Game of Love 27 July 2020: On Game of Love Monday 27 July 2020 Written update, Anika wonders who is calling often. She answers the call. Shivaye hides the phone seeing someone.

The man asks did you get scared. Some time before, Anika answers the call on landline and gives phone to Pinky. Pinky says yes Kamini ji, yes come. The servant keeps tea cups and snacks on the trolley and takes it. Anika takes the trolley, which has the bag inside. Anika gives tea to Kamini. Kamini says I hope you all did not feel bad I got my jeweler along, I trust Pinky, afterall our choice is same. Pinky sees Shakti. Shakti says you were going to say something. Kamini says yes, I got jeweler to change set if I don’t like, I told Pinky I will come early and choose jewelry. Fake Shivaye says why not, its your right, Priyanka is going your house, your choice is most imp. Pinky says jewelry is there, check.

Jeweler sits checking. Fake Shivaye recalls putting jewelry in the apron. Pinky asks will you check each jewelry, don’t you trust us. Kamini says its not about trust. Pinky says you are getting jewelry checked, I m worried for Priyanka, how will she stay with you. Jhanvi says don’t worry, I m sure Kamini will keep Priyanka as her daughter. Pinky says I doubt. Kamini asks Shakti to explain her.


Shivaye says mom, be quiet. Pinky says yes, tell me, I m wrong. He thinks your respect will be ruined when they know this is fake jewelry, I will get real one. He says I have to make an urgent call and goes. He checks the trolley and does not see the bag. He says where did real jewelry go. He recalls thinking to make french toast for Pinky first. He hides the apron with jewelry in the trolley. He says it means the jewelry is outside in trolley, my plan failed, what to do. He runs out and thinks its good none has seen this. He holds the trolley to move it. Pinky asks what. He says tea…. He thinks where to take it. Jeweler says its real. Pinky asks what did you think, we will give fake gold. He asks gold? Its copper. They all get shocked. Jeweler says you said you have to change gold jewelry. Pinky asks how is it fake, we bought this in morning. Kamini asks him to check other one. He checks and says even this is copper.

Kamini asks Jhanvi were you going to give us fake jewelry. Jhanvi says no, jewelry is real. Kamini asks is jeweler lying. He says no, its fake. Pinky says it arranged jewelry in less time, you are calling it fake, you got this jeweler and would have made him say this. Kamini says I m not saying this. Pinky says we will also call our jeweler and confirm. Kamini says fine, confirm it, fake will be fake. She throws jewelry. Dadi says how will our family jeweler do this. Shakti says calm down Kamini, I m sure there is some misunderstanding. Kamini says you are fraud. Pinky says mind your language, you are taking to Oberois. Kamini says you crossed your limits.

Anika picks jewelry. She says this is fake. Pinky asks who asked you to talk in between, shut up. Kamini asks what was the need to do this drama, don’t know what would be my respect in front of relatives, we are not misers like you, you should have said you have no status to give jewelry. She pushes trolley. Fake Shivaye holds it. Pinky also pushes trolley. A jewelry item falls. Pinky and Kamini argue. Bangle falls down. Fake Shivaye steps on it. Kamini says you should have been ashamed, you are insulting me. Pinky says I regret you are Priyanka’s inlaws, else I would have not let you step inside our door. Dadi asks Pinky to be quiet.

Shivaye looks for network to call Anika. He gets network and calls her. Anika disconnects. He says why is she not answering and calls again. She does not answer. Pinky says this woman is saying a lot. Kamini says you always call and insult us. Tej comes. He says wait Kamini, are you sure you guys bought real jewelry. Jhanvi says of course Tej, Pinky kept jewelry in safe. Kamini says then jewelry had to change, she did not wish to give us jewelry. Pinky asks what do you mean, I will steal jewelry in my house. Tej recalls Pinky’s words and says I thought you are saying in anger, but you really changed jewelry. Pinky asks are you doubting on me. Dadi asks what are you saying Tej. Tej says Pinky said she would have thrown jewelry on Kamini’s face. Jhanvi says stop it Tej, I m sure Pinky can’t do this. Shakti also guarantees. Kamini says Shakti, obviously doubt will do on Pinky, as she had jewelry in her safe. Pinky says if you say anything, I will raise hand. Kamini says we lost trust on you, and relation can’t be made here. Dadi asks how can you leave Kamini. Jeweler sees the jewelry on floor and checks. He says this is real.

Kamini says great, you are clever, to mix real and fake jewelry, so I was thinking how did you agree to give 5 crores jewelry, you have no status to give 2 crores jewelry. Pinky says I m not a thief, my son owns many crores. Kamini says fine, if jewelry did not go out of home, it will be here, we will find it. Fake Shivaye thinks if they get real jewelry, my plan will fail. Anika gets call again. She says who is this calling again and again. She answers. Shivaye is about to talk. He hears someone coming and disconnects the call. He hides the phone in a flower pot. Someone wearing mask comes to him. He says I feel good when powerful people get scared of me, it makes me feel more powerful, give me the phone. Anika says strange, cheap people call again and again and don’t call, maybe it was network issue, shall I call back, leave it, if anyone has work, he will call himself, I will do imp work first.

Shivaye asks which phone. The man laughs and says see this room is according to your standard, afterall you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you make sure you don’t force us to hurt you, give me the phone. Shivaye says I have no phone. The man says fine, whatever happens, you will be responsible. Shivaye asks what do you mean. The man counts. Shivaye hears bullet sound. He asks this sound. The man says the deaf and mute maid had to give life because of you, when she came here, she had phone, she did not had phone when she left, you have the phone, give it, else you can be shot next.

Shivaye says I don’t have the phone. The man asks where is the phone. Shivaye says I said I don’t have the phone. The man says I will find it, if I get it here, you can’t think what I will do with you. He whistles and looks for the phone. He goes to check flower pot. Shivaye holds his hand and asks who are you, what do you want, why did you cage me here. The man says first phone. Shivaye says answer first. The man says you think you are very smart, I said leave my hand. Shivaye leaves his hand. The man sits to check flower pot.

Fake Shivaye asks Anika to listen. She says I m very angry, don’t come after me. He says I know you are annoyed as I forgot I gave you that bangles. She says I m annoyed as you forgot all the moments linked to that bangles, you are not my Shivaye. Some time before, Kamini says we shall find the jewelry, come. Kamini looks for jewelry. Fake Shivaye holds the trolley and thinks what’s happening, my plan will fail. Tej says this is ridiculous, we are finding things in our house. Kamini says this has to be done when theft happens in house. Shakti says this is not way to find out. Tej says let’s call police. Dadi says no, matter shall be at home. Kamini says fine, I will call Ranveer, police will come.

Soumya says wait, what’s fallen under the trolley. Fake Shivaye worries. Anika says wait a min, and goes to Kamini. She says I think you don’t need to find jewelry. He thinks its first time she said something right. Anika says none can do such cheap thing in our house, I can surely say that Pinky can’t do this. Kamini says you are this house’s bahu, it does not mean you take your Saas’ side.

Anika says I m just taking truth’s side, Pinky can’t fall so low, she can’t ruin family respect for money, Dadi always says new relations are sensitive, so many things spoiled between our families, its about Priyanka and Ranveer’s happiness, we don’t want their life starts with bitterness. Fake Shivaye thinks someone make this mother india quiet. Anika says we should think before saying anything, and about jewelry, you keep these. Kamini says these bangles, you are giving these instead 2 crores jewelry, is this my insult or a joke. Anika says this is not any joke or something else, these bangles’ value is more than other jewelry, these bangles are worth 10 crores. Fake Shivaye and everyone get shocked.

Fake Shivaye thinks 10 crores is big amount for me, not for Shivaye, I have to give reaction like him. Kamini says bangles worth 10 crores. Anika says yes, right Shivaye. He says yes, Anika is saying right, you keep these jewelry. He thinks 2 crores jewelry, 10 crores bangles, there is no value of money here, I m idiot, to hide 50 lakhs bangles, I did not move from here and 10 crores bangles did tata bye bye and is going, is it really worth 10 crores, or is she just boasting. He says you can get bangles checked by your jeweler if you want. Kamini says I will and gives it to jeweler. Jeweler says they are right, its real diamond, its value will be 10-12 crores.

Kamini says great, you did bahu’s duty, Jhanvi we want these bangles in shagun, be careful, it can get changed, anyone can steal it, I think you all should investigate, if thief is at home, everyone should be careful. Pinky asks do you mean I will steal in my home. Fake Shivaye thinks Pinky got insulted, family is waiting for my reaction. He says I m sorry for all this, don’t say anything to my mom, she can’t do this, whoever has done this, we will find out, you prepare for marriage. Kamini says we will forget everything. He says I hope you all will come in shagun function. She says we will meet in evening for shagun. She leaves with her jeweler. Dadi says don’t know, why hurdle comes in shagun work. Shakti asks Pinky to forget this. Pinky argues with him. Tej says thanks Anika, this problem solved because of you, even then we have to find out how jewelry got changed in our house. Pinky says I swear I did not change jewelry. Everyone disperse. Anika says Shivaye, I did right. He says yes, right, if police came, it would be a problem. She says I m asking abut bangles. He says yes, you did right, how did you get costly bangles. She asks don’t you remember, you gave me the bangles.

FB shows Shivaye asking Anika to give engagement ring. She says our engagement did not happen. He says yes, our marriage happened directly, get the ring given on mu dikhai, oh, I did not give you any gift even that time, what kind of man did you marry. She says my husband gave me a lot of things, jewelry is nothing in front of it. He asks what. She says its between me and my husband, I m happy with my charm bracelet, I don’t want jewelry. He says my wife does not like jewelry. He makes her wear bangles. She asks is this for me. He says no, for Sahil. She asks is this real diamonds, it will be costly. He says not much, just 10 crores. She stammers and says 10…..crores…. He holds her and says come on say it, 10 crores. She says 10 crores, Shivaye I mean 10 crores, are you mad, I don’t know how many zeroes are there in 10 crores. He stops her from saying and says bangles can have any value, it will become valuable when you wear them. He holds her hand. They smile. FB ends.

She asks how can you forget this special thing. She goes. He says now another problem, I have to convince someone else’s wife, suicide will be better than marriage. He asks her to listen. She says I m very angry, I will say any 2 rs thing and throw water, don’t follow me. She goes. He thinks indian wife is solid danger, mother india in front of family and angry bird in front of husband. He asks her to listen. He thinks I can’t stop someone’s wife by holding hand, I m bad, not very bad. He calls her out. She stops.

He says I know you are annoyed as I forgot I gave that bangles. She says no, I m annoyed as you forgot all moments linked to that bangles, those memories are imp than bangles. He thinks don’t know what is she taking about, what can be special than 10 crores bangles. He says my focus on was Kamini’s words, I was in tension about mom and Priyanka. She corrects him. He says you have to understand me, who else will understand if not you. She says I feel you are not my Shivaye. He asks what. She says you are not Shivaye, you are duplicate Shivaye, just your face and some habits match with Shivaye, but you are not Shivaye. He asks why do you think so. She says because Shivaye does not say please, he never gives expressions, he is always in attitude, I felt my husband changed. He says you showed attitude, I thought you are annoyed. She asks do you care if I get annoyed. He says yes, if you made such face in shagun, it would be bad. She says it means you care if I spoil shagun by making face.

He holds his head and thinks she became Question Kumari again. He says no, its not like that, of course, I do care. She smiles and says Aw…. He gets back and thinks there is no doggy, why is she making such sounds that girls do on seeing doggy, oh Aw. She says don’t worry, I m not annoyed. He says good, don’t get annoyed. She goes. He says she will not spare my mind.

He goes and keeps jewelry in pocket. He thinks to hide it in Shivaye’s room. Anika says Shivaye you did not get ready. He says yes, I m going. Pinky stops him and reacts Oh my Mata. He gets tensed. She says Shivaye, you did not get ready. He says yes, I was just going. She says hurry up and goes. He thinks not ready, they all roam in suits all day and even then they say each other, not ready, how much more shall I get ready. He says my pockets will tear till I reach Shivaye’s room, what will I do. He sees flower pot and says I will put all jewelry here and take at night. He puts jewelry in the pot.

Soumya stops Dadi. She says I got these keys in corridor, are these yours. He looks on and thinks did I drop them, how did Soumya get these. He recalls. He thinks Lord gave me bad fate. Dadi says no, its not mine. Soumya says I will ask someone else. Dadi says wait, show again, its Pinky’s keys. Soumya says I will give her. Shakti asks Pinky not to keep bad mood, its Priyanka’s marriage. Soumya walks to Pinky. Fake Shivaye sees Soumya and thinks if mummy sees duplicate keys, I will be gone, stop fatty.

Shivaye says I don’t know what happened, I m sure it was misunderstanding, I m sorry on mom’s behalf, I promise I won’t give you a chance to complain. Pinky cries and pushes him, saying don’t know who you are, you can’t be my Shivaye. Shivaye looks for the phone. A door opens. He turns to see. Some time before, Soumya goes towards Pinky. Fake Shivaye thinks if Pinky sees duplicate keys, I will be gone, stop fatty. He calls out Soumya. He asks how did you get keys. She says I got this in corridor, Dadi said its Pinky’s keys, so I was giving her. Pinky says have these keys, wait I will get your clothes from cupboard. Soumya says aunty has keys, maybe these are extra ones, I will ask her. Fake Shivaye says where are you going, its duplicate keys, I made duplicate keys of everyone’s cupboard for emergency, none knows this at home, its for house security. She says don’t worry, I know whatever you do is for house’s good, have this. He says thanks, if anyone else had this, it would have been bad. She says you are welcome and goes.

Pinky shouts help, save me Shivaye and comes to him. Everyone come. Pinky says she said she will kill me. Anika asks what happened. He says relax, who wants to kill you. She shows the door and says she… They all see some ladies with shagun items in hand. Kamini walks in.

The man looks for phone and says its not here. Shivaye gets shocked. The man asks where is the phone. Shivaye says I told you, I don’t know, I have no phone. The man says I like your confidence, I get more fun in breaking stubborn people, if you are stubborn, then I m your father, till I get phone, I will not move from here, I m sure you will like my company. He laughs. Shivaye thinks where did the phone go, I kept it in vase, how will I go out of here without phone.

Fake Shivaye asks what are you saying, Kamini is Priyanka’s would be saas. Pinky says I m saying truth, she wants to kill me. Kamini asks are you mad, I just came, you are saying I met you already. Pinky says she is lying, she is acting, she will kill me, Shivaye why are you not saying anything, don’t you believe me, she told me she will kill me. Kamini says enough, you are blaming me infront of my relatives, you are after me since this relation is fixed, I thought you are joking and you are jealous of me, but today its too much, first fake jewelry and now this blame. She asks Shivaye is your mom mad or not, I think she lost her mental balance.

Pinky cries and says don’t come in her words, she told me she will kill me, Shakti ji you know she… Kamini says enough, there is a limit to tolerate. Pinky says shut up, did you not say you will kill me, I was going to get Shakti’s clothes, she came to me and said… FB shows Kamini saying you did not do right by changing jewelry, I will take revenge today itself, if I don’t kill you before shagun rasam’s end, my name is not Kamini. She holds Pinky’s neck.

Pinky gets shocked. She leaves Pinky. Kamini says be ready to die. FB ends. Pinky says she said she will kill me before shagun rasam. Kamini says stop it, you lie something logical, I did not meet you, you are saying I met you, none has seen me coming here. Pinky says have some shame, you told me. Kamini says enough, you are insulting me, you blamed me now, if my son was here, you would have blamed him, he is not short of proposals, you will blame us always, now this relation can’t happen, this marriage won’t happen. Dadi stops her. She says life’s decisions are not done in anger. Kamini says what shall I do, Pinky acts as if Priyanka is her daughter. Pinky says she is more than my daughter. Kamini says fine, your daughter’s marriage is breaking because of you. Priyanka thinks if this relation breaks, I will be in trouble, everyone will know I m pregnant. Anika asks Priyanka not to worry, Shivaye is there.

She calls out Shivaye, and says do something. Fake Shivaye thinks she is signing, it means its time for me to say, Pinky’s insult was happening good, now I have to interfere. He stops Kamini. Shivaye says I don’t know what happened, I m sure it was misunderstanding, I m sorry on mom’s behalf. Pinky asks what are you saying. He says don’t talk in between, let me handle this. He says sorry about this misunderstanding. He asks why will Kamini do this, she is Priyanka’s would be saas. Pinky shouts I m your mum, you think I will lie.

Anika says Shivaye, Pinky never lies, what’s in her heart is on her tongue, I think we should hear her once. Kamini asks what, it means I m lying, I want to kill Pinky. Anika says I m not saying that, I meant we should hear Pinky and misunderstanding can get cleared. Kamini says I did not say anything, I will leave. He says please stay back. He asks Anika not to talk in between and let him handle. He apologizes and says you know Priyanka and Ranveer’s happiness is with each other. Kamini says just you care for this relation, I ignore all mistakes because of you. He asks her to give them one more chance. He says I promise I won’t give you a chance to complain. Pinky cries and says you can’t be my Shivaye, its such a big thing, you did not care, you are apologizing to my enemy, my son would do anything for me. She pushes him, saying don’t know who you are, you can’t be my Shivaye. She cries and leaves.

Fake Shivaye says we will prepare for shagun, I will explain mom. Anika thinks poor Shivaye, he has to do so much for Priyanka’s happiness, he is bending in front of Kamini, and could not support Pinky. He thinks its starting, you have to see a lot mummy.

Shivaye coughs. He checks if the man slept. He looks for the phone in vase. A door opens. He turns and sees something. A lady shows a phone. She says I moved this phone so that your lie does not get caught. He asks who are you. She says my story is long, even I m caged here, nothing can happen of me, you can leave, don’t waste time, call someone for help. She throws the phone to him.

Kamini and everyone do the shagun rasam. Pinky looks on. Dadi says you are worried, upset, I know, but its Priyanka’s shagun, none will like it seeing you sad. Pinky says if my son does not care, what shall I complain about others. Dadi says he is stuck, he is trying that Priyanka’s marriage happens any way, now we have to take Priyanka to temple, Jhanvi kept puja so that there should be no hurdle in marriage. She asks everyone to come. Soumya says I have to complete assignment. Dadi says come back and do. Soumya says its urgent, I have to submit. Dadi says fine. Anika says I will send car for you. She goes. Fake Shivaye thinks Lord gave me good luck today, all family in temple and I m alone in this 100 crores house, I can take the jewelry.

Soumya calls out Shivaye. She sees the lens on his cheek and his eyes. She gets shocked. He says something is wrong. He sees himself and says it means she got to know I m not real Shivaye. He runs after her. She goes to Anika and says Shivaye is not Shivaye, do something. She gets shocked seeing….. Some time before, Soumya sees the sparkling thing in the vase and says its the jewelry. Fake Shivaye says the family is not at home, I m not scared of anyone, but being careful is necessary for health. Soumya comes downstairs. He picks necklaces from the vase. Soumya holds a necklace. He turns and gets shocked.

Soumya gets shocked seeing him. He gets up. He thinks what is she doing here, what excuse shall I make. She says you, this is same jewelry by which big issue happened, why did you not tell everyone if you knew about it. He says I have kept this here, I know you are shocked. She says you did not tell anyone, why, Pinky got insulted because of this jewelry. He thinks I wanted that to happen. He says I was helpless to do this, don’t ask me what was it, I did this for my family, especially Priyanka, trust me, its for family. She says of course I trust you, I m sure there would be a reason, you don’t do anything that is not right for family.

He asks did you not go temple. She says I had to complete assignments, I was going now. He says you should go, Soumya don’t tell this to anyone, its for family. She says don’t worry. She goes and steps on a phone. She says its Anika’s phone. She calls him out. He turns. She gets shocked seeing a lens under his eyes, and both his eyes color mismatch. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He thinks what happened to her. She thinks he is not Shivaye, he is fake Shivaye, I have to tell everyone. He thinks something is wrong. He turns and sees himself in the glass. He picks the lens and gets shocked. He says it means she got to know I m not real Shivaye. Suddenly, lights start flickering. He makes a horrible pose and gives a look to her. She gets tensed and turns to go. He calls her out. He walks to her and before he could hold her, she starts running.

He walks after her. She falls on the stairs. He shouts stop, don’t dare to tell this to anyone. She asks who are you, what are you doing here, what did you do with Shivaye. He holds her leg and says shut up, I have no enmity with you, you did not see anything, if you open mouth, you will be in state like Shivaye. She says I will tell everyone. She runs upstairs. He runs after her.

Anika and Dadi come temple. Anika says I think I forgot my phone, till puja preparations are done, I will get my phone and also get Soumya along. Dadi asks her to come soon. Anika leaves in the car. Soumya runs in the corridor. Fake Shivaye follows. Anika comes home. Soumya throws vase at him. Anika goes upstairs.

Soumya sees Shivaye’s room open and runs inside. The phone drops. Soumya falls down. She runs saying Anika Bhabhi, Shivaye is not Shivaye, he is an imposter, his one eye is black, do something. She turns her and gets shocked seeing Kamini. Fake Shivaye looks on. Anika is still at the staircase.

Soumya sees fake Shivaye and Kamini. He walks to her. Kamini breaks a glass bottle on Soumya’s head. Soumya looks at her and drops down. He says you made entry on right time Maa and touches her feet to take blessings. Kamini says how are you so useless, you spoiled this plan, my fate is bad to give birth to an useless son like you. He says when I did right, you did not pat my shoulder. She says enough of nonsense, do something of this girl. They hear footsteps. She says I think someone is coming. Anika enters the room. Fake Shivaye and Kamini hide along with Soumya. Anika hears her phone ringing and finds it. She sees incoming call and says its same number, from which I m getting call again and again. Shivaye says Anika, its me Shivaye. She says Shivaye, from which number are you calling me, hello…. He says listen to me.

Kamini asks how did Anika get Shivaye’s call. Fake Shivaye says how would I know. She says who knows then, do something else she will know you are not Shivaye. Anika says say, I m listening. Shivaye says I m…. The call disconnects. He checks and says battery had to get dead at this time, how to talk to Anika. Anika says call disconnected. Fake Shivaye and Kamini get relieved. Anika says what was the matter that Shivaye called me from other number, I will call back, its not connecting, when he comes back, I will ask what was the work. Kamini moves. Anika stops and sees the curtain. She goes to see. Maid comes and Anika stops. Maid says catering guy called on landline, as you were not receiving, he had to talk. Anika says call him tomorrow, where is Soumya. Maid says don’t know. Anika says fine, go, I will ask Soumya, if her work got over, I will take her along.

Fake Shivaye says she is so heavy and makes Soumya lie down. He says what’s happening with my fate, I get caught and get saved. Kamini says don’t know, but my fate is bad that an unlucky guy is born to me, go and manage Anika, find out how she got Shivaye’s call. He says what shall I do of this tomato. She says another problem. He says I will deposit her underground. She says I will manage her, you see Anika, what happened. He says she is heavy. She asks him to go, make eye fine. He covers his eye and goes.

Anika says where did Soumya do, she is not in room, she is not answering call. She asks servant did you see Soumya. He says yes, I saw her talking to Shivaye. She says fine, go. She sees Fake Shivaye and calls him out. She asks what’s happening, what is going on. He looks at her.


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