Game of Love Saturday 15th August 2020 Written update


Game of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Written update: On Game of Love 15 August 2020,  Anika meets Samar and says I did not know we will meet again. Samar asks do I know you.

She says you gave me tea yesterday. He says you are mistaken, I don’t drink tea and did not meet you before. Samar tells Ragini that he fired Anika. Ragini asks him to hire her. Shivaye looks on. Some time before, few goons trouble Shivaye. Shivaye removes his watch and asks do you want wallet and car worth 50 lakhs. The goon says yes. Shivaye says beat me. The goon asks are you mad, just give us the things and leave from here. Shivaye stops the goon and says I said beat me.

Anika gets sad seeing her mangalsutra and recalls Shivaye. She says heart relations don’t end by paper, we got separated for the world, but for me, you are still my husband, and this mangalsutra is biggest proof of our relation. Shivaye leaves the goon’s hand. The goon punches his face. Shivaye asks him to beat him more. Anika wears her mangalsutra. Shivaye gets more beaten up. Her mangalsutra drops in hand. She gets worried and turns to see. She says Shivaye is in some problem. She feels restless. Shivaye asks the goon to beat him more. The goon pushes him. All the goons leave. Shivaye looks towards her house. O jaana….plays…..

Its morning, Pinky asks Shivaye how did he get hurt, with whom did he fight. She gets aid. He says I don’t want this and throws it. She asks what happened to you, you used to run to doctors when you got a scratch, today you don’t want antiseptic for wounds. He calls for work. Pinky goes.

Anika comes for interview. She meets Samar and says I have an appointment Mr. Malhotra. She thinks is there anyone on chair or not. Samar turns to her. She recalls his words and says you…. He sees her. Anika says I did not know we will meet again like this. Samar asks do I know you. She says you gave me tea yesterday. He says you are mistaken, I don’t drink tea and did not meet you before.

Pinky thanks Ragini for coming and asks about her wounds. Ragini says nothing at all. Pinky tells about Shivaye’s wounds and behavior, you go and talk to him. Shivaye is busy on work call. He gets angry and says I have to do the meeting, how can they not have time for me. Ragini asks Pinky not to worry, she will see Shivaye. Shivaye comes there and sees Ragini. He thinks Ragini is here, she is Samar’s sister, perfect timing. Anika says we met and had a talk. Samar says people find relations to get job, this won’t help you. She reminds how he has got drunk and spoke philosophical things. He asks did I come to talk to you, you want to say I came to you, I have no interest in hearing stories, you can leave. She says I was said that I got this job, aunty ji told this. He asks who is aunty ji, stop wasting my time and leave. She says even I m busy, I was asked to come here, I don’t want to get insulted. She makes the things fall. He stops her and says I will do it. He picks the stuff and keeps back well. She says I will help. He shouts leave. She makes the water glass fall over the table by mistake. He gets angry.

Ragini asks how did accident happen suddenly. Shivaye says it happens suddenly, so its called accident. He says we have same wounds and pain. He says pain is not similar, did Siddharth apologize to you. She says he was begging to me, he is ashamed, I think I should give him a chance. He says your choice, I would have never given him a chance, being in your place, the one who raised hand on women don’t deserve respect, its your life, I m sure you thought well. She asks won’t you come in my engagement. He says I will come and meet your family, especially your brother, he is a businessman right, we have lots to speak. She says yes, Pinky gave me some work, don’t refuse, have it. She gets the kada. He sees it and recalls Anika.

FB shows Anika says your costly medicines have nothing, have this kada, you will get fine soon, its desi. He asks will I have it, are the herbs organic. She says its nothing like that, have it, you have to drink. He says no. She asks him to open mouth and drink. FB ends. Shivaye says stop it Anika, Ragini, I have to go. He leaves. Ragini says he is repeating old stories, how will new story begin.

Samar shouts just leave. Anika’s slipper breaks. Samar says this girl is a walking disaster. Shivaye says I want happy home chawl at any cost. The man says our deal with Samar is almost done. Shivaye asks can I see the deal papers. He burns the papers. The man asks how can you burn the deal papers. Shivaye says the deal I don’t get, I will end it, I want happy home chawl. Samar gets Ragini’s call. He asks any problem. She says there is this guy…. She sees Anika behind him on the video call and gets shocked. She asks what’s that girl doing there. He says she came for job, I fired her. She says just hire her, try to understand. Shivaye comes there and sees Ragini. He asks Ragini, you are still here. Anika hears Shivaye. Ragini says I will talk later and ends call. Anika says Shivaye…. Ragini says I was just leaving, come on time in evening. He says I will be there. Samar asks what happened. Anika says I was leaving. He asks her to come tomorrow, she got the job. She says he is strange, whatever I will come tomorrow and see. Ragini thinks what a master stroke, I got Anika employed at Samar’s office, there can’t be bigger enemy than Anika for me

Anika sees Shivaye’s pic in paper and thinks its Shivaye’s pic with some girl, did he forget me so soon. They don’t see each other. Some time before, Gauri arranges the chairs. Buamaa asks what are you doing, where are servants, you need rest. She calls servants and scolds them. Pinky comes and says they did not tell Gauri what to do, Gauri should know what she should do and what not. Buamaa says if servants worked on time, would Gauri need to work. Pinky says who said pregnant women should be kept in showcase, you are very possessive about her pregnancy. Buamaa says and you are very jealous.

Pinky says you mean I m jealous of Om’s baby. Buamaa says yes, you could not bear your son’s happiness, Om is giving the heir to Oberois, Pinky’s negativity can affect Gauri’s child. Pinky says baby did not come yet, who knows what happens in 6 months. Shivaye comes and says nothing will happen to Gauri and her child. He says I promise you Gauri, nothing will happen to your child. Gauri thinks he is so good, forgive me to cheat. Pinky says everyone is dear to him than his mum.

Ragini’s mum sees newspaper and asks her what’s going on between her and Shivaye. Samar says even I want to know its true or just a rumor. Ragini checks pic and says wow, I look gorgeous, don’t worry. Ragini’s mum asks how did you get hurt. Ragini says I think I need to lose weight. Samar says we are worried for you, I want to know if there is any problem in your life. Ragini says I m very happy. He asks why did you ask me to hire that girl. She asks them to just chill, you will know everything gradually. Her mum asks are you going to do what you did with your english professor. Ragini says please mom, why do you get that topic, he is very happy in mental asylum, sorry I can’t tell about my life, but I can say what will happen next, very soon I m going to become Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Pinky stops Shivaye. She says I need to talk. He says not now. She asks why did you change so much, I do everything for you and your happiness, I feel you are not my Shivaye, how did you lack behind when you wanted to be ahead, Om is younger to you and even then he is going to become a father. He asks is this your problem. She says your madness is my problem, that girl left and you are still in her sorrow, you forgot living life, don’t do this, forget everything and move on. He says I m fine, don’t worry for me. She cries and says how shall I stop worrying, you are my son, I m your mum, I can’t see you in pain. He says it would be better I don’t come in your sight, its better if I die. She asks what nonsense are you saying. He leaves.

Chanda’s mum asks Anika to get ready fast, they have to leave fast, ask Chanda to get ready. Chanda asks Amit did he go mad, I m helpless to do this engagement, listen to me. Anika hears her and asks what happened. Chanda says if I don’t meet Amit, he will give his life, what shall I do, how to explain him If can’t go against my mum. Anika asks her to explain him. Chanda says I have to meet him, can you wear this engagement dress, I will meet Amit and reach venue, please, its about Amit’s life, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. Anika says fine. Chanda goes.

Priyanka cleans the hall and goes. Kamini looks on and asks Priyanka to clean living room. Priyanka says I just cleaned it. Kamini says its not clean, I was sitting there and did not see, maybe you are saying about yesterday, come and see.

Shivaye sits in car and recalls Pinky and Tej’s words. Chanda’s mum comes. Anika thinks if aunty knows, things will spoil, if I talk, aunty will know its me, not Chanda. Chanda’s mum asks her to come, we will visit dargah on the way, where is Anika.

Priyanka gets shocked seeing the place dirty. She says but I just cleaned. Kamini says it would have not been like this, maybe you forgot. Priyanka says I will do it alone. Kamini says no, go and make breakfast for Ranveer, I will manage here. She sends Priyanka and says I m worried for Priyanka, she is forgetting everything, is her mental balance…. I mean she has much stress. Ranveer says it happens sometimes. Kamini says its fine if she forgot, but its strange to think she did work when she did not do.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. His car stops. He checks the tyre. Anika and Chanda’s family gets down the taxi. Shivaye calls Khanna and asks him to send another car at old dargah road, what will I do here for an hour. He goes to dargah. Chanda’s relatives go with kids. Anika and Shivaye are close. Kid gives snacks to Anika. She sees Shivaye’s pic in paper and thinks its Shivaye’s pic with some girl, did he forget me so soon. They don’t see each other.

Anika’s dupatta flies off and falls on Shivaye’s face. He removes the dupatta from his face and gives her. They see each other. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye’s pic in newspaper and walks ahead of Shivaye. Shivaye thinks why do I feel she is here. Preet ki lath mohe aise laagi…..plays…… Anika washes her face. She goes. Shivaye comes there and washes his face. They enter the Dargah. They both pray and miss to see each other. She walks past. Her dupatta gets on his face. He turns to see. She goes. He goes after her. They come out of the Dargah. Anika’s dupatta flies off and falls on Shivaye’s face. He removes the dupatta from his face and gives her. They see each other.

Chanda’s mum says come fast, groom’s family will be waiting for engagement. Anika covers herself with the dupatta. Shivaye gets shocked and says engagement, you did not take much time to move on, just three months, what can be expected from girls like you, whatever was between you, you have forgotten it and even I have, its good you have moved on. She asks do you think I can do this. He says no, I can see this, I m sure you trapped a rich and famous guy this time too, mom says right, girls like you love person’s money. She says if you made a cheap opinion about me, there is no use to talk to you, yes I m getting engaged, I have trapped a rich guy, why do you care. He says nothing, I just have pity for that guy whom you are going to trap, who is that unlucky guy. She asks why, you are jealous right.

He says our relation ended. She asks why are you questioning me then, as if you are still my husband. He says I was your husband, now our relation is over. She asks why do you care what I do. He says I don’t care. She says your face shows you care a lot. He says its because I saw you, all day will go bad. She says my day got bad. Baba says this is dargah, go somewhere if you have to talk. She says we are not talking, we are fighting. He says fight happens where there is love, love is seen in such fights. Anika says we are separated. Baba says but your hearts are not separated, your eyes show relation ended, but not this string. Shivaye and Anika leave.

Shivaye recalls her words. He leaves in his car. Anika says Shivaye thinks I moved on, how can he think so. She hugs Chanda and cries. Chanda says I just saw Shivaye, did you talk to him. Anika says no, annoyance, anger, complains, he vented out three months frustration on me, leave it, did you meet Amit, what did you say. Chanda says I explained him to forget me and move on. Anika says moving on is not easy, everyone is waiting. Chanda says we will change clothes in rest room. Khanna calls Shivaye and says Samar got the happy home chawl deal. Shivaye gets angry. He reaches the chawl and hits the chawl name board. He sees Samar’s sign board and breaks it. He gets on his car and says go and tell Samar, I want this land and will get it. Rudra gets a call and gets shocked.

Shivaye walks in a police station. Inspector asks him to sit. Shivaye says I did not come to meet you, I broke laws, I want to be behind bars. Inspector asks how can I arrest you, you will get bail in 5mins. Shivaye asks him to do his work. Inspector says if commissioner knows, I will lose my job. Shivaye says this is the problem with this country’s system. If you can’t do your work, I will do it myself. Inspector says please, did I do any mistake.

Shivaye says open the damn lock. Inspector opens the lock. Rudra come there and sees Shivaye. He asks what happened, why did they put you in lockup, lawyer is coming for your bail. Shivaye says I broke law and deserve this, you go. Rudra asks inspector does he know him. Shivaye says do your duty inspector. Inspector says we did not put him in lockup, he entered it. Lawyer says bail paper is ready. Shivaye says who said I want bail, what’s the crime punishment. Inspector tells him. Shivaye asks Rudra to pay fine, he will spend the night in lockup. He lies on the ground. Rudra asks him why is he punishing himself, come home, don’t know what happened to you. They see Om ru were here written on the wall. Rudra recalls Om and his stay in lockup, and when he wrote that on the wall. Lafzon ka ye…..plays…. Shivaye writes Shiv before Omru and smiles. Shivaye says I could not share this experience with you that time, now this happened, we are together here also, no bail, pay the fine and go. Rudra nods.

Shivaye asks Anika what is she doing in his house. Anika says its my house, you got huge shock. Shivaye says its good illusion. She asks him to see papers and clear his confusion. Some time before, Om asks what, Shivaye will spend the night in jail, did you agree to him if he said so. Rudra says its like he does not care for anything. Om says Anika broke his heart, she did not know he will break along. Pinky comes and says I heard Shivaye refused to take bail, you both go and explain him, get him back, talk to me. Rudra stops Om. Om says we don’t know lying, if we say truth, we will be called misbehaving. Pinky asks why did I do.

Rudra says you did a crime, not mistake, you snatched our brother. Om says you are responsible for all this, you snatched everything that makes him Shivaye, you snatched his anger, love, dreams, desires, everything. Se asks what dreams did I snatch. Om says Anika was his desire and dream. Rudra says Anika went because of you, she did not go alone, she took Shivaye’s heart also, there is no love and anger seen in his eyes, just loneliness is seen, which you gifted him. Om says Anika is Shivaye’s happiness. Rudra says sorry, I will not be quiet today, I love Shivaye the most, today he is in this state because of you, you maybe feeling guilty, how do you face yourself.

She asks do you know what I did for you. Om says we know everything, we regret that he became your son, but you could not become his mum, its said one who raises is bigger than one who gives birth, but you proved this wrong, if Shivaye was your son, your blood, would you do this, Shivaye is not your blood, but he did all the duties of your son, he regards you Lord, not mum, please tell us, what was lacking in his love that you snatched his happiness, Shivaye did not lose Anika, we lost Shivaye, and you lost him the most. Rudra says Shivaye got away from himself, why were you jealous by Anika, everyone has different place for wife and husband, Shivaye did all roles well, Anika was his wife, it does not mean he was not your son and our brother. She says I did what has his betterment. Om says Anika is his betterment and happiness. Rudra says now we will do everything and not let him break. Om says till now he has managed us, now Omru will handle him and get him back. They leave.

Ragini waits for Shivaye and says I think Shivaye has come. She starts sad drama and says Siddharth broke engagement with me. She turns and sees the waiteer. She asks what are you doing here. He says you are sitting here alone since 2 hours, so I got coffee, you booked big venue, your guest did not come. She asks him not to disturb, I m waiting for special person, go. She thinks Shivaye came and says Siddharth broke engagement with me. She turns and sees manager. She asks what are you doing here. He says we fulfilled your requirement, but your guests…. She asks are you taunting me, you don’t know me, get lost. He says sorry and goes. She asks where are you Shivaye, I did all arrangements and would have told you about my imaginary boyfriend, fake story of engagement breaking, but you did not come, you failed my plan.

Anika walks on the road and thinks telling Chanda that she wants to leave from the city. Chanda says wherever you go, you won’t get away from Shivaye’s memories. Anika says I don’t want to get rid of memories, I can’t see hatred in Shivaye’s eyes for me. Chanda asks where will you go. Anika says I just want to go away. She thinks Shivaye’s words. A car stops. She says you……

Shivaye comes home. Everyone ask him what’s all this. Shivaye says its not a big deal, I have spent a night in jail, what’s the problem. He thinks of Anika’s words, and says my day was bad. He sees Anika’s slipper and asks what is this slipper doing here. Anika walks in and wears it. She says its my Chandni, it will be there where I m. He asks what are you doing in my house.. Anika says its my house, you got huge shock, you have to get angry, throw things, start now. Shivaye says the thing I had to throw, I have thrown it out some months back, its good illusion. She says you are mistaken and shows papers. She asks him to see papers and clear his confusion.

Anika sees Rudra. He smiles. Shivaye asks what’s this, how can this happen. Anika says when world can change in a moment, what’s fate, this fate is mean, its not loyal to anyone, you made me leave from this house, today I m the owner of this house. Everyone gets shocked. Anika says I bought your Oberoi mansion, I was taunted about status, today I have house, money and very soon big family name will be linked to me. Shivaye says now I understand you are doing shopping by that guy’s money. She says I m the owner and it will happen what I say. Pinky asks him to reply her. Shivaye goes.

Advay greets Shivaye and asks about number of phones breaking. Shivaye throws his phone and says I broke your phone too, remember. They hug. Shivaye says its so good to have you back. Advay says you did not change. Shivaye says its been 5 years, your social life ends after 8.30, what are you doing here after 10. Advay says I came to check competition, it will be fun. Shivaye says people say we have many similarities, our names have three words, Shivaye Singh Oberoi, Advay Singh Raizada, we get much anger and girls are ad about our eyes. Advay says they say I have puppy dog eyes. Shivaye says they say my Kanji eyes are colorful. Advay says let me see. They look into each other’s eyes and get away. Advay says your far sight is very weak, you did not see love ahead of name, blood and family. Shivaye says one who returned for revenge, it does not look good to talk about love, you returned for Chandni.

Advay says I returned for her destruction, I changed a lot, my story is new. Shivaye asks is love new. Advay says one who turned face away from true love, it does not look good to talk about love, you and Anika are not together now. Shivaye says I don’t want to talk about it. Advay says love is true which makes you force to ask, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Shivaye says you did your promotion. Advay says I came for that, there is one thing more. He gets Anika and says Mr. Ishqbaaz, your kanji eyes speak your love, you guys are meant to be together, you should patch up. Shivaye sees Anika. Advay leaves.


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