Game of Love Monday 10 August 2020 Written update: On Game of Love 10th August 2020, Anika hears Pinky talking to someone. Pinky says I found a way to send this girl out, reach in lawn at 7pm.

Anika says I have to find out whom is Pinky going to meet. Some time before, Shivaye beats up Ranveer. Priyanka stops him. Ranveer says you can beat me Shivaye, you can’t make me away from Priyanka. Shivaye says don’t you dare take her name. Ranveer says do anything, I love Priyanka, none can stop me. Om punches him. Ranveer says I did mistake, give me a chance, I want to marry Priyanka. Shakti stops Shivaye. Ranveer says truth won’t change, Priyanka and I love each other. Om asks do you understand the meaning of love. Ranveer says I don’t, but Priyanka does, ask her if she does not love me, why did she take me to hospital.

Shivaye asks hospital…. He recalls Priyanka and says you said your friend is admitted, you have lied to me, yes or no? Priyanka says yes. Shivaye says you have lied to me for this man. Anika says Shivaye, listen to Priyanka once. He shouts none will talk between me and my sister. Priyanka says I …. Pinky says I forgot Shivaye is someone’s brother too, it will be fun now. Shivaye says be thankful Ranveer, you are standing in my house, I won’t let your dirty blood fall in my house, out of here. Ranveer says I love you Priyanka. Shivaye shouts Ranveer…. Om stops Shivaye and shouts on Ranveer asking him to go. Ranveer goes. Priyanka cries and goes.

Anika says Shivaye, I… Shivaye says sorry, I got angry on you, I didn’t mean that. She says its not your mistake, maybe I would have done the same. They see Pinky. He says I will talk to mom and come. He says much happened at home, its not your and Anika’s mistake, I m sorry on her behalf. Pinky thinks Shivaye got trapped by her. Shivaye holds hands. Anika asks why are you apologizing, I did mistake, I will apologize. She thinks of Pinky’s words and apologizes for hurting her heart. She says you are Shivaye’s mum, I see my mum in you, I m sorry.

Shivaye asks Pinky to forget it now. Pinky says mum can be annoyed with children, not for long, daughters’ don’t fold hands, they hug. She hugs Anika. Anika smiles. Pinky asks Shivaye not to be upset, she is not annoyed with them. She hugs Anika and says don’t think everything changed and I have forgiven you, see how I make you leave this house. Anika gets shocked.

Pinky calls Kamini and says your son came here and did drama, my Shivaye has kicked him out. Kamini says I have no time to hear your nonsense. Pinky says maybe there is your profit, I have seen Priyanka melting for Ranveer, you know what to do now. Kamini asks how are you suddenly talking of helping me. Pinky says I m helping my daughter, not you. Kamini says I know your nature well, tell me what’s your profit. Pinky asks its our profit.

Buamaa says now mehendi function will be in evening, we will do bangles rasam. She gives boxes to Anika and Gauri and says ask your husband to make you wear these bangles, I will go and see Dadi. She goes. Anika asks Gauri what is she thinking. Gauri says nothing. Anika says you are thinking something. Gauri thinks of Om’s words. She says Om will be busy. Anika sees Om going and calls him out. She joins Gauri and Om’s hands. She asks him to do bangles rasam with Gauri, see her with love and make her wear bangles, what are you seeing, will you refuse to me. He says no, we will do this rasam. She goes.

Anika comes to room and sees the bangles. Shivaye holds her and says thanks. She asks why. He says for apologizing to mom, you know person who apologizes is big, and one who apologizes without doing mistake is bigger, sorry. She says don’t make me apart by thanking me, Pinky is my mum also, bending to world maybe failure, bending in front of mum is biggest victory. He says when you talk like this, my belief gets strong that till you are here, none can break our family. She says I have never seen family and parents, I have seen everything here and learnt from you, there is nothing imp than family, you are incomplete without family, the thing which completes my Shivaye, how can I let that break. She thinks of Pinky’s words.

She thinks I know Shivaye loves his family and mum, I won’t let him know Pinky is intentionally doing this, I don’t want his trust on Pinky to belief, else he will break, I will end Pinky’s misunderstanding, I m not making him away from her. She says I m thinking of mehendi function. He says nothing wrong will happen, I have to make you wear these bangles, why, you did not tell me. She says I told you now, I was going to say. He asks her to say now. She says its not good to tease wife. He says its not good to be shy, shall we complete rasam. She nods. He holds her hand and makes her wear a bangle. She asks will you make me wear each bangle this way, it will take much time. He says let me do. He kisses her hand. Beintehaa…..plays…. He pulls her close and holds her face. Jhanvi calls her. Anika says Jhanvi is calling and runs.

Jhanvi asks Buamaa did she see mehendi designs. Buamaa says its in study. Anika says I will get it. Pinky smiles seeing Anika. She talks on phone and says I can’t bear this girl more, reach the back lawn at 7 pm, none will know our work. Anika hears her and hides. Pinky smiles and leaves. Anika says I think Pinky is making plan against me, but what, whom is she going to meet at 7, I have to find out, I don’t want Shivaye to have any trouble.

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Shivaye shouts on Anika. He asks what’s your problem, why are you getting my mum in this, I won’t hear a word more, leave from here. Anika cries and leaves. Shivaye tears Ranveer’s garlands and throws him out. Some time before, the lady asks what name to write. Shivaye says Shivaye and smiles seeing Anika. Shakti asks Shivaye to come for a talk. They go. Anika sees Pinky. She thinks of Pinky. She goes to show her mehendi. They all get shocked seeing Priyanka and Ranveer coming with garlands in their neck.

Jhanvi gets dizzy. Buamaa holds her. Shivaye asks what’s this joke Priyanku. Priyanka says Ranveer and I got married in temple. Om asks what. Shivaye says I told you, I will kill you. He pushes Ranveer. Priyanka says please don’t do anything to him, this marriage happened by my wish, its not his mistake. Om says you don’t need to be afraid, we know he would have blackmailed you. Shivaye picks a vase. Gauri stops him. Anika stops Om. Priyanka says he has not blackmailed me, this happened by my wish, he is not a bad guy. Shivaye throws the vase. He says he has tortured you, did you forget. She says I remember, he was helpless, he has no parents, Kamini raised him, he did what she said to pay her favors. Pinky asks is Kamini not his real mum.

Om says he is liar and fraud, maybe he said any story. Priyanka says he is saying true, Shivaye knew Ranveer and liked him before. Shivaye says I did not know his truth. She says there is no such truth. Om says we can give life and take someone’s life for our sister. Shivaye and Om get angry. Anika asks Shivaye to control his anger. Shivaye says stop it Anika, none will say between me and my sister. Ranveer says no Shivaye, its not between you and Priyanka, she is not just your sister, she is my wife too, if anyone talks to my wife in loud tone, I will not tolerate. He holds Priyanka’s hand. Shivaye gets angry and shouts Ranveer. Priyanka shouts and shoves Shivaye. She holds Ranveer. Om and Shivaye get shocked.

Ranveer says talk to me Shivaye, its not Priyanka’s mistake, I came inside your house, I took Priyanka and convinced her to marry me in temple. Pinky asks how did you enter the house. Ranveer says by back lawn door. Pinky says its always locked, it means someone has got him inside. Shivaye asks who have let him in. He shouts Khanna. He asks him to get back lawn CCTV footage right away. They see the footage. They see Ranveer taking Priyanka. Shivaye asks Khanna to rewind. They see Anika.

Shivaye says Anika…. Pinky smiles. He asks did you go in lawn. Anika sees Pinky smiling. Pinky says no, why will Anika do this, did Anika get Ranveer in. Shivaye says mom please wait. Anika says I did not do anything. He asks why did you go in lawn. Pinky thinks my arrow has hit target. She recalls telling Kamini to send Ranveer by back lawn door. Shivaye asks why did you go there. Anika recalls Pinky’s words.

Shivaye asks Anika why did she go in lawn. Ranveer says its okay, Anika does not need to hide anymore, she has opened the door and helped me. Anika gets shocked. Ranveer says if you were not here, Priyanka and I could not unite, you proved you are Priyanka’s friend first and then Bhabhi, thanks for understanding our love. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Anika says he is lying. He asks her to say why she went out. Anika says I went to see Pinky. Pinky says see she is blaming me again, what will I do in lawn, she says anything always. Anika says I did not mean this, I heard you talking on phone. Pinky asks are you spying on me. Shivaye says stop mom.

He asks Anika why are you getting mom in between, its clearly seen in CCTV footage that you opened the door, Ranveer said you got him in. Anika says believe me, I did not do anything. He says you always took Priyanka’s side and Ranveer’s side too, you know my family respect is imp to me, you ruined my family respect, you ruined my sister’s life. She asks do you think I can do such thing. He says I have proof in front of me. She says I have no proof, but truth. He asks her why did she go out. Pinky says she will say she was following me, ask Buamaa, I was here, Anika went, why was she in hurry that she just got mehendi in one hand and went. Anika says I did not get Ranveer in, Pinky…. Shivaye shouts enough, stop taking my mum’s name, always you get her in between, what’s your problem, I won’t hear a word more, leave from here. Anika cries and leaves. She goes to her room and cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays….

Pinky says Anika did mistake, but she wanted to do good, she is a poor orphan, she would have got sympathy for Ranveer, she does not know relations, she does not know we rich people see name, blood, family and status also while making relations, this can’t be undone, we will accept this. Shivaye says I will never accept this marriage. He tears the garlands off Ranveer’s neck. He holds his collar and drags him. Priyanka cries. Shivaye throws Ranveer out of the house. Priyanka runs. Pinky asks them to stop Priyanka, she can take any wrong step in anger. Om runs after her. Anika cries. O jaana…..plays….

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Pinky says Shivaye is not my son, it means Shivaye is illegitimate. Anika gets stumbling. Some time before, Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and cries. Gauri calls her. Anika says I always try not to hurt Shivaye, even then something always spoils. Gauri says Shivaye is angry, once his anger calms, everything will get fine. Anika says I know, when his anger cools down, he will listen to me and understand, I m scared, I have seen hatred in his eyes for the first time, our relation is on trust, today the trust completely broke, I m afraid that this relation… Gauri says this relation will never break, its just an eclipse, sun does not stop shining, I know you are innocent and someone is trying to frame you. Anika asks how.

Gauri says when I saw the footage on computer, I understood that someone is trapping you, no one has seen this. Shakti says Priyanka broke our trust, you always used to discuss thing with your brothers, how did you hide such a big thing. Priyanka says none is listening to me, Ranveer came to ask for my hand and he was kicked out of home. Pinky consoles her. Shivaye comes. Priyanka asks him to understand, Anika and his marriage also happened in different circumstances, give me a chance too, Om’s marriage also happened this way, but you all accepted Gauri, why is this happening with me, Ranveer is bot a bad guy. Pinky asks Shivaye to give a chance to Ranveer for Priyanka’s sake. Jhanvi comes and says never….. Priyanka did wrong, we have seen giving a chance to Ranveer, he cheated us. Priyanka asks why won’t I get chance if my brothers can get a chance. Jhanvi asks how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye stops Jhanvi. Jhanvi says your brothers worry for you, you are arguing with them for Ranveer, we will never accept this marriage, Ranveer can never become part of this family. Priyanka cries. Shivaye worries.

Gauri says you went out and when you come back, the door did not get shut, it was open, it means someone was there and did not let door get shut, so Ranveer could come after you. Anika says it means I can prove my truth. Gauri says you are innocent and it will be proved. Anika says I have to get footage and find out who stopped the door from shutting. She ends call and says the footage got me blamed, now it will prove me innocent. She calls Rudra and asks is he fine. Rudra says yes, fine till now, why did you call. She asks can all CCTV camera be seen from your laptop. He says yes, why. She says I wanted to get a footage, tell me how can I check. He says yes. He asks her to enter password. She checks footage. She sees someone keeping a hand near the door. She says someone stopped door from shutting, Gauri was saying right. She rewinds and sees Pinky. She says Pinky, it means my doubt was right, its all Pinky’s plan.

Anika goes to Pinky. Pinky asks did you get new idea to blame. She says you have done all this. Pinky says every Saas dreams to kick out bahu from home, but I have courage and brain too. Anika says you have put entire family’s respect at stake to make me out of the house, you know how is Ranveer, even then you got Priyanka married to him. Pinky says I hate you more than I love this family, I can go to any extent to hurt you. Anika cries.

Anika says you may go to any extent, but you can’t separate me and Shivaye. Pinky asks are you challenging me. Anika says mum is not challenged, just requested, don’t do this to make me out of house, don’t hurt Shivaye and family member’s heart. Pinky says you don’t need to worry, when you leave from here, happiness will come back. Anika says I will never leave Shivaye. Pinky taunts on Anika’s father, who is not known. Anika says did you think when Shivaye knows you did this, he will break down, please stop all this. Pinky says fine, go and tell him what I m doing, I got Naintara here and did Priyanka’s marriage, can’t you tell him, Shivaye does not trust you, you tried, but it was no use, when its about mum and wife, he will always choose me.

Anika says don’t do this, this will break this house. Pinky says my motive will not change. Anika says you have to change else…. Pinky shouts else what….Anika shows video and says I have to show this to Shivaye and bring truth out, I don’t want anyone to know this.

Priyanka says I have to talk to Ranveer, mom took my phone. Ranveer calls her on landline. She asks where are you, why did you call on landline. He asks why are you not answering. She says my phone is with mom. He asks her to come out. She asks is anyone sees you. He says I don’t care, show some courage and come. She says I can’t put your life in risk. He says fine I will come. She says no. He says then come, I m waiting. She says Shivaye may see him, I have to go out. He comes downstairs and sees Jhanvi. Jhanvi takes the food for Priyanka. Priyanka thinks what to do, mom is going in my room.

Pinky starts laughing and asks Anika to come and tell Shivaye everything. Pinky says I will also say one truth about Shivaye’s birth. Anika looks on. Pinky says Shivaye does not know truth, when he knows, he will die, I identified Mahi on first day, twin babies have same face, I know Mahi is Shivaye’s brother. Anika gets shocked. Anika recalls Mahi’s words. She asks who told you. Pinky says I don’t need to ask anyone, I know since Shivaye was born, Shivaye is not my son. Anika says it means Mahi said right, you are not Shivaye’s mum. Pinky says it means Shivaye is illegitimate. Anika gets stumbling.

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Pinky says think if Shivaye is proud of his name, blood and family, when he knows he is an Oberoi, he is Shakti’s son, but his mum was Shakti’s mistress, not Shakti’s wife, you want to know that woman’s name, her name is…. She shouts Kamini…. Anika gets shocked. Pinky says Kamini is Mahi and Shivaye’s mum, Mahi is Shivaye’s brother, Shivaye has Kamini’s bad blood, think what will happen of him when he knows this truth.

Anika falls in the pool. Shivaye gets her out of the waters. He holds her close. O jaana ……plays…. Some time before, Pinky says you want to know that woman’s name, her name is…. She shouts Kamini…. Anika gets shocked. Pinky says Kamini is Mahi and Shivaye’s mum, Mahi is Shivaye’s brother, Shivaye has Kamini’s bad blood, think what will happen of him when he knows this truth, I became a mother, but my baby was born dead, we have hidden this, as Oberoi family wanted a heir, Shakti had to go ahead of Tej in this race, so he got one of Kamini’s child in my lap, Shivaye became just my son for the world. Anika gets shocked.

Pinky says just me, Shakti and Kamini know this, we will tell Shivaye, if he knows he is illegitimate, he will die. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words. Pinky asks will you like to show this video to him. Shivaye comes that way. Pinky says look Shivaye is coming, we will tell him, problem will end. Anika stops her and says Shivaye can’t bear it. Pinky says there is one condition, you will do something that Shivaye kicks you of the house, you just have three days for this, if you don’t do anything, I will tell Shivaye he is illegitimate son of this house, you know what will happen then. She goes. Anika looks on and recalls Pinky’s words. She cries. Gauri comes there and sees Anika and Shivaye.

Shivaye comes to Anika. He walks past. Anika cries. Gauri looks on and says distance is increasing between them, no I can’t let this happen, I have to unite them some way, what to do. She calls Om. She asks him to listen once, I have an idea to unite Shivaye and Anika.

Shivaye goes to Priyanka and asks why did you not have food, see I got your fav food. Priyanka refuses. He says none will have food then, what if Dadi, dad and everyone skip food, its fine. Priyanka asks did anyone not have food. He asks how can we have food if you are sad. She says I did not wish to hurt anyone, Ranveer is not like you are thinking, please give him a chance. He feeds her. She says just one chance for me please. She cries. He asks her to stop crying. He says I can’t see tears in your eyes. She hugs him and apologizes.

Anika sits at pool side and recalls Kamini’s words. Gauri comes there and holds her. Anika wipes her tears. Gauri asks did you talk to Shivaye. Anika says no, he is feeding Priyanka, I will talk to him when he gets free, I know he can’t be annoyed for long. Gauri says we girls are such, we don’t complain about husbands. Anika says Om and Shivaye are so good. Gauri says yes, they are good at heart, but they have much anger, we will have a walk and talk, come. She says all three are rude. Anika says no, all three are good. Gauri says you said Shivaye is stone hearted, Stone Singh Oberoi. Anika says he was such before, now he has become Sweet Singh Oberoi.

Gauri says his tadi shows he has much anger, even Om gets angry like Nandi ox. Anika says its not right, you did not see Shivaye’s billu ji side, when his tadi ends, he becomes Billu ji and looks cute. Gauri says Shivaye can do anything for you, this is small thing. She pushes Anika in the pool and runs. Anika screams.

Om says Shivaye, Anika fell inside the pool. Shivaye and Om run to her. Shivaye sees Anika. Gauri asks Om to see her great idea.

Priyanka goes to Ranveer. He says I m fine now. She says if anyone sees you… He asks her to come along, do you trust me. She nods. They leave. Jhanvi gets food for Priyanka. She calls her out. She says maybe she slept, she was much disturbed, I should let her sleep. She goes.

Shivaye gets Anika out of the waters and hugs her. Gauri says now we should leave. They go. Shivaye asks are you fine Anika, if you don’t know swimming, why did you fall in water. Anika says no, Gauri pushed me suddenly, while we were talking. He asks what. They see Om and Gauri. Om signs them all the best and goes. Shivaye says its their plan as we were not talking, whatever happened today. She says its because of me. He holds her hand and stops her. He pulls her close. O jaana….plays…. They have an eyelock.

He says you remember, when I threw you in this pool for the first time, what did I tell you. She recalls the moment. He says I asked you to apologize, today I apologize, it was my mistake, I don’t know will you understand my mental state or not, my younger sister married a guy and came, that CCTV footage and mom’s crying, I overreacted and got angry on you, I know you are not involved in Priyanka’s marriage, I m sorry. She stops him. O jaana….plays….

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