Game of Love Tuesday 15 October Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Tuesday 15 October Update 2019 On Starlife

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Game of Love Tuesday 15th October Update 2019 On Starlife

Om asks Dadi not to worry. Shivaye gets Rudra home. Bhavya cries and hugs Rudra. She says we were so worried, I won’t talk to you. She hits him. He says I m hurt. She says sorry. He jokes. Om asks did you learn a lesson now. Rudra says yes. Dadi hugs Rudra. He says sorry, if Shivaye hadn’t come to save me, I wouldn’t have come back today. Nani says I told you Shivaye will make everything fine. Dadi asks Bhavya to get aarti plate. Shivaye and Anika go aside. He says I saved Rudra’s life, but do you know who has saved my life. He gives the idol to her and says you did. They hold hands. Dadi calls him. They go to everyone. Dadi says you fulfilled one promise, its time for another one, you had said that all three of you will together do the Diwali puja. Shivaye says I will fulfill my promise, this Diwali there will be just happiness here. Priyanka gets aarti plate. Anika gets the idols.
Bhavya asks at which temple will the puja happen. Shivaye says puja will happen at one place, only at one temple, neither the rituals, not the house or our happiness will be divided, from now, we shall have just one temple in Oberoi mansion, is that right? Anika says you three brothers do this auspicious thing. They see the partition. Om asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye, Omru take the idols to the temple. They pray. Anika goes for fixing the Toran. She gets tangled in the garlands. Shivaye thinks she always ends up in troubles. He asks may I? He helps her. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan…plays…. They smile and get close. Twinkle coughs. Shivaye gets away. He thinks what’s wrong with me, I have to get away from Anika and I m going close to her. He says you, we were decorating the door, Toran are so big these days, you got laddoo for me, stop blinking and feed me, don’t shy. He eats the laddoo and says its delicious, I could spend the rest of my life for you just for this reason. Anika says I made the laddoo, isn’t it delicious, I know it. Shivaye asks Twinkle to have it.

Everyone gathers. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya compliment each other. Om says we don’t mind any praise coming our way. They joke. Shivaye comes and looks at them. Rudra goes to him. Dadi asks the three jodis to sit in puja. Shivaye forwards hand. Anika goes to give her hand. Nani stops Anika. She says this time, Twinkle will sit with Shivaye in Diwali puja. Dadi says but Aruna… Nani says this is my and Shivaye’s wish as well. She recalls… Shivaye coming to talk to her. He says Anika isn’t taking Shivaye seriously, she thinks this is a drama. She says she is right. He says our plan will flop this way, I want to do something that would shock her, you should do it. She asks what. He says you have to tell her that Twinkle will sit in Diwali puja with me. She says I understand the drama, but you should it with Anika in puja. He says you have to do it for my sake. She says fine, who am I to stop you, I m with you. FB ends.

Anika cries and removes her bangles. Shivaye worries and says its bleeding, what are you doing. She says you are hurting my heart every day, I know you are doing this for my betterment, but there is a limit to tolerate, its my right to sit in Diwali puja with you, if you do puja with someone else, you are insulting me and our relation, today you broke my heart. She goes. He says I m hurting myself as well. His hand bleeds because of broken bangles.

Shivaye sees Anika crying. Gauri hugs Anika. The light decorations wall falls over Shivaye. Rudra holds it in time. Om comes and holds it too. Shivaye looks at them and says thanks. Rudra says Bhaiya…. well… the house is being decorated, be careful of the wires lying around. Shivaye goes. Bhavya asks what happened. Rudra says I want to thank Shivaye for saving my life, but I m not able to say. She hugs him and says its fine, sometimes, feeling something is more imp than saying it, I m sure Shivaye will understand, I see my cute Rudra instead the angry stubborn one after a long time, I fell in love with this Rudra, please be the same. Roop looks on and says how did he get so gentle. Nani gives gifts to everyone. She says its Diwali gifts for you all. Everyone hugs her. Nani asks Twinkle where is she. Twinkle comes. Nani says this is your first Diwali together, you two will light the Diwali diya together. Anika cries.
Gauri stops her. Anika says I can’t do this. Nani asks them to come, its auspicious to light diya. Twinkle asks Shivaye to come. Anika cries and goes away. Shivaye looks at her. He says I m allergic to the smoke of mustard oil, I can’t light the diya. Anika stops. Her dupatta catches fire. Shivaye sees this and gets shocked. He shouts Anika and pulls her. They try to blow off the fire. The diya gets lit by that fire. Everyone looks on. Om says the diya has lit up. Gauri asks Shivaye to take this as a sign from Lord. Bhavya says you have lit the diya with the one you were supposed to do it. Dadi asks them to start the puja. Everyone prays. Lafzon ke yeh….plays…. Shivaye and Anika come together. Shivaye thinks I became weak since I didn’t wish to break her heart on Diwali. Dadi asks them to keep coins near Laxmi ji’s feet. They do so. Dadi says now you three carry on the family’s tradition and do the Maha aarti. Shivomru do the aarti together.

Shivaye feeds laddoos to Omru. Om also feeds him. Shivaye goes. Roop asks what are you doing, you have forgotten easily, Tej isn’t with us because of Shivaye. Rudra says I m here because of Shivaye, don’t spoil the fun during the festival time. Nani jokes on Dadi. She says its auspicious to play cards on Diwali, the game between Oberois and Sehgals were always like a battle. She shares the old tales. She says Oberois lost to Sehgals many times. Dadi says you forgot Sehgals also lost to us, why are you lying on Diwali. Nani says fine, lets play and see who defeats whom. Everyone plays cards. Dadi and Nani get the best cards. Dadi asks Nani did she get scared. She shows her cards. Everyone claps. Nani says the Sehgals never lose, we defeat everyone. She shows her cards, triple aces. Dadi gets upset. Everyone claps for Nani. Nani says now I will punish you, I know she got old. Dadi says I m still young. Nani laughs and says I won’t ask you to do squats, I will ask you to do something else, I will make you dance on Shammi Kapoor’s song. Dadi asks what, at this age, fine I didn’t get old. Shivaye asks Dadi to prove it, accept the challenge.

Nani, Dadi and everyone dance on Aaja Aaja….. Rudra sees Shivaye and stops. He holds ears and says sorry, and thanks. Shivaye cries and hugs him. Everyone looks on. Om too hugs them. Dadi and Nani smile and hug. Nani says we got old. Dadi says when family is along, we don’t feel old. Nani says right, I pray that this family always stays happy. Roop looks at everyone. She thinks I can’t see them happy, Rudra has backed off, I have to do something now.

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