Game of Love 7 August 2020: On Game of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Written update, Dadi asks them to make each other wear the ring. Shivaye makes Anika wear the ring. Om makes Gauri wear the ring.

Shivaye dances on Soni soni…. Some time before, Shivaye calls out everyone. He asks where is Om. He calls Om. Om comes and asks what happened. Shivaye says you are asking me, I m surprised, I expect you tell everyone what you did. Om asks what do you mean. Dadi asks Shivaye to say. Buamaa says Om is most decent in our family. Shivaye says you don’t know what he did, we decided we will share our problems and not hide anything, Om forgot the promise and broke my pride. Rudra asks what did he do. Shivaye says ask him, he has hidden big thing from us. Shakti asks him to say. Shivaye says I will just show you all now. He gets Gauri. Buamaa and Jhanvi smile. Dadi asks who is this girl. Shivaye says she is Gauri, your bahu and Om’s wife. They all get shocked. Rudra says it means my Choti Bhabhi. Anika says means my Devrani. Rudra says SIL, Devrani Jethani is old fashioned. Shivaye says he did marriage and does not think necessary to tell us.

Pinky asks is she Om’s wife. Dadi asks Om is this true. Shivaye says he would have told us if he wanted, he was trying to hide, he has sent Gauri, its good I got her, else we would have not known this truth, I know Om never shares things, but now he started hiding matters, did we become stranger for him. Om says its not like that, I did not wish to hide, you were surrounded in your own problems, I could not say. Shivaye asks won’t you share happiness, you should have told me, whatever be the situation. Rudra says yes, you should have said us. Buamaa says why are you after Om, we two knew it, I mean we got to know it. Dadi says Jhanvi, you knew it and did not tell me. Pinky says you did not tell me. Jhanvi says we were going to say. Buamaa says we got trapped then… Shwetlana comes there and shouts Gauri.


She says my plan flopped because of you, I will kill you. She walks to Gauri. Anika comes in between and scolds her, saying you will be hit by Chameli on your cheek. Gauri asks Chameli. Anika says its my slipper’s name. Gauri says you also named your slipper. Anika says you got a solid Jethani. Rudra says this Devrani and Jethani is so old fashioned. Shwetlana says I will see you later, first I will see her. Rudra comes in between and asks her not to think, he did not make body just to show. She says I don’t talk to kids. Shivaye says then talk to elder one. She says you would be elder for them, you are a kid for me. Om says don’t forget, you are going jail because of these kids. She says you don’t be mistaken that you failed Shwetlana, this game will change, I will come back. Shivaye says you will leave from here as of now.

Shwetlana gets caught by police. She says I will come back and take revenge. Shivaye says you will be not seen in world if you are seen around the house. Buamaa says alls well that ends well, our bahu has come back. Shivaye sees Om and goes. Om stops him. He asks are you annoyed with me. Shivaye says a lot. Om asks won’t you talk. Shivaye says I wish I could. But I can’t stop talking to you. Om asks won’t you forgive me. Shivaye says you have hurt our heart. Om says but I didn’t mean to, I was in a mess. Shivaye says what are brothers for. Rudra says I will say, elder one to scold and younger one to get scolding. Shivaye says I m serious. Rudra says yes, you were great wall of SSO, and Om also became SSO, you did not see me, but i saw everything, you both promise me you will not sideline me now, one for all…. They say all for one. They all join hands and hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi……plays…..

Rudra asks Om about his BFF Chulbul. Shivaye says yes, where is Chulbul. Om sees Gauri and says actually, Gauri is Chulbul. Rudra says what, that’s why I was thinking about chemistry, they used to exchange looks, static current and what daily soaps hero heroine does. He pulls Shivaye in arms and says like this. They all smile. Rudra says I thought Om got spoiled that way. They all laugh. Dadi hugs Gauri and says I regret that I did not see your marriage, my anger went, but I regret. Rudra asks Shivaye to do something. Shivaye says Dadi, you will see all functions, Gauri is this house bahu, she will get welcomed. Om says this is not needed.

Shivaye says every girl has some dreams of her marriage, its our duty to fulfill it, its mostly your duty. Om asks really, are you saying this and sees Anika. Dadi says Anika would have many dreams of marriage too, which could not fulfill because of Shivaye. Anika and Shivaye see each other. Anika says no, its nothing like that. Dadi asks her not to take Shivaye’s side. Shivaye says but we got married. Jhanvi says Om is also married. Dadi says both Anika and Gauri are bahus, if one’s functions happen, other’s functions will also happen. Pinky says no one knows about Om’s marriage, but everyone knows about Anika and Shivaye’s marriage.

Dadi says its about my bahu’s happiness, all functions will happen of both of them. Shakti asks them to get ready, ring ceremony will happen today. Naintara walks down stairs. Shivaye asks Gauri to give her family’s number. Gauri says my dad is no more, mum is getting treated in Bareilly’s govt. Hospital. Anika says so what, we are there. Shivaye says you are part of this family. Priyanka asks Anika and Gauri to come and get ready. Naintara says Oberoi’s functions will be grand, I should use it.

Shivaye stops Anika. Anika asks Gauri to go. He asks for Sahil. She says I kept him in guest room near storeroom. He says Naintara should not know about him. Rudra comes and says Dadi said everyone go and get ready. Shivaye asks him to go. Rudra says romance was going on here. Shivaye and Anika go. Om stops Gauri and asks why did you come back. Gauri says I was going, Shivaye got me. Rudra comes and says romance is going on. Om asks will you shut up. He goes with Gauri. Rudra says both brothers became paraya dhan. He talks to Dadi and says I got single, no tension. Dadi says your wife went to Australia and you say you are single. Rudra says Soumya and I don’t believe in that marriage. She says love is Lord, you can’t stop love. Rudra says its illogical. She says love magic works. He says this can’t happen. She says you will also happen Ishqbaaz when you fall in love. He says no way, there is no such girl made who rings the bell of my heart. A girl is shown. Rudra says there is no such girl who makes me Ishqbaaz.

Dadi says she is made, but you did not get her. He says I won’t get her, I m going Meerut, I can’t get her there. Dadi says if you get her then. Anika says it means you stayed as Chulbul, you are a Khidki tod actor. Gauri asks what’s this word. Anika and Gauri say their unique words. Jhanvi gets the dress for Gauri and asks them to get ready. Pinky comes to call Jhanvi. She taunts Anika has taken everything already. Jhanvi asks her not to spoil everyone’s mood. Pinky says functions start too soon in this house, I have nothing to give her. Anika says its fine, I will wear any dress. Jhanvi says I will get some jewlry for you and goes. Pinky says Jhanvi is giving you jewelry to wear, don’t have your right on it. She goes. Gauri sees Anika getting sad.

Rudra makes Om and Shivaye ready. Rudra says Om trapped himself, Om could have changed much, but now he can’t even change tv channel, married man can just change baby diaper. Om says we can change your face. Rudra laughs and says you did not understand my joke, Dadi gave me responsibility to make two uncles ready. He jokes. They stare at him. Rudra says we don’t meet each other being in same house, now we will know everything in our lives, no secrets, who is Naintara, she is not Anika’s mum, no connection.

Shivaye says Naintara is not Anika’s mum. Om asks why is she here. Shivaye says there is something linked with her, I want to find out. Rudra asks whats happening, DNA tests, fake Shivaye, fake moms, is there anything normal here, tell me your abnormal love story. Shivaye asks Om about his marriage. Om says its a long story. Rudra says we have much time, its one hour episode, don’t you know of Mahasangam. Priyanka comes and compliments them. Rudra says you know I look more handsome and making them feel better. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to shut up. They leave.

Shivaye and Om see Anika and Gauri coming downstairs. Everyone smile. Shivaye goes to her and holds her hand. Rudra does shayari and jokes. Anika says Shivaye, leave hand, everyone is seeing. Shivaye says I did not hold hand to leave. O jaana….plays…. Jhanvi asks Om to get Gauri. Om asks Gauri to come. Dadi asks him to hold hand with love and say he won’t leave her hand ever. Om holds Gauri’s hand. Dadi asks him to say it. Om says I won’t leave you. Rudra says Om’s love looks like threatening, Shivaye when your romance ends, tell us, we will start rasam. Shivaye says I have to tell something. Anika asks is Sahil fine. He says yes, you look very beautiful. She says you too. He asks really. She nods. They smile. Pinky stares angrily.

Dadi asks Jhanvi and Pinky to make their bahus wear shagun chunri. Jhanvi and Pinky do the rituals. Anika sees Pinky. Dadi says now make each other wear the rings. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Anika too makes him wear the ring. They all clap. Om and Gauri see each other and hold rings. Shivaye signs Anika. They go to Om and Gauri, and hold their hands, making them exchange rings. Everyone claps.

Shivaye takes Anika aside. She asks what are you doing, anyone will see. Shivaye says let them see, you are my fiancee. She says we got married. He says everything got opposite in our life, normal people meet, fall in love, get engaged and then marry, but we first got married and now engagement happened. She says you are crazy and do such things. He says I can become Sweet Singh Oberoi too, I got SSO sweetness. She asks sweets. He says no, its a gift. She says its not my happy birthday today. He says just birthday is said, happy birthday is said when you wish someone, you had to give my gift to Kamini, so I got bangles for you again, don’t say you can’t tale this. He makes her wear the bangles.

He asks are you crying. She says just tears of happiness. He says this is not right, when I do something to make you happy, you start crying. She says I m not crying, this is my way to say thanks. He says I don’t want your thanks, stop crying. She says I feel after many days, this house’s happiness came back, just make Naintara leave. He says don’t worry, she will leave. He holds her face. Rudra laughs. Shivaye leaves her and asks her to come. Rudra plays dhol. Shivaye sings Soni soni ankhiyon wali….. and dances with Anika. Gauri cries and sings sadly. Shivaye gets Om, Gauri, and everyone in the dance. Om sees Gauri and stops dancing. Dadi says Om and Gauri look so good together, I wish their love starts soon like Anika and Shivaye.

Buamaa says you are so right, Om and Gauri are made for each other. Everyone dance. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…… Naintara stops Shakti and dances with him. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Sahil dancing. He goes to Sahil and takes him. Dadi says what’s this woman doing, the house happiness returned, none’s bad sight should catch this house. Buamaa says yes, I pray the happiness does not get spoiled, I noticed problems come when we have happiness. Dadi asks her not to say such thing. Buamaa apologizes.

Rudra takes photos and asks Om to move towards Gauri. Shivaye asks Om to show pics. Anika says when I saw Shivaye first, I felt Michmichi. Gauri asks what does it mean. Anika says I felt irritated, I have thrown cow dung on Shivaye. Shivaye asks them to talk about anything else if they have to have bonding. Anika says I m saying about you three, how you guys love, its first hatred, fights, and then…. Shivaye asks and then… say it. She asks Gauri to say something, why are you looking at Om. Rudra says she used to talk a lot when she was Chulbul. Anika asks did she stay silent in Bareilly too. Gauri says no, I talk a lot, my mum worries, even my cow worries, everyone calls me Dabangg Gauri. Rudra says if anything gets into a fight with you. Gauri says then I would stick them to the wall by a tight slap. Rudra does not understand her line and says like we get user manual with electronics, we should have dictionary with Bhabhis. He asks her what’s jhaanp. She says Devar ji, this is called Jhaanp. She shows it means slap. Om looks at her.

Pinky asks why did you call me here. Shivaye comes to their room. Naintara says your necklace can shut my mouth. Pinky gives her necklace. Shivaye hides and sees Naintara. Pinky leaves. He calls Anika and asks her to see the person coming downstairs. Anika sees Pinky. Some time before, Anika says I m saying about you three, how you guys love, its first hatred, fights, and then…. Shivaye asks and then… say it. She asks Gauri to say something, why are you looking at Om. Rudra says she used to talk a lot when she was Chulbul. Anika asks did she stay silent in Bareilly too. Gauri says no, I talk a lot, my mum worries, even my cow worries, everyone calls me Dabangg Gauri. Rudra says if anything gets into a fight with you. Gauri says then I would stick them to the wall by a tight slap. Rudra does not understand her line and says like we get user manual with electronics, we should have dictionary with Bhabhis. He asks her what’s jhaanp. She says Devar ji, this is called Jhaanp. She shows it means slap. Om looks at her.

Rudra says fine Chulbul bhabhi, but don’t call me Devarji. Gauri says don’t call me Chulbul Bhabhi. Anika, Shivaye and Rudra think they heard Gauri before, on phone. Anika asks Gauri what happened in first meet, tell me, Om won’t tell anything. Gauri says I have run bulldozer on his car. Shivaye asks do you know running it. She says no, I m clever bird, I ask internet chachi whatever I don’t know. Rudra asks is your aunty’s name internet. Om says she is saying about search engine. Anika says I broke Shivaye’s car windscreen in first meet. Shivaye says she has ignited my car some days back. Rudra says both bhabhis will bond well, they believe in breaking things.

Gauri says when I get angry, I don’t listen to anyone. Rudra asks what do you do in anger. Gauri takes a candy and throws. Om moves back. Candy hits Shivaye’s forehead and goes back. Gauri eats it. Om smiles. They all look shocked. Anika says Shivaye… He holds his forehead. Gauri says sorry. Anika says its fine, I have spit black coffee on Shivaye. Gauri asks what do you do when you get angry. Anika says when I get angry, I…. She takes water glass and throws. Shivaye sees her and bends down, getting behind Om. Water falls on Om. Anika says sorry. Om says its fine, I was thirsty. Shivaye says if we did not know about you two, we would have felt you both are own sisters. Rudra says you two give good competition to them. Dadi says love is good when lovers are equal.

Shivaye sees Naintara talking to someone and thinks whom is she talking to. He goes to see and says whom was she signing. Naintara says its good I got you here, I was finding you, there is a problem. He asks why. She says since people know you are my son in law, people are asking me to repay loans. He says you are asking me money. She says price for your valuable thing. He says I will give price, Sahil is with you. He says till you do what I say, nothing will happen to Sahil. He goes. She says he is agreeing to me easily, does he have plan in mind, I have to find out. She calls and asks for Sahil. The man says he is in our clutches, why. She says keep an eye on him. Khanna points gun at the man and says good job. Naintara says I was just worried, game is still in my hands. Shivaye looks at her.

Om asks Gauri what is her new drama, does she want to stay here, its big house, costly clothes, jewelry, servants, comforts, why will anyone wish to leave. She says I m doing this for your family. He says shut up. You are doing this for your profit, tell me how much money you want to leave. She says you are misunderstanding, if you don’t believe me, tell me what to do. He says nothing, now I will do, I will tell truth to everyone right away. She says you want me to leave from here, fine, you tell everyone I have run away, they will start hating me, but they won’t be annoyed with you. He says go….. She cries and leaves.

Pinky says I told her not to call me in front of everyone, it will be problem. A size 5 sticker on her sandal troubles her. She throws it. It sticks to door. Shivaye comes there. Pinky asks why did you call me here. Shivaye gets that sticker on hand and tries to get it off. Naintara says you have to give and I have to take it, I like your necklace, give it to me. Pinky asks are you mad, you think I will give this diamond necklace. Naintara says yes. Shivaye tries to hear. Naintara says if you want my help, you have to give it. Pinky asks what help. Naintara says to make Anika out of this house and Shivaye’s life. Pinky says I did not see any greedy woman like you. Naintara says I did not see selfish woman like you, who is ruining own son’s life, your necklace can shut my mouth. Pinky gives her necklace. Shivaye hides and sees Naintara. Naintara kisses her and says this necklace will suit me more. Pinky stops near the door. Shivaye hides.

Naintara checks and signs Pinky to leave. He misses to see Pinky. She leaves. Naintara shuts the door. He says I was here and could not see. He calls Anika and asks her to see the person coming downstairs, I could not see, just see and call me. Anika waits at the stairs. Rudra comes and asks her to come. She says I will come, you go. Pinky goes. Anika sees Gauri coming downstairs. She stops Gauri. She says I got to know what you are hiding. Gauri thinks did Anika hear me and Om. Anika takes her and says Buamaa, we did not see Gauri, she got lonely. Buamaa calls Om and says you are married to her, she is roaming along, keep sync with her.

Shivaye signs Anika. She goes to him. He asks did you see who came downstairs. She says no, are you sure about the person. He says that person is staying in this house, I will find out. Om says you were leaving. Gauri says Anika got me back. He says you and your lies, I will have to make you leave, I don’t care what they think about me, I won’t tolerate you now. He holds her hand and takes her. Dadi comes in between.

Dadi asks where are you taking my bahu. Dadi says Gauri will stay in my room till rasams get over, I will know my bahu and tell the traditions, bahus have to take traditions ahead. Pinky says you said right we will keep kulgotra puja, I spoke to Guru ji, he said tomorrow is a good day for puja. Shivaye says you started again, puja won’t happen. Pinky says Om and Gauri’s matter is also there, will you decide for them, Gauri will know her name and blood, now Anika’s mum is here, why are you refusing. Naintara holds Anika and says Pinky is right, Anika’s name will be written in Oberoi family kulpatri. Pinky says if you are refusing, as Anika is dancers daughter, I can understand. He says stop it now, this puja won’t happen. Om says I don’t mind if Shivaye does not want it. Dadi says its our family tradition, both bahus names should be entered in kulpatri. Pinky asks Shivaye to agree. Shakti says this topic will end forever, what’s the problem, its matter of some hours. Shivaye says do anything you want. Dadi says fine, we will do this puja tomorrow, Pinky gave tomorrow’s time to Guru ji. Pinky thinks Anika’s name will be out of Shivaye’s life tomorrow.

Shivaye gets angry. Anika says we can’t let Naintara’s name written in kulpatri. He says so I was worried, I will do something. She says now Sahil is with us, we will kick her out. He says we have to find out who is with Naintara. She says I m worried, this wait can get costly. He says no, we have to expose that person. She asks how. He says we have to think.

Dadi shows old pics to Gauri. She shows everyone’s childhood pics. She says they have much love, their bodies are three, but soul is one, my Shivomru can’t be separated. Om comes and says Dadi being awake till late is not good for health. Dadi pulls his leg and asks are you not able to stay away from your wife. He says its nothing like that. She asks them to talk, and goes.

Om says you have no shame, how many times shall I ask you to leave. Gauri says someone stops me when I leave. He says Kaali and his goons could not stop you, you are having problem to leave from here, I came here to say my decision, do anything but your name should not come in Oberoi family kulpatri. She asks how to do this. He says do anything, eat poison and die, I don’t care, but your name should not come in kulpatri. He goes. She cries.

Anika holds Shivaye. She apologizes and says these things spoiled because of me, that cheap woman came as my mum and troubled you. He says its not your problem, its our problem, I can’t bear anyone eyeing my family, you don’t need to feel guilty, its not your mistake, I should feel guilty, I went to find your background after you refused, now till Naintara stays here, I will not get peace. She says we will do something. They hold hands. She asks him to come. She sees the sticker on his coat.

She asks what’s this sticker. He recalls and says when I stood outside Naintara’s room, maybe it was on the door. She says its fine, leave it. Its morning, Buamaa checks arrangements. Rudra says this puja will end till afternoon right, I have to go Meerut. Buamaa says yes, it will be done. Shivaye and Anika walk downstairs. Naintara whistles and says she is my daughter. Rudra says she is not your daughter. Naintara asks did you say anything. He says nothing.

Naintara tells Shakti that her name will be linked to him today. He asks what are you saying. She laughs and says I m saying about Kulpatri. Anika says see her courage, she is dreaming, I will kick her. Shivaye asks her to bear Naintara for some time. She asks do you think our plan will work. He says yes, its the only way, we should scare her so that she goes to the person helping her, then we can catch that person, remember we were, are and will always be together, don’t be scared. He holds her hand. She says if you are with me, I m not scared of anything.

Jhanvi asks Om did he not get ready, Gauri got ready, she is looking so good. He asks don’t you have any other topic. She asks what’s his problems. He says I don’t want these rituals and functions, its all a lie, there is no relation between me and Gauri, the motive for which I got her here is over, now I want her to leave, you all are forcing her on me, why don’t you understand. She says Gauri is your wife, how can we change decision of fate, she is a nice girl. Om says I will be hurt if she stays here. She says its your life, you decide, but don’t take wrong decision in anger, get ready fast. She goes.

Buamaa asks pandit to start rituals. Anika sends Priyanka to get flowers. She asks Priyanka for her sandals. She asks her to wear anyone else’s sandals. Priyanka asks Pinky for her slippers, as their size is same, 5. Pinky gives her slippers. Buamaa makes Om and Gauri stand close. Rudra asks them to stand close and pushes Om. Shivaye signs Anika. Rudra takes their pic and asks Shivaye and Anika to stand. Anika says I have imp work. Shivaye and Anika pose for pics. He asks do you remember what to do. Anika says yes, and goes. Rudra says now its moment for Obros pic. He poses with Om and Shivaye and jumps in their arms.

Shivaye calls Anika. Anika sees Naintara and starts acting. Naintara says why was she staring at me, there is something, I have to find out. She sees Anika talking to some men. Naintara asks what’s the matter, why are you worried. Anika says some goons came out to take 20 lakhs from you. Naintara asks did they come here, they are lying, I just have to pay 12 lakhs, I will talk to them. Anika says do anything, I don’t want any drama in my inlaws, if Shivaye knows about goons, he will call police. Naintara says no, I will manage, they will not go without money. Anika says send them soon. Naintara asks her to give money.

Anika says I have no money, shall I ask inlaws for your loan, sorry, you have to help yourself, do anything soon. She goes in puja. Naintara says how will I get money, when will my obedient son in law come in use. She goes. Shivaye sees her and asks Guru ji to start puja. Guru ji asks who will do Maha Aarti. Pinky says Shivaye will do, he is eldest son. Shivaye forwards hands. Om and Rudra hold his hands. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi…..plays…..

Anika hears Pinky and gets shocked. She thinks Pinky got Naintara here. Shivaye says you went after Naintara, you came back lost, what happened, tell me, did you find out who is supporting Naintara, I will expose Naintara and that person. She says Pinky aunty. He gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye, Om and Rudra hold the aarti diya. Apni maryada hai…..plays…. They do the aarti. Anika sees Naintara calling someone. Naintara says I need to talk to you. Pinky goes. Anika follows.

She sees Naintara talking to someone and says Shivaye was right, someone from family is doing this. Pinky says don’t call me, what do you want. Naintara says I needed money, I m asking for a price to keep my mouth shut. Pinky asks what, 12 lakhs, are you mad. Anika hides. Naintara says I need it, people came to take the money for my loan. She blackmails Pinky. Pinky says no one can come here this way, security is right here. Anika thinks to find out and goes to see. Priyanka comes in between and says Dadi is calling you for puja. Anika says you go, I will come. She sees Naintara standing alone and says I think I missed the person, what will I answer Shivaye.

She turns to go and hears Pinky. She stops and sees Pinky with Naintara. She gets shocked. Pinky says there are no goons, they are cooks of Oberoi mansion, either you are fooling me or someone is fooling me, don’t call me, if Shivaye knows, it will be problem. She goes. Naintara says it means Anika lied to me, are they playing game against me, I will see them. Anika thinks Pinky got Naintara here, how can this happen.

Priyanka comes and asks are you fine, come everyone is waiting. Anika holds Shivay’s hand and does aarti with him. She thinks when Shivaye knows Pinky is doing all this then…. Om and Gauri also do the aarti. Guru ji says bahu’s name is written in golden words in this Kulpatri. Shivaye says I know why you are tensed, don’t worry, that woman’s name won’t join in Kulpatri. Anika sees Pinky and thinks I m mistaken, Pinky can’t do this. Guru ji says eldest bahu will write her name first. Shivaye asks Anika to write her name in Kulpatri. Anika goes and writes her name in Kulpatri. Guru ji asks younger bahu to come and write name. Gauri thinks what to do, one side is Om’s happiness, other side is his family. Saathiya….plays…. She thinks I promised I will not force myself on Om. She thinks of Om’s words. She faints. Om holds her. Everyone asks what happened. Om recalls his words and thinks did she really eat poison.

Gauri slowly murmurs, I did my work, you manage now. Buamaa says she will be fine. Om says she is not fine, we will do rasam later, we can write name anytime. Shakti asks why not now. Om says Gauri is unconscious. Shivaye asks him to write name, its same thing. Om asks how can I write. Buamaa says I will handle it, its mahurat, go.

Om sees Gauri. She signs no. Om writes Gauri’s name. Gauri says I m fine. Guru ji asks bahus to apply haldi to hands and leave impression. Shivaye asks Anika to come. Om asks Gauri to come. Gauri says I tried my best. Om says its not your mistake, I got ruined to save you.. Buamaa asks him to take Gauri. Guru ji says husband will keep their hands on wife’s hand and leave impression. Anika thinks of Pinky. She thinks 5 number sticker outside Naintara’s room, Pinky’s slipper size is same, it means I m not thinking wrong. Shivaye asks what happened, come on. Anika dips her hands in haldi. Ankhiyan milaake channa…..plays…..

Shivaye keeps his hands over her hands, and they leave the hand marks. Om keeps hands over Gauri’s hands and leave the marks. Pinky says who thought, Oberoi family will get such cheap bahus. Jhanvi asks what are you saying. Pinky says our sons are useless to get such bahus, their names got included in kulpatri. Jhanvi says bahus should be good, if not rich, we are lucky to get such bahus. Pinky says see our fate, we wear branded shoes and got down market bahus. Jhanvi says Gauri is perfect for me, I feel proud that she is my bahu.

Pinky says its because Shwetlana left because of her, let some time pass. Then you will know Gauri is mismatch for Om, like Anika is mismatch for Shivaye. Jhanvi asks what’s wrong with you, Anika is perfect for Shivaye, she saved his life many times, she helped us, Shivaye and Anika are happy together, what type of mum are you, that’s why Saas’ name is spoiled. Pinky says I was sharing sorrow, you are scolding me. Jhanvi says there is no happiness than children’s happiness, why are you not happy in son’s happiness. Pinky asks her not to explain, Shivaye is my son and I can give my life for him. Buamaa asks why are you fighting. Pinky says we are just discussing. Jhanvi says ask what we were discussing.

Pinky asks her not to say. Buamaa asks them not to fight. Guru ji asks to write bahu’s parents name in Kulpatri. Pinky says Anika’s mum is here, she will write, does she have to write profession too, she is a dancer, it will look bad. Shivaye asks her to stop it. She says I m talking to Guru ji. She asks Naintara to write her name and family name with Anika’s name in Kulpatri. Shivaye asks Anika not to worry, he remembers his promise. He throws his phone in her way. Naintara falls over the table. Shivaye says this pen got broken, we can’t write Naintara’s name. Guru ji says we have to make new pen and then write her name. Shivaye says main thing is over, we wrote Anika and Gauri’s name, its fine, thanks Guru ji. Pinky thinks all my hardwork went waste. She goes. Anika sees her and thinks why is Pinky doing this, if Shivaye knows Pinky did this, he will get big shock, how to tell Shivaye. Shivaye takes her.

Om sees the room decorated and asks what’s all this. Gauri says flowers and candles, why are you asking me. He asks did you get this done. She asks do you think I m mad to do this, this milk is for you, I was asked to take this. He asks what did you add in it. She says nothing. He asks about powder. She says I did not add anything. He says you added. She takes the glass and drinks it. Buamaa looks on and thinks Om had to drink this spiked milk, plan got ruined, Gauri had drunk it.

Rudra reaches his friend’s place. Shivaye asks Anika what’s troubling you, did you know who is supporting Naintara. She thinks of Pinky.

Rudra calls out a girl and holds her. He gets stunned seeing her. Dekha jo tujhe yaar….plays…. She says please leave my hand and cries. He asks why are you crying. She says you have held my hand in front of everyone, if my community knows, I can’t show my face to anyone. He asks is holding hand a big issue. She says this is Meerut, such things happen here, years ago, my friend was catching bus, a guy held her hand to help, her alliance did not happen. He says sorry, my friend said he loves you, he said when he meets you, he will say… She asks what. He says I will keep you happy, I will just see you when you are around, else your pic, I will not let tears come in your eyes Sushma. She asks Sushma, but… He says Shaurya is waiting, come. He holds her hand. She cries and says you have held my hand again. He says I know the story, why are you marrying Shaurya. She asks why shall I marry him. He says you did not think this while dating for 2 years, come. She says I won’t come. He says I have to take you, even I don’t want to. He takes her. She says please leave me.

Gauri laughs. Om asks why are you laughing. She says I got milk for you and drank it, you remind me of Nandi. He asks who is Nandi now. She says an angry ox. He asks do you mean I always stay angry. She laughs calling him Nandi, you got angry again, your name is on Shankar ji, will you open third eyes and always be after me. He says mind your language. She says tell me what did I do, you married me and got enmity with Kaali, but all mistake is mine, did I ever blame you, I m doing what’s told to me, I got milk, you had problem in it also, if I added something, I would have got drunk. He says I knew it.

She says you feel you know everything, but you don’t know. He says behave yourself. She says don’t touch me, I m in senses. He says I can see. She asks him to see Shivaye, he gives respect to women, he loves Anika, you are always bitter, can you become sweet like honey Nandi. He gets water and pours on her head. She says rain started and laughs. She comes to senses. She says you have put water on me. He says get out of my room. She asks did I say anything wrong. He makes her leave out of the room and shuts door. She goes.

Shivaye says you went after Naintara, you came back lost, what happened, tell me, did you find out who is supporting Naintara, I will expose Naintara and that person. Anika says you can’t bear it. He says I m not so weak to break down by truth. She says person breaks when belief breaks. He says trust is already broken, I want to know who is playing this game against my family, just say it. She says Pinky aunty. He gets shocked.

Buamaa gets Gauri and scolds Om for making Gauri leave from the room. She says its short life, will you fight and pass life, Gauri will stay here with her rights, if Om does not want me to stay here, he will respect Gauri, promise. Om says promise. Buamaa says if he breaks promise, tell me, I will take care of him, good night. Om says I can’t believe it, you are desperate to stay here, you would have gone crying, so Buamaa got you here. Gauri says I want to leave from the room and house as well. He asks why don’t you go then. She says I will go, I will leave from room now. He says no need to go, I will leave. Om leaves.

Shivaye asks what did you say, mom, I m asking who is that person. She says Pinky aunty. He asks what are you saying, how can mom… She says I know this is not easy to believe this, it was tough for me to believe, its true, I have proof. Pinky shouts Shivaye. He runs from the room.

Anika asks what happened to you. Sahil says she wanted to kill me, Pinky saved me. Shivaye says arrest her. Pinky says I was just acting to fall down, I got Naintara home. Anika asks why. Pinky says because I hate you a lot, I don’t want you to stay around my house and son’s life, you were never suitable for him. Some time before, Shivaye says you went after Naintara, you came back lost, what happened, tell me, did you find out who is supporting Naintara, I will expose Naintara and that person. Shivaye asks what did you say, mom, I m asking who is that person.

She says Pinky aunty. He asks what are you saying, how can mom… She says I know this is not easy to believe this, it was tough for me to believe, its true, I have proof. Pinky shouts Shivaye. He runs from the room. Shivaye goes and sees Pinky rolling downstairs. He holds Pinky. Sahil calls out Anika. Anika asks what happened to you. Sahil says she wanted to kill me, Pinky saved me. Shivaye asks how dare you harm my family, Khanna call police. He gets Naintara downstairs. Pinky cries and says Naintara was pushing Sahil, I went to save him, she pushed me. Anika asks how can this happen. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Anika says how can Naintara push Pinky. Pinky asks her to ask Sahil.

Anika says Shivaye I told you Pinky and Naintara….. Pinky got her home. Pinky and everyone get shocked. Pinky asks what do you mean I got your mum. Anika says she is not my mum, I have seen you talking to Naintara. Pinky says everyone talk to her at home. Shivaye says Naintara is not Anika’s mum, its true. Shakti asks what, that Dna report. Shivaye says it was a lie, I changed it as Sahil was kidnapped. Pinky says Anika is saying I have done this. Anika says no, I m saying you got Naintara here. Shivaye says okay stop it. Pinky says we are bearing her for your sake, I told Shivaye to throw her out. Anika asks why were you talking to her during puja time. Pinky says Naintara was asking me help, she asked for 12 lakhs saying people came to recover loan amount. She cries and asks Shivaye does he trust her or not. Shivaye says of course, I trust you. He asks Anika to stop it, don’t forget my mum saved your brother, Naintara came here as Anika’s fake mum, kidnapped Sahil and tried to kill him, Naintara’s game is over now.

Naintara asks what about the game your wife is playing, I came for money greed, what does Anika want, she has everything, Anika is ahead of me, Shivaye was trying to unite Anika and her mum, but Anika wanted to separate him and his mum. Anika says what nonsense. Naintara says you got a good Saas, who keeps bahu’s mum and brother at home, no one got me here, I came myself, Anika wants to break Shivaye and his mum. Shivaye says enough, I don’t give right to anyone to talk in my family matter. He calls police and says inspector arrest her. Naintara says Anika will ruin your family. She smiles seeing Pinky. Pinky recalls paying money to Naintara, asking her to act to push her down the stairs, go jail for some days, then I will free you. Naintara agrees. FB ends. Pinky faints. Shivaye and Shakti take her.

Ranveer calls Priyanka. She asks are you mad to call on landline. He says you were not answering call on phone. She says I don’t want to talk. He says I want to talk, I have to return money for the hospital bills, I want to meet you. She says I don’t want to meet you, I will tell Shivaye. He says I m not scared of Shivaye. She says fine, then come home and meet me when Shivaye is at home. Ranveer says I should show you that I m not scared of anyone.

Shivaye makes Pinky lie down. He asks her to call him if she needs anything. Anika gets lep for Pinky. Shivaye goes. Anika asks are you much hurt. Pinky says I would have got hurt if I really fell. She gets up and says I was acting to fall down. Anika gets shocked. Pinky laughs and asks what did you think, I love Sahil and will risk my life for him. Anika says it means my doubt was right, you and Naintara are together. Pinky says yes, I got her home. Anika asks why. Pinky says because I hate you a lot, I don’t want you to stay around my house and son’s life, you were never suitable for him.

She says I dreamt to get a diamond type bahu for my son, but he got a glass piece home, your name, blood and background is not known, I thought when my son knows you are a dancer’s child, he will make you out of his life, but he did not do this, he has changed, you made him a puppet, since you came here, problems came in, Shivaye did not get a moment of peace, he risked his life, you are making him away from his mum and family.

Anika cries and says no, I could not think of separating a mum and son even in my dream, I know what’s living without a mum, how did you think Shivaye will get away, atleast trust him. Pinky shouts will you teach me to trust him, I trust him, not you, what did you do, he forgot me, he got shot for you, he did not care for his life, but I care for his life, so I want to throw you out of Shivaye’s life, Shivaye will kick you out of his life and this house, if this does not happen, I m not my dad’s daughter. She goes.

Pinky asks the shop vendor to show mehendi. Priyanka asks why did we come here. Pinky says its old shop. Priyanka says I m so happy, you came to take mehendi for Anika after what all happened. Pinky says her heart is small, but my heart is big, I have to keep relations made by fate. Priyanka hugs her. Pinky asks her to get haldi and sends her. Pinky asks the man to give the bottle which burns hands. The man says what are you saying, I don’t have such solution. Pinky says I know everything, give it. The man gives her the bottle and asks her to be careful. Priyanka looks for driver. Kamini smiles and walks to her. Pinky comes in between. She says some people don’t change, what are you doing here. Kamini says what people do in market, I came for shopping. Pinky asks her not to be around Priyanka. She threatens Kamini. Priyanka looks on. Pinky says if you and your son come around Priyanka, I will get you out of this city.

Rudra gets the girl and says I got her. Shaurya says I m not marrying her. Rudra asks why. Shaurya says she is not Sushma. Rudra recalls Shaurya telling him that Sushma is not listening to him. Rudra says I will come back after getting her, how will I identity her. Shaurya says white dress…. Rudra says enough, see my magic. He gets wrong girl. FB ends. Rudra says you are not Sushma. She signs no. He says she would be single and available too. The girl says leave my hand, let me go. Rudra asks her name. Another girl says she is my best friend Bhavya. Bhavya says I will just come and goes crying. Rudra looks on.

Anika comes to Shivaye. She thinks of his words. She wipes her tears. He asks her to stop if she came to talk about same topic. He says how could you Anika, mum can’t be blamed. She says I just said truth. He says we can be mistaken, Naintara asked her for money, it was our plan. Anika says I heard them, Pinky said if Shivaye knows… He says its wrong. She says I can be wrong, what about proof, that sticker got on your coat, Pinky’s slipper size is also 5. He says even servant can have 5 number slipper, you have embarrassed me, you are Anika and did not learn to accept mistake. She says I did not do mistake, I just went to Pinky’s room.. He says stop, you are not understanding me, the one who has mum can understand this pain. She cries. He leaves.

Gauri says Om does not want to see my face, family accepted me as bahu, shall I go back, family will be hurt, but Om’s problem will get less. She sees a shadow and thinks how is spying in my room, I felt like its Buamaa, no why will she look inside the window.

Rudra jokes and talks to his friends. He sees Bhavya coming downstairs with the bride. He says I want to tell something, whatever confusion happened, I wan to say sorry. He holds her hand. She cries. He says I know everything… and tells the story. The girl asks why did he hold hand then and goes. Shaurya asks Rudra to come. Rudra says I m talking, don’t disturb. Ankhon ki gustakhiyan….plays….. He goes to Bhavya. He collides and makes rose petals fall on her. She sees him. He holds his ear. She goes.

Shivaye goes to kitchen and sees Om. He asks what are you doing here. Om asks what are you doing here. Shivaye says just like that. Om says I also came just like that, will you have tea. Shivaye says its time got hot chocolate. Om says Rudra is in Meerut, you look worried, did anything happen. Gauri sees Anika crying. She asks why are you crying. Anika says nothing. Gauri says something happened, maybe you don’t want to tell me. Anika says no, I said wrong about Pinky, I did not think Shivaye will feel bad. Gauri says I don’t know what happened, but you will not say anything just like that, Shivaye can’t be angry with you for long, you both have love and belief in your relation, it does not break s soon. Anika says Shivaye is right, you and me are same, like sisters, Om did great thing to marry you, you are like my sister, not Devrani, stop crying. Gauri says I got tears. They hug.

Shivaye says she got tears in her eyes, I m feeling bad how could I tell such a big thing, maybe she had misunderstanding, I did wrong. Om says I know you well, you say anything in anger, you don’t mean it, Anika also knows this, you both have belief and understanding. Shivaye says it was not a small thing, you tell me about you and Gauri, I noticed you are close, but not together, it takes time to make any relation strong, you have to work at it, its not easy, you know what, its worth it, Gauri is a nice girl, give her chance to make place in your heart and life, promise me. Om asks why did Naintara came here. Shivaye says money. Om says she could have asked money instead Sahil. Shivaye says I m relieved that she is not Anika’s mum. Gauri and Anika come.

Shivaye says if I had a mum like her, don’t know how would I handle, Anika is strong, the way she handled situation, don’t know what would I have done. Anika recalls Mahi’s words. Om says you did not change, name, blood and family matter to you. Shivaye says no, it does not matter to me, everyone has a weak spot, this is my weak spot, I find tough to win over it. Om says Bhabhi… Shivaye turns and sees Anika and Gauri. He stops Anika. He asks where are you going. She says you two were talking. He says yes, but general talk, come. He gives her hot chocolate. Om sees Gauri. Shivaye says I m really sorry, I didn’t mean it. Anika says I m also sorry. Shivaye says thank God, you have apologized. He smiles and apologizes. He hugs her.



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