Game of Love Tuesday 1st September 2020 Written update

Game of Love 1 September 2020: On Game of Love Tuesday 1st September 2020 Written update, Inspector says we have to talk regarding this baby, she is Mr Saxena’s granddaughter. The lady asks can I take my baby back,

I want to take her right away. They all get shocked. Some time before, Bhavya, Anika and Gauri beat the goons. A goon aims gun at Rudra. Bhavya flies in air and jumps over to tackle him. Everyone gets shocked. Her dress gets off. Rudra closes eyes. They all see Bhavya in her uniform. Anika and Gauri say Aaj ki naari sab pe bhaari and salute her. Anika and Gauri free Shivaye and Omru. Goon looks for Pari and hears her. Shivaye stops him and beats him up. He sees Pari sitting in bathtub. Anika comes and takes Pari. She says everything is fine. She asks Shivaye to see Pari is crying.

Shivaye says everything is fine, I did not know you will be attached to baby so soon. She says what do you mean, I don’t have a heart, what did you do there, I m angry, if anyone shot you. He says if anyone shot you, why did you slap goon. She says I wanted to kill him. She shuts Pari’s ears. He says how dare goon point gun a you, talk slow, baby got calm, everything is under control. They kiss Pari. He holds them and smiles.

Bhavya asks inspector to take their statement, I want police protection for the family. Jhanvi talks to Dadi and says I will be staying in Pune tonight, I will leave tomorrow. Someone puts some liquid on ground. Jhanvi recalls Shwetlana’s words. Jhanvi slips and holds the curtain. She gets saved from falling over the scissors. Shwetlana comes and pulls her back. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Game of Love 1 September 2020

Game of Love 1 September 2020

Gauri’s mum asks how is Pari now. Gauri says she is fine. Gauri’s mum says its good Bhavya was here, if I got you educated, you would have been like Bhavya and earned respect here, I feel ashamed, I know how you feel here. Om comes and says sorry, Gauri can’t speak english, but she speaks truth, others got lessons from school and college, but Gauri got lessons from life, she is different than other bahus, not less. Gauri looks at him. Om says sorry and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika and Pari sleeping. He goes out to Om. He says Anika is with Pari. Om says seems like we have a relation with her. Shivaye says we did a lot for her, Anika did not do anything but got close to Pari. Om says maybe Anika knows how to handle babies. Shivaye says she raised Sahil. Om looks at him. Shivaye asks what, I was seeing Pari. Om asks really. Shivaye says I m worried for Pari, we have to find out who were those men after her and why. Om says right, we have to find out everything. Shivaye sees Anika and Pari. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays… Om says Pari is fine. Shivaye says no, I was seeing Anika, nothing. Om says you once told me, you can’t see Anika as mother of your children. Shivaye recalls. He asks why are we talking about this right now. Om says you are world’s biggest fool, you can’t see Anika is the best wife, and will become best mum. He asks him to see. He says I think you both should talk. Shivaye says there is nothing to talk. Om does shayari and goes.

Rudra asks Bhavya where did she go without saying anyone. Bhavya says yesterday night, I… He asks her to say the problem. She says its related to my assignment. He asks why are you worried. She says I will manage. He says yes, you are cop and tough, you are forgetting you are a girl, you are not sharing problem, I m your friend, atleast tell me now. She says I will manage my problem. He holds her and asks problem again, are you going to fool me again. She says Sultan is alive. He gets shocked. He says we have seen him dying. She says he was someone else, when I was leaving home yesterday, I got this message, I knew you will get upset, you are safe. He gets away and asks do you think I m scared of Sultan, I don’t care for him, I do care for you, you were leaving from home without saying anyone, its good to come and leave anytime, if you did not know Sultan is alive, you would have gone, is it so easy for you, you proved that I m just an assignment for you. He goes. She cries.

Jhanvi asks what are you doing here. Shwetlana says I m saving you from Tej. Jhanvi says stop your nonsense. Shwetlana says truth is in front of you. Jhanvi asks what proof do you have, maybe you are behind this. Shwetlana says you have a point, I should kill you, think why would I come so far to save you. Jhanvi says I told Tej about my trip, maybe he found out I m staying in company guest house, why are you helping me against Tej. Shwetlana says the question is what will you do now.

Anika makes Pari ready and loves her. She asks what did you say, Y, Pari told her first word, come we will tell everyone. Om asks what did Pari say. Anika says Pari said Y. Om says wow, she started asking life’s meaning, why. Rudra says she said my name and jokes. Shivaye says bad english. Gauri asks Pari what did she say. Shivaye says she has taken my name, Shivaye, many people say don’t say why, just say Shivaye. Anika asks who many people, I did not hear it. Shivaye says she said Shivaye. Anika says I heard her saying y, not Shivaye. He says you think you are attached to her, but she is attached to me. She says no, she is attached to me. Bhavya says y comes in my name too, Bhavya, maybe she wants to take my name. Gauri jokes. Pari cries. Rudra asks them not to cry. They all try to calm Pari. Shivaye sings. Anika shuts ears. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays….. Rudra dances. Anika takes Pari in arms. Inspector comes with someone. They look on.

Jhanvi says how to believe you, you always thought bad for me. Shwetlana says even Tej does not think good for you, you will not believe me till I proof it, alright, I will prove it to you. She calls Tej. Tej is on the way and answers. Shwetlana says I called to check if our plan against Jhanvi is on. He says it means Jhanvi trusts you, we will meet at hotel. Shwetlana says fine and ends call. She asks Jhanvi to see Tej’s real avatar.

Shivaye asks are you sure. Inspector says yes, she is Mr Saxena’s granddaughter. Rudra says I think I have seen this girl somewhere. Om asks are you Pari’s dad. Rudra says not that way. Mr. Saxena says she is my daughter Arundhati, she loved a guy and wanted to marry, we are from a top class business family, that guy had no social status, Arundhati ran away with him and got pregnant, that guy cheated her, we accepted Arundhati with a condition that we will not accept the baby. Arundhati says I had one option to give my daughter to orphanage, but my heart did not agree, I wanted to give her to some place where she is taken good care of, I thought of Rudra, we were in same college. Rudra says I m so famous Om. She says I have sent her here knowing you guys are good, when I know someone came to kidnap Pari, I could not stay. Mr. Saxena says so we came here. Shivaye asks who can be the kidnapper. Mr. Saxena says I think its this girl’s dad, he would have kidnapped her and asked for ransom, thanks to you all, he did not succeed, we realized this girl is important for us. Arundhati says I m really sorry, can I take my baby back. Anika says if that man tries to kidnap her again. Inspector says don’t worry, she is our responsibility now. Om asks when do you want to take her. Arundhati says right now. They all get shocked.

Mr. Saxena says I hope this is okay with Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye, he is asking if he can take Pari. Shivaye asks how can we stop, baby is yours. Samar asks Ragini are you fine, you were unconscious. She says I won’t leave you all so soon. He says shut up, you get hurt and I feel the pain, its deep wound. She says love is not love without pain. He says you think this madness is love, why are you mad after Shivaye. She says I could not understand why you are in Bhabhi’s memories. He says even if you give your life, Shivaye won’t care. She says I don’t care. He says I have seen them, Shivaye and Anika are good people, don’t mess their lives. She says you are my brother, how can you take their side, if I can give my life, I can take anyone’s life, even if its Anika. He says don’t you dare do this. She says I know what to do and when, you just do what I say.

Anika cries and says Pari is strong, but darkness is bad thing, if my Pari gets scared, remember not to be scared of darkness. Gauri takes Pari and tells medicine’s name. She asks Pari to be Dabangg always. Bhavya takes Pari to become brave police officer. Om hugs Pari and asks when will you hear many stories, grow up and then we will read many stories. Rudra takes her and says Bunty, Bubbly and then Pari, three names in three days, I was going to call you Chutki, I was happy that finally someone younger to me came here. Shivaye takes her. Gauri says he did not say anything. Anika says he is SSO, even if he is breaking within, he won’t show. Bhavya says even then his eyes are saying everything. Shivaye says its time to go. He gives Pari to her mum. Pari holds his finger. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…. Shivaye stops Arundhati. He gives the toy duck to Pari and says she does not have bath without this ducky. Shivaye and Omru dance for Pari. Everyone cry. Shivaye hugs Omru. Dadi says she came suddenly and went suddenly.

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