Game of Love Sunday 16th August 2020 Written update

Game of Love Sunday 16 August 2020 Written update, Game of Love 16 August 2020, Anika sings Mai kya karoon Ram….. and dances around Shivaye. Shivaye goes. Some time before, Shivaye asks Om and Rudra why did they do this.

Rudra says sorry, I did this. Om says no, its our mistake. Shivaye says that’s obvious, your signatures were there on ownership papers, this house was on name of three of us, it couldn’t sell off till any two of us signs on property papers, how did you two name house to Anika. Rudra says you went in some zone and Om went in coma, then I signed on papers. Om says yes, Tej gave me some papers to sign and I signed, you know I don’t know legal things, I got cheated, sorry. Rudra says what can we do now. Shivaye says I can rectify this within a day. Om says don’t you think Anika deserves this, you technically owe her alimony after divorce.

Anika says I knew Shivaye will do something, did you check papers well, there is no use now, I got papers checked by my lawyer, this is my house, you would be angry on me. Shivaye says why will I get angry, you stay here, I don’t care. He goes. Ragini asks Samar about Anika reaching Shivaye’s house. Samar says I don’t care. She says if she comes in Shivaye’s life, what will I do. Samar says worry is not a solution of problem, why this tension, passion and worry for Shivaye. She says I love Shivaye. He names her boyfriends and says you loved them too. She says that was immaturity, this is love, I m damn sure Shivaye will be last guy in my life, he is the only one for me. He says fine, I get it, stop eating salad. She says this is my comfort food, this keeps me fit. He says fine, tell me how will your problem. She asks him to help. Samar recalls Shivaye. He asks are you serious this time. She says I want Shivaye any any cost, else I will die. He says fine, I did not refuse to you, I gave you every toy till now, you will get Shivaye. She hugs him and says thanks, I love you.

Anika says he is not that Shivaye, whom I know, where did his Tadi go, where is the hatred in his kanji eyes, where is my Shivaye. Om says so we got you back, we made this plan. Rudra says Shivaye is shattering, just you can make him old Shivaye. She says you think this will be useful, he is not even seeing me, I think he is hating me. Rudra says person hates one whom he loves. Om does shayari. Rudra says we have seen Shivaye has gone somewhere along you, get him back. Om says we are keeping your promise, you promise us you will get our Shivaye back, his Tadi back. She promises she will not let Shivaye break like this, he will become Tadibaaz for sure.

Pinky asks Shivaye to see the result of blindly believing Omru, they proved they are Tej’s son, they killed you by getting Anika here. He says I can’t hear against them. Pinky says you are not my Shivaye, that girl came back, she will dance on our head like Naagin. He says enough. She says your heart still has place for her. He says I don’t want to talk and leaves. She says I will pull her ear and kick her out of here.

Anika goes to Dadi and says sorry, I know I have hurt your heart, the day I went from this house, I spoke to you badly. Dadi says I don’t know why you did that, my heart says, whatever you are doing, there is some reason behind it, I used to worry for Billu day and night before you came, but you have come now, I m tension free now, I m sure, you will manage my Billu and get his Tadi back. Anika says I will try my best and hugs her.

Ranveer apologizes to Priyanka and says this is just my fault, I promised you to get a comfortable life, but couldn’t afford a maid. Priyanka says I have no problem to do household work. He says I know you are working hard, but forgetting things. She says I have really cleaned the room. He says fine, we will end topic. He hugs her. Kamini says you are not ill, but I will make you ill gradually.

Anika asks the servants to change the room. Shivaye comes and looks on. Anika asks servants to get colorful curtains and carpet, atleast person’s room should have colors, if not life. She asks Shivaye why is he here, he would have forgotten its her name now, he might be angry that she took his room, but what to do, I m owner of this house, the biggest room should be mine. He says you did good, I was bored and was thinking to change it, its said person should leave the place from which he has bitter memories. She says I m changing everything. He asks her to do anything. She says I m throwing coffee machine. He says I don’t need it, I don’t have coffee. She asks did you leave it. He says when habit is bad, it becomes weakness, when worst habit got away, this bad habit will also go. She thinks how to get old Shivaye back. She sends servants. She shuts the door.

She says you know why I came here, to settle scores, the way you have kicked me out, I did not forget. He says but I have forgotten everything. She says I think you forgot yourself too, Stone Singh Oberoi became Sad Singh Oberoi, you had tashan and Tadi between you before, now you have nothing, you should keep your name Sadhu Singh Oberoi, it will suit you. She thinks he is not reacting even on hair, I have to do some other drama. She plays song and dances around him. Mai kya karoon Ram…..plays…. He asks is it done and goes.

Its night, Anika sees Shivaye sleeping on the ground and covers him with the blanket. She thinks what happened to Shivaye, I went away so that he stays happy, but he forgot smiling and getting angry, we both lost, its enough, now I have to get my Tadibaaz back, I will do this. Anika sleeps on the ground and cries.

Anika asks Shivaye does he not care by anything and if she calls him Billu ji. He says I don’t care of any of your words. She throws water on his face. Some time before, Anika asks the staff to remove non stick utensils, big kadais are useful, I will set kitchen. Shivaye looks on. Maid says Shivaye won’t like it. Anika asks who’s the owner, me or Shivaye, it will happen what I want, food will be made in desi ghee in these black kadais, vegs will come from stall, rice will be white, not brown. She asks Shivaye why is he staring, is he getting anger, he would be wishing to throw black kadai out, do it. He says it does not matter to me, I have stopped cooking. He asks servant to send breakfast to his study. Anika says I m making breakfast today. She makes food. Rudra and Bhavya look on. Shivaye sees smoke alarm ringing.

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Rudra stops alarm and asks what did you do. Bhavya says I have to send this lighter for fingerprints. Anika asks why are you talking like police. Bhavya says we were just saving you, see the smoke. Dadi asks why is so much smoke here. Shivaye says cooking is happening on high flame. Anika asks do you care, and cooks. Rudra says keep going, Shivaye will react, he can’t tolerate this. Shivaye says give me cornflakes, I think breakfast won’t be prepared today. He goes. Anika says this plan also gone waste, what to do.

Rudra tells Bhavya that Anika ruined Shivaye’s kitchen, even then he did not say anything, it means Shivaye has something for Anika in heart and none can separate them. He sees Pinky and says this is love bond. Bhavya says Anika can go to jail for trespassing Shivaye’s property. He asks how do you know police things. She says I have seen police movies. He says we will watch more and they go. Pinky says if Rudra is saying true, Anika will stay here forever.

Anika comes. Pinky insults her. Anika asks what’s the time, you have no appointment, next time take appointment to talk to me. Pinky laughs and asks her to fly as much as she wants. She says remember I can throw you out. Anika asks by what right, I m not your bahu now, I m owner of this house, don’t waste my time, I have much work, I have to throw some waste things. She says next time take appointment to talk to me and leaves. Pinky says fly as much as you want, I will cut your wings. Shivaye says we have to play our move before Samar takes a step. Pinky comes to him. She asks him to do something of Anika. He says I have imp things than her. She says someone is supporting her, how did she get so much money to buy this house from Omru, she has trapped a rich guy.

Shivaye walks in corridor. Anika sees him and talks on phone. She says aw, so cute, you are so good, I m lucky you are in my life. He thinks she is talking to her fiance. She says Rohit, sometimes you talk such things, stop praising me. He thinks of old moment and says Rohit is not her fiance, he is the one who danced with her. Rudra asks Shivaye what’s this and shows the flowers. Shivaye throws petals. Rudra asks is anything troubling you. Shivaye says yes, why did they keep artificial flowers instead real ones. He goes. Rudra calls out Anika and says I think this matters to him. She says he will not show it, we have to do something big. He asks what.

Ragini says I was preparing for marriage, my engagement broke. Pinky asks why are you crying, Siddharth lost a girl like you, you better deserve guy. Ragini says I m very upset. Pinky says Shivaye is also worried, since his ex wife came back, he needs his friends. Ragini gets ready and says I m coming to do friend’s duty. Pinky says fine, come soon.

Shivaye sees Anika’s phone and says I will see who is this Rohit. He calls and hears Rohit. Rohit says I will send money, don’t worry. Shivaye says she has find ill mannered guy, it means she has definitely moved on. He calls Khanna and asks him to find all details of some number. Anika asks what are you doing in my room. He says I came to take some files. She says you should have asked, how could you come like this. He says I will get my things shifted. She thinks nothing is affecting you, where is your anger and Tadi. Rudra collides with Ragini. He says last week my watch broke, I was very upset. Ragini asks what’s the point.

He says your engagement broke, why are you so happy. She says actually, I m from those who don’t express pain in front of others. He says I did not know this. She thinks he looks much smart. He thinks she looks much clever. She says you have put on weight. He says no way. She says you should eat cucumber to lose fat. He says I m not fat, you have that wood. She says not lakdi, its kakdi/cucumber. She says Shivaye and goes…. He says I hate this girl. Bhavya asks why. He says I don’t get positive vibes from her, Kakdi wali Makdi, she is fraud. Bhavya says then she will go jail. He says how do you do all this, come.

Shivaye takes his stuff. Anika says this is acting, you are being Sadhu, I have come back in your house, I got your room and ruined your kitchen, you are showing as if you don’t care. He says it doesn’t. She says you are acting. He says you come here or not, it does not matter to me. She says I left from your life, did you not care. He says no. She says I came back, even then.. He says never.

She says you are not Shivaye, you became Billu ji, I called you Billu ji. He says I don’t care of your saying. She stops him and throws water on his face. Shivaye silently goes. Anika says what happened to him, he has made a stone wall around him, how will I break this wall.

Anika says if its same ring which I made Shivaye wear, it means Shivaye still cares. She acts to fall. Shivaye holds her hand. She smiles seeing him. Some time before, Shivaye greets Ragini and says sorry I did not come in your engagement. Ragini says my engagement and heart broke, Siddharth and everyone feel we have something between us. Everyone looks on. Ragini says we just have pain in our heart. Rudra says wow, you are so fast, you got to know about Shivaye’s heart ache, people think so by the photo printed in newspaper, I m thinking how people got to know, reached hill top and took your photo. Pinky says world is such, when two rich guy and girl get friendly, they get some other meaning. Ragini asks who is she. Rudra say she is my Bhabhi, Shivaye’s…… Shivaye says ex wife. Pinky says she could not become wife, she is good as ex wife. Shivaye says you must be heartbroken, but its good, some people come in our life, but are not suitable to stay in, its easy to move on, relations which are not strong break, so just chill and move on. Ragini says sure. Anika goes to a corner and cries.

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She says it means Shivaye has gone ahead, so he does not care. Ragini says media got after me. Shivaye says I will make a few calls and sort it out, come. They leave. Anika says I did big mistake to agree to Pinky and go away from Shivaye, now I can’t end my distance with him. Pinky says Ragini and Shivaye look so good together, anyone can think they are more than friends, I pray the rumors turn true. Dadi asks her to pray for Billu’s happiness. Pinky says if Ragini comes in his life, he will be happy on his own. Dadi says you won’t understand, the heart which does strong love once, its marks don’t fade from heart, Billu will never forget Anika. Pinky asks who Anika, Shivaye does not want to talk to her, she is his past, he has moved on, I never taught him to turn behind and see. She goes. Rudra says Pinky got overconfidence, we have to do something. Dadi says yes but what….

Om asks what to do now. Rudra says don’t know, but we won’t let Anika lose. Om says yes, Ishqbaazi won’t lose this time, silence increases distance, we have to break their distance. Rudra says how, they are in different zones. Om says they won’t talk. Gauri says so what, you make them talk. Om says they are too different. Bhavya says if suspect is clever, investigating officer has to think like him to catch him. Rudra says this matter is serious, stop watching crime shows, your language is becoming like policemen. Bhavya says I mean….Gauri says we have to answer Pinky in her language.

Anika sees her mangalsutra and recalls Shivaye. She says his happiness is much imp for me, but maybe his imp is with someone else, I promised Dadi I will get his tadi back, maybe I can’t fulfill my promise, now my presence or absence does not affect him, I don’t want to lose, but there is no hope to win. She cries. She says I want a sign that he still cares for our relation, he has place for me in his heart. Shivaye talks to Khanna and comes in. Anika looks on and thinks is this same ring which I made him wear in our engagement, this is the sign I was finding. She holds his hand. He stops and sees her. He leaves. Anika says if its same ring which I made Shivaye wear, it means Shivaye still cares for our relation, I have to find which ring did he wear. Pinky asks do I have to eat this burnt food made by Anika, will you follow her order, my son pays you salary, it will happen as I want.

Jhanvi asks why are you getting anger on them. She sends maid to serve breakfast made by Anika. Pinky argues. Om says we know who did wrong, you tried to make Anika fall in our eyes, we know she is perfect for Shivaye. Jhanvi says you lost bahu and son too, Shivaye and Anika are made for each other, he is just breathing, but not living. Om says we can see his state, we regret his mum can’t see this. Pinky says no need to explain me, I m not a kid, all this sympathy is a show, you would be glad that my son’s life is getting ruined, I won’t move back, I will tell Shivaye that he is Shakti’s illegitimate son, let’s end this problem.

Jhanvi asks don’t you worry for him. Om says you won’t do this. Pinky asks who will stop me. Rudra says I will stop. Om says we will leave this house. Pinky says I will book ticket. Om says if we leave, Shivaye will leave the house and come to us. Rudra says then he will hate you. Jhanvi says we know you won’t say his birth truth to him, you don’t want to lose him. Rudra says you are nothing without him. Om says your life revolves around him, if he goes, you will get alone. Pinky says wow, you got an army, my family is blackmailing me. Rudra says children learn from elders, we learnt this from you.

Anika sees Shivaye working. She goes to see the ring. He asks do you want anything. She says no, its my house, I can go anywhere. She thinks maybe Ragini made him wear that ring, no her engagement broke, I have to find. She stands at pool side and says wow, what a beautiful weather, I wish it rains. He sips tea. She starts acting to fall. Shivaye holds her hand. She smiles seeing him wearing the ring which she made him wear in their engagement. Music plays….

He asks why do you go near the pool if you don’t know swimming. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. He goes. She happily jumps and says I got the sign, Shivaye has worn our engagement ring, it means he cares for our relation, I will fight and win, none can stop us from uniting. She laughs.

Pinky claps and says great, you both got wings, I can’t tell Shivaye his birth truth, as I don’t need, I have won by getting Shivaye and Anika divorced, he hates her, I will use this and make him do what I want, he will marry the girl I choose for her. Om and Rudra wish her luck. Pinky stops Anika and says I was coming to you. Anika asks did you take appointment. Pinky says don’t jump on other’s money, you became rich by begging, you are not rich like us. Anika asks done? Pinky says yes, you don’t know what I can do. Anika asks who else can know it. Pinky says if you try to come in his life again, I will tell him everything. Anika recalls her words.

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Anika meets Samar and says I came to say I won’t be able to do this job. Shivaye looks on. She stumbles. Samar holds her. Some time before, Pinky asks Anika not to come back in Shivaye’s life, else I will tell everything. Anika recalls her words and says tell him, let things spoil completely, you think you will threaten me and I will do same mistake, never, I did mistake as I did not trust my love strength, I felt Shivaye will shatter, I was wrong, I should have become his strength, I took that decision as I felt you will manage him, you are his mum, you have let him shatter. Pinky gets angry.

Anika says I regarded you my mum, you did not become my Saas, and Shivaye’s mum. Pinky says Anika… Anika says enough, I won’t be caught in your plans, this water has important place in my and Shivaye’s relation, I swear on this water, I will come back in his life, you challenged me that Shivaye will kick me out of here, I challenge you Shivaye will get me back with respect as his wife. Pinky says this can never happen. Anika says this will happen, our Ishqbaazi is not so weak to break. She walks off. Biwi no. 1…..plays….

Rudra asks what, you gave open challenge to Pinky. Anika asks how will this happen, Shivaye is not affected by anything, Om is not at home. He says Om will confuse you with his shayari, you came to right person, we want Shivaye’s reactions, he will react when he gets angry. She says he is not getting angry. He says we guys get anger when we feel jealous, we have to make him feel more jealous. She says Stone Singh Oberoi is not feeling jealous. He says when you were talking on phone, he was tearing flowers in jealousy with Rohit, he have to get his Tadibaaz out in SSO style. She asks how will I make him feel jealous. He says I m there, your Devar and love guru, I will say. She says fine we will see doing this. He sings Billu ko aag lagegi…..

Anika calls Samar. He answers the call and recalls Ragini’s words. He says strange, you came for job and did not come to join. She says sorry, I wanted to meet you regarding it. He asks her to meet him at some restaurant. She turns and sees Shivaye. She asks for car. Rudra comes and asks car. Anika says yes, I m going to meet someone special. He says but you always go on scooty. She says but I m going to meet someone special. Shivaye says take car and driver along. She leaves. Rudra says what happened to her, how can she change so much, she is going to meet someone in car to impress. Shivaye asks him not to worry. He goes. Rudra says you got worried, its fine, it will be seen soon.

Anika wears high heels and short dress. She finds difficulty in walking. She goes inside the restaurant. She tells Rudra that she can’t do this. Rudra says you can do it and sings Billu song. Anika says you made me wear this kerchief type dress, these 5 tower heels and 3000rs bag. He says that bag is worth 3 lakhs. She asks what and checks it. He asks her to focus on mission. She says why is this bag worth 3 lakhs. He says its brand value. She says I can’t do this. He says you have to do this. She says don’t say this sandal is worth 10000rs, my heart will fail. He says no, its worth 25000rs. She asks what, I could have paid 3 months rent to Chanda in this price. He asks her to see in front. She sees Shivaye and says Shivaye…. He says see this is called jealousy. She says its great. He asks her to focus in Shivaye, he is priceless. She says I can do anything for Shivaye, even wear this cheap dress. He asks her to go ahead. Shivaye looks at her. She greets Samar. He signs her to sit.

Anika says I had to say sorry to you, you called me and I did not come, I came here to say, I can’t do this job. She gives the resignation letter. Samar says you could have refused on phone as well. She says I wanted to meet you, and say thanks and sorry, sorry for not doing this job, thanks for showing trust in me. Shivaye looks on, sitting at the table behind. Samar asks will you have anything. She says no, thanks. Rudra asks Anika to go ahead now, else plan will flop. Anika says fine and stumbles. Samar holds her. Shivaye gets shocked and gets up. She sees him. Samar asks are you fine. She nods and smiles. Samar leaves.

Shivaye gets angry and drops the juice glass down. Anika smiles. Shivaye leaves. He comes home angrily. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Jhanvi asks what happened. Shivaye goes to his room. He recalls Anika and Samar, and throws a chair on the glass wall. Jhanvi and Pinky hear the sound. Anika comes to Shivaye and smiles. She asks what’s all this. He asks what, I did not do anything. She asks did any Bagad billa come here, this room was fine. He says maybe earthquake came. She says you won’t accept you did this in anger. He asks why will I get angry, I don’t care. She says you broke my room. He says this is my room, I want this room, find other room. She says atleast his tadi came back. She says fine, I will give this room to you, I would have given you even the house if you asked, I m very happy today. He says I have seen your happiness in restaurant. She asks did you follow me. He says no, if I cared, you would have been outside this house.


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