Game of Love Tuesday 11 August 2020 Written update:  On Game of Love 11 August 2020 Written update, Anika sees the nightie and says I m not 2rs cheap girl to wear such clothes. Shivaye smiles and asks will you wear it, or shall I make you wear it.

Some time before, Shivaye says I overreacted and got angry on you, I know you are not involved in Priyanka’s marriage, I m sorry. She stops him and says we will not talk about this, I can fight with the world, not you, forget this. He says you told me that a day will come when I tell you, that when you come in front of me, my breath stops, my breath is stopping today Anika. He holds her close. Ishq hai aansun……plays…..They hug. He holds her closer. She asks what are you doing. He says we are married, its okay. She says anyone will see. He says I don’t care, fine shall we go to room. She says you go, I will come. He asks what happened, did your breath stop, I will wait for you. She asks him to go. He says I m waiting and leaves from the pool.

Anika turns and sees Pinky. Pinky signs her. Anika recalls her words. Anika thinks Shivaye wants to end the distance between us, but Pinky gave me 3 days time to go away from Shivaye, what shall I do.

Kamini stops Ranveer and Priyanka at the door. She does their grahpravesh. She hugs Priyanka and smiles. Anika comes to room. She sees the lights and decorations. Shivaye comes and holds her hands. She asks all this? He says its for you, did you like it. She asks did you do this. He says yes, I want this to be special first night. She says we have spent many nights in this room, how did it become first night. He says you know first night. She says night is night. He says yes, but some nights are special, and some nights are much special, I m talking of that very special night. She says now I understand, we…. He says we…. She says we bought a new bed and going to sleep on it, so its first night. He says no. She says you are fooling me, why are you saying first night. He says you remember what I told you outside. She says you apologized and said your breath is stopping. He asks do you feel the same, its time we celebrate this togetherness. She asks celebrate? Celebrations are happening daily, engagement, mehendi, you want Mata ka jagrata. He says no, not that celebrations, other type. She asks other type. He says yes you know. She says fine, so you have…. signed a great deal, why did you not tell me. He says deal is not signing. She says its fine, it will get signed, don’t worry. He pulls her close in an instant. Music plays…..

Kamini says you know Priyanka, after the bitterness in our families, I did not wish this relation will join, but I cleaned my heart and accepted you as my bahu. Ranveer comes. Kamini asks them to feed sweets to each other. Kamini clicks their picture and smiles.

Shivaye says you are my wife Anika, what are you. She says wife. He says you know, how is husband and wife’s relation. She gets back and says it means you were explaining this to me. He says thank God, you understood. He holds her close and says I have something for you to make first night more special. He gives her a gift and asks her to open it. Anika sees the nightie and says turn that side. He asks why. She says I m feeling shy. She says so why shall I turn my face away. She asks what shall I do. He says make a kite of it. She asks really, does this fly. He says just wear it. I m not 2rs cheap girl to wear such clothes. Shivaye says its a gift. She says fine, you gave me and I took it, its on me to wear it or not, I did not know you are such 2rs cheap husband. He asks will you wear it, or shall I make you wear it. She says I m seeing you are getting such 2rs cheap ideas since morning, my kerchief is longer than this, I will not wear this. He asks her to wear it. She says fine, I will wear it and come. She goes.

He turns and sees her wearing the short nightie over her dress. He asks what’s this Anika. She says you asked me to wear it, so I have worn it. He says you are mad, wait I will make you wear it. She shouts no Anika and runs.

Kamini sees Priyanka’s pic and says my bahu is really Laxmi, Oberoi’s only daughter, I m Saas and have to trouble her, the more she cries, the more Oberois will get hurt, my heart will get peace, now real game will begin.

Its morning, Shivaye asks Anika is she calculating yesterday night’s embarrassment. Anika says I m calculating how much kilos of water you waste for bath. He says water is measured in litres. She says you talk thrice a day, you use 30 litres every day. He says you throw water on me and waste it. She says how will I show my anger. He says there is a way, if you get angry, hold me this way, I will understand you are annoyed. She says I don’t have 2rs style to show anger.

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Pinky sees Anika and asks what are you doing. Anika says sangeet preparations. Pinky says you are behaving like you will stay here forever. She sees Shivaye. She says I was telling Anika her decorations are beautiful like before. She goes. Shivaye says its very beautiful. Anika recalls Pinky’s words. He asks what happened. Anika says I was thinking something. He asks about yesterday. She says about marriage. He asks do you want to marry again. She says if marriage has to stay, it stays in one time else not, marriage is said to be relation of seven births, there can’t be guarantee of even one birth, sometimes marriage breaks. He asks her not to get negative thoughts in mind and not say such thing. Priyanka comes. Anika asks her what happened, is everything fine. Shivaye thinks is Anika worried by something.

Jhanvi asks Priyanka to do rasam. Pinky says sorry, she can’t do rasam alone. Shivaye says this rasam will happen, come in. Jhanvi says whatever you do will be for Priyanka’s good. Pinky praises him. Shivaye says no, Anika deserves the praise. Some time back, Shivaye asks Khanna is he ready, just keep me informed. Anika asks Shivaye are you going somewhere. He says I will come back in an hour. Anika says when time is less, one hour looks more, I mean I was saying there is less time for sangeet. He says I will come before sangeet. She says I will miss you a lot. He says what about you running from room yesterday. She says leave it. He says matter is still incomplete. She says you came on same track again. He says you don’t come on that track. He kisses on her cheek. She gets shocked. He holds her close and says I will come back in one hour, we will celebrate sangeet with everyone, and then our first night. He goes. Anika holds her cheek and smiles.

Pinky pats her shoulder and asks what’s your plan. Anika asks what do you mean. Pinky says just 2 days are left, what will you do that Shivaye makes you out of this house, think else I have to do something. Anika says no, don’t tell anything to Shivaye. Pinky says then do what I m saying. Anika goes and cries. She says Shivaye is my life, how will I stay away, but if I don’t go away, Pinky will tell truth to Shivaye, what shall I do. She cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…. She opens the cupboard and takes Shivaye’s clothes. She recalls the old moments. She hugs his clothes and cries. She gets a watch and recalls. FB shows Mrs. Kapoor blackmailing Shivay. Anika says about what video was she talking, what does that video has that Shivay will agree to her. FB ends.

Pinky asks why did you call me here, your life is struck by poverty. Kamini says I stay on my own, you had to come to me to ask for help, your son does not listen to you, my nephew is enough to do anything, I don’t need my sons. Pinky says shut up, Shivaye can do anything for me. Kamini says yes, like you can do anything for yourself, you have no value in that house and Shivaye’s sight, you said you will convince Shivaye, it means you can’t do anything. Pinky says Shivaye does not refuse to me ever, he never refuses to his mum. Kamini asks mum? You can’t see your son’s happiness, to show Anika that Shivaye loves you more, you have put his happiness on stake, your hatred for Anika is more than your love. Pinky says I don’t need to prove how much my son loves me. Kamini asks your son? Pinky says I will answer you later, I will see you. She goes.

Jhanvi makes Anika sit for rasam. She tells Priyanka about rasam, where she has to gift Anika. Pinky says sorry, she can’t do rasam alone, girl can do this rasam with husband only, see Priyanka is hiding her sorrow, its better this rasam does not happen. Shivaye comes and says this rasam will happen, Priyanka had cried enough, now just happiness will come in her life. He calls Ranveer. Shakti asks what is this guy doing here. Jhanvi says you know what he did with Priyanka. Shivaye says its over now, Ranveer is Priyanka’s husband now.

Shakti says Priyanka did mistake and you are talking of keeping this relation. Shivaye says Ranveer changed, I have sent 20 croress cheque and annulment papers by Khanna, so that Ranveer signs papers and takes cheque, Khanna recorded conversation on spy cam. They see the video. Khanna asks Ranveer to sign papers and take 20 crores cheque. Kamini asks Ranveer to sign, he won’t get Priyanka, atleast he can get 20 crores. Ranveer refuses and says none can separate me from Priyanka. He tears cheque and says tell Shivaye my love is not on sale, I love Priyanka, I just want my wife, out.

Shivaye says I m convinced Ranveer will keep Priyanka happy. Jhanvi says I know, whatever you do will be for Priyanka’s good, we should give him a chance. Priyanka thanks Shivaye and hugs. Shivaye gives her hand to Ranveer. Jhanvi blesses Priyanka and Ranveer. Pinky praises Shivaye. Shivaye says no, Anika deserves the praise, she taught me the importance of marriage, many times small mistake breaks relation, Anika taught me once relation joins, we should not let it break, we should give it a chance to become better. Shakti says I m happy Anika is this house’s bahu. Priyanka and Ranveer do the rasam. Pinky sees Anika. Anika waits for….Tia calls out Anika. Anika says I need your help.

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Everyone dance. Anika sees Shivaye and gets sad. She wipes her tears and smiles. Some time before, Pinky asks Jhanvi about song list. Jhanvi says its with Anika, I will see her. She asks Shakti did he see Anika. He says no, I did not see her. Shakti asks Shivaye where is Anika. Shivaye says I will see. Pinky thinks did she leave forever, I wish this happened. Anika says Tia, I have some questions, just you can answer me, will you help me. Tia says of course, you and Shivaye did a lot for me and Dushyant. Anika says thanks, actually I wanted to know…..

Pinky says she should have informed before going. Priyanka and Shakti say she is not at home. Shivaye says why is she not answering me. He gets a call from commissioner. Maid says Anika is nowhere. Pinky says where can she go, its her sangeet. Pinky and Jhanvi argue. Shivaye says I will go and find her, I can’t sit at home. Anika comes. Shivaye asks where did you go, we were worried, you should have answered call. Anika says I took Gauri to prepare her for sangeet, sorry my phone is on silent, I wanted to give surprise. Jhanvi asks why did Gauri wear ghunghat. Anika says she is looking so pretty, we will do her mu dikhai in sangeet. Shivaye asks her to come and talk.

He asks where did you go. Anika says I took Gauri to beauty parlor, there was discount, I just went for an hour, if I leave forever. He stops her and says don’t this so, if you go away, my breath stops. She says now you know what I feel when you go. He says you were taking revenge. She says no, I m not so cheap. He says you remember, I m talking about our first night. She says you start anywhere, I have work, I will go, please anyone will see. He holds her and says tonight…. He goes. She smiles.

Anika turns and sees Pinky. Pinky taunts her. Anika says I have to prepare for sangeet. Pinky says you have to prepare to get out of this house. Anika says you have said this 10 times, I know I have 2 days, I want to live happily, let me do what I m doing, I don’t think you should waste your time, sangeet is starting. She goes. Pinky says this ant got wings.

Jhanvi lifts Gauri’s ghunghat. Priyanka compliments her. Om looks on. Gauri sees Amuk and Kranti in disguise. Om says don’t know when will this drama end. Gauri goes to Om and holds him. Om asks what are you doing. She says those govt officers are keeping an eye on us, we have to act like husband and wife. Om says I remember. They dance. Jo na keh sake tum…..plays….. They have an eyelock. They get current. Om says static current. Jhanvi asks why did you stop dance, you both were looking so good, dance.

Shivaye sees Anika. Music plays…. She asks him how does she look. He says not so good like I thought, but even more beautiful, my Anika. She says you have become clever. He says someone has to be romantic and naughty. Shakti calls him. Anika asks him to go. She says Shivaye became much romantic. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says nothing and sees Shivaye. Gauri sees Om. They smile and hug.

Shivaye says I want to make an imp announcement before sangeet, we were doing this for Om and Gauri, but there are two more Ishqbaaz, Priyanka married ACP Ranveer Randhawa, and my brother Rudra became Ishqbaaz, he got married, please welcome Rudra with his lovely wife Bhavya. Media clicks their pics.

Shivaye says actually, Rudra and Bhavya have seen gangster’s brother’s encounter, now goons are after their lives, I spoke to commissioner, he told me they are triyng to relocate them as a married couple, so that no one doubts on them, I asked commissioner to send them here so that I announce that Rudra and Bhavya got married.

Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand. She says I m scared. He says its just acting of marriage. She says its big lie, if we get caught. He says my two brothers got married, we will learn from them, I did not think I will be married when I return home, I mean acting married. Anika says they look cute jodi. Shivaye stops her. Gauri says maybe they really become a jodi while acting. Om says Rudra is just a kid. Shakti says we can start sangeet now. Anika, Gauri, Priyanka and Bhavya dance on Bole chudiyaan….. Their partners join them. Anika sees Shivaye and gets sad. She wipes her tears and smiles. They all say Dil Bole Oberois….

Shivaye holds Anika to kiss. Pinky says have this gift, sorry this is of Gauri, this one is for you, I can go and sleep now. Anika throws the box and says Pinky always insults me, how long shall I tolerate this. Shivaye says I m sorry from mom’s side. She says I m leaving, I m much angry. She goes out and sits crying. Some time before, Shivaye corners Anika and says come to room fast, even you can’t wait right. He holds her. She says anyone will see. He says I will wait and goes. She sees Pinky and thinks Lord wrote 2rs fate for me, sorrow comes before happiness, Shivaye wants to make relation stronger, Pinky wants to end this relation, I have to go away from Shivaye, I have to do something that Shivaye hates me, so that he does not get upset.

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Pinky asks her to do the work which she gave her, if time ends…. Anika says I know what I have to do, you have to do what I m going to tell you. Anika comes to room. She recalls Pinky’s words. Shivaye holds Anika. He says you made me wait a lot. She thinks I have to do what I thought, its for Shivaye’s good. He kisses her hand. He holds her close to kiss. Someone knocks. He goes to see.

Pinky says move, I have to talk to Anika, sorry to disturb, Buamaa said I have to give gift to bahu. He says you can give in morning, go, Anika is not running anywhere. Pinky says if she runs…. just joking, rasams should not be left. She shows a necklace and says have this, your gift, sorry, this one is of Gauri, this is yours. Anika sees a smaller necklace. Pinky says my work is over, now I can sleep well. She goes. Anika throws the box. She says you have seen how Pinky insulted me, such beautiful set for Gauri, she gave me this 2rs set. He says you never had interest in jewelry.

She says if I don’t care, will she give anything, don’t I have respect. He says its a gift, we can take anything else. She says Pinky never respects me, Jhanvi gave clothes and jewelry to Gauri, Pinky did not give me anything, I had to ask Jhanvi for jewelry, I did bahu’s duty, but Pinky did not do saas’ duty. He says you were not like this, what happened. She says if I don’t say anything, it means I don’t get angry, you have seen what she told me in Kulgotra puja, till when shall I tolerate and why, just because she is your mum. He says no, whenever mom tells something, she does not think, she does not wish bad for anyone, if you felt bad, I m sorry. She says why are you apologizing, one who did mistake should apologize, move now. He asks where are you going. She says outside, I m much angry, I can’t throw water, I need fresh air. She goes out and cries. She thinks I have hurt Shivaye’s heart, but I have to do all this.

Shivaye says what’s such anger that she did not come in room till now. He goes and sees Anika sleeping. He covers her up and caresses. He goes back to his room. Anika is awake and cries. He sleeps. She comes to him and covers him up with the blanket. She caresses him and thinks how will I stay away from you. She leaves.

Its morning, Jhanvi asks Pinky why did you send Priyanka to Kamini’s house. Pinky says if we accepted Ranveer, then Kamini is her Saas, Priyanka told me Kamini is unwell, why shall I stop her, its her duty to see Kamini. Jhanvi says I did not forgive Kamini. Pinky says then forgive her, Priyanka has to live with Kamini. Anika comes. Jhanvi says atleast you should have asked me once. Pinky says I have let Priyanka go when she asked me. Anika says maybe Kamini is acting to be ill. Jhanvi asks why will she do this. Anika says because she is Priyanka’s saas, every Saas is such, can’t see bahu happy. She sees Pinky and says acting is every Saas’ habit. She turns and sees Shivaye. She says some Saas are such who always blames bahu, she plays games and then sheds crocodile tears in front of son, she acts innocent and proves bahu wrong. Pinky says you are saying this to me by Kamini’s name right. She asks Shivaye to see.

Anika asks did I take your name, if you think so, it means you are wrong. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Anika says whatever I say, Pinky will find wrong, I don’t want to talk. She goes. Pinky says she does not know to talk to Saas. Jhanvi says Anika was not such. Pinky says she was always such, see Shivaye how is she talking to me. He thinks Anika was not such.

Priyanka gives tea to Kamini. Kamini asks why did you make tea. Priyanka says its not a big thing, have it, how is it. Kamini says its really good, shall I say something, I know jewelry is ordinary thing for you, you are newly wed, so you have worn all this, give all this jewelry to me. Ranveer asks what are you saying. Kamini says you know the locality, if anyone does anything to Priyanka, I was talking about her safety, Priyanka has to come here, she can trust me and keep jewelry here. Priyanka removes jewelry and gives to Kamini.

Anika gets Tia’s call. Tia asks are you sure, its tough, can you do this? Anika says I have to do this for Shivaye. Tia asks are you not scared. Anika says I m not scared till Shivaye is with me. Tia says think again, your and Shivaye’s lives will change forever. Anika says I think, but its late now, I can’t move back. Tia wishes her all the best. Shivaye asks Khanna to give papers to Mishra and take board of directors signatures on it. Anika stops Khanna and says give these paper to me. She takes the file from his hands.


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