Game of Love Thursday 14 November Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Thursday 14 November Update 2019 On Starlife

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Game of Love Thursday 14th November Update 2019 On Starlife

Komal comes to scare Anika(Surbhi Chandna). As she gets closer to the bed, Shivaay comes out. She runs seeing him. Veer gets angry seeing Shivaay. He says he lied to him and results won’t be good. He intends to show Shivaay what he is and take revenge. Shivaay is running behind Komal. Komal gets trapped in electrical wires that Shivaay had set up. Shivaay asks her why she is scaring Anika(Surbhi Chandna)? Anika(Surbhi Chandna) also comes there. Komal doesn’t say anything. Shivaay goes closer to her. She is shocked as Shivaay doesn’t get shock from the wires. Shivaay says wires were set up by him only. She should tell him the truth if she doesn’t want to suffer more.

Veer turns off the power. Komal tries to escape, but Shivaay grabs her. It’s dark. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is scared. Veer throws something at her and she screams. Shivaay loses Komal and she runs away. Veer uses something on Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and makes her unconscious. Shivaay calls her out as he can’t hear her. Veer attacks on his head and leaves with Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He comes outside and puts Anika(Surbhi Chandna) in car dikky. He asks Komal to take her to the old bridge. Komal says she can’t do this. She is his wife and she has supported him every time regardless right or wrong. She has supported him even knowing he likes Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He threatens her and she has no choice. Meanwhile, Shivaay gets up and come outside. Komal sits in car and drives away. Shivaay fails to stop her. Veer comes and asks what happened. Shivaay informs that Anika(Surbhi Chandna) was right about that lady. He saw her himself. She took Anika(Surbhi Chandna) with her. He must go and catch her. He asks Veer where that road goes. He say new bridge instead old bridge and gives him his car as well. On way, Shivaay asks few people, they also say new bridge.

Gauri sees the guy and again loses track of him. She hopes he doesn’t hurt Pinky or Shakti and goes to check them. She finds a drug packet. She recalls she had seen same packet with that guy. A servant brings Juice for Pinky. Gauri hopes the guy didn’t add drugs in it.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) wakes up and is shocked to find herself in car. She thinks Shivaay must be searching her and she must help him. She finds a paint bottle and drops paint out of the car. Komal reaches old bridge and takes Anika(Surbhi Chandna) out. She thinks Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is problem for everything. If Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is no more, then Veer will be hers again. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks what she has done. Komal says she has destroyed her life and throws her in a grave and starts burying her. Veer watches and wonders what Komal is doing. Shivaay comes there and stops her.

Shivaye and Anika(Surbhi Chandna) clean the house. Veer tells Anika(Surbhi Chandna) that she will become the queen of his dreams. Tej says I will do your Shraddh today, Gauri you are dead for me. Gauri gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye stops Komal. She asks how did you come here. He recalls… Shivaye stops the car and says why do I have this feeling that I m going away from Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He thinks is this a clue, maybe Anika(Surbhi Chandna) wants to tell me, what shall I do, come on, Anika(Surbhi Chandna)…. He takes the other route by following his heart. FB ends. Shivaye pushes Komal. He frees Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He hugs her. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) cries. He asks are you fine. He holds her. He sees Komal and says I have a principle, I never hit woman, I feel ashamed to call you a woman. Veer looks on and thinks how did Shivaye come here when I showed him the new bridge way, he is smarter than I thought, Komal is foolish, she can spoil my game. Shivaye shouts on Komal and asks her why is she bothering Anika(Surbhi Chandna).

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says she said since I came to Goa, I have ruined her life. Shivaye says wait a sec, we don’t know you, you have spoiled our life, answer me, who has enmity with Anika(Surbhi Chandna), police will dig out your background, okay. Komal says please, don’t call police, I will tell everything, I did all this because I hate Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He asks why. She says because my husband… Veer says don’t dare to do this mistake, you will get punished, turn. Komal worries. Veer asks her to run. She runs. Veer says turn. Komal turns and stops them. Veer says jump… Komal gets shocked. She cries and says this game won’t end soon, like I didn’t get my love, you will lose your love too. She jumps down the bridge into the river. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) shouts and hugs Shivaye. Veer looks on.

Veer comes to them and asks are you fine, where is the woman who was bothering Anika(Surbhi Chandna). Shivaye says she jumped down, we should call the police. Veer says we should first take Anika(Surbhi Chandna) home. They leave. Shivaye says the nightmare is over. Veer looks at them and thinks you think you have won the game, I have sacrificed Komal so that I can make my next move, its my first defeat and your last win, you are proud of your relation and love, see I break everything, Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is mine, I will make her mine at any cost.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up and looks for Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He asks what’s all this. She says I m cleaning the house. The vacuum gets stuck to his cheek. He asks her to remove it. She kicks the machine. She says you ruined all my hard work. He asks what’s this word, who asked you to work hard. She says I have to become a good wife. He says I knew this will happen again. They argue.

They fall down and laugh. Music plays….Soumya asks are you sure, we are talking about Shivaye. Bhavya says yes, we have to take risk and tell the truth to him. Soumya asks how will we tell him, I don’t have a phone. Bhavya says I have his number, I will call him. Shivaye gets a call and says what. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks whose call is it. He says I have to go, I will come back and say. She asks him to listen.

Veer injects her. She gets freezed. He says sorry to do this, there is no way to adore you, you will be paralyzed for some time because of this chemical, you won’t remember anything. He holds her. Gauri thinks to stop Pinky and makes the glass fall. She says someone added poison in this juice. Pinky says this is your acting, just leave from here. Gauri comes to her side of the house. Om sees her and asks what did you do, you remember what Tej said. She says I remember, someone wants to kill Pinky. He says this party is imp for us. She says I m keeping an eye on that red rose guy. He says there is no one, just take care of guests. She sees the man and scolds. Tej says this is our chief guest Mr. Singhania. Gauri says sorry, how could I do such a big mistake. Tia says someone has made you do this mistake. Mr. Singhania says I would not even like to meet you from now, good bye. He leaves. Tia smiles.

Tej stops Gauri and says I don’t want to listen to you, you have ashamed me, you have ruined my respect and trust too, you are dead for me, I will do your Shraddh. Gauri cries. Tia thinks its Gauri’s turn to leave, we Nafratbaaz will win over Ishqbaaz. He goes.

Om says you don’t listen to anyone, come on, stop crying. She says Tej…. He says he is angry, he will forgive you. Veer says I was much annoyed, I have lost to you and Shivaye, I scare you a bit and Shivaye fails to protect you, he comes in between and we don’t come close ever, he has ruined all my plans, Shivaye likes to come between us, but this time, I will remove him off our way, then it will be just you and me, you will become the queen of my dreams, I will be your lover, Anika(Surbhi Chandna) you will be my lover. He holds her.

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