Game of Love Teasers March 2021 Starlife

Game of love Teasers March 2021: Mohit tries to mislead Bhavya regarding Shivaay’s motives of killing Nancy. Meanwhile, Anika sings and dances with Majnu aka Shivaay.

Game Of Love March 2021 Teasers Star Life

Game Of Love March 2021 Teasers Star Life

Game Of Love Star life March 2021 Teasers

Game Of Love Monday 1 March 2021
Episode 611
Shivaay helps Anika conquer her aquaphobia. The couple is blissfully happy in love in the pool. Anika is in a fix about marrying Nikhil. Omkara advises Anika to rescue her Shivaay’s marriage.

Episode 612
Anika informs Nikhil to call off their wedding and conveys her choice to Shivaay. Anika and Shivaay seek Jhanvi and Tej’s blessings. Anika struggles a reluctant Shivaay to apply haldi on her.

Game Of Love Tuesday 2 March 2021
Episode 613
Omkara and Gauri develop a strategy to bring Anika and Shivaay closer. Afterwards, the situation worsens when Anika gets locked in a safe.

Episode 614
Anika burns her hands to make sure Shivaay performs Haldi ceremony with her. She accompanies Shivaay as he decides to sleep on floor. Shivaay wakes up with a shrill after having a nightmare.

Game Of Love Wednesday 3 March 2021
Episode 615
With Nikhil’s aid, Daksh traps Anika in his wicked plan. Anika strives to escape when Daksh sets out to kill her. Shivaay Attempts to reach out to Anika. Can he save her?

Episode 616

Daksh assaults Anika, knocking her unconscious. He needs Shivaay to jump off from a tall building if he needs him to spare Anika’s life. Shivaay obliges Daksh!

Episode 617
Anika’s condition deteriorates when her oxygen source becomes disturbed because of power cut. Shivaay gets electrocuted while rectifying the energy link. Daadi asks Anika to leave the mansion!

Episode 618
Shivaay brings Anika back to his mansion following Daadi sends her away. Daadi criticises him for defying her. Tej is also displeased with Shivaay. Meanwhile, Anika inquires Shivaay if he’ll accept her as his wife.

Game Of Love Friday 5 March 2021
Episode 619
Shivaay is eager to satisfy his buddy Mohit, a renowned magician. Mohit leaves him with his tricks when he visits him together with his wife Nancy. Anika learns that Mohit had saved Shivaay’s life.

Episode 620
Mohit and Nancy spend some intimate time with one another. Later, at night, Nancy inadvertently falls into swimming pool.

Game Of Love Saturday 6 March 2021
Episode 621
A burglar breaks into Shivaay’s mansion and breaches the security system. Shivaay is annoyed as Anika calls Mohit’s magical to be fake. Afterwards, Anika herself attempts to learn magic

Episode 622
Anika struggles to do a magic trick during breakfast. She’s amused watching Mohit’s magic tricks. Shivaay feels disgusted as Nancy attempts to get romantic during Mohit’s absence. Anika visits Shivaay at precisely the identical time. But, Nancy hides in Shivaay’s room. Anika takes leave from Shivaay’s room because he lies to her. Afterwards, Nancy has been near Shivaay.

Game Of Love Sunday 7 March 2021
Episode 623
Nancy attempts to depict Shivaay in bad light facing Anika and Mohit by becoming intimate with him. Mohit is shocked witnessing exactly the same. He faces Shivaay and slaps Nancy!

Episode 624
Shivaay teaches Anika to fold a sari and afterwards, wardrobe management. Jahnvi tells Shivaay that she’s gifted a dress to Anika. Afterwards, Anika charms Shivaay, wearing the dress.

Monday 8 March 2021
Episode 625
Shivaay hosts a masquerade ball to honor Mohit and Nancy. Shivaay and Anika have a romantic dancing. But, she’s mighty upset at the celebration.

Episode 626
After Mohit explains Anika’s doubts, she apologises to Shivaay. The couple is blissfully happy in love. Shivaay decides to tell something important to Anika.

Tuesday 9 March 2021
Episode 627
All hell breaks loose as Shivaay wakes up to find Nancy’s dead body next to him while others are aghast witnessing exactly the same.

Episode 628
Mohit accuses Shivaay of Nancy’s murder. Post her investigation of this case, Bhavya creates a shocking statement. Will the Oberois stand by him?

Wednesday 10 March 2021
Episode 629
Shivaay is shocked because he sees the CCTV footage in an effort to find Nancy’s killer. Bhavya informs the Oberois concerning the forensic evaluation results.

Episode 630
The police come in search of Shivaay so as to detain him for committing Nancy’s murder. Can Shivaay surrender himself?

Thursday 11 March 2021
Episode 631
Mohit declares a enormous prize money for advice regarding Shivaay’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Shivaay finds clues about Nancy’s murderer.

Episode 632
Shivaay sneaks into an area to find more clues but has hit on his mind. The police grab hold of Shivaay and detain him, while his family members are left stunned. Why ?


Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 633

Shivaay disguises as Majnu Singh Awara and brings Lord Ganesh’s idol into the Oberoi mansion. He cheers up an upset Anika in a special way.

Episode 634

Shivaay hunts the crime scene for clues about Nancy’s killer. He utilizes Anika’s phone to learn more about Nancy.

Saturday 13 March 2021

Episode 635

Anika learns that Majnu Singh is Shivaay. Bhavya queries Anika about her calls to Morocco. Afterwards, Shivaay lands in deep trouble.

Episode 636

Anika and Shivaay share a romantic moment. Tej makes a shocking statement regarding Shivaay into the media. Omkara and Rudra learn Majnu’s identity.

Sunday 14 March 2021

Episode 637

Shivaay decides to talk to Mohit about moving his wife’s property to his name. Afterwards, Shivaay learns a shocking truth about Nancy!

Episode 638

Mohit Attempts to mislead Bhavya regarding Shivaay’s motives of murdering Nancy. Meanwhile, Anika sings and dances with Majnu aka Shivaay.

Monday 15 March 2021

Episode 639

Mohit assaults Anika after she threatens to expose his misdeed to Bhavya. Shivaay wants to prove himself innocent. Can he locate Nancy?

Episode 640

Mohit is determined to deceive Shivaay and escape. But, Shivaay attracts Nancy in front of everybody and tries to expose Mohit’s misdeed.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Episode 641

Shivaay exposes Mohit ahead of the press and gets him arrested. Afterwards, Shivaay is tensed as Mohit plays Anika’s life.

Episode 642

Anika is overwhelmed as Shivaay takes her as his wife and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Further, Shivaay learns his enemy’s identity!

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Episode 643

Anika receives presents from the family members in her Mooh Dikhai ceremony. Tej plots from Shivaay and afterwards creates a troubling revelation to him.

Episode 644

Shivaay’s family members feel suspicious as Shivaay and Tej attempt to hide something from them. Afterwards, Shivaay fires Tej out of his firm.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Episode 645

In an attempt to prevent Tej from telling his aides to kill Omkara and Rudra, Shivaay requires a radical step. What’s going to be the consequences of his movement?

Episode 646

Omkara and Rudra get Shivaay detained. Five decades later, when Anika visits the prison to bring Shivaay back home, she receives a rude shock.

Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 647

Anika talks Shivaay from his despair and persuading him to come with her into the Oberoi mansion. Can Omkara and Rudra accept Shivaay?

Episode 648

Anika prevents Shivaay from leaving the mansion. Omkara and Rudra part the home and prohibit Shivaay from trespassing in their territory!

Saturday 20 March 2021

Episode 649

The bitter memories of the past haunt Shivaay. He’s shocked to see Priyanka’s behavior. A sympathetic Anika supports Shivaay unconditionally.

Episode 650

Enduring Om and Rudra’s pinching taunts, Shivaay goes through a jolt. The situation gets grimmer if Anika fails to locate Shivaay anywhere in the home.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Episode 651

While Anika tries to convince Shivaay to write a speech for the conference, Rudra and Omkara Choose to hire a professional writer for the same.

Episode 652

Anika persuades Shivaay to attend the press meet. In the match, Shivaay offers to provide a speech rather than Rudra. Can OmRu allow him?

Monday 22 March 2021

Episode 653

Regardless of Rudra stealing his address, Shivaay congratulates him for delivering a fantastic speech. Later, Shivaay attempts to strangle Anika!

Episode 654

Anika compels Shivaay to go to the office. There he faces a hostile environment and becoming angry.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Episode 655

Fearing that he can harm Anika again, Shivaay decides to keep away from her. Afterwards, Rudra insults Shivaay.

Episode 656

Rudra and Omkara are unhappy with Shivaay as he Won’t sign the documents. Afterwards, Rudra condemns Shivaay and needs that he sign the records.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Episode 657

In the press meet, Rudra attempts to prove that Shivaay is emotionally unstable. The situation soon gets out of control following Shivaay slaps Rudra.

Episode 658

Anika witnesses the bonding between the brothers. She decides to return ShiOmRu with Gauri and Bhavya’s help. Afterwards, Anika meets with a car crash!

Thursday 25 March 2021

Episode 659

Shivaay decides to take charge of the Oberoi company and later intentionally prevents Anika. He regrets putting Anika’s life at risk

Episode 660

Shivaay flirts with Tara facing Anika as well as belittles her. He won’t accept Anika as his wife and does something shocking.

Friday 26 March 2021

Episode 661

Shivaay forces Rudra to signal the Company deal. On Karva Chauth, Anika tactfully compels a reluctant Shivaay to help her break the fast.

Episode 662

Shivaay sends the divorce documents as the Karva Chauth present for Anika and compels her to sign it. Anika includes a plan to cope with Shivaay’s panic attacks.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Episode 663

Shivaay faces an embarrassing situation because of Anika. Further, Rudra implements his plan to target Shivaay.

Episode 664

Aruna Won’t take Anika as Shivaay’s spouse and asks him to marry Twinkle. Shivaay and Rudra have a heated debate.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 665

Shivaay and Anika are blissfully happy in love. Meanwhile, Rudra gets abducted!

Episode 666

Shivaay receives a hint that Rudra had fulfilled a bookie named Tony, before he vanished. He sets out to hunt for Rudra.

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 667

Rudra provides Shivaay the credit for rescuing him. Shivaay, Om and Rudra Opt to celebrate Diwali together. Meanwhile, Anika is upset. Why?

Episode 668

Rudra and Om rescue Shivaay from a possible accident in your home. Anika and Shivaay celebrate Diwali with others. Rudra apologises to Shivaay.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 669

Roop instigates Rudra against Shivaay. Meanwhile, Shivaay implements his plan to induce Anika to leave the Oberoi Mansion.

Episode 670

Mohana hatches a devious plan to steal Ansh’s wings. Afterwards, Ansh finds himself trapped in a Daayan Chakra while Mohana deceives Piya.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 671

Omkara attempts to convince an upset Gauri. Shivaay gets worried if he doesn’t find Anika. Afterwards, he receives a package with a goodbye note from her.

Episode 672

Aditi and Shivaansh attend the New Year celebration for a couple. Afterwards, Shivaansh is shattered, witnessing the unthinkable during the party.


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