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Game of Love Teasers July 2020: Anika is treated for the bullet wound she gets when trying to save Shivaay from Kamini. Saahil and Shivaay await her recovery. READ FULL Game of Love July Teasers 2020  Below:


Star life Game of Love Wednesday 1 July 2020
(Episode 137)
The Oberois celebrate Shivaay’s sangeet. Meanwhile, Daksh proposes to Anika once again. What will be her answer this time?

(Episode 138)
Daksh keeps a close eye on Anika and vows to separate her from Shivaay. Later, Daksh tells Shivaay about his plan to defame her. What will Shivaay do now?

(Episode 139)
Shivaay is shocked to see Anika in Daksh’s room. He calls a press conference and prepones his marriage, leaving Tia shocked. Later, Daksh lies to Shivaay about Anika. What does he say?

(Episode 140)
Daksh lies to Shivaay that Anika has demanded money from him. After Romi tells Soumya about Rudra’s whereabouts, she confides in Omkara. Will they be able to rescue Rudra?

Star life Game of Love Thursday 2 July 2020
(Episode 141)
Anika insists that Shivaay express his feelings for her, but in vain. Later, she realises that Tia is unable to hold on to her secrets! Elsewhere, Omkara and Soumya rescue Rudra and warn Romi.

(Episode 142)
Robin warns Tia that he has come to stop her from marrying Shivaay. Later, Robin reminds Tia about their relationship. What is this mystery surrounding Robin?

(Episode 143)
After listening to Anika’s advice, Richa refuses to marry Shivaay, which makes him furious. But what made Anika slap Shivaay?

(Episode 144)
Shivaay forces Anika to come for the wedding, but she makes an escape. Later, Shivaay asks her to marry him. Will she agree?

Star life Game of Love FRiday 3 July 2020
(Episode 145)
Anika is miserable at the thought of marrying Shivaay! Shivaay warns Tia’s mother against revealing the truth. Will Shivaay, Anika get married?

(Episode 146)
Omkara suspects Shivaay to have married Anika and asks Dadi to carry out the munh dikhaai ritual for Tia! What will Anika do now?

(Episode 147)
Shivaay reveals to his family the reason why he married Anika. Later, Shivaay gets a ransom call to free Tia. Is she really kidnapped?

(Episode 148)
Dadi tries to make Shivaay realise his mistake. Will he? Did he marry her only to save his family’s honour?

Star life Game of Love Saturday 4 July 2020
(Episode 149)
Dadi asks Anika and Shivaay to take up their responsibilities as husband and wife post marriage. Shivaay takes Anika to the Oberoi mansion, where another shock awaits her.

(Episode 150)
Omkara questions Shivaay’s decisions. Tia tries to humiliate Anika, but she maintains her dignity. Later, Priyanka makes a shocking revelation to Ranveer.

(Episode 151)
Shivaay refuses to accept Anika as his wife, but Dadi insists that they stay together. Meanwhile, Ranveer confides about his sister’s accident to Priyanka.

(Episode 152)
Pinki refuses to accept Anika as her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, seeing Shivaay and Anika do a post-marriage ritual, Tia challenges Anika!

Star life Game of Love Sunday 5 July 2020
(Episode 153)
Tia conspires to ruin Shivaay and Anika’s post-wedding rituals. She provokes Shivaay against Anika. He pushes Anika into the pool when she refuses to apologise to Tia.

(Episode 154)
Tia asks Shivaay to throw Anika out of the house. Later, Shivaay carries Anika to his bedroom on finding her ill.

(Episode 155)
Shivaay surprises everyone by gifting the divorce papers to Anika. The Oberois are shocked! Later, Priyanka finds Ranveer’s sister in coma.

(Episode 156)
Omkara asks Anika’s about her motive behind the wedding. Later, the Oberois are shocked to learn about Shivaay’s misdeeds.

Star life Game of Love Monday 6 July 2020
(Episode 157)
Shivaay feels dejected when Om and Rudra avoid him. Anika makes the Oberois realise Shivaay’s love for them. Later, Om and Rudra apologise to Shivaay.

(Episode 158)
Shivaay tries to thank Anika for uniting him with his brothers. Later, Anika learns that Shivaay has enrolled Sahil in the best school of the city.

(Episode 159)
Anika sees Tia sneaking out and follows her with Omkara and Rudra. They find her celebrating her marriage anniversary with Robin!

(Episode 160)
Shivaay makes an accusation on Anika. While Anika is attacked by her stalker, Tia vows to destroy her.

Star life Game of Love Tuesday 7 July 2020
(Episode 161)
Daksh goes to Oberoi Mansion and enquires about Anika. Later, Shivaay learns that Daksh had lied about the money. But will it be too late for Anika?

(Episode 162)
Shivaay realises that Daksh had lied to him. Meanwhile, Daksh tortures and threatens to kill Anika. Can Shivaay save her?

(Episode 163)
Shivaay assaults Daksh for lying about Anika and trying to murder her. Shivaay saves Anika but will she be able to trust him again?

(Episode 164)
Shivaay makes an effort to reconcile with Anika. Later, Shivaay is called for an emergency as Tia threatens to commit suicide. Why?

Star life Game of Love Wednesday 8 July 2020
(Episode 165)
Tia’s mother forces Shivaay to marry Tia and accept the unborn baby! Is it Shivaay’s baby or is it one of Tia’s traps?

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(Episode 166)
Shivaay receives the DNA report, but is not entirely convinced by the result. Tia makes an announcement to the media. How will Anika help Shivaay?

(Episode 167)
Anika tells Shivaay that she has given his blood sample to Dr. Chaterjee. Later, Soumya tells Shivaay that he is the father of Tia’s unborn baby. Anika confronts Tia and challenges to expose her.

(Episode 168)
The Kapoor sisters, Tia, Svetlana and Romi vow to destroy the Oberois to avenge their father’s murder. Meanwhile, Tia insists that Shivaay divorce Anika. Will he?

Star life Game of Love Thursday 9 July 2020
(Episode 169)
Shivaay asks Anika to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kapoor interrupts Shivaay’s nanny when she tries to disclose a secret about his brothers. What is it?

(Episode 170)
Anika decides not to leave the Oberoi House. Meanwhile, Tia tells Svetlana and Romi about her plan against Anika. What is Tia planning?

(Episode 171)
Tia plans to kill Anika. She mixes pills in Anika’s tea and locks her in a refrigerator! Is this the end of Anika or will Shivaay come to her rescue?

(Episode 172)
The Oberois are shocked on finding Anika unconscious inside the refrigerator! Tia, Svetlana and Romi vow to destroy the Oberois. Later, Shivaay gets cosy with Anika.

Star life Game of Love FRiday 10 July 2020
(Episode 173)
Ranveer saves Priyanka from Abhishek and his friends, while Anika learns that Tia is conspiring to kill Shivaay!

(Episode 174)
Ranveer gets injured while rescuing Priyanka. Though Shivaay manages to change Omkara’s decision, he fails to stop Tej from leaving Oberoi Mansion. What went wrong?

(Episode 175)
Tia’s associate tampers with the brakes of Shivaay’s car. Later, Svetlana gets injured when her car collides with Tej’s car.

(Episode 176)
Rudra suspects someone else to be behind Ajay’s actions. Later, Shivaay has a surprise gift for Anika.

Star life Game of Love Saturday 11 July 2020
(Episode 177)
Svetlana and Tia plan to kill someone from the Oberoi family, but they are afraid of Anika. Meanwhile, Tej confronts the family for ill-treating Svetlana.

(Episode 178)
Svetlana and Tia plan to kill Anika! On Svetlana’s instructions, Tia mixes the chemical in the coffee machine. Will Anika fall prey to their evil plan?

(Episode 179)
Anika suspects Svetlana for trying to kill Shivaay. Later, Svetlana puts up an act to frame Janvi.

(Episode 180)
Omkara allows Svetlana to stay at the Oberoi Mansion when Tej threatens to leave the house with her. Later, Anika and the Oberoi brothers plan to expose Svetlana.

Star life Game of Love Sunday 12 July 2020
(Episode 181)
Shivaay tells Anika that the private investigator has failed to gather information about Svetlana. Later, he tends to Anika’s wounded hand!

(Episode 182)
Shivaay wins the ‘Business Man of the Year’ award. Later, Omkara is shocked to see Priyanka’s obscene MMS. Who wants to defame her?

(Episode 183)
Svetlana tells Tia that Omkara is following her, while Tia decides to avenge Robin’s death. Later, Anika apologises to Shivaay.

(Episode 184)
Omkara learns that Svetlana is faking her injury and tries to gather proof against her. Shivaay and Anika lose the way while following Omkara. Later, Anika gets worried as Shivaay’s health deteriorates.

Star life Game of Love Monday 13 July 2020
(Episode 185)
Rudra suspects Tia and tries various ways to check her phone, while Shivaay saves Anika. Later, Anika is shocked to see Shivaay lying unconscious!

(Episode 186)
Anika confesses her love to an unconscious Shivaay. Later, Shivaay and Anika find Omkara unconscious in his car.

(Episode 187)
Tia tells Romi about her plan to kill Anika. Meanwhile, Sahil asks Anika to confess her love to Shivaay. Will she say the magic words?

(Episode 188)
Anika is worried about her feelings for Shivaay and decides to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Tia tells her mother about her plan against Anika.

Star life Game of Love Tuesday 14 July 2020
(Episode 189)
Shivaay kisses Anika’s forehead and assures her about setting things right. Later, Pinki accuses Anika of conspiring against Tia and asks her to leave the house.

(Episode 190)
Shivaay defends Anika when everyone blames her for trying to harm Tia. Later, an injured Svetlana makes a serious allegation.

(Episode 191)
Tej slaps Omkara when Svetlana accuses him of molesting her. Later, Tej breaks his relationship with Janhvi.

(Episode 192)
Anika apologises to Tia on Sahil’s behalf when the necklace is found hidden in his crutch. Later, Mrs. Kapoor threatens Shivaay. Why?

Star life Game of Love Wednesday 15 July 2020
(Episode 193)
Mrs. Kapoor plans to kill Anika when Tia tells her that Shivaay will be performing Lohri with Anika. Later, Shivaay and Anika perform the Lohri puja.

(Episode 194)
Shivaay gets shot when he tries to save Anika from a bullet aimed at her. The doctor tells the Oberois about Shivaay’s critical condition. Will he survive?

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(Episode 195)
Pinki blames Anika for everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Shivaay’s condition remains critical. Pinki insists that Anika go away from Shivaay’s life.

(Episode 196)
Shivaay gains consciousness and learns that Pinki has sent Anika out. Rudra stealthily brings Anika to Shivaay’s ward. Will Pinki get to know about it?

Star life Game of Love Thursday 16 July 2020

(Episode 197)
Pinki scolds Omkara and Rudra for making Anika meet Shivaay. Meanwhile, Shivaay asks Anika to return. Will she?

(Episode 198)
Pinki is shocked when Shivaay brings Anika home. Later, he defends her too!

(Episode 199)
Svetlana asks Tej to convince Omkara for marriage. Omkara refuses to marry Sonia, while Rudra’s decision leaves the Oberois stunned!

(Episode 200)
The Oberois are shocked to know about Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Tej is adamant to conduct Rudra and Sonia’s wedding for business purpose but Jahnvi puts her foot down. What will happen at the engagement ceremony?

Star life Game of Love FRiday 17 July 2020
(Episode 201)
Shivaay supports Anika when Pinki rebukes her. Omkara breaks all ties with Tej after learning about his divorce. Later, another shock awaits the Oberois!

(Episode 202)
Shivaay suspects Tia and Svetlana when he and Anika find a clue. Anika informs Shivaay about what Svetlana and Tej are planning next.

(Episode 203)
The Oberois are stunned when Omkara and Svetlana get engaged. Later, Svetlana demands Rs 100 crore from Omkara.

(Episode 204)
Shivaay pushes Anika when they get into a heated argument and she falls off the stairs. Later, the Oberois are in for a big shock.

Star life Game of Love Saturday 18 July 2020
(Episode 205)
Anika pours water on Shivaay when he goes near her despite her protest. Later, Anika and Svetlana dance in front of everyone. How will Shivaay react to this?

(Episode 206)
Shivaay gets closer to Anika and tries to remind her about their past. Later, he eavesdrops on Omkara’s conversation with Svetlana.

(Episode 207)
Shivaay is shocked to see Svetlana hiding in his wardrobe. Later, Shivaay throws Anika into the swimming pool to make her recall their past.

(Episode 208)
Shivaay’s efforts go futile when Anika fails to remember her past. Later, Oberois get worried as Saumya goes missing.

Star life Game of Love Sunday 19 July 2020
(Episode 209)
Anika calls Dushyant. Later, she tells Pinki about her plan to unite Tia and Dushyant!

(Episode 210)
Shivaay kisses Anika’s forehead when she feels that she cannot conceive. Later, Svetlana plans to hurt Anika when she sleepwalks!

(Episode 211)
Shivaay tries to make Anika realise her importance in his life, while Mrs Kapoor blackmails him to divorce her. Later, Anika’s decision stuns Shivaay!

(Episode 212)
Shivaay decides to marry Tia and tells Anika to make the arrangements. Dadi is shattered!

Star life Game of Love Monday 20 July 2020
(Episode 213)
To make Anika recall her past, Shivaay has a plan.

(Episode 214)
Shivaay decides to get Mrs Kapoor’s mobile to retrieve Daima’s video. Later, Tej confronts Svetlana for deceiving him.

(Episode 215)
A disguised Romi promises to help Shivaay. Meanwhile, Anika is jealous to see Pinki making arrangements for Shivaay and Tia’s mehendi ceremony.

(Episode 216)
Shivaay foils Mrs Kapoor’s plan as he saves Anika from injuring herself. Meanwhile, he suspects Romi and follows her.

Star life Game of Love Tuesday 21 July 2020
(Episode 217)
Romi vows revenge on Mrs Kapoor, Tia and Svetlana. Later, she demands Oberois’ traditional jewellery from Shivaay in return for some information!

(Episode 218)
Shivaay steals Tia’s necklace but Anika is accused of stealing it! Will Shivaay come clean?

(Episode 219)
Svetlana drugs and hides Romi in Omkara’s statue. Anika and Shivaay have a heated discussion on the night before the marriage. Will Romi be found?

(Episode 220)
Svetlana tries to strangle Romi when she calls out for Shivaay. Later, Romi falls down the stairs while trying to escape. Will Shivaay be able to get the chip from Romi?

Star life Game of Love Wednesday 22 July 2020
(Episode 221)
Mrs Kapoor asks Shivaay to sign the divorce papers. Later, Anika requests Shivaay to stop his marriage with Tia. Why?

(Episode 222)
Anika finds Dushyant’s whereabouts and brings him to the wedding ceremony. How will Tia react on seeing him?

(Episode 223)
Shivaay tears the divorce papers in front of Mrs Kapoor and reveals their plan, leaving Tia stunned.

(Episode 224)
Svetlana vows to destroy the Oberois. Shivaay teases Anika using a knife. Later, his decision to fix Priyanka’s marriage enrages Tej.

Star life Game of Love Thursday 23 July 2020
(Episode 225)
Kamini and her son, ACP Ranveer visit the Oberois while Sahil returns home. She insists on sending Sahil out.

(Episode 226)
Priyanka’s decision surprises Anika. Later, Shivika are in a state of disbelief when they learn about Daksh’s connection with the family!

(Episode 227)
Anika gets restless after meeting Daksh. Later, Shivaay stops Kamini when she tries to serve papaya to Priyanka.

(Episode 228)
Daksh blackmails Shivaay with Anika’s photos and challenges him to save Priyanka’s image. Will Shivaay accept the challenge?

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Star life Game of Love FRiday 24 July 2020
(Episode 229)
Kamini forbids Shivaay and Anika from taking part in a ritual for married couples. Later, Anika gets mad at Shivaay.

(Episode 230)
Shivaay stops Daksh from attending the function. But, Daksh is too clever for Shivaay! Find out what he does.

(Episode 231)
Daksh tries to malign Shivaay and Anika’s relationship in front of the guests and media.

(Episode 232)
Shivaay takes a stand for Anika, while ACP Ranveer takes Daksh into custody. Later, Anika struggles to express her feelings to Shivaay. Will Shivaay understand her love?

Star life Game of Love Saturday 25 July 2020
(Episode 233)
ACP Ranveer reveals his true face to Priyanka and continues to act innocent in front of Shivaay. Later, the Oberois have some visitors.

(Episode 234)
A transgender cautions the Oberois about the impending danger. Shivaay brings Soumya back to the mansion. Later, Pinki and Shakti decide to call a doctor for Priyanka.

(Episode 235)
The family play a game where the men have to identify their partner’s ornaments. Later, an incident occurs which reminds them of the prediction, while Shivaay has a surprise for Anika.

(Episode 236)
Anika dreams of Shivaay’s plane crashing! Later, she notices changes in Shivaay’s behaviour. Later, Khanna informs the Oberois about Shivaay’s plane crash.

Star life Game of Love Sunday 26 July 2020
(Episode 237)
Anika faces a bad omen while performing the puja. On the other hand, Shivaay finds himself locked inside a room.

(Episode 2380
Pinki announces that Priyanka’s marriage won’t happen because of Kamini’s demand. Shivaay shocks everyone with his decision. The real Shivaay tries to escape.

(Episode 239)
Fake Shivaay goes to Pinki’s room, at night with evil plans and asks her to keep the jewellery purchased for Priyanka’s marriage. Meanwhile, Shivaay finds an idea to escape from his trap.

(Episode 240)
Shivaay tries to escape from his trap. Fake Shivaay steals the ornaments from Pinki’s safe. Later, Shivaay gets help from a woman.

Star life Game of Love Monday 27 July 2020
(Episode 241)
Kamini accuses the Oberois of cheating and gets into a heated argument with Pinki. Later, Shivaay has a masked visitor.

(Episode 242)
Anika tries to prove Pinki’s innocence to Kamini and handovers her bangles to her. Later, the fake Shivaay apologises to Kamini.

(Episode 243)
Pinky runs into fake Shivaay and tells him about Kamini threatening her. Meanwhile, the real Shivaay finds his phone! Will he find his way out?

(Episode 244)
Sowmya discovers that Shivaay has been replaced by an imposter. However, Kamini attacks Sowmya to silence her.

Star life Game of Love Tuesday 28 July 2020
(Episode 245)
Anika overhears Shivaay conversing over the phone and decides to test him. Will she get to the truth?

(Episode 246)
Anika follows the imposter and is shocked to find him dancing in a slum. Where is the real Shivaay?

(Episode 247)
Anika is relieved to meet the real Shivaay. Later, Anika and the Oberois organise a Holi party to expose the imposter.

Star life Game of Love Wednesday 29 July 2020
(Episode 248)
Shivaay and Anika get romantic during Holi, while Rudra tries to get information about Sowmya from Mahi. Later, Shivaay and Mahi come face to face!

(Episode 249)
Shivaay, along with his family, decides to play along with Mahi to figure out his master plan. Later, Pinky apologises to Anika and accepts her as her daughter-in-law.

(Episode 250)
Mahi agrees to give the interview as Shivaay. Later, he is stunned to know that Shivaay has already given the interview. Was it really Shivaay?

(Episode 251)
Shivaay plans to trap Mahi while he is trying to open the safe using his password. Later, Mahi finds himself in trouble.

Star life Game of Love Thursday 30 July 2020
(Episode 252)
Kamini and Ranveer torture Soumya. The sangeet ceremony begins and Shivaay puts his plan of trapping Mahi into action.

(Episode 253)
As a part of his plan to kill Mahi, Shivaay makes two similar outfits. Later, he meets Ranveer to discuss his plan. Will Ranveer realise he is the real Shivaay?

(Episode 254)
While the Oberois execute the murder plan, Ranveer stuns everyone with his actions. Later, Soumya calls Anika and informs her about Ranveer’s connection with Mahi.

(Episode 255)
During the sangeet, Mahi blackmails Anika by holding Soumya hostage. Later, Kamini asks Mahi to announce Priyanka’s pregnancy news to everyone.

Star life Game of Love FRiday 31 July 2020
(Episode 256)
Anika is in a fix about sending Priyanka to the mandap. Later, as Kamini reveals Priyanka’s pregnancy news to the media, Anika has a bigger surprise planned for her.

(Episode 257)
Kamini and Ranveer are stunned when Shivaay explains how the Oberois ruined their evil plans. Do they have any moves left?

(Episode 258)
On Shivaay’s order, commandos arrive at the Oberoi Mansion to catch Mahi. Will Shivaay successfully execute his plan?

(Episode 259)
Anika is treated for the bullet wound she gets when trying to save Shivaay from Kamini. Saahil and Shivaay await her recovery.

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