Game of Love Thursday 5 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Thursday 5th December Update 2019 On Starlife

Pandit says Shivaansh’s would be wife will be one in a million. He says your journey won’t be easy but life will be beautiful, you both will face the problems and defeat them too. Shivaansh says you talk typical things.

Game of Love Thursday 5 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Pandit says I m saying whatever is written in this, Nani’s Mannat will be fulfilled. Dhruv says it sounds so cool. Radhika says she will be like Shivaansh, she will be a princess. The girl is seen washing her clothes. Jo dil se lage…..plays…. Radhika says she will be perfect. Dhruv says you mean she won’t do any mistake. The girl drops the plate and sweeps the broken pieces of the plate. Shivani says she will be a health freak. The girl makes a smiley. Dhruv says she will have solution of everything. Nani asks where is that girl hiding. Shivaansh says let her be hidden, focus on Shivani’s marriage. He asks pandit to find best date for Shivani and Angad’s marriage. He says I got a call from agency. They are sending someone as replacement to Sharda, she will be coming. He goes. A lady comes home and asks about the entry to Oberoi mansion. The man shows her the direction. She thanks him and goes. The lady falls inside the pit. The man goes and puts soil over her. The lady shouts for help. Nani thanks pandit. He leaves. Nani says I got a big relief after hearing pandit ji saying about Shivaansh. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to get married, he gets angry on hearing about marriage, is he commitment phobic. Shivani says maybe he likes someone else. Shivaansh comes. Radhika says we were talking about your love life. Dhruv says we can’t talk few things to girls, tell me who is your Mannat.

Shivaansh asks what’s this going on, its Shivani’s marriage happening, focus on her. He asks where is that girl. They tease him saying your Mannat. He says I m talking about Sharda’s replacement. The man fills the pit and buries the lady. Her phone is fallen out. The man crushes the phone. Nani gets dizzy and says just Sharda used to give me medicines. Shivaansh asks why didn’t that lady reach here. Nani worries and asks what’s happening, what will happen if there is some bad omen. She prays that the house fills with happiness again. A little girl Munni comes and asks why did you clean the utensil, you are our relative, this is my work, if Bhabhi sees this, she will beat me. The girl does shayari. She says I will call child labor cell and then Bhabhi will go to jail. She asks will you see magic. She blows the bubbles and plays with Munni. She does shayari again and hugs Munni.

Shivaansh asks Singh to postpone the meeting. He rushes and sees Aasya. He asks are you fine, where did you go, what happened. Aasya says my dad was unwell, I had to go immediately, he is better now. He asks Khanna to transfer funds to her account. She says I will manage. He says no need to manage. She cries and says I have to be with my dad now, I won’t be able to continue this job. He says its fine, just relax, I know your dad is your priorities, just call me when you want to come back, we are really going to miss you. She says I will miss you all too. He hugs her and says I will be always there for you, thanks. Avi says we will miss you and hugs her. She cries and thinks Shivaansh is really nice, sorry, I m not able to say the truth, I wish he comes to know that there is an enemy hiding in the house, if I say something, that enemy will kill my family, I will pray that Shivaansh stays happy.

The girl sends salad and makes beetroot juice. She sees Bhabhi scolding Munni. She stops Bhabhi. Bhabhi says she has broken expensive crockery. The girl makes Munni apologize. The ladies taunt her. Bhabhi says she has come here to stay, I had to keep her, since she is my husband’s cousin. She scolds Munni and asks her to leave. The girl asks where will Munni go. Bhabhi says let her go anywhere. They argue. The girl says I will also leave if you oust Munni. Chinki Bhabhi asks her to leave and calls her an orphan. She insults the girl.

Shivaansh asks Khanna to handle Aasya’s work and cancel the meetings. He says I m meeting a new doctor, its my last hope. Khanna cries and says nothing will happen with you, your new doctor will cure you, I m sure of this, fate can’t take you away, you will be living with us, else we will fight with Lord, I have kept a Mannat for you. Shivaansh says it will hurt less if you accept this truth, I don’t have much strong, you have to be strong, who will manage this family after me. Khanna says I can’t. Shivaansh says you can, stop crying. He consoles Khanna. Dhruv comes and asks what won’t happen. Shivaansh and Khanna act normal. Dhruv, Shivani and Radhika make an entry. Bhabhi scolds the girl Mannat. Mannat wipes her tears and asks Munni to come with her. They leave from the house. Mannat asks Munni to be positive and think of her bright fate. She says you should always smile and your life should have style. Munni asks where will we go.

Mannat says don’t worry, come. Shivaansh and everyone have a pillow fight. Shivaansh sees them happy and smiles. Kal ho na ho…plays…. He thinks I want to see them smiling. Khanna holds him. Mannat takes Munni to her Chacha and Chachi. Chachi says Chinki has thrown them out of the house, Mannat has lost her job. Mannat says I will find a job and pay for my expenses. Chachi asks who will pay for Munni’s expenses. Mannat says I will pay. Urmila Chachi says give me money. Chacha says Mannat can stay here as long as she wants, even Munni will stay here. Chachi says ask her to arrange her bedding. Mannat says I have my mum’s blanket, its enough for me. Chacha asks her not to worry. Shivaansh asks agency person to send someone. He tells Khanna that agency will send a replacement for Sharda. Khanna thanks him.

Mannat says yes, I have full experience in house keeping, I have worked in big households. She finds Munni unwell and takes her to hospital. Shivaansh reaches the hospital and sees the media. He thinks how did they know that I m coming here, if they know why I have come here, it will be a big issue. Reporters ask why did you come here. He says my childhood friend is a doctor, I have come to have a cup of coffee with him. Mannat gets Munni there and asks the crowd to make some way. Tere naam….plays….. Mannat says I have to go and meet doctor. Guard says stop, this gate is for VIP entry, go from other gate. She says Munni is unwell, let us go. He pushes Munni down. Mannat asks her if she is hurt, is she fine. Munni says we will go home. Mannat says I will take you inside. Munni asks her to hit that guard. Mannat says we will take revenge later, I will take you for treatment first. She gets her Gulel and hits a stone at crowd.

Shivaansh turns and gets hit by mistake. Mannat gets shocked and sits down to hide. Shivaansh sees the blood on his hand. Mannat and Munni get away. Shivaansh thinks fans used to throw flowers, now they are throwing stones, don’t know which idiot has done this. She thinks VIP entries are happening at hospitals too, don’t know this is done for which idiot. She leaves. Chachi says don’t worry, it will happen as you want, Mannat won’t know it, I will send Mannat at Shivaansh’s house as housekeeper, she will win their trust and then she will get all the keys, and we will get money, keep my money safe. She talks to the mask bride. The bride removes her mask. Its a guy on call. The guy says you will get money, I want a pawn in Shivaansh’s house, Mannat shouldn’t know that we are using her, this time Mannat will be burning Ayodhya.

Avi stops the crowd. Nani takes care of Shivaansh. She says you should have reported about this attack, inform that Aditi. Shivaansh says she is working on Sharda’s case. They see the news. Reporter shows the attack news. Shivaansh says if I see that person then…. Doctor says Munni looks sick since many days, we will do some tests and diagnose her illness. Munni says it will cost a lot. Mannat says its fine, I m there. She gives her watch to doctor and asks him to accept it instead cash. Doctor says its not needed, you can deposit money on time, get the tests done. She thanks him. He goes. Nurse taunts Mannat on her status. Mannat says we have come for treatment. She asks nurse to help if Lord made her capable of that, don’t just insult. She leaves. Nani says jeweller has called, I will go and get Shivani’s jewellery. Shivaansh says lets go. Nani and everyone ask him to take rest. She says its costly jewellery, I will check well and get it. She goes. Everyone holds Shivaansh and takes him to his room. Nani reaches the jewellery store. The guy looks at her and asks the servant not to make any mistake. Nani drinks the tea and likes the jewellery designs. She takes the bag and leaves. She feels dizzy. The guy looks at her and calls someone there.

Nani gets dizzy. The man sees her and asks someone to come. Chachi says we are going to buy vegs. Mannat says but you go to other market always. Nani holds her head. She gets fainting. Mannat sees her and runs to hold her. Driver asks Nani is she fine. He takes her. Chachi picks Nani’s jewellery bag. Mannat adds some sugar and salt in the water. She feeds it to Nani. Nani thanks her. Mannat asks driver to take her home carefully. Chachi says we shall also leave, we won’t buy vegs here.

Shivaansh asks doctor to just come. Nani says I don’t need a doctor, I m fine, dizziness is common is this age. He says you won’t go out alone now. She says nothing will happen to me, since you all are with me, check Shivani’s jewellery, its really nice. She realizes dropping the bag on road. She says I think the bag fell there. Chachi sees the jewellery and gets glad. Mannat sees this and says its that lady’s bag, its not wrong, you have to return this. Chachi asks are you mad, its costly jewellery. Mannat says this is theft, I don’t want to steal, I will give this jewellery to that lady. She takes the bag. Chachi calls the guy and says work is done. She smiles.

Nani says I lost the jewellery. Shivaansh says we can make jewellery again, imp thing is that you are fine. She says no, I will go and get it. Shivani says I will go with her. They leave. Nani asks manager did anyone come to return the bag. The man says it was worth 5 crores, why will anyone return it. Nani says its about emotions, I have made that jewellery with love. Shivani says its fine, come. Mannat stops them. She runs to them. Nani recalls her help. She says you are the same girl. Mannat says yes, here is your bag. Nani asks did you open the bag and see it. Mannat says my Chachi has opened and checked it, so I have seen it, it has much jewellery. Nani says even then you have come to return it. Mannat says yes. Nani says you didn’t think of keeping it. Mannat says no, jewellery and attitude suits when its yours, its my line. They smile. Mannat says I m seeing so much jewellery for the first time. Nani asks her name. Mannat says I m Mannat Kaur Khurana. Nani and Shivani get surprise. Nani blesses her and calls her sincere. She says you will be getting a nice guy. Mannat says I want to stay away from marriage. Nani says when you get married, you will know marriage is a beautiful thing. Mannat goes. Shivani says Mannat has really come.

Shivaansh drinks the juice and asks who has added so much sugar. Khanna says since Sharda left, no one knows anything. Dhruv says yes, everything is messed up without Sharda. Shivaansh says she is in coma, where is that new lady. Khanna says don’t know where she went. The man digs the pit. The lady gets conscious and comes out of pit. She sees her phone ringing and answers. The man threatens her and asks her to leave the city. She runs away. He waves to her and smiles. Shivaansh says I will talk to agency and ask for replacement. Nani says no need, I have arranged the replacement. He says this house and life will come on track tomorrow. He goes. Mannat asks Munni to take medicines. Munni refuses. Mannat does shayari. She recalls hitting Shivaansh. Shivaansh says don’t know who gave me this wound. Mannat says don’t know whom did I hit today, I got much pain in life, but I give pain to someone for the first time. He says I will find it out. Tere naam….plays…. Chachi asks Chinki if she wants to earn money. She says its our time to get money, I have a good plan, Mannat won’t know it. Chinki agrees. Chachi tells her plan.

Shivani doesn’t like the paratha. She asks Nani about Sharda’s replacement. Mannat comes there. Nani says she has come. Nani introduces Mannat as their new lifeline. Shivani says she means, chief of staff. Mannat introduces herself. Radhika says Nani’s Mannat has come true. Mannat says I work well but I note down things to do as I keep forgetting. Nani says Radhika’s husband is coming today, I want to see Radhika decked up today. She asks Mannat to come and see the house, and know the work.

Shivaansh says Sharda’s replacement has come. He asks Khanna to get his watch. Shivaansh says its not my watch. Khanna says it was there in your jacket. Shivaansh says its a smart watch. The man looks on and thinks so Khanna had this watch. He calls and says I didn’t get my watch yet, I know no one should see the watch, the watch has everything recorded, even whatever happened with Honey in new year party, I will get the watch. Shivaansh says keep this in my room. He goes to attend call. Khanna keeps watch and goes. The man looks on and picks the watch. Nani says I will show you all the rooms. Mannat says I got a feel seeing your house. Nani goes to get keys.

Mannat likes the flowers. She hears Shivaansh. He says I want to know who has hit me with the stone, outside city hospital. She says its him, whom I hit yesterday, he shouldn’t see me, I will lose my job. Avi gets the insurance papers and says we will clam 100 crores. Shivaansh says once we get that person, we will claim 100 crores. Mannat worries and counts the cash with her. She says how will I pay 100 crores, I will land in jail. She imagines and shouts no. Shivaansh stops and asks how did this sound come. Avi says there is no one. Shivaansh and Avi go. Mannat thinks to run away. The man tries to leave. Mannat gets leaving.

Mannat sees Nani and hides. She says they have surrounded me, how shall I hide. She gets under the food trolley and drops her bag. Khanna comes to kitchen and takes Shivaansh’s breakfast. Mannat thinks where am I going. Shivaansh says I have read the script, its very good, I will call after breakfast. Khanna says your breakfast is here, we will get CCTV footage till evening. Shivaansh says great. He drinks the beetroot juice. She sneezes. He hears some sound. The trolley moves. He asks who is it, is anyone there, is it a rat. He hears her sneezing and asks her to come out. She slides away the curtain and comes out. He looks at her. She stands closing her eyes. He asks hello, who are you. She gets tensed when he shouts and opens her eyes. She thinks OMG, he is Shivaansh, this can’t happen. Tere naam….plays….

She gets smiling and staring at him. He says hello, who are you, look. She falls in his arms. The guy roams around in the house. Nani asks did you see Mannat. Radhika says no. Nani asks Shivani about her. They all see Shivaansh getting Mannat, lifting in arms. Shivaansh puts Mannat on the sofa. He asks do you know her. Nani says I kept her in Sharda’s place. He asks is she head of staff, what was she doing inside food trolley. He sprinkles water on Mannat’s face. She gets up and sees him. The guy gets leaving. The watch alarm rings. Everyone hears the sound. Shivaansh asks Khanna to go and check. The guy tries to stop the alarm. Khanna gets the bag in which the guy puts the watch. Shivaansh asks Mannat what was she doing in food trolley, was she spying. Nani says you are mistaken. Shivaansh says we have to careful.

Khanna says sound is coming from this bag. Shivaansh asks whose bag is this. Mannat says its mine. Mannat adds salt to the chocolate and sits eating. She says when I have stress, I add salt to chocolate, and eat it. Khanna says I doubt on her seeing the things, check her bag. Nani says you think she is a thief. Shivaansh says no need, call agency and get another replacement. Nani says I have got her, she isn’t from agency, I met her yesterday. He says you got a stranger home, how, what. Khanna says check her bag. Shivaansh says right. Khanna checks the bag. He gets many things out of the bag. He gives flowers to Shivaansh. He gets a photo mug with Shivaansh’s pic. They smile. Khanna says you look good in this. A butterfly flies out of the bag. They all see it and look at Mannat. Khanna gets the watch. He says I have given this to you and then kept it in room, what is it doing here. Shivaansh asks is this yours. She signs no. He asks what is it doing in your bag. She says I don’t know. He says you have stolen it.

Mannat defends herself and cries. He says you think this is a joke, you have put this watch in your bag. He asks Nani to see what happened. He asks Khanna to call police. Mannat says no, I didn’t do anything. Nani stops them and says I trust this girl, she didn’t steal anything, she returned me jewellery bag worth crores, she is sincere. She didn’t steal that jewellery, why will she steal this cheap watch, she is honest, I didn’t see such a girl. Shivaansh says you are innocent. He scolds Mannat. He asks whose watch is it, its not mine. They say its not ours. The guy says its mine, and looks from far. Nani asks why are you creating the issue, you made Mannat cry, find the person who owns this watch, enough now. She asks Mannat to come with her. She says Varun is going to come, Radhika get ready. Mannat sees Shivaansh.

Shivaansh asks how did this come here. Khanna says it was in your jacket. Shivaansh says Honey got murdered on the day of new years, call the hotel and find out if someone lost the watch. Khanna says but Mannat had stolen this and Nani has kept her. He says Nani is innocent, I will handle that girl, Varun is coming, I will go. Khanna calls the hotel to find out. The guy takes the watch and says thank God Shivaansh didn’t check the contents of this watch, I have to delete the videos first. He gets shocked seeing no chip and recalls. He says maybe the chip fell in that girl’s bag, I want that chip at any cost. Chachi calls Mannat and says do something of this sick Munni. Mannat says take her to hospital, I can’t leave from here, its my first day at job. Chachi asks her to arrange money. The guy comes here to take her bag. Mannat cries and thinks how to get money for Munni’s treatment.

The guy tries to get Mannat’s bag. Nani calls out Mannat. The guy hides. Nani comes and asks Mannat to get gifts from storeroom. Mannat takes her bag and goes. Mannat takes the gifts. She sees the money lying on the bed. She takes some money and goes. Shivani compliments Radhika. Shivaansh says my Radhika always looks good. He stops her from taking glasses. Radhika says but my eyes…. He says you have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Shivani says yes, Varun is madly in love with you, don’t wear glasses. She jokes. He says it was really a bad joke, but its true, everyone should know my Radhika isn’t incomplete. Radhika hugs him. She looks at herself in the mirror. He says wow, my beautiful Radhika. He hugs his sisters and cries.

Mannat gets leaving. Shivaansh stops her. Mannat turns to him and gets smiling. Balloons fall down in background. He asks what’s your name. She says Mannat. He gets surprised and asks where are you going. Music plays…. balloons burst…. Her imagination ends. She says I m going out for some work. He asks are you running away with 20 lakhs. She asks what. He asks am I right? Everyone comes. Nani asks the matter. He says Mannat is running away with money, I had kept the money and fixed camera to record everything. He shows the video to everyone. He says I caught her red-handed. Nani says I m sorry Mannat on his behalf. She says Mannat isn’t a thief, she got the money and gave it to me. FB shows Mannat giving the money to Nani and asking her to keep it safely. Nani says she is sincere girl. Mannat says sorry, I can’t work here now. Nani says its not Shivaansh’s mistake, some incidents happened that he is doubting you, don’t go, sorry.

Mannat says you are elder, you have to order me and scold me. Nani says fine then, go and manage your work, Varun is going to come. Mannat agrees. She says like every rich man isn’t true, every poor man isn’t a fraud, money is your strength, sincerity is my strength, I m not ashamed, I m proud that I didn’t do any fraud till date. She goes. Nani says Shivaansh, how can you do this to frame her, why aren’t you agreeing that Mannat is a nice and sincere girl. He says don’t know, I feel something is wrong. Nani says I don’t have a solution for this, you will understand when time comes. She goes. The guy thinks this girl knows well how to win hearts and trust, I have to find that chip first. Radhika waits for Varun. Shivaansh asks Khanna to check things. He sees Mannat and goes. Mannat instructs servant. The guy looks on. Mannat washes her face. The guy tries to get her bag. She takes her bag to get a kerchief. The guy hides. Everyone waits for Varun. Shivaansh says flight landed three hours ago. Shivani asks why didn’t Varun reach then. Mannat leaves from the washroom. She locks the door and goes. The guy tries to get out. He removes the mask and says foolish girl, she locked the door, I have to leave from here some how, else my truth will be out, what shall I do. He sees something. Nani says I m worried, Varun maybe in some problem.

Shivaansh asks them not to worry, this happens in business, I will find out. Varun comes. Radhika smiles and runs to hug him. Everyone smiles. Varun is the same guy, who dresses up as the masked bride. He recalls killing Honey and doing other crimes. Shivaansh says everyone was worried for you. Varun jokes. Radhika asks how did you get so late. Varun recalls leaving out from the bathroom window. He says flight had some technical issues, I had to take a connecting flight, I m fine, relax. He says I had blessings of you all. He greets Nani. She does his aarti. Shivaansh says Radhika, don’t cry. Varun hugs Radhika. He says I had to come in Shivani’s marriage. Shivaansh asks did you see my film in Australia. Varun says you are famous everywhere, what’s this mark. Shivaansh asks what. Mannat comes and says food is ready.

Shivaansh says I don’t know who has hit me, maybe some fool, stupid, idiot, duffer… Mannat gets hiccups. Nani says I think someone is remembering Mannat. Varun sees her bag. Radhika introduces Mannat to him. He thinks to find the chip before Mannat goes. Shivaansh asks him to have food. Mannat says I carry my food. She eats noodles. She sees Shivaansh and smiles. She thinks he is so cute and insults the girls rudely, I will not see him. She does shayari for him. He noodles fall over him. He gets shocked. He looks upwards and sees her. She worries. He shouts. Everyone comes and sees him. They laugh. Shivaansh asks does this look funny. Mannat comes downstairs. He asks are you mad. Shivani says this is your best pic. He says this girl has done this.

Mannat says so sorry, I don’t know how the noodles reached here. He says how would you know, you don’t know anything. Mannat says I can answer everything else, ask me GK question. Nani says they are just noodles, go and change, then we will dine together. They laugh. Shivaansh goes. Mannat gets a big towel from her bag. Varun asks how did you get such a big towel from a small bag. Mannat goes to give towel to Shivaansh. He shuts the door on her face. Mannat says what happens to me on seeing him. Varun checks the bag and thinks this is right time to get the chip. He gets many things from bag and even a big kadai. Radhika asks what are you doing. He says all the things fell out, so I was keeping it back. He sees the chip stuck on the phone. Mannat comes and takes her phone. Radhika says Varun was just helping you. Mannat says how sweet…. Radhika takes Varun. Mannat keeps her belongings back. She gets leaving. Shivaansh stops her. She turns and smiles. Music plays. He signs to stop. She thinks when he gives such a look, my fan feeling goes. He asks for her phone to check if she clicked his pic. Varun thinks he may see the chip. Shivaansh says maybe you clicked my pic to take revenge. Mannat says I m not like you, sorry. He checks pics. She says I m looking like golgappa in this pic, don’t you think. He gives her phone and warns her. Varun says my imp thing is getting away. Mannat leaves.

Mannat comes home. Munni asks how was your first day. Mannat says I will tell you. Chachi asks Varun about chips. Varun says its like a memory card, I want it. Chachi agrees. Munni drops Mannat’s phone. Chip falls out. Munnu inserts the chip in it. The data gets transferred to phone memory. Chachi gets the phone and removes the chip. She asks Munni not to tell this to Mannat. She calls Varun and says I will send the chip. He smiles.

Varun gets the chip. He sees the video. He chases Honey and then Honey falls down. Varun says I will burn this evidence, no one will ever find out who killed Honey. Munni sees the video and says it looks like video game, I will play with Mannat later. Shivaansh asks Avi to manage decorations. Avi and Khanna show him breaking news. Shivaansh sees media making fun of him. She says I knew it, that girl did this to click my pic, I don’t like her, you guys won’t listen to me, why do we keep someone on job by following someone’s words, without any enquiry done. Nani says you always find her at fault. He says she is cunning, dramatic and trouble maker. Nani asks what’s the proof that she leaked the pics. He asks who will do this, where is she. She says she didn’t come. He says maybe she got money and is leaving the city. Khanna sees Mannat and informs. Shivaansh says Khanna saw her leaving with her baggage, she has left. Mannat comes home and greets them.

He shows pic and asks what’s this. She says picture. He asks whose pic. She says Noodles singh Oberoi, I mean your pic. He asks did you sell the pic to press. She says no. He says you are lying, you hid in the trolley. She says yes. He says then you fainted. She says yes. He says then you dropped noodles on me and then sold the pic. She says no, I have hit you with a stone, but I didn’t sell the pic to anyone. They get shocked. He asks what. She says I m trying to get rid of crowd. They argue. Nani asks why didn’t you say before. Mannat says I was scared, I felt guilty, I got neem lep for you, your would will heal and scar will go, your face is much precious, you can apply it on hair to get rid of dandruff if you have. He asks when will you admit that you leaked the pic. She says I didn’t leak it. He asks then who did this.

Shivani says I did. She recalls sending pic to Radhika. She posts it on social media by mistake and then deletes it. She apologizes to Shivaansh. He says what’s done is done, its fine, and you.. can you explain, what’s this bag doing. Nani says I asked her to come over and stay here at night to manage Ratjagga function. Varun says I have destroyed the chip, I married Radhika for a motive, we are close to it, once I get hold of locker keys and Shivaansh’s new will, we will play our next move.

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