Game of Love 13 July 2020: On Game of Love Monday 13 July 2020 Written update, Someone puts rope in Anika’s neck. She screams. Shivaye goes out of house and gets shocked seeing Anika hanging to the tree.

Some time before, Anika runs to the car and gets the power bank from glove box. Someone puts rope in Anika’s neck. She screams. Shivaye hears her and says Anika. He gets up. Pinky says I don’t know, he left in hurry and did not tell me, do you know. Rudra says no. She asks do you know where Om went, Shivaye went after him. He says Om also went along, its cheat, no one takes me. She asks him to answer. He says I don’t know. She says be careful, they are your brothers. She goes. He says there is something fishy, Shivay went after Om without telling me. Sahil says Tia is going somewhere.

Rudra says I think everyone is going somewhere, I will also go, but where. Sahil says do you know where is Tia going, something is fishy, she was saying dialogues on phone, she was saying you are not here but memories are with her, she was crying. Rudra says she would be saying Shivaye. Sahil says name was something else. Rudra says what name, SSO, Shivaye baby. Sahil says no. Rudra says Bagad Billa. Sahil says no, I know his names more, that name was by D. Rudra recalls Anika’s words and says was she really talking to her husband, its right chance to find evidence against her. He sees Tia.

Shivaye comes out of the house and falls down. He gets shocked seeing Anika hanging to the tree via the rope in neck. He shouts Anika. He runs to her and holds her feet on his shoulders. He says I won’t let anything happen to you Anika. He sees the rope tied to the tree.

Rudra stops Tia. He asks where are you going. She says mom’s house. He says I will drop you, I insist. She asks why. He says you can’t drive in this state, Shivaye will be angry knowing I have let you and baby go alone, universe wants me to leave you. He jokes. She says I said I will go. She stumbles. He asks why did you stumble, did you drink wine in this state.

Rumi looks at Shivaye. Shivaye hits the rope with an axe. He get dizzy and sits. Rumi says you try your best Shivaye, you can’t save Anika, I have to give this good news to Tia. Tia says what nonsense, you think I m mad to drink wine in pregnancy, I took medicines, so I m sleepy. Rudra says fine, go to room and rest, if you are missing mummy, then watch the mummy movie. She gets Rumi’s call and worries. He stares at her. She says its mom’s call. He says I will talk to aunty. She says I will talk. She disconnects call. He thinks its uncle’s call whose name starts with D, her phone has all secrets, I have to get her phone.

Shivaye cuts the rope. Anika falls in his arms. He removes rope from her neck and asks her to get up. He says I have come, Anika wake up. He shakes her up and shouts wake up. She gets conscious and holds her neck. He says I have come. She says you saved my life again. He says don’t dare to do this again. He hugs her.

Rudra says wait, you are not well, battery is low, I will charge your phone. Tia says no thanks, I will manage. He shouts rat. She asks where. He signs Sahil and says when Bagad Billa’s younger brother, rat has to do work. She says I m going, else I will go mad like you. He asks for her phone. She says Rudra please don’t irritate me more. Sahil signs Rudra. She asks what’s all this mess. Sahil says my things fell from the bag, help me pick it up. Tia says why are you careless, you went on your sister. Sahil says help me in picking books. She says tell servant work to servants. Rudra says come on Lady baby, see the kid is so innocent, even you will have a child, universe wants your practice to start right away, come sit.

Shivaye coughs. He holds Anika and says you do strange things, how did you hang there. She says you are scolding as if I went to pluck raw mango and got hanged, I don’t understand, I think I got trapped in the net laid for catching wild animals. He says I told you not to go out. She asks are you fine. She walks ahead and says you would be thinking I m strange girl, I get hurt and hang to tree, won’t you tell anyone, everyone will laugh, will you say anything or be in silent mode. She turns and sees him lying unconscious. She gets shocked. She shouts Shivaye and runs to him. He holds him and shouts no, what happened Shivaye, open your eyes. She hears his heart beat. She takes him in her lap. She moves him and asks him to open eyes. She shouts Shivaye and cries.

Om looks for Shwetlana inside the house. Shwetlana says you got to know everything about me, please don’t tell anyone about me. She laughs and says you were expecting this reaction right. Om says stop your drama, you knew very well that I m following you. She says when man is smart, talking gets easy. He says got me here, can I know the reason. She says you will know everything, wait for some time. She holds him getting close.

Anika cries and says Shivaye… She turns and sees some cart platform. She drags Shivaye and makes him lie on it.

Anika says if anything happens to you, I will die, I love you Shivaye. Tia asks Rudra to give her phone. Rudra says why you are so possessive about the phone, does it have secret about which Anika said. Tia worries seeing Robin’s pic on screen. Some time before, Anika drags Shivaye and makes him lie on it. She holds him and pushes the cart. Sahil says not this one. Rudra asks this? Sahil says no. Rudra says he is studious. Sahil says its Maths. Tia asks what’s your problem, how does it matter to put books first or last. Rudra asks Tia to take all books. He takes her phone and passes to Sahil. He asks Tia to hurry up. Sahil says its fine, I will do it. Tia says whatever, and leaves.


Anika gets Shivaye inside house. She asks Shivaye to get up. She gets his phone and fixes charger. She calls Rudra. Rudra asks where are you. She says Shivaye fainted in storm and unable to breath, tell me what to do fast. He says he has allergy to dust, tell me where are you, I will come. She says no, tell me what can I do, there is no time. He says Shivaye has his medicines. She recalls Shivaye asking for medicines. She ends call and runs out. She looks for medicines and gets hurt by the fallen tree branch. She gets medicines and goes to Shivaye. She says Shivaye, see your medicines, you will get fine now. She checks and says which medicine shall I give, what to do, Shivaye please get up. She calls Rudra. She says I got medicines, I don’t know which one to give. He says Allegra tablets. She says I don’t find it. He says its yellow medicine. She says I got it. He says give it to Shivaye fast. She thanks him. She feeds tablet and water to Shivaye.

She asks him to get up. She asks are you listening, get up for my sake please. She hugs him. Sahil asks Rudra to come, we will find that man. Rudra says I won’t get better chance to remove Lady baba from Shivaye’s life. Sahil says that D named guy’s photo will be there in this phone, as she was seeing this phone and talking. Rudra says password, what can be the password of her phone. Sahil asks what will we do now. Rudra enters universe and says yes…. Sahil gets glad.

Tia says stupid people spoiled my mood, Rumi would be waiting for me, my phone…. Anika says please open eyes Shivaye, are you listening, you can’t do this with me, you can’t leave me, if anything happens to you, I can’t live without you, I got habitual to you, I will die if anything happens to you. She rests her head on his head and cries. She says I love you Shivaye.

Sahil asks Rudra to hurry up. Tia comes and says bad manners. Rudra and Sahil get shocked. Tia says give my phone Rudra. Rudra asks which phone, I have no phone. She tries to take it. Sahil says first prove its your phone. Rudra and Sahil throw it to each other. Tia runs after them. She takes phone from Sahil and says bad boy. Rudra takes it from her and says bad girl. She says give my phone. Rudra says you are so possessive about the phone, does it have secret about which Anika said. Tia worries seeing Robin’s pic on screen. She says shut up and give it to me. Sahil says photo is seen, check it. Tia hurts Rudra’s hand to get phone. Rudra screams. Soumya comes. He takes phone and throws it to Soumya calling her out. Soumya tries to catch and it falls in the pool. They worry.

Anika says I m in love with you Shivaye, I just realized it, don’t end our story before it begins, get up for my sake, you always say your life can’t go easily, prove it, you promised me you won’t leave me, how can you break promise, open eyes, get up please. Nazdeek ho dil ke…..plays………… She asks him to get up. Her tear falls over his face. She gets conscious. She holds his face. He says Anika, you got hurt again. She holds him. He sits. He sees her hand. He asks are you fine. She says I felt I lost you. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s life won’t go so easily, I told you Anika. He wipes her tears. She hugs him and cries. He says I m okay

Soumya says sorry, everything went wrong because of me. Sahil says its not your mistake. She says if I caught the phone, Tia’s mystery would have got solved. Anika calls Rudra. He answers. She says Shivaye got conscious, he is fine now. He says thank God, come home fast. She ends call. Shivaye says storm ended, but car is not starting. She says its fine, Rudra is sending car. He says we have to reach Om soon, its imp.

Sahil says Soumya thinks its her mistake, I m saying its your mistake. Rudra says yes, I have thrown phone such that no one could catch it, one thing is confirmed, Lady baby is hiding something, Anika’s doubt is right. Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says it does not look so, you are sitting silent. She says just like that and sees him. He asks what, you are staring at me. She says not staring, seeing. He asks why like this. She asks why, can’t I see you. He says no, you can see me, obviously I m so handsome, it would be tough for you to get eyes off my face, is everything fine Anika. She says yes. He asks did anything happen. She thinks of her love confession and says things got spoiled. He asks what. She says Shivaye, that’s Om’s car. He stops the car and they down to see Om’s car. He calls out Om and checks car. They see Om lying unconscious in back seat. Shivaye holds Om.

At Oberoi mansion, Shivaye makes Om lie down on bed and asks Anika to call doctor. She goes. Om gets up and sits. Shivaye asks are you fine, how did you faint. Om says when I got to know…. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words. He says its okay Om, no problem is big that solution can’t be got, I m with you. Om says when I saw phone… Shivaye says video can’t change our lives, how could you go, I get worried for you, if anything happened to you, we decided if any problem comes, we will solve it together by talking. Om says Shivaye, I have much headache, please listen to me. Shivaye asks him to say.

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Anika says for him, blood, family line…. nothing is imp than that, I don’t even have parents’ name, he will never accept me, I decided to stay away from him. She hears bell ring seeing Shivaye and shuts ears shouting no. Some time before, Dadi asks how did this happen. Jhanvi says don’t know, its good Shivaye and Anika reached on time and got Om back. Tej asks someone to find Shwetlana and get her back. Dadi says Om is hurt and you are concerned for Shwetlana. He asks what happened to Om now. Jhanvi says Om was found unconscious, if Shivaye did not find him, he could have died, you just remember Shwetlana. They argue. Shivaye says please, Om needs rest, just tone this down. Dadi and Jhanvi ask about Om.

Shivaye says he went to see studio location, he slipped and got hurt, make sure he does not get stress. Anika recalls the moments with Shivaye and her professing love. She sees Shivaye and gets tensed. He asks what happened. She says I was taking clothes. He asks are you taking clothes or emptying cupboard. She says I did not know what to wear, is Om fine. He says his injury is not internal, thankfully, I will help you. She says no need and gets away.

She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I feel you should also get checkup done by doctor. He says I don’t need doctor, you need doctor. He walks to her. She hears the ringing bells. He says you got much hurt, on the neck…. She says no, its light wound, it will be fine. He says and this one…. She says no…. She recalls her words. He asks why did you not do aid, come with me. She asks where. He says to watch movie… when you get hurt, you should go to doctor. He walks to her and she hear ringing bells again. She gets shocked and shuts ears shouting no. She drops the clothes and turns. He looks at her and asks what happened. She says bell, my ears are ringing. He asks what. She sees him and hears the ringing. She turns away and says no, I mean something is happening to my ears. He asks what’s happening, did you have internal injury to ears, let me see. She says no, I m fine. He says no, atleast show it to doctor. She says its not big injury. He says doctor will decide. She refuses and runs. He checks his ears and says ringing….

Sahil and Anika talk near pool side. Sahil says it means you are really in love, I would call Bagad Billa as Bagad Jija, I like to see Jab we met when I m in love. She says stop it Sahil, don’t say anything. He says you said all that when Shivaye fainted. She says I flowed in emotions, I can’t love him. He asks why. She says love is dangerous thing, I m not scared of anything, I m just scared of love, because love spoils many things, it hurts person a lot, it makes a person weak, I just loved you till now, you are my weakness, I don’t want to make anyone else my weakness, I don’t have strength, I can’t love Shivaye. He holds his head and says I thought my sister is very strong, you can also fall in love. She says love is not for me, if things spoil, it would be tough to manage, you know when I was with Shivaye, he was unwell, if he died then… Sahil asks what.

She says I would have died too, if I m afraid to lose him, think of the fear if I get him, I will fall weak Sahil, it hurts when lover leaves, everyone leaves me. Sahil says I will not go and not let SSO leave, I will tie SSO and he can’t go anywhere, try to fall in love with him, tell him you love him a lot.

Jhanvi talks to Om. She says doctor said you are not much hurt, you need rest. Tia sees them and says Om did not tell anyone anything. Rumi says Om would have not understood whatever happened. Tia says fine, our plans are successful, except for one, Anika gets saved always. Rumi says because of Shivaye, they both save each other. Tia says Anika has to die, this time I will lay such trap that Shivaye and Anika will get thinking what happened.

Anika says I can’t tell Shivaye. Sahil asks why. She says there is no match between us, I m ground/earth and he is the sky, for him, blood, family line…. nothing is imp than that, I don’t even have parents’ name, he will never accept me, the man who wants enemy from the good family, how will he love a girl like me. Sahil asks what will you do then. She wipes her tears and I decided to stay away from him, I got habitual of him, now I will stay away and love will get away. Sahil says its cheap 2rs idea, you can try if you want.

Tia tells Rumi that Tej is worried for Shwetlana and everyone is worried. She feels unwell. Rumi asks did you drink again, you can’t drink in this state. Tia sees Pinky coming and says Rumi, I will talk later. She starts acting. Pinky asks what happened. Tia says I felt dizzy. Pinky says it happens in this state, take rest. Tia says pregnancy is not the reason, this happens when food is served to me, Anika is always there, since oil incident, I got fear in heart that Anika wants to kill my child. Pinky says you are right, Anika will not wish this child’s entry at home, I will make her admit truth. Tia says no, you know Shivaye will not listen to us, I want proof that Anika wants to kill my child, I want your truth. Pinky says I m ready to kick Anika out, tell me. Tia thanks and hugs her.

Anika comes to room. Shivaye says Anika… She turns away. He says I was thinking of accident, I feel someone tried to purposely kill you, I was there, but attacks were on you, I was not target, this plan is something big. She moves. He asks what are you doing. She asks what. He says I m talking to you. She says I m also talking to you. He asks why are you seeing curtains. She says its chiffon curtain, matching to my night suit and your kurta. He says look at me and talk. She says I m seeing you by heart eyes, you say. He says till you face me, how will I talk. He walks to her. She hears ringing and signs him to stop. She asks him to stay there and talk. He says turn around and look here Anika.

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He goes to her and asks what are you doing. She gets away. He asks what’s going on, I m here. She says I m seeing. He says listen, I m here. He walks to her. She sees him and hears ringing. She shouts ears shouting no, this is ringing again. He asks are you fine. Sahil says she has got love fever. Shivaye gets shocked and looks at Anika.

Shivaay walks towards Anika and Anika hears bell ringing (in her heart). She turns away and says “No”. Shivaay asks are you okay? Do you have fever or something? Sahil comes and says “pyaar ka bukhaar” (love fever). Anika gets shocked. Sahil says he wants to see that film and Shivaay should watch it too. Anika says Shivaay doesn’t watch films like that, but Shivaay seems interested. He asks Anika what film is that. Anika says nothing, he’s talking rubbish. She stares at Sahil and tries to take him away. Sahil teases Anika more telling Shivaay that he should see the film.. heroine of that movie talks in weird language… and hero is ek number.. he shows attitude all the time. Anika finally manages to take Sahil away. Shivaay says both are mad.

Anika is trying to sleep. She gets up seeing Shivaay coming to her. She rubs her eyes and he’s still there. She asks him, you? He says, if you remember me so much, then I have to come. She says she doesn’t remember him. He asks why she’s avoiding him then? Whenever he comes closer to her.. bell starts ringing in her heart. She nods yes. She asks how he found out? He says he knows it all. Anika says there’s nothing like that. All this is dream right? He says that means she sees him in her dreams as well. Why? He goes closer. She closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and he is not there. She says herself to do something. He started coming in her dreams. If she doesn’t get rid off this love, then she is screwed. She asks herself what she can do. If she avoids him, then he comes to her. If she doesn’t look at him, then he thinks she’s sick. She will have to think something else. She decides she will just not go in front of him. Tia watches her from distance and says, sleep Anika.. who knows you might not get to sleep like this again.. who knows you will get such a sleep that you won’t be able to wake up from it. She will throw Anika out of Shivaay’s life and this time even Shivaay won’t be able to save her.

It’s morning. Anika wakes up and sees Shivaay sleeping. She recalls her confessing love for Shivaay and then reminds herself that she has to stay away from Shivaay. Shivaay wakes up and she hides. Shivaay wonders where ‘lady kumbhkaran’ went so early. Such a big surprise early in the morning. He goes from there. Anika then comes out and leaves from there.

Sahil and Rudra are praising themselves for almost catching Tia. They then talk about love. Sometimes you like someone more, you find that person special. They both think about Soumya.

Anika is in kitchen. Shivaay comes there. She hides and runs away when she gets a chance. Shivaay feels Anika was there, but doesn’t see her. He says such a strange day today. Anika wishes he gets an urgent meeting and he goes to office. She hears him talking on phone and coming towards her. She now hides in a cupboard. Shivaay opens the cupboard to find a file. Anika hands it over to him and he closes the cupboard. He then wonders how file came to his hand like someone gave it to him. He wonders where Anika is and calls her. He hears phone ringing from the cupboard. He opens and finds Anika sitting there. He gets shocked. He asks her what she’s doing there. She says she was taking out clothes and leaves. He wonders what’s wrong with her.

Tia tells her mum, today she will make sure Anika is out of the house. Once she’s out, they will tackle Shivaay easily.

Anika now hides under the sofa. Shivaay comes following her and says he will find her. She whispers such a big businessman and he has nothing to do except playing hide and seek with her? He sees her dress. He calls office and says he’s leaving now. He goes. Anika comes out and sits in relief. Shivaay comes and sits beside her. She turns her face. He asks why she is hiding from him since morning? What’s her problem? She says it’s nothing like that. He says it’s normal to sleep under the sofa? She says she was on the sofa and was feeling hot, so she went under it. Shivaay says, right.. there is AC in the cupboard too. She tells him that he questions a lot and she doesn’t have time to answer his pointless questions. He says you are not going anywhere and asks her to look at him. She slowly turns to him. He walks to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Anika feels his touch and looks at his hand and then at him. She hugs him and cries. He pats her and tells her not to cry. Did anything happen? She says something that shouldn’t have happened. She’s very afraid. He tells her nothing will happen. He is there.. he will fix everything. He hugs her.


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