Game of Love SUnday 2 August 2020 Written update


Game of Love 2 August 2020: On Game of Love SUnday 2 August 2020 Written update, Guru ji asks Anika to tell her parents name. Shivaye says I can handle this. Anika says I have no gotra, no name, blood or family.

Some time before, Anika comes to Shivaye. He says I know you want to copy me and drink espresso, don’t worry I will add sugar. He makes coffee for her. She stops him and asks are you worried. He says no. She says you are worried, tell me what happened. He recalls Pinky’s words and asks her to have coffee. She keeps the mug and sees his broken phone. She asks did phone break or did you break it, so much anger after many days, tell me what’s the matter. He hugs her. She asks him to say. He says nothing will happen, I will make everything fine, don’t worry, I was asking you, where did you go without saying me, you did not answer my call. She says I went to good luck chawl. He says you got mad, you took superwoman tag seriously, you know that man is dangerous.

She says I don’t think Mahi is such a bad man. He asks Mahi. She says yes, its his name. He says you went to meet him, you know its dangerous to meet him. She asks him to think how his face matches exactly with him. He asks what’s the big deal, 7 people in the world have same face. She says maybe, but there would be some difference. He says there is a difference, he does not have Kanji eyes, medical science is advanced, a person can be given someone’s face, maybe this happened with him, the people who can hijack private jet can do anything. She says I want to know why Mahi did this. He says you always create problems, stay away from this problem, let experts and police handle this. He goes. She says I did not tell you as I knew you won’t let me go and you won’t understand, why do I feel there is some connection between you and Mahi, there is some reason why he saved your life, I will find the reason.

Its morning, Shivaye says its Kulgotra puja today, I hope there is no problem and Anika gets what she deserves. Anika asks why are you taking so many medicines. He says I have some cold, I don’t want it to turn into fever. She says you are having medicines even when there is no disease. He asks her not to get in between him and his medicines. She asks will you have 5 tablets, I will get ginger juice and black pepper. He says I don’t want home remedies. She sees the bottle and recalls. She asks what’s this medicine bottle. He says its for my heart condition, which I have since childhood, shall I say more or is this detail enough. She goes. He asks what happened to her. She thinks and says same medicine bottle was in Mahi’s house, it means Mahi has same disease, how can this happen, same face and same disease.

She recalls the man’s words, Shivaye, Rudra and Mahi’s words. She says two people of same face, disease same, voice same, Mahi came in this house as Shivaye and did not take advantage, he saved Shivaye’s life, are they twins, I got mad to think anything, this can’t happen, but if this happens then, it means Mahi is Shivaye’s brother. She gets shocked.

She goes to laundry room and says maybe I m wrong, but I have to get to the roots of this. She gets Shivaye’s shirt and says I m sure its Mahi’s blood, I can know if Shivaye and Mahi have blood relations. She turns and sees Pinky. Pinky asks did you not get ready. Anika hides shirt and asks why. Pinky asks did Shivaye not say, its Kulgotra puja, go. Anika goes. Pinky says get ready well, everyone will see you today.

Guru ji asks Shivaye about Anika’s gotra. Pinky says Shivaye, have patience, let Anika come and give introduction. Shivaye says I can say. Shakti says Pinky is right. Anika comes there. Khanna says I have given that shirt for DNA test. Anika says thanks, its our secret. He asks should I not tell Shivaye. She says no, till reports come, we won’t tell anyone, once reports come, we will tell everyone. He goes. Pinky asks her to come. Anika sits with Shivaye.

Dadi says its our kulgotra puja, your gotra will be written, our bahus of Oberoi family have to keep this tradition. Guru ji asks Anika to tell her parents name. Pinky asks Anika to say. Shivaye says Anika’s dad name is Kulbhushan Chaturvedi. She says he is …. He says don’t worry, I m there. Guru ji asks what was his profession. Shivaye says he was in sales. Pinky asks him to say in detail.

Anika says Shivaye… He says he used to manufacture soaps and also distribution. Anika says no, its not like that. He says I can handle this, he used to do direct home marketing, Guru ji did you get name and gotra, write in patri. Guru ji says girl is Chaturvedi, so gotra is… Anika says don’t write anything, I have no gotra. Shivaye says I can handle this, there will be gotra if there is surname. She says there is a problem. He says there is no problem, I know everything, Sahil told me about your parents, they are no more. Sahil worries. Anika says wait Shivaye, they are not my parents, they are Sahil’s parents. He says so, Sahil and you are siblings. She says yes, but we are not blood related, Sahil’s parents adopted me, I don’t know my real parents, I m just Anika. They all get shocked. She says I have no gotra, no identity, no name, blood or family. Shivaye looks at her. She cries and says I don’t know my family, I have no house and identity, I m just Anika.

Pinky says name, blood and family, you don’t know anything, are you saying truth Anika, how can this happen, Shivaye, these things value a lot for you, whose name will we write in gotra patri, we get dog home by seeing his breed and background, we got our bahu like this, what will happen now Shivaye. Shivaye sees Anika. He gets up and says puja can’t happen. He leaves. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Anika calls him. He gets angry and does not answer. Anika leaves him a voice message. She says I can’t change this truth that I m an orphan, I m sorry Shivaye, I should have told this to you before, but you never asked, I never said, you came in my life and proudly said in front of everyone that I m your wife, I forgot I m an orphan, I did not miss family ever, I know name, blood and family are everything for you, just tell me once, is these important than that what’s between us, does person not have his own identity, I want to know from you, what’s my place in your life, without knowing whose blood I have in my veins, do you still regard me your wife. She cries. Shivaye comes to her and says you don’t look good when you cry. She runs to him and hugs.

Shivaye asks Anika to listen to him. She leaves. He knocks the door and says I have come to take Anika. Anika throws water on his face. Some time before, Shivaye says you don’t look good when you cry Anika. Anika hugs him. She says I felt …. He says that I went, you know Anika I can’t see you crying. She says tell me one thing, do you still accept me as wife. He says you are my wife, this is truth, no need to think anything else. He hugs her. She cries.

Shivaye makes food. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, Rudra says something major happened, this pizza said it, you added much cheese in it. He sings Dil cheez kya hai…. okay it was a bad joke, but question was right. Shivaye asks him to keep cheese aside. Rudra says you are saying this, its confirmed, something is wrong, I think you don’t love me, omg, I think he is duplicate Shivaye. Om says you say anything. Rudra says Shivaye makes fat free pizza for me, now he is saying keep this aside, tomorrow he will say Rudra you also sit aside then… Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up.

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Rudra says I wanted to hear this, everything is normal, continue. Shivaye asks Om to help him, Om says you can tell me what’s going on in your mind, say truth, are you thinking about Anika. Shivaye says its not Anika’s mistake. Om says I agree with you. Shivaye says you know the problem, I know you don’t agree with my viewpoint, name, blood and lineage really makes a difference to me, I know to know my wife’s background, I don’t have an answer, its very important. Anika comes and asks is this important, or is this just important, I knew this before, whenever this matter comes out, I will lose, I did not know I will lose so badly, I know this matters to you, I did not know this matters a lot that it can affect our relation. He says you are misunderstanding.

She says I was misunderstanding when you asked me not to worry, you will make everything fine, when you said Anika you are my wife and this is truth, but truth is you can’t change your thinking ever, when this is the truth, what am I doing in this house, in your life. Shivaye says wait, you can’t leave from kitchen, let me explain. She goes. He says if you take a step out of this house… She leaves from home. Rudra says she went. Shivaye says I was talking to her. Rudra says I heard, but maybe she unheard it. Shivaye says I had to explain her.

Rudra says you can’t explain this to her. He goes. Pinky comes and says no need to explain, its good, I did not know Anika would be so sensible, its good she understood, you both don’t have future, give her divorce, I will get line of girls of good name, blood and family. He says enough, what are you saying. Anika is my wife. She says she was never suitable to be your wife, we would have known her family. He says I won’t hear a word against my wife. She asks what will you do if your children ask you, did you get her from ashram, you know what type of people are raised in ashram, you will realize this later that I was not saying right, Shivaye’s children will have that blood which even Shivaye won’t know. She goes.

Sahil asks Shivaye is balance over. Shivaye says its postpaid. Sahil says then call her. Shivaye asks why shall I call. Sahil says Anika is angry with you. Shivaye says I m also angry, I tried to stop her and talk, did she stop, I won’t call her. Sahil says fine. Shivaye says I m calling for your sake, else you will say I m showing SSO attitude. He calls and says hello Anika. He says she disconnected the call, can you believe this. Sahil says relax dude, it happens, if you are Shivaye, she is… Shivaye says she is Jhansi ki rani. Sahil says yes, I can understand what you are going through. Shivaye says what shall I do now. Sahil says I think she is much angry, get her back. Shivaye says I should know where she went. Sahil says then ask who will know it. Shivaye asks him to say. Sahil asks do you show attitude while asking help. Shivaye says sorry, tell me. Sahil says she went to Chanda’s house.

Shivaye reaches the place. He goes to Chanda’s house and knocks door. Chanda opens the door and says yes.. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I came to take Anika. Anika says tell him Anika is not at home. He says I know she is here. She says tell him I don’t want to meet anyone. He says tell her I want to meet her. She says tell him my mood is bad. He says tell her I came to make her mood fine. Anika asks why are you not saying anything. Chanda says I will say when you let me say. Anika shuts the door. He says she has shut door on my face, I will show her. Chanda says he came to take you. Anika says better you go with him. He walks to his car and presses horn. Everyone ask him to stop it.

He goes to Chanda’s house again. Anika throws water on his face. He recalls Anika throwing water on his face before. She shuts the door. The man says she did right, she should have thrown a bucket of water. The people say he is Shivaye, famous businessman, he got insulted well. Shivaye says its our welcome rituals, its our style. The people laugh. Shivaye says I think I have to come in my SSO mode.

Chanda says so much anger is no good, he came to take you have water. Anika drops the water glass on hearing knock. She goes to see. Shivaye throws water on her face. He drops the glass. Old moments of Shivaye throws on her face are seen.

Chanda says wow, Anika said you both are different, I feel you both are made for each other. Shivaye says we have habit to throw water on each other, I think this will always go on. He lifts Anika. She asks what are you doing Shivaye, leave me, I don’t want to go. The man asks Shivaye how can you misbehave. Shivaye says its our personal matter. The people say you can’t take her this way, by what right are you taking her. Shivaye says she is my wife. Anika asks them to stop him, Chanda say something. The lady says we will stop him, tell us is he your husband. Anika says yes. The lady says how can we stop him. Anika says it does not mean he takes me this way. Shivaye says if you came before, this would be not needed, come on. He takes her in car.

Shivaye puts Anika on bed and says stop it, enough of drama, you did not stop when I asked you to stop, you did not listen to me, disconnected call and shut door on my face, you have thrown face on me. She says yes, I was angry. He says you can get angry at home, I told you not to go out. She says I heard what you said in kitchen. He says this is your problem, you heard half thing and derived meaning. She says it was enough. He says you got wrong meaning. She says I m not fool, I know name, blood, and family matters to you, I m not so imp, I lost, our relation lost. She cries. He hugs her. She says you know, since I got senses, I just fought with problems, people, the one who has no parents, life troubles them a lot, think I never had parents name, tell me do you ask surname to Lord, Shiv and Krishna, none, everyone bends in front of them, why is person’s surname to imp, why family name is imp, wherever I went, everyone used to insult me, I was sent away from interviews, they called me orphan, sin child, but I never lost, I kept fighting, Shivaye I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not you.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika reaches city hospital. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever. Some time before, Anika says I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not with you. He holds her close to pacify. He says its okay and gets tearful eyes. She sees him holding her. She gets away. He asks what happened. She says we would have spoken being away, why did you pull me. He says I did not, you came to me, I did not finish yet, listen to me, are you embarrassed. She asks what, my slipper will be embarrassed. He says I did not wish to hurt you. She says even then you have hurt my heart. He says I can’t hurt you intentionally, can I get some time. She asks him to take as much time as he wants, but remember one thing, I m just Anika. He says you don’t need to change, Anika….just Anika. He hugs her.

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Shivaye and Anika sleep. He thinks of her words and looks at her. She turns to his side and kicks him in sleep. He falls down the bed and says seriously, she just kicked me. He says maybe she saw a bad dream, she looks stressed, I will sleep. He lies on the bed again and closes eyes. She kicks him again. He falls down the bed. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and shouts catch the thief. He says its me Shivaye, why do you shout thief always when you wake up this way. She asks what are you doing on ground. He says modelling, you kicked me. She asks are you football, scooter or tin box lying on road, you say anything. He says you kicked me twice here. She asks twice, did I kick Bagad Billa, Kanji eyes Maharaj, one plus one free, it means I have Dara Singh power. He says don’t over estimate yourself. She says I can make you lose in hand wrestling. He asks will you make me lose. She says I believe myself. He says don’t challenge me, you will lose. She bets. They arm wrestle. She says Billu ji will lose today and smiles. He lowers his hand. She says I told you will lose today. He kisses and smiles. She looks at him stunned. He makes her lose and calls her loser. She says this is cheating. He asks what did I do. She says you have… you know what you did. He says I don’t remember, do it and show. She asks how can I do such cheap 2rs thing. He asks am I cheap. She says yes, your doing was bad, I was winning, I would have won if you did not do this. He says you agreed that you have failed. She says you say it, you got afraid of my power. He says I got afraid and pulls her close. He says you have much power, now free your hand and show, let’s see how much power you have. Music plays…… They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Shivaye says why am I so confused, I m thinking what’s the need to do all this, Anika will be Anika, her background does not matter, but my mind says its important to know her background. He keeps food for Sahil. Sahil asks is this for me. Shivaye says yes. Sahil says ask what you want. Shivaye says who told you I want to ask something. Sahil says this is bribe. Shivaye says you know I love cooking, have it, try it, come on, tell me one thing. Sahil says you came to same point. Shivaye says I m trying to start conversation, I m not asking anything. Sahil says I m Sahil Chaturvedi, you know the meaning of Chatur/clever. Shivaye says okay, I had to ask about Anika, none knows Anika better than you. Sahil says go on. Shivaye says you were young when Anika was brought home. Sahil says yes, I was so young that I did not know when did they bring her from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says don’t know name, but Bua used to taunt Anika that dad got her from orphanage, he used to go Borivali to get soaps from factory. Shivaye says it means orphanage is between Borivali and Andheri.

Shivaye asks Anika to come, I made breakfast for you. She asks for me. He says you are reacting as if I did not make it before, come. She asks what’s this. He says green tea, I feel bad when you insult my espresso. She says I won’t drink this boiled water. He says you are impossible, how about this sandwich. She removes the corners to eat it. He says you are murdering the sandwich. She says I will eat the corners if you are feeling bad. She dips the bread in tea and eats. He says don’t do this. She asks did you not eat bread this way, so you don’t know the taste, try it. He says no. She says I drink bitter coffee for you, you can’t try this for me. He says let me prepare myself. He reacts. She says its not so bad. She laughs. He asks how do you do all this. She says I feel, we match in some things and we are completely opposite in few things. She gets a call and turns to talk. He also gets a call. She says 11am, fine I will reach. He says could you find all details about that orphanage, okay bye. They end call. He asks what were we talking. She says about food. He asks her to eat. They turn the either ways and think.

He makes call and asks did you get address, great, send me. Sahil asks did you get address. Shivaye says yes. Sahil asks are you going to that orphanage to find about Anika. Shivaye says its imp for me and Anika, nothing will change between us, I promise you, don’t tell this to Anika, I will tell her my way, okay good boy. He goes. Pinky hears them. She says I knew Shivaye will do anything to know about Anika, I will follow him and know Anika’s background. Shivaye is on the way. Anika is also on the way.

Anika reaches city hospital. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not, its fine if I don’t know it, but I don’t know what will I do after knowing it. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever, I can ignore now, but I can’t ignore after knowing it, what shall I do, I have to know Anika’s truth. Anika thinks everyone has right to know truth, even Shivaye, I m with him, I will see whatever happens.

Shivaye records and says kick me. Anika kicks him in sleep. He says its not thief, its me. She says you spoiled my sleep, when my sleep breaks, I get much hungry. He says you are so shameless. She asks are you fine, everyone gets hungry. He says this body does not know love, it just knows hunger. He gets close to her. She gets back. Some time before, Anika reaches city hospital. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not, its fine if I don’t know it, but I don’t know what will I do after knowing it. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever. Pinky comes there and sees Shivaye.

The lady says sorry, we can’t give info about anyone. Shivaye says I did not come to do random enquiry, I m asking about my wife, I have complete rights to know about her. She says sorry, this can’t happen, we can’t help you, please you are wasting your and our time. He drinks water and leaves. Anika says I have to meet Dr. Goyal. he lady says he is busy right now, you will have to wait for a while. Shivaye makes a call. The lady says Dr. Goyal is there. Anika turns to see. The lady comes to Shivaye and says sorry Sir, come, you will get any info, you are this orphanage owner now, how can I refuse to you. He says I heard everything has a price, but I did not hear about buying entire orphanage to get some information. Anika says Dr. Goyal….

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The lady says this is the info you wanted. He thinks what am I doing, Anika is Anika, how does it matter who are her parents. Pinky thinks Shivaye you can try a lot, you can’t get peace without finding Anika’s name, blood and family. Shivaye gets the info and says I have to do it, else I won’t get peace. He checks the papers. Pinky looks on from outside. He gets shocked and says its written Mr. T V Bajaj got Anika in this orphanage, is this Tarun Virendra Bajaj. The lady says yes, its him. He asks the industrialist. She says yes. Pinky gets shocked. Shivaye says it means Anika is T V Bajaj’s daughter, she does not even know this. Pinky says how did this happen, Anika belongs to such big family. He smiles and gets in his car. He says finally, I got to know Anika’s dad, but why did Mr. Bajaj put her in orphanage, is she his illegitimate daughter. He makes a call.

Pinky comes home and says this was the only way to make Anika out of this house, if Shivaye knows she is Bajaj’s daughter, he will go more close to her, it will be impossible to make her leave from his life. Shivaye comes home. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I don’t think you are fine, children’s sorrow is not hidden from mum, tell me what’s troubling you. He hugs her. He says thank you so much. She asks for what.

He says you don’t know, you solved my big problem, sorry to get upset and angry on you, I thought you kept kulgotra puja and raised question on Anika’s background, I m so glad that you did this, else I would have not known about her, she is from big family, she belongs to T V Bajaj’s family, I would not known this if you did not instigate me, thank you so much. She asks how can this happen, I know Mr. Bajaj had an only son, who… He says right, his son and bahu died in plane crash, but they had a daughter, his son died against his will, so Mr. Bajaj disowned him, so maybe he has put his grand daughter in orphanage, Anika is Bajaj’s grand daughter, I was fighting with myself, my heart felt it does not matter, but my mind was not agreeing, now knowing her background, a big burden got away, it would have been not possible if you did not ask that. She asks did you tell Anika. He says not now, Mr. Bajaj is coming from London tomorrow, I will talk to him, I will tell this to Anika, I want to see her reaction. He goes.

Its night, Shivaye sees Anika sleeping and says tomorrow’s day will be special for you, I want to see your expression when you know you are Anika Bajaj. He sits on bed. She kicks him. He falls down and says she won’t believe me, I will make video proof. He records and asks her to kick now. Anika kicks him in sleep. He falls and says got it. She wakes up and shouts thief. He says its not thief, its me. She says what are you doing on ground. He says I fell down, you kicked me again. She asks am I donkey to kick you. He says I knew you will not believe me, so I got a proof, see this video proof. She sees the video and says this video is false. He says its seen clearly, you kicked me, its a proof, see. She says this is not me. He asks what do you mean, your duplicate came. She says you made fake Anika by computer. He asks are you mad, how can this happen. She asks why, if big lizard can be made in english movie. He says dinosaur.

She says yes, if big snake and big monkey can be made. He says its king kong. She says you also made fake Anika. He asks really, you think I have so much time to do this. She says you can fall to any level to prove yourself right. He asks her to believe she kicks in sleep. She says there is nothing like that, you spoiled my sleep, when my sleep breaks, I get much hungry. He says you became so shameless. She asks are you fine, everyone gets hungry, what’s shameless thing. He says this body does not know love, it just knows hunger of body. He gets close to her and says you got so cheap. She gets back and says you are cheap, I m hungry, your mind is thinking such things, you are talking such cheap things, how do you know this hindi film dialogue. He says Rudra used to show me this movie every day before marriage. She says both brothers are cheap. He asks did you not say about that hunger.

She says no, I get hungry, I mean food, I m feeling Michmichi hearing such cheap things from you. He smiles. She goes. Its morning, Mr. Bajaj says I m so happy to meet you Shivaye, congrats for winning best businessman award. Shivaye thanks him. Mr. Bajaj asks him what’s the matter you came to meet me on such short notice. Shivaye says matter is personal, I know your son and bahu died in plane crash, I came to ask about your granddaughter. Bajaj says go on. Shivaye says sorry to enter your personal space, but I really need to know, why did you leave your granddaughter in orphanage. Bajaj asks who told this to you, she is studying in London, I went there to meet her. Shivaye says I heard you dropped a girl in orphanage, your name was there in records. Bajaj says yes right, I dropped a girl there, but she was not my granddaughter. Shivaye asks who was she. Bajaj says I don’t know, I found her outside a temple. FB shows young Anika and her sister. Bajaj says there were two girls, elder one was aged around 7 years old, she was in weak state, like she was hungry since many days, she was ill and unable to walk, collapsed in front of me, so I took those girls and gave them to orphanage, don’t know why do people give birth to children if they can’t raise them, how can they leave children, my soul gets shaken up if I think of her even today, don’t know what did that little girl went through in such a tender age. Shivaye thanks him and leaves.

Pinky comes and thanks Bajaj. She says you said everything true to Shivaye. He asks why did Shivaye wanted to know about her. She says that girl works in our house, since he knew about that orphanage, he wanted to find her parents, I don’t want him to get into this matter, its good you told him truth, thanks for helping me and not telling anything about me to Shivaye. He says its fine, I understand a mum’s concern. He attends a call. She thinks its good Anika is not Bajaj’s grand daughter, Shivaye got dreams and it broke, for his better future, I have to hurt him a bit. Shivaye comes home and sees Anika. He recalls Bajaj’s words.

Anika arranges clothes. She sees him and asks where did you go, you did not tell me, you did not have breakfast and medicines, what’s happening, I m so worried. He looks at her. He hugs her and gets tearful eyes.

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