Game of Love Tuesday 1 October Update 2019 On Starlife

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Game of Love Tuesday 1 October Update 2019 On Starlife

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Shivaye says if they have a problem with my stay here, its better that I leave. Anika says no, you won’t go anywhere, this is your house, you have undergone punishment, court has released you, you will stay here with head held high. Rudra says I can’t stay under one roof with this man, he will stay on his side and we will stay on ours. Shivaye looks on. Gauri asks what do you mean. Omru draw the line. Shivaye and Anika get shocked. Anika runs to stop Om. Gauri and Bhavya try to stop Rudra. Shivaye cries. Anika asks Dadi to say them something, stop them. Shivaye stops Omru. He asks what are you doing, this isn’t our house, its Dadi’s temple, don’t break it. Omru push him away. Om says when hearts get broken, houses need a partition they complete the line. Rudra says this side is ours, none will cross this. Everyone cries. Om says these are two houses from today. Rudra says one ours and other of Shivaye. Shivaye gets shocked and gets back. Anika takes him. Dadi says I didn’t think I have to see this day in my life, my house will get divided.
Pandit says its happening for the first time, that three brothers aren’t doing aarti together. Rudra says it doesn’t matter now, when hearts got separated, what’s use to do aarti together. Shivaye starts coughing. Anika asks what happened, are you fine, I will get water. Rudra stops her. Om says you can’t cross this line. She asks can’t you see Shivaye’s state. Om says we don’t care. Anika says I don’t care for line. Shivaye says Anika, do what Omru are saying. Om stops Gauri from help. Khanna gets water. Shivaye drinks. Shivaye does aarti. Omru do aarti. Anika holds the aarti diyas. Ram ram….plays…. Anika says you aren’t doing together, but still at the same time. Omru pray that they get the deal. Shivaye thinks I have returned home, but I have to end this distance between hearts, give me courage to heal my brothers’ heart, you also know there is no Om without Shiv, and no Ru without Om.

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Anika gets Shivaye to room and smiles. Anika says I have changed the room completely, you are silent thinking I changed everything, don’t worry, I didn’t change anything, things can’t take a person’s place, I have missed you every moment, but I used to sleep with peace and met you in dream every day, because of it. He sees dream catcher and recalls his words. She says just you didn’t serve the punishment, I have also undergone it, because living without you isn’t less than punishment, now our punishment and wait is over. He says don’t cry, everything changed in five years except one thing, I can’t see you crying even today. He wipes her tears. O jaana…plays….

He asks why did you not tell me that my family shattered. She asks what would I tell you that your brothers can’t hear your name, your relations shattered, if I told this to you, your wish to get released would have ended, I know what you are going through. He says its not their fault, I did the mistake, I have killed Tej. She says lets forget it and live the present. She hugs him. She asks him to go and freshen up. She shows his cupboard and reminds wardrobe management. He says this is of no use for me that Shivaye is dead. He gets clothes from bag and goes. Anika says I can’t see you like this, I want my Tadibaaz angry Shivaye back, how shall I get him back. Its night, Shivaye sees Anika fixing dream catcher near the bed. She says its done, come, why are you standing there, come and sleep, tell me, did you take medicines or not. He says not yet. She gives him medicines. He sees the bed and rests. He gets up. She asks what happened. He says I m not getting sleep, I m not habitual to sleep on bed now. He sits on the floor. She says time and life don’t stop for anyone, this is your house now. He says I m this house’s culprit, I have snatched Tej from Omru and also their happiness, that wound is still fresh, Dadi, Jhanvi and Omru, I m their culprit. She says laws have punished you, why are you punishing yourself. He says any punishment would be less. He lies on the floor. She lies beside him and holds him.

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