Game of Love 1 August 2020: On Game of Love Saturday 1st August 2020 Written update, Mahi fights with the goons. He says till Mahi is there, nothing can happen to you. Shivaye asks how did this blood come.

Anika says Mahi is bad, but he is not mean, maybe he did this on someone’s saying. Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Anika gets tensed and says Shivaye…… Shivaye falls down unconscious. The goons tie him to the chair. Mahi drives the bike and comes there.

He gets down the bike. He says if you touch Shivaye, you will have to use one hand all life. The goons asks who are you duplicate, you do good comedy. Mahi says I do action better. He puts some powder and makes a line. He says this line is your border, if you cross this, I will do your Gangaram. The goon says we took supari to kill him. Mahi says I have sworn to save him. The goon says if you have courage, save him. Mahi says if you have courage, touch him and show. The goon to hit Shivaye with a sword. Mahi holds the sword in hand. His blood falls over Shivaye’s face. Mahi beats the goons with a big metal rod, to defend their attack. The fight goes on.

All the goons fall down. Mahi goes to Shivaye and sits. He opens the ropes. He removes his headband and does relief to Shivaye’s wound. He gets tearful eyes and holds Shivaye’s face. He sets Shivaye’s hair. He holds his own face and hair and cries. He says I m here, Mahi is here, till I m here, nothing can happen to you. He gets up. He takes Shivaye’s phone and calls Rudra. He says I m in old mill, come and pick me. He keeps back the phone in Shivaye’s pocket. He holds Shivaye’s hand and then gets away.

Rudra reaches there. He sees Shivaye and runs to him. He asks what happened to you, get up. He lifts Shivaye on his shoulders and takes him in the car. Mahi looks on from far.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up. Pinky asks are you fine, we were worried, what happened, how did you faint, what were you doing in old mill. He asks where is Anika. Anika says I m here. He asks her to come to him and sit. Pinky sees Anika and gets up. Shivaye asks Anika to sit. Anika sits with him. Pinky stands with other family members. He asks are you fine. Anika says you are hurt. He says you are also hurt. She says I m fine. He says then even I m fine. Pinky cries. He holds Anika’s hand. He asks how did I come here. Rudra says courier guy delivered you, you just have one dashing brother. Shivaye jokes oh, Om got me here, how did you know I m in old mill. Rudra says you called me and asked me to come to old mill. Shivaye asks how did I call you, I remember, I reached there, some goons attacked on me, then I fainted, and then I woke up here. Rudra says it was your phone and even voice was yours. Shivaye says no, I did not call you. Rudra says maybe you forgot. Shivaye says I did not. He sees the blood marks on his shirt and touches his head. He says I have no wound, how did this blood come.

Mahi comes home and says Maa why are you after Shivaye’s life. He gets a call. Ranveer says its me, listen to me, I have gone underground, police is finding me, there is major problem, Kamini went somewhere, you also get underground before police reaches you. Mahi says she did not tell me and went. Ranveer ends call. Mahi says Maa went and did not tell me.

Rudra says this would be his blood. Anika says I also think so. Shivaye asks whom are you talking about. She says we are talking about duplicate/Mahi. Rudra says you called me, his voice is like you, it means he called. Mahi goes somewhere and cries. Shivaye says you mean Mahi saved my life, he is the same person who kidnapped me, he kept me in confinement, he tried to prove me fake, you are saying he saved my life. Anika says why would he kidnap you if he had to take your life, think Shivaye, you were unconscious, goons would have done anything, but someone came and saved you, he saved you, I don’t think he is that bad. Mahi plays mouth organ and cries.

Shakti says I think Shivaye is right, you all think why will any wrong man do a right thing. Shivaye says exactly. Anika says maybe he did this on someone’s saying, or maybe he was helpless, think he stayed here as Shivaye, but he never used this, he did not steal money, he always stayed away from me, he never tried to come close, he is bad, not mean. Pinky asks are you taking his side. Anika says no, I think there would be big reason behind this. Shivaye thinks why did he save me, what can be the reason behind this.

Shivaye says I would have not received this award, if that special person was not in my life. Shakti and Pinky look on. Shivaye says the real deserving person of my achievement is my wife Anika. Pinky stops and looks at Anika. Some time before, Shakti calls someone and says pick up the phone. He says water is going overhead, my son would have lost his life today, I have to do something. Pinky comes crying and says my son changed, he does not see anyone else than Anika, are you listening. He says shut up, you are seeing I m doing imp call to someone, I m sorry.

She cries and says my son is going away from me. He asks what are you saying, Anika is Shivaye’s wife, he was just your son before, now he is someone’s husband, his time and love will get divided now.

Anika and Shivaye feel the pain while doing work and smile. She says we both are broken. He asks her to become superwoman again. He says you maybe having pain now. She says all this is because of you, you were asking do I feel pain, see I m in pain now, did you get happy. Pinky comes and says Shivaye I got this miraculous ointment for you, it is good relief. He says fine, I will apply. She makes him sit and checks his swelling. He worries for Anika and makes her sit. He takes ointment from Pinky and says I think Anika needs this more. Anika says no, let it be. He says mom said its effective. She sees Pinky and says she got this for you. He says its same thing if you apply it or me. Pinky leaves. She cries. Shakti asks why are you crying. She says my son has become Anika’s husband now. She goes.

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Its morning, Shakti goes to Shivaye. He says there is press conference at home today. Shivaye says yes, but why formality. Shakti says you are getting businessman of the year award, if media wants to cover it, its fine. Shivaye agrees and goes. Anika takes sindoor to apply and feels difficulty. Shivaye comes and holds the sindoor box. He applies sindoor to her. O jaana….plays……… She recalls the old moments. She says I will manage. He says I can see that, you have problem in asking help. She says I don’t have habit to take anyone’s help, I did everything on own, I learnt by my mistakes, I know things by my life, if any cheap guy whistled, I have beaten him, if I cried, I have wiped my tears, if I got hurt, I applied ointment on own, I m not weak to ask for anyone’s support. He says but everyone wants someone, every ship needs an anchor. She asks what do you mean. He says none can do everything alone, what did you say. She explains the word, lean girls who needs support. He says fine, you understand, you won’t get short if you ask for help. She says fine, why this lecture. He says so that you ask for help, you can thank me too, you won’t get fat. She asks what do you mean, I m fat. He asks can’t you joke on my height, can’t I call you fat. She says I m not fat, but you are… He asks what. She asks did I say anything. He says you were going to say something. They smile. She says I will ask help if needed, there is one condition, you will say that. He asks what. She says you will say, Anika you are beautiful. He says not again. She says since you came in my boring life, there are colors in my life, when I see you, my heart beats fast and my breath stops on not seeing you. He says I won’t say. She takes sindoor box and asks him to take box if he wants. She runs over the bed. He holds her and gets hurt. They laugh. Sahil comes and asks do you guys play in this age. Anika laughs. Shivaye says no, I mean, wait, my brother has come.

She says wait, he is my brother. He says he is on my side. She says he is on my side, Sahil say it. Sahil says I m not on anyone’s side, you both are on my side. Anika and Shivaye laugh and kiss him. Pinky looks on angrily and goes. Anika smiles. Sahil says your smile is not stopping. She says stop it, I m not smiling. He says you know I m exams pressure, I left everything and came here with Rudra to meet you, as you got shot, you are smiling. She smiles. He says it happens in love.

She asks him to stop it. Sahil says you both started, its same state now, I think SSO is also hearing the bells, like you. She says there is nothing such. He says yes, its such, he was so scared and threatened doctor, he said you and I are his family. She says Shivaye is very nice, maybe he said this. He says no, he would have said this to everyone then, SSO changed, we used to hate him, but version 2 is mindblowing, he is number one, because he is also in love with you.

She says no Sahil, there is just friendship and respect between us, nothing more, yes I love him but he does not love me, he will never love me. He asks why. She says for him, blood, family, name are everything, I don’t have it, I don’t know who am I, who are my parents, if Shivaye knows I have grown up in an orphanage, it will be last day of our relation, he can never love me. He says I don’t think so, SSO version 2 won’t care for all this. She cries and says some dreams are such which can never fulfill, I don’t want to see such dreams, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but Shivaye is with me today, I m very happy, I don’t want to think of tomorrow, we will see whatever happens. She hugs Sahil and cries.

Shivaye addresses the press conference. He thanks everyone for coming and acknowledges the award. The reporter asks him about the red mark on his shirt. Shivaye recalls Anika and says I think its just a color. The reporter says its sindoor. Shivaye says I think we should get on with business, we all know this award is much special, I would have not received this award, if that special person was not in my life. Shakti and Pinky look on. Shivaye says much happened in my life, which should have not happened, I would have not been here, the special person is that woman, because of whom, I m in this world, I want to share this moment with her. Shivaye says the real deserving person of my achievement is……

Pinky smiles and says my son did not forget me. Shivaye says she is my wife Anika. Pinky stops and looks at Anika. He says if she did not save my life, I would have not been here. Anika smiles and goes to him. He holds her hand. Pinky looks at them.

Pinky says you used to say a person is known by his family, now Anika’s name will get linked to your name, your children and their children should know Anika’s family. He says enough. She asks where are you going. He says I m going on work. She asks are you going without saying Anika’s surname, atleast say that. Some time before, Shivaye introduces Anika to the media. He says meet my wife, she is not just my strength, but my biggest support system, Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika says just Anika, remember out of character thing. He says fine, meet my wife Anika. He gives her the award. Pinky says you forgot your mum for wife, she saved your life, you did not think of mum who gave you birth, its my hardwork, you gave credits to this cheap girl. Everyone clap. Pinky says you made me away from Shivaye, now see I will make you away from Anika. She cries seeing them.

Pinky asks maid to call Shivaye for dinner. Maid says but Shivaye asked to get food to his room. Pinky asks why. Shakti says I told them to have food in room, you know they are hurt. She says but we don’t have food in room. He asks what’s big deal to see convenience. She says my Shivaye first sees traditions. Shakti sits to have food. She thinks Shivaye is breaking customs for Anika.

Anika is unable to have food. Shivaye feeds food to her. She says I can have it. He says your wound is still fresh, till it gets fine, you will have food by my hands, what happened, is it spicy. She says its sweet. He tastes food to see. She cries and says no one cared for me so much, when I got ill in childhood, I used to sleep without having food, there was no one to scold me and make me have food. He says that’s why I told you, support maybe needed or not, but everyone needs a partner, I will always feed you this way. She says you want me to get ill. He says you always think wrong, promise me you won’t do such stunts again. She says you also promise me. He says why, I m Shivaye and can do anything, I will surely do it because you are my… She asks responsibility, right, then even you are my responsibility, our relation is strange, it started with breaking things and today we are broken, I will feed you. He says I can have it. She asks him to have it. He eats food and says its good. They have food. Pinky sees them.

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Its morning, Shakti talks to someone and says find out where is Kamini, my family members should not know I asked you to find Kamini. Anika wakes up and sees Shivaye. She keeps her hand to block sunlight falling on his face. She thinks there should be some use to wake up early. She takes bath and comes. She sprinkles the water from her wet hair on his face. He wakes up and shouts Panika, what are you doing. She asks him not to spoil her name. He says you always throw water on me. She asks why are you angry, I have just put some water. She jokes. She says you always wake up irritated, I thought you will wake up with good mood. He asks did you think you will throw water on me and my mood will get fine. She says I just felt so, its nonsense shown in films, when heroine throws water on hero like this, he sings a song.

He asks her not to watch hindi films, just watch Hollywood films. She says I don’t watch such films, heroines are shameless, they have house and car, and no money to buy clothes. He says its useless to talk to you. She says even its useless to talk to you. He asks why did you get up early. She says you have problem with everything, you got bitter having black coffee. He says you felt sweet last night. She says that’s the thing, its tough to understand you. He says I will explain. She goes away and gets ready. He asks are you going somewhere. She says yes, don’t ask me for what work, I won’t say. He says then even I won’t say it. She says I know where you are going. Rudra told me you are going in real estate meeting. He says Rudra does not digest anything, tell me where are you going. She says to make my mood better. She goes. Pinky sees her and says where did she go. Maid says Guru ji has come.

Pinky and Shakti smile seeing Guru ji. Shakti says you did good to come here. Guru ji asks why did you call me. Pinky says its Shivaye’s 33rd birthday, we were thinking to keep puja, it should have happened after his birthday, many problems came on him, we thought problem is coming as we did not keep puja, do puja next week. Shakti says there is a request, we want Anika’s name to get included in Kulgotra patri, as you know our family had this tradition to include bahu’s name in Kulgotra. Guru ji says sure, I have been keeping that accounts, what’s her name. Pinky says Anika. Guru ji says give me her parents name, family name, kundli. Shakti says we don’t know, we will ask her and tell you. Pinky thinks Shakti is innocent, Anika will say if she knows, Shivaye forgot name, blood and family because of Anika, this is the way to remind him, see Anika how I make him out of your clutches. She goes to call Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Anika to give file. He realizes and says she is not here, I have to find it myself. He does not get file and says I always ask her not to move my things, I will call her and ask, but no, she fought and went, I m not going to call her, but I won’t get file then, keep ego on side and call her, when she tells about file, I will end call. He calls her.

Anika is in chawl. She does not answer. He says so much attitude. Pinky comes and asks Shivaye to come, Guru ji has come and wants to talk about Gotrapatri. He says I have to go for imp meeting. She says it will take few mins, come. Anika says Shivaye gets angry when I talk of him, I have to find out who is he, he has some other motive than money, there is something which he knows and we did not know. She asks some people about Mahi. She asks them to help. The man asks what’s his name. She says don’t know. The man asks how does he look, describe him. She gets Shivaye’s call and says he looks like him. He asks her to answer call and meet. She says he just looks like him. The man asks is he twin. She says no, just face is same, did you see someone looking like him. The man says everyone knows him, he fights with people every day, he is not at one place. She says but there will be some place. The man laughs and asks his house?

Pinky asks Guru ji to ask Shivaye about Anika, she is not at home. Guru ji says got Kulgotra puja and patri, I want complete info about your wife. Shivaye says just Anika can tell you, I m getting late mom, ask her when she comes. Pinky says don’t know when will she come, Guru ji won’t wait, tell her parents’ name and Gotra. He says Anika will come and tell. She says but we don’t know when will she come. He says puja is not today, why are you getting so impatient. Shakti says why are you getting upset, Pinky is right, it takes time to make patri. Shivaye says I don’t know, when she comes, ask her. Pinky says call her and ask. He says I called, she is busy. She says if you don’t know her parents’ name, tell her surname, Guru ji will find out, don’t you know her surname, don’t say you don’t know her surname, we know name, blood and family matter a lot to you, you married Anika, you would know her family, she does not belong to rich family, but the people would be good and respectable.

Pinky says you used to say a person is known by his family, now Anika’s name will get linked to your name, your children and their children should know Anika’s family, what’s her background. He says enough, don’t you understand, I told you to ask Anika, but same question again and again. She asks why are you angry, I just asked your wife’s surname, fine don’t say, I will ask Anika’s brother. She sees Sahil and calls him out, asking do you know your parents’ name, tell their name and Gotra/ clan. He asks what are you doing, don’t drag him, Sahil go. Sahil goes. She asks where are you going. He says I m going on work. She asks are you going without saying Anika’s surname, atleast say that. He looks on.

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Shivaye thinks of Pinky’s words and Anika. He says I have to choose between my identity and Anika. Some time before, Anika asks some people about Mahi. She says none is ready to say, why. She asks kids about Mahi. The boy says yes, he stays in that house. She thanks him and goes to that house. She looks around and says there is no one here. Mahi keeps knife at her neck and asks who are you. She pushes him. He says Anika, how did you come here, Khanna told me you came here. He throws knife. She says strange, your acting is still going on, your black eyes show truth. He asks why did you come here. She says to know who are you, you tried to take my husband’s place, I want to know on whose saying you did this, I could have called police and got you arrested, but I feel you are not so bad, maybe you were helpless to do it, I want to know on whose saying you did this and why, who are you. He says I will say, truth is.. She says I m waiting. He runs. She runs after him asking him to stop.

Pinky says your birthday is coming, so we wanted this puja to happen. Shivaye says I m saying about your drama, not puja. She asks what’s big thing, I just asked your wife’s surname. Pinky says you are making this a big thing. Shakti asks him to say Anika’s surname. Pinky asks are you ashamed to say. Shivaye says no, I don’t….. She asks what, you don’t know, its fine, call Anika and find out, her parents’ name should be known for Kulpatri. Anika runs after Mahi. He falls down. She takes a bat and goes to him.

She says look, its enough of Chor police, I was talking as Shivaye’s wife, I think you don’t understand this language, you just understand this 2rs cheap chawl language, don’t anger me, just answer me truly, I won’t let you move and I won’t move till you answer, are you saying or shall I call police. Shivaye calls Anika. Pinky asks what happened, is she not answering. He says she maybe busy. She says maybe she knows Guru ji is coming, so she left as she has no answers. Shivaye angrily throws his phone and leaves. She thinks I did not wish to hurt you, but this is necessary for our family good, I have to use your weakness, Anika is not suitable for you, you said Anika is your strength, but you have a weakness, name, blood and family, I will use your weakness to make your strength away.

Anika asks Mahi to answer. Mahi says I request you, leave me, forget this for your happy family. She asks can you forget, do you think we will forget, I want answer, why did you come as Shivaye, why did you save his life. He recalls the fight. She says I know you saved Shivaye’s life from those goons, you called Rudra, its clear that you are bad, not too bad. He says she is telling my line to me. She asks why did you save Shivaye. A guy asks Mahi how are you. Mahi asks him to go. She says so your name is Mahi, I won’t let you move till you answer. He thinks I left Shivaye’s role and 100 crores house, but her questions are not leaving me. He says Shivaye… She turns saying Shivaye…. She sees Mahi gone and says I got to know his name and address, I will find more about him.

Pinky asks Guru ji to prepare for puja. Shakti says you gave seen how angrily Shivaye left, just talk to Shivaye and Anika first. She says we have to do this puja before his birthday, don’t take Shivaye seriously, he had work and got annoyed. She asks Guru ji to give items list. Guru ji says fine and goes. Pinky thinks the spark will get ignited in puja tomorrow and burn Shivaye and Anika’s relation.

Shivaye says why did I react like this. He sees Sahil and sas man to man talk. They sit. Shivaye says I was thinking Sahil, that you and Anika know everything about me, but I don’t know about you both, I don’t know if there is anyone in your family, your parents, tell me their name. Sahil asks mine or Anika’s parents. Shivaye says its same, tell me your parents’ name. Sahil tells names. Shivaye asks what did your dad do. Sahil says he used to sell things. Shivaye says he was a businessman. Sahil says you can say that. Shivaye asks of what thing. Sahil says soaps. Shivaye says so he was manufacturer, did he supply to malls and shops. Sahil says he used to sell it himself. Shivaye says it means he had an own distribution channel, that’s very good. Sahil says no, he used to make soaps and visit homes to sell it door to door. Shivaye gets shocked and leaves.

Anika comes to Sahil and asks what are you doing here. Sahil says I was having man to man talk to SSO. She says he is not here. Sahil says he just left, he was asking about parents. She asks whose. He says mine, don’t know why, I answered, and he went. She says fine and goes.

Mahi sits drinking. He says Ranveer said right, I should have gone underground, none was happy when I was born, people get happy when a child is born, everyone distributes prasad and light diyas, when I was born, lights off. He cries. He asks Lord why did he give him such fate, face is of Shivaye but fate is like a street dog, Shivaye does business of crores, I have no status, none loves me, not even my mum, what shall I say to Lord, I want to ask Lord, why did you send me here to hear filthy words, what did I do to you, everyone is equal in world, its taught in textbooks, but I m not equal, I m small, I m like a drainage bug. He cries sadly.

Shivaye thinks of Pinky, Sahil and Anika’s love. He says why am I thinking, what happened to me, who were Anika’s parents and what they did, how does it matter, Anika is Anika, no, how can I forget name, blood and family, how can I forget principles and thinking, I will lose myself by changing it, if I don’t change, I will lose Anika, what to do, I have to choose between my identity and Anika.


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