its the limit, they are still meeting each other, Team Dulha and Team Dulhan, you both shouldn’t let them meet until the marriage happens. The teams agree. Om asks Rudra to come. Rudra says I want to change the team, because I want to stay with Shivaye. Shivaye hugs Rudra. Gauri says even I want to change the team, my sister is getting married, I will be in her team. Nani says its good. Dadi says boys will form the groom’s team and girls will form the bride’s team. Omru come to Shivaye. Gauri and Bhavya go to Anika(Surbhi Chandna). Nani asks them to get ready for mehendi.
Mehendi hai rachne wali…plays… Anika(Surbhi Chandna) messages Shivaye to ask, what was he going to say. Shivaye replies that he will say what he wanted to say, he won’t spoil the fun by texting it. She asks will you say it after marriage. He says no, meet me at poolside after two mins. Shivaye signs her. She says I m going to washroom. She goes. Shivaye says I m going for imp video conferencing. He goes. Om asks where’s Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He signs Rudra. They leave.

Shivaye asks Anika(Surbhi Chandna) to show her mehendi. She asks what were you going to tell me. He says I was going to say… Omru come to make them away. Om asks can’t you stay away for a day. Shivaye says Dadi called me, and goes. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says I heard Gauri calling. She goes. Om says they won’t change. Rudra says Shivaye’s phone is here. Om says it will be fun. Omru show the sherwanis to Shivaye and asks Shivaye to select. Khanna signs Shivaye. Shivaye gets a note in sherwani’s pocket. He reads, tell me what were you going to say. Khanna gives him a notepad. He writes a note and gives to Khanna. Omru ask Khanna which one will suit Shivaye. Khanna says whatever Shivaye likes. Gauri and Bhavya check hairstyles. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) looks around. Khanna gets a glass of juice and signs her. She reads the note. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaye try to leave. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) sees Gauri and Bhavya sleeping. Shivaye sees Omru sleeping. Rudra gets up for a moment and sleeps.

Bhavya and Om call them out. Shivaye says I m going to have water. Om sleeps. Bhavya says hands up… Anika(Surbhi Chandna) does so. Bhavya talks in sleep. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) goes out and meets Shivaye. They hide hearing Dadi’s scream. Dadi asks is it necessary to see horror movie at night. Nani says who will keep an eye on Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaye if we sleep, they want to find a chance and meet. Priyanka gets a call. She says I m feeling sleep, good night, enjoy the film, bye. She goes. Shivaye and Anika(Surbhi Chandna) cover themselves by a blanket and go. Dadi gets scared. Nani says I know Oberois are cowards, we are Sehgals, we aren’t afraid even if ghosts come in front of us. She sees the shadow and says there is a ghost. Nani get scared seeing the shadow. Dadi says stop it, ghosts don’t have shadow. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaye go.

Dadi and Nani see Khanna and beat him up. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaye are on the way. She asks where are we going, what were you going to tell me. He says I will tell you, we are going to place where no one disturbs us. She says if Nani and Dadi knows then you know it. He says that’s why I got you here. She asks what’s this place. He says this is our company’s guest house, shall we go. They see guard sleeping and get in. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) smiles seeing the hanging stars decorations.

She says its so beautiful, Shivaye…. that window. She looks out and sees the illuminating stars in the sky. She says we can see the stars from here. He says even moon. She says really, I will go and see. She says you are lying, I couldn’t see the moon. He says you are seeing at the wrong place, moon is in front of me. She asks what did you want to say. He says Anika(Surbhi Chandna), you are my pole star, like it doesn’t change its place, you and your faith were still, I tried to make you away, but you never got away, I promise no one can replace you in my life, like no star can replace the pole star in the sky. O jaana…plays… They hug. They romance. Chandni raat hai…plays…. They smile.

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