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Anika says you didn’t sleep last night, if you can’t sleep in room, you can take sleeping pills and sleep here. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says I m not a kid. Khanna comes and says there is a package for you. Roop says this is called an amazing gift. Bhavya says guess what’s inside. Priyanka asks who has sent it. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) has sent this. Shiv aye says I should have given this yesterday, its better late than never. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) checks the gift and sees box inside the main box.


Roop says its just papers. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) checks the papers and cries. She says no one else can do this, divorce papers on Karwachauth day, only Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) can do this, I didn’t like this gift. Roop says divorce…. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) goes and thinks sorry, I m making you cry just for your happiness. He sees Anika(Surbhi Chandna) happily talking to Anika(Surbhi Chandna). She laughs and says Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) has come, I will talk to you later. She asks Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) will he wear this suit. He says I have given you divorce papers. She says yes, its your daily drama, you married me forcibly, refused to accept me, and then gave me divorce papers, you accepted me and now you got divorce papers after five years again. She asks him to take sleeping pill and sleep for some time. He says you are taking divorce lightly. She says just take this. He throws the water glass. He asks her to sign the divorce papers. He holds her hand and says I m not done yet. She says you are trying to make me away, you are hurting me and yourself also, what do you want. She signs the papers and asks him to take it. She asks are you happy now. She says but I m not happy. She tears the papers in anger and dips it in water jug.
She says papers are made from tree, don’t waste papers, give some rest to your lawyers, your wife is with you. She goes. Khanna says car is ready. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says then climb it on my head, go. Khanna goes. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says what shall I do. Rudra asks why are you dying for marriage, I have even lost in betting, I didn’t refuse to give money. He transfers money. He sees transaction failed. He worries. He goes to Om and asks is there any problem with bank server, I didn’t get bank transfer done. Om says I just made a transfer. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says no use to call the bank, I have checked all accounts, I got to know you are spending too much money, you will get monthly allowance. Rudra says I was young before, now I m married, I have responsibility. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says don’t worry for Bhavya, control your expenses, I spoilt you, I will reform you, we are getting late for meeting, come. Rudra refuses. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says this is your problem.

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He says you don’t need to come to office till you grow up. He goes. Rudra gets angry. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) is on call. He says I tried everything, there is no option now, you have to help me, you told me that I can call you whenever you need help. Om comes and asks whom are you talking to, any ways I shouldn’t ask. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says you changed. Om asks whose fault is it. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says of course, mine. They leave for office. Roop comes to Rudra and says Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) told you on your face today, he will never let you grow up. Rudra says how dare he say this, he forgot his deeds. Roop says you are here to remind his deeds. Rudra asks what do you mean. She reminds how Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) was when he came from jail, make him the same, then your way will be clear. He asks how. She asks him to have almonds, sharpen mind, remind him that he is Tej’s murderer, do this so that he feels he is mad, then Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) will go hospital and you will sit on the chair of the owner of Oberoi empire.

Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says what happened to lights. He checks the door. He tries to open windows. He recalls the jail time. He worries. He tries to get water. He thinks why am I finding difficult to breath. Lights come. Om comes and asks are you fine. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says yes, I dropped the jug by mistake. Roop sees Gauri and Bhavya on phones. She thinks why did they go to guest room this way. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) also goes to guest room. Roop says even she went, I think they are doing something, their plan won’t succeed.

Gauri says yes, Om has seen it, Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) got a panick attack. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says I told Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) to meet doctor. Bhavya suggests a doctor. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) calls the doctor and says I wanted to talk to you about my husband. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) comes home. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says you came so late, I was waiting. He asks why, is it Karwachauth today. She says I m your wife, you go and freshen up, I will serve dinner. She asks Bhavya to make him have food. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) thanks Bhavya. Bhavya insists. Bhavya thanks food. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) recalls doctor asking her to add medicines in food and feed Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta). Anika(Surbhi Chandna) adds medicine in food and asks Bhavya to feed food to Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta). Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) likes the food. He says thanks for marrying my useless brother, the food is tasty, I m done, I will go and sleep now. He goes to his room. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) comes and asks him to sleep. He says I don’t feel sleepy. He asks her to just go. He sleeps.She cries and removes his shoes. She says you are pretending to be fine, and I m not letting you do what you want, what shall I do, I can’t live without you, even you can’t live without me, I gave you sleeping pills without your knowledge, but itw as necessary, what could I do. O jaana…plays

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Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) wakes up and says was I sleeping, I got a peaceful sleep after a long time, what’s this written, Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is my wife…. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) comes singing. He asks what’s this. She says your hand, what else. He asks what’s written on my hand. She gets close. O jaana….plays…. He holds her. She says amazing, you turned out to be a romantic husband, sometimes you refuse to accept me as wife, and now you have written it on your hand, hold on, let me click its pic, whenever you say that I m not your wife, I will show this to you. He says don’t act smart, I know you have written this. She says I wrote it, but how will you prove it. She goes singing. Khanna comes and greets. He says I need your sign on these docs, what’s this. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) sees the same thing written. He asks Khanna to go. He says Anika(Surbhi Chandna) is too much. He goes to wash hands. He says I wonder which marker she used to write this. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) hears him and says he can’t even remove my name from hands, how will we remove me from heart, how do I do this, I m amazing. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says patience….

Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) joins everyone. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) sends the food by servant. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) checks the sandwich. Gauri says happiness gets doubled on sharing. Bhavya asks why are you smiling. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says you will know it now. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) sees ‘’Anika is my wife’’ written on sandwich. He shouts Anika(Surbhi Chandna). He asks what’s this. Everyone laughs. Dadi asks why is it so noisy. Everyone goes to meet her. Omru hug Dadi. Roop says its good you have come soon. Om says Dadi you came after long time. Dadi says I didn’t wish to come, but I came back as Diwali is coming. Priyanka says we all missed you. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) touches Dadi’s feet. He says you can’t forgive me but you can bless me. Dadi says no, you lost this right too, like my Tej died, my Billu died the same day, if you were my Billu, you would have not raised hand on your brothers. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) leaves.

At office, Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) gets a courier. He asks the manager to connect laptop to projector. He checks the envelope. He reads ‘Anika is my wife’. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) counts down. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) calls her to scold. She says sorry and sorry and sorry. He asks what’s this. She says two sorry in advance for what’s going to happen next. He says this girl is crazy. Manager says I have connected the laptop, everyone is waiting for you in conference room. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) greets everyone. He says we got Agarwals deal, we have to achieve the targets. ‘Anika is my wife’, is on the screens. Rudra says what’s all this, we are here to discuss work, isn’t this immaturity. Om says you know who did this. Rudra says I thought Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) is mentally unstable, I didn’t know even his wife… Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) asks him to stop it, sit down, else I will throw you out of office. Om asks Rudra to sit.

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Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) says its really hot here. He gets a kerchief. Everyone laughs reading the same thing over it. The man says I think we will have to learn some tricks on how to keep wife happy. Dadi gives coins to Gauri and Bhavya. She asks them to keep it in Diwali puja, its a family tradition. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) forwards hand and asks and my coin? I know you are upset with me and Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta), its my duty to follow family tradition. Dadi gives a coin to her. She says I don’t have any complaints against you, but Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta)… Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says I can understand, but after five years, happiness returned in our house, ShivOmru are together on Diwali, they should celebrate together, by forgetting past, without any line. Gauri says if this happens, happiness will double. Bhavya says just you can do this.

Anika says we are asking you to unite family. Bhavya asks don’t you want them to celebrate together. Dadi goes. Roop asks why are you turning her wounds fresh. She goes. Gauri says I think Dadi will agree. Rudra recalls Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta)’s words. Rudra comes to Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta)’s bathroom and switches on steamer button. Steam gets filled in. He writes something on the mirror. He says enough, its payback time now. He leaves. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) comes to room. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) comes. She says you came home early, say something. He says I had an imp meeting, people were laughing on me, just forget it. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) gets in bathroom and says who has switched on the steamer. He gets coughing. He sees red water coming from taps. Someone comes home. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) sees red colour on his hands. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks servant to give Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta)’s clothes to some needy person. The lady says don’t you dare give Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta)’s clothes to anyone. Everyone looks at her. Shivaye(Nakuul Mehta) reads message on mirror, Tej would definitely exact revenge. He gets shocked. He quickly gets out.


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