Game of Love 3rd August 2020 Written update: On Game of Love Star life Monday 3 August 2020 Written update, Shivaye angrily breaks the glass recalling Bajaj’s words. The orphanage lady calls Shivaye and says I got Anika’s mum’s address.

Shivaye goes to that address and wonders how can any decent person stay in such place. Some time before, Shivaye hugs Anika intensely and gets tearful eyes thinking of Bajaj’s words. She asks him the matter. He says come with me Anika. She asks where. He takes her to kitchen. She asks why did you get me here. He makes her sit. He asks her to have food. She says I had breakfast, you have it. He feeds her.

She asks him to have it. He says try some pasta. She says I will get fat and then you will say. He says no, nothing will happen, have food. She says you are feeding me as if I m hungry since childhood. He recalls Bajaj’s words and gives her the plate. He looks at her, and thinks you have lost a lot in life, not anymore, there will be just happiness around, I will keep you very happy, you will forget sorrow, you will be the happiest woman on this earth, this is my promise. He feeds her water. She says enough.


Shivaye goes to Rudra. Rudra says you may have come here by mistake. Shivaye shuts the door. Rudra asks what are you doing. Shivaye gets a stick. Rudra looks on. Shivaye breaks the tv and other things, recalling Bajaj’s words. Rudra gets shocked and moves back.

He stops Shivaye and asks what are you doing, what happened. Shivaye asks what am I doing, and why, what’s wrong with me, I got after Anika’s family and blood, its enough, how does it matter, her parents don’t matter, Anika matters to me, but I m Shivaye, I want to know her name, blood and family, Anika has no interest to know, but I have interest, who am I to question her, I feel so small today. Rudra cries. Shivaye says Anika have seen a lot in life, she has gone through a lot alone, she did not break, she never cried, she faced the situation without anyone’s support, she made her weakness her strength, I m trying to scratch her weakness, I forced her to marry me by kidnapping her brother, I won, she had to marry me, Sahil is not her own brother, even then she saved him, she risked her life to save me, she respects everyone, she is perfect sister, bahu and wife, I m finding what’s her background, my thinking got so small, I could not come out of these things. Rudra says you realized this atleast.

Shivaye says I got to know what she has went through in her childhood, I could not handle hearing about her one day, she has spent all her life like that, we can’t imagine that. Rudra says that’s over, but now you have her happiness in your hands, make sure you give her happiness she deserves. Shivaye says yes, she has seen many sorrows, now her life will have just happiness, I will protect her from sorrows. Rudra says I like this side of yours, and hugs him.

Shivaye says thanks for listening to me, so much broke today. Rudra says its fine, I m glad to meet my brother, not Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you can fight with yourself, Anika’s Shivaye will win, not SSO’s thinking. Shivaye says I will try my best, you have grown up. Pinky comes and calls out Shivaye. Rudra opens the door. Pinky says Shivaye, Guru ji came to talk about Kulgotra puja.

Shivaye goes to Guru ji. Pinky asks Guru ji to keep puja tomorrow. Guru ji goes. Shivaye asks why tomorrow. Pinky says we got late, you left puja incomplete, we have to complete it before your birthday. He says we will keep it later. She says now we will write Anika’s clan in golden words, you got good news. She tells Dadi that Anika is Bajaj’s grand daughter, we felt she is like such girls who are raised in orphanage, but Shivaye found out everything, now there is no problem, I could have not found such family girl for Shivaye. Dadi says yes, now you and Billu are happy. Pinky says yes, my grandchildren will have Oberois and Bajaj’s blood, we will keep puja and announce Anika is from Bajaj’s family, call Mr. Bajaj, did you tell Anika. Anika comes and asks what.

Shivaye asks her to go inside. Pinky asks why, tell me. He says let me handle this, Anika go inside, I will come. Anika goes. Pinky asks why are you not telling her. He says Kulgotra puja won’t happen tomorrow. Pinky asks how can you refuse. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Pinky says we can proudly say she is Bajaj’s grand daughter. He says she is not Bajaj’s grand daughter.

Pinky asks what are you saying. He says I had misunderstanding. Pinky says it means Anika is not from good family. He asks can we just stop this now, I wanted to know her background, I don’t want to know now. He leaves. Pinky thinks I will make you helpless to know Anika’s truth, you will find out that which you can’t imagine. The orphanage lady calls him and says I got info about Anika, I thought to inform you. He says I m not interested. She says you wanted to know yesterday, actually I got her mum’s address. He asks Anika’s mum.

The lady calls Pinky and says I did as you said, thanks for big donation. Pinky says I can do anything to make Anika leave from Shivaye’s life. Shivaye reaches the place and sees some women. He says the lady gave me this address and goes ahead. A prostitute asks him to come. He says how can anyone decent stay here, I will find out. Another prostitute asks him to come. He says I need your help. She says yes, my helping rate is 2000rs. He says no, I really need your help, I came to find Naintara. She says yes, she used to stay here, give me money first, I helped you. He stops her from touching him and pays money, asking for full info. She says go and ask Paanwala, he knows everything. He thanks her and goes to ask.

Pinky looks on and says this is what I wanted, now Anika’s name and blood will matter to you, you will hate her now. The betel leaves vendor tells Shivaye about Naintara, she used to come here and sing. Shivaye sees temple and thinks maybe she was bhajan singer. He gives his card and says when she comes, ask her to call me. He thinks I m sure she will call me. Pinky says I think Shivaye has just seen temple, so he is happy, he did not see what I can see. She sees lovely dance bar and thinks when you know where Anika’s mum used to sing, ground will slip from your feet.

Shivaye sees Anika on the way and stops the car. He pulls her away, seeing the car blowing and shouts Anika. Some time before, Anika asks Dr. Goyal how many days will it take for DNA results, 2-3 days more, fine, call me when reports come. She says sorry Shivaye, I m doing your and Mahi’s DNA without telling you, but this is imp, if Mahi is really your brother then, everyone has right to know truth about family. Shivaye thinks I will find out about Anika’s mum, I can’t tell Anika right now, I will tell her later as its her right to know her family and meet her mum. He leaves from there. Anika says where did bracelet go. Sahil says it will be near mirror. She gets it and says you know everything, where did Shivay go. He says orphanage. She asks what…. and gets shocked. She asks did Shivaye go to orphanage, what’s the matter Sahil.

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Sahil says actually….. Shivaye comes home and asks what’s cooking. Sahil says things are spoiling, happy birthday. Shivaye says its not my happy birthday. Sahil says it will happen after I leave. He goes. Anika looks for water. Shivaye asks for drinking. She says no, for throwing on you, you went to orphanage without asking me, what did you get there. He says I can explain. She says you are saying you don’t care by my name, blood and family, but this matters to you, what did you get, if I accepted I have no family, why are you after it, you will just get pain if you try to scratch old wounds. He thinks this info is imp for me, this will not affect my relation. He says this does not matter to me. She says it matters, else you would have not gone to orphanage by asking Sahil, you should have asked me, are you a spy or a clever aunty of daily soaps.

He says I don’t understand this reference, that’s the person I m, I think 100 times before taking decisions. She says some things are such as it is, I think this will always matter to you, it means you will decide in our relation, you will talk to me when you want, else you won’t, when its going to be by your wish, what’s the point in being together. He asks why do you always argue about our relation. She says you force me to argue. He gets a call and says I don’t want to talk about this. He goes. She says I will complete my talk, how did he go. He tells Dadi that he is going to his factory, there is some crisis, please inform this to mom. He leaves. Anika asks him to stop. Dadi asks her not to call him from behind, he got imp work, he left. Anika says your work is necessary and my talk is not imp, I will also complete my talk.

Shivaye is on the way. Anika follows him on scooty and plays horns. He says she is pressing horn as if she has to go ahead and blow off fire at some place. She comes in front of his car and stops him. He sees Anika and gets down the car. He recalls the old moment. He says you are following me, why. She says yes, I did not finish the talk yet, will you set all rules. He says you started the fight. She says I will end the fight, I have to fight more. He says you want us to fight here, let the factory crisis go on, you fight with me. She says you will end the fight and then go. He asks her to sit in car and fight. She says yes, nice idea, none will hear us. He asks her to tie seat belt. She asks him not to help and says I have done this. He says I can see, you can ask my help. He helps her. Music plays……

She plays radio. He says radio is switched on, not played. Some old song plays….. They start arguing. She says some people sing so bad that mood gets spoiled. He recalls his singing and says I don’t sing so bad, I m a good singer. She says fine, but you are a great spy. He asks you started again. She says you are really crazy, any little kid can understand the difference between humans and things, you have to do same thing. He says quality check. She says yes, person will remain same, but you have to know everything, like people ask the specifications, what’s name, family and blood, I thought you changed, I was wrong, you are Kanji eyes Bagad Billa, you can never change. He asks how did my eyes come in between. She says its your eyes, your name should have been Search singh oberoi. He says I just wanted to know. She says yes, you have disease to know everything.

They hear the message on radio about two prisoners escaping from jail. She switches it off. He asks her to let him hear imp info. She says why, it was some song details, you want to know everything, I will get medicines for this. He asks her not to get after medicines. She asks why did you get after my background. He asks her to sit quiet. He drives in high speed. He says I wish this was a chopper, I would have jumped down, my patience has run out, I can’t handle this any more. His car breaks down. She asks how is this smoke coming. They get down the car and see the smokey engine. He says its your mistake. She says you made car a plane. He says you angered me. They argue in middle of the road. He says we should solve this problem first. She asks him what is he doing. He asks her to do something. She gets the container and pours on the engine. The car catches fire. He screams and pulls her away. They get shocked as the car explodes and gets high in air. The car falls down and burns.

She asks what happened, water blows off fire. He says it was petrol, you burnt my car. She says I did mistake. He says this is called foolishness. She says people keep water in car, not petrol. He says keeping info is necessary, people keep petrol when gas stations are not available. She asks what’s use of such info that does the harm. He says its not because of info, you did this. He says let me think what to do now. She says you make a call, a helicopter will come down. He says I would have done this, but phone was in car. She says your phone should have been in pocket. He says I did not know my wife will burn my car.

She says I did not know the container will have petrol. They argue. He says maybe this happened, as we argued on the way, universe does not want us to fight. She says I think you are missing Tia baby, so you are saying universe. He asks how did Tia come in this. She says maybe its someone else. He says stop it, let’s think how to solve this. She says I have an idea, come on my red Champa. He says that which we left 50 kms behind, you would not know this being busy in argument. She checks and says I forgot my phone at home. He says Aw, you are so careless. She asks him to stop taunts and think. He says I would get help, come. Pinky tells someone that Shivaye is finding Anika’s mum, you know what to do. The lady nods and wears ghungroos.

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Shivaye and Anika have some fruits and laugh. They dance on hum tum ek kamre….Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s that. Anika says Taj mahal, why are you asking me, I can see the same. He says I did mistake to ask you, don’t fight again. She says I did not say anything. He says we won’t talk now. She says fine. They reach some garden area. She likes the beautiful place. He asks did you say anything to me. She says no, I was talking to myself. She sings. He says you are singing in this situation. She taunts that he sings bad. He says this place can be dangerous too, we have no info about this place. She says oh, so this is the problem, you have no info. She sees some berries and plucks. She eats and says I m very hungry.

He asks do you know what’s this, it can be poisonous. She says its fruit, tree can’t have info on it. She makes him eat it and asks how is it. He says its exactly like we get in supermarket. She says even supermarkets get it from trees, this is fresh, have more, I will pluck more. He says give me more. She gives him. She laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She says because I want to, why are you laughing. They laugh and get shaky like drunk.

They reach the house. He says Taj mahal. She says door is locked. He says we will break it. She asks him for keys. He says give me keys. She says I don’t have. He says I want keys. She laughs. He lifts door mat and find keys. She says wait. He opens the lock and says you would be thinking how do I know, I read novels, keys are inside flower pot, under door mat, so I guessed it. She asks did you come here before. He says no. She says it means you are fooling me, tell me with whom did you come. He says I did not. She says don’t lie. She asks how can you find the keys under door mat, it means you came here. He says you… She asks what, why are you scared. He says let me say, you think I m that kind of guy, I just found keys. She asks even then, how did you find out. He knocks on door. She says open it. They get inside the house.

She says you did not tell me, how did you know about keys. He asks stupid, don’t you watch movies. She throws keys. He says you have thrown keys. He shuts door. He says door got locked, when anyone comes from outside, door will open, what about keys, keys are out and we are in, Anika where are you, where did you hide. She teases him and laughs. He asks what are you doing there. She says I m hiding. He says I will hide and holds radio in front of his face. She says radio, we will listen. Hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho……plays on radio. Shivay and Anika dance, while the song matches up to their situation. He holds her in arms. She falls on the bed. He laughs. He sits by her side and sleeps.

Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika. He thinks you are right Anika, I m complicating things, whatever is between us is really good, I will try not to hurt you again, your smile always stays on your face. He removes the glasses off her eyes and looks at her. He lifts her and makes her sleep properly. He sits adoring her. He falls on the bed and sleeps by her side.

The important message plays on radio, about two prisoners running away from jail. Its morning, Anika wakes up and sees Shivaye sleeping. A bee troubles him. Anika tries to shoo it away. Shivaye wakes up and asks what are you doing. She hits the bee and he gets hit. He says its domestic violence. She scolds the bee. She says I m hitting honey bee. He asks do you think I m bee. She says wait, don’t move. He says its honey bee, I did not get my medicine. She says what could medicines do, would that save you. He asks who will save me. She says me, I m scaring it away. The bee flies off. They argue that they have shooed the bee away. He says you have thrown the keys, night passed, we are stuck here, if door does not open, don’t know how many nights we have to spend here. She says its not a bad place, we can spend our entire life here. She smiles. He says you are not serious right. She asks did you not see Qayamat se qayamat tak, Aamir and Juhi are lost. He says this is not film, its life. She says you are not Aamir Khan, anyone should learn from you how to puncture romance. He says so you are romancing with me, I did not know my wife knows romance. She says stop this 2 rs cheap talk, I feel shy.

He asks why, you liked this place. He gets close. They hear the message on radio, that two prisoners are still on loose, if anyone see them, contact police. Shivaye asks did you see, two prisoners have run away. She says we are stuck here. He says I m also getting prisoner’s feeling, can we go out of here or not. She says sometimes miracles happen, maybe door opens on own. The door opens. Two officers come. Shivaye asks who are you. The man asks who are you, what are you doing here. Shivaye says we came to ask for help, our car broke down, so we have spent night here, who are you. The man says we are forest rangers, this is our guest house. Shivaye says that’s great, we have no phone and car, can you arrange transport for us. The man says we will just come. Anika says I did not know my fingers have magic, I said door will open and it did. Shivaye says you think so, it was sheer coincidence. She says you don’t want to praise me. He says fine, I don’t want to argue, thanks. She says I m happy.

Dadi asks Pinky did you talk to Billu. Pinky says no, his phone is unreachable. Dadi asks her to call Anika. Pinky says she left her phone at home, they did not say and went. Dadi says don’t worry, they went alone for the first time, let them enjoy. Pinky says they will enjoy when Anika comes home, I planned such thing, Anika will see.

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Shivaye scolds the criminals. Shivay and Anika beat the men. Some time before, the man says I have a great idea, they don’t know we are escaped prisoners, we will use them and leave for Mumbai, then police can’t find us, we will ask him to drive, he will get trapped. Shivaye asks what did you think. The man says sorry, we could have dropped you, but we did night duty its highway, if we fall asleep while driving. Shivaye says its fine, I will drive. The man says if he acts clever, we will kill him. He holds the gun. They leave.

Anika asks their names. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Anika says they are helping us. The man says I m Amar. Other man says I m Prem. She laughs and says Amar Prem, are you saying fake names. The men see each other. She laughs. Shivaye asks her to behave herself. She says their name is such, Amar Prem. She tells filmi lines and laughs. She says you would have seen Andaz apna apna. The man says no. She asks what, its limit. She tells about the movie. Shivaye says thanks so much Anika for saying story, now they don’t need to say movie. She says even songs are left. She sings ye raat aur ye duri….. The man hold heads. Shivaye says rest now, you sing well. She says I will play radio. He says no, I need some peace. She says yes, they are giving same news again and again about prisoners. The man asks what. She says two prisoners escaped, radio is playing same news. Shivaye asks her to be quiet for some time. They reach police check post.

Inspector asks where are you going. Anika says Anika. Shivaye asks shall I talk. Inspector says take car aside, two prisoners…. Anika says I know two prisoners have run away. Shivcaye asks shall I talk. Inspector says I have to check car. She asks why checking, we have two forest rangers with us. The man gets angry. Shivaye asks inspector to check if he wants. Anika says its waste of time. Inspector asks them to go. He calls them out. Inspector sees the men in back seat. He says your side tyre has less air, drive carefully, there is no mechanic nearby. Shivaye drives. Anika tells about the cars not working well these days. She shouts police. The men get alert. She says I have seen much police today, even police is not finding thieves, if this was any B grade film, these forest rangers would have been thieves. Shivaye asks are you done. He stops the car. Inspector says my bike broke down.

Anika says maybe they want help like us. Shivaye says we can drop you. The man says we have no problem, come sit. Inspector sits in back seat with the men. He asks what do you do. Shivaye says I m a businessman. Inspector says I think you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says yes, she is my wife Anika. Inspector asks who are these two. Anika says they are forest rangers, our car caught fire, we spent night in their guest house, this is their car, they are dropping us, they did night duty, they are tired, so my husband is driving. Inspector asks forest rangers in this area, whom do you report if there is an inactivity. The men lie to him. They hold the inspector and make him unconscious. Anika sees this in mirror and says Shivaye…. The man aims gun at her and asks her to be quiet.

Shivaye asks what happened, you are not saying anything. She signs him. Shivaye asks shall I drive or see your signs. She tries to get his attention. Shivaye says we are going home, not in any party. She thinks what to do, how to tell Shivaye.

She thinks of the code word oye oye…. She sings oye oye….. Shivaye asks what happened to you. She says what happened to you, can’t you understand this. He says its a song. The man says I think she wants to play Antakshiri. The other man asks them to enjoy the journey, as it maybe last one. The men ask them to play in teams. The man sings Goli maare bheje mein…. and laughs. He asks Anika to sing. Anika says yes, and sings oye oye…. Shivaye asks what happened to you, same oye oye, what’s wrong with you. She asks why did you forget. He says I remember the song, oye oye….. She says you remember why we have sung this song, I danced on it, why did I dance on it. He says I remember it, its our code. She signs him bending down. He gets shocked seeing the gun pointed to her back. They sing oye oye……. He applies the brakes. The man asks what happened. Shivaye asks Anika to jump. Shivaye and Anika get down the car, and run away.

He asks her is she fine. She says I m fine, but I was shouting oye oye, why did you not understand. He asks will I dream you are giving me warning, I thought you are singing. He says it was that time code word, you talk a lot, my mind will blow if I try understanding everything. She says you think I talk nonsense. She says its your mistake, next time if I sing this song, understand its some danger. The man shoots in air and asks them to come out.

Shivaye and Anika come to them. He asks are you those prisoners, we are not related to you, let us go. The man says so that you tell police and get us caught, we will kill you. Shivaye asks Anika to run. Anika says no Shivaye. Shivaye says let her go. The man says she spoke nonsense and irritated me, I will kill her. Shivaye holds his collar and asks how dare you say this about my wife, I will kill you. Anika hits on that man’s head with a stone. Shivaye asks really Anika. She smiles and thanks him. The man says you are going. Anika slaps the man. Shivaye asks her why did she not go when he asked her to go. She asks how would I go leaving you. He asks her to think by mind sometimes. The man gets up. Shivaye lifts Anika and kicks the man. Shivaye says this is happening because of you. They both argue. She says its your mistake, you went to get info from orphanage. They beat the men. The man gets the gun. Anika says we are great jodi. The man points gun and asks them to stand quiet now.


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