Game of Love 31 July 2020: On Game of Love Friday 31 July 2020 Written update, Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, I can’t get related to a characterless girl.

Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. She gets shocked. Some time before, everyone walk to Kamini. Anika says we all fooled you, you felt we can’t do anything in 20 mins, you forgot you are dealing with Shivaye, when its about his family, he changed 20 games/moves in 20mins. FB shows Anika saying where did Shivaye go, how to tell him what happened.

Shivaye calls him. She asks where are you, so much things spoiled here. He says I know everything, when you played oye oye song in sangeet, I understood something is wrong, Khanna told me that he heard Ranveer and Mahi’s conversation, I understood Ranveer, Kamini and Mahi are involved in this plan. She says yes, I wanted to say this, they kidnapped Soumya and kept her in basement. He asks what. She says yes, we have to stop this marriage. He says don’t worry, I have a plan, Mahi’s news should not get in media, listen my plan carefully. FB ends. Anika says plan’ s first step was I will swap my place with Priyanka.


Mahi goes to room and says Shivaye turned the game, I told mum not to get greedy, she does not value me, how to get mum out of this matter. Shivaye hits on his head. Mahi falls down. Shivaye says enough of hide and seek, now game should be played coming fore. He leaves. Kamini asks what happened by this drama, if you are in Priyanka’s bridal dress, Priyanka is pregnant, she is going to become unwedded mum, you all can go out, you got the spice. Shivaye comes and asks what’s the hurry, real drama is still left. Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, you used my son, I can’t get related to a characterless girl. Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything against my sister, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She thinks and says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Shivaye says you know you have two problems, you talk a lot, and you lie, the fact is my sister is not pregnant, she was never pregnant.

Anika smiles. Shivaye calls Priyanka. Shivaye and Rudra hold her. Shivaye says truth is Ranveer wanted to marry Priyanka for money, he played the game to make her helpless, when she went on camping with friends, he gave her drugs and lied to her that they got intimate, then he kept giving her drugs, she felt pregnancy symptoms, then he got fake medical report of pregnancy, she got convinced that she is pregnant and said yes for marriage being helpless, truth is she was never pregnancy. She cries. Rudra says don’t cry, its not your mistake, we will not leave him. Tej gets angry and pushes Ranveer away. He asks how dare you do this with my daughter, I will kill you. Shakti and Rudra stop him. Dadi says we did not know this. Kamini says you are risking other daughter’s life to save one daughter, Anika would know as she was dancing on that stage, we have Soumya in our clutches. Anika asks what, Soumya… Shivaye says Soumya… are you talking about this Soumya. Soumya comes. Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Kamini recalls hiding Soumya in basement. She looks at Ranveer.

Rudra says Kamini ji, you would be thinking how Soumya came here, there is not a long story behind this, but a small FB. FB shows Anika saying Rudra….Soumya is in basement, Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi have kidnapped Soumya, go and get her fast. FB ends. Rudra says when you were preparing for 20mins marriage, I went and got Soumya. Dadi holds Soumya and asks are you fine. Soumya nods. Pinky says you are very mean Kamini ji. Rudra says I felt you are honest and responsible police officer, I was wrong, you misused your uniform to ruin an innocent girl’s respect, you should have shame. Shivaye says such people have no shame, I spoke to commissioner, he will take care of them, they don’t see difference between respect and insult, seeing your faces, I don’t think this affected you, you would be thinking, you got 200 crores diamonds, this is also your misunderstanding. Kamini gets shocked.

She asks how can this happen, I have sent those diamonds. Rudra says you think so, we caught the man. FB shows Rudra hitting the man and fainting him. Pinky gets the diamonds. Rudra drags the man. FB ends. Pinky shows diamonds and says last time I did not change the jewelry, I had fun to do it this time. Shivaye says you thought you will run away by ruining our respect and stealing money, you forgot, we are the Oberois.

Shakti says media got quiet suddenly, its big breaking news, won’t you cover, how this ACP and his mum tried to loot and cheat our family, unfortunately this could not happen, they got caught. He says Kamini, I did not think you will fall so low. Tej asks them to get out. Pinky asks them to get out, else they will get kicked out. Kamini and Ranveer get leaving. Shivaye says one min. He asks Prriyanka to go. Priyanka recalls Ranveer’s tortures. She says I was scared till now, of every situation, today I want to give you something before you leave. She gives him a tight slap. She says thanks for ending my fear forever. Kamini says how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye holds Kamini’s hands and comes between. He says you did many mistakes before, if you do one more, I won’t tolerate, if you raise hand on my sister again, or if you trouble her, none will be worse than me, get out of here.

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Commandos catch up Shivaye. Mahi holds Anika’s hand. Anika says you are not my Shivaye. She shouts Shivaye and runs out. Some time before, Kamini says how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye holds Kamini’s hands and comes between. He says you did many mistakes before, if you do one more, I won’t tolerate, if you raise hand on my sister again, or if you trouble her, none will be worse than me, get out of here. Kamini and Ranveer leave. Shivaye hugs Priyanka.

Dadi says its good everything got fine. Pinky says we got rid of them, but where is Mahi hiding. Mahi gets conscious and holds his head. He says what am I doing here, I fainted, I m here, it means Shivaye is outside, I have to do something. He gets up and goes. He finds the door locked. He asks what will I do now, think. He sees the window. Tej says I don’t understand why don’t we get him arrested if everything is clear. Shivaye says if world knows Mahi was staying here, it will affect our stocks. Shakti says but you have to understand, we can’t leave him alone, he is a dangerous man. Shivaye says I have a plan for him, so that press does not know.

Mahi leaves from the window. Shivaye tells the media and guests, that party did not cancel, just marriage got cancelled, its a good day, as our sister is safe, fine and happy, please enjoy yourselves, thanks for coming. He asks Tej to manage guests, I will take care of Mahi. Anika asks him what’s the plan. He asks her to see there. She sees commandos and asks did they come to catch Mahi. He says there is press and guests, there should be no drama, none will know when they catch Mahi, I have fixed a tracker in his outfit, it will show his location.

Commandos try to track Mahi and run after him. He hides. Anika asks where will they get him. He says lawn behind our house, they will interrogate him and make him admit the truth. Mahi runs. He says Shivaye has sent commandos to catch me, if he is Shivaye, I m Mahi, its not easy to fail me, now game changed, the one who has the tracker in hand is fake Shivaye, now catch me. He runs.

Anika says wow you made great plan. He says it has to get executed, Mahi will try to change game. She says its in our hands. He says I will check him. She stops him and holds his hand. O jaana…..plays….. She asks him to take care. He holds her hand and face. Ishq hai aansu…..plays………He gets away and goes. Commandos look for Mahi. Shivaye walks in the corridor. Mahi hides and sees him. He chews gum and gets the tracker chip from his sleeve. He sticks the gum to the chip and throws on the floor. Shivaye steps on it. The tracker sticks to his shoe. Shivaye senses something and stops.

Mahi gets up and walks the other direction. Shivaye turns and sees him. Mahi then walks to him. Commandos come there and catch up Shivaye. Shivaye struggles and sees Mahi. Mahi smiles. Anika comes and smiles. Commandos take Shivaye and leave. She says thank God, we got free of him, what happens if he tries, I told you its our game. Mahi says you said right. She says I always say right. He says yes, no doubt. She asks wow, Shivaye is praising me. He asks why not, you executed this good plan. Dadi comes and gives him prasad. She thanks God that everything got fine. She asks him not to eat prasad alone, make Anika have it too. She goes.

Anika forwards hands. Mahi holds her hand and keeps the prasad in her hand. She gets shocked and looks at him. She recalls Shivaye’s touch when he held her hand some time before. She recalls Shivaye. She gets her hands back and says you are not my Shivaye. She shouts Shivaye and runs. Mahi looks on and says this husband and wife always spoil my game, I won’t let them meet else my plan will fail.

Commandos take Shivaye outside. Anika shouts Shivaye and runs. Shivaye frees himself and shouts. He says I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi, stop it. Commando says stop acting, we know you are his duplicate. Shivaye says I m not duplicate, he is roaming at home. Anika comes and stands in front of Shivaye. She says move, he is my husband, he is my Shivaye.

Commando asks how shall we believe. She says I m saying it, I m his wife, wife can’t do mistake in identifying her husband. He says we caught him, as he had tracker, Shivaye told us one who has tracker is duplicate. She says he is my husband. Shivaye says I m Shivaye, don’t you understand. Mahi comes and says what the hell is wrong, catch him, he is duplicate, Shivaye is one who has no tracker. Shivaye shouts this man is lying, I m Shivaye. Everyone come. Tej asks what’s going on. Mahi says this duplicate is saying he is Shivaye. Shivaye shouts I m real Shivaye. Mahi says enough, take him. Shivaye shouts stop it Ranawat, I hired you to catch that imposter, not me. The commando looks at Mahi. Mahi runs.

Commandos run after him. Shivaye also runs to catch him. Anika says no Shivaye, please stop. Everyone run to Shivaye. Shakti says you don’t need to run after him, commandos will do this work, its enough that you are safe, we don’t want anything else. Kamini hides and sees them. Shivaye sees Anika and asks why are you standing there, come here. Anika walks to him. Kamini says I told him to kill Shivaye and take his place, if he heard me, Oberoi mansion would have been in our hands, I think Shivaye’s death is written by my hands. She aims the gun at Shivaye. Anika sees Kamini and gets shocked.

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Kamini shoots. Anika runs to Shivaye. She gets shot. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Anika walks to Shivaye. He sees Kamini pointing gun at Shivaye. Anika shouts Shivaye…… and runs to him. Kamini shoots. Anika gets infront of him and gets shot. She falls in Shivaye’s arms. Shivaye shouts Anika…. They all get shocked. Everyone look at her. Shivaye lifts her and takes. The family goes along. Shivaye thinks of Anika, their moments, marriage and love confession is seen in FB.

At home, Shivaye sits by Anika’s side. He recalls Anika getting shot. He calls and says I want ACP Ranveer, I need him, do anything. He checks Anika and says she has fever. He goes. Pinky says my head is aching so much. Shivaye comes and checks medicines. She asks did Anika get conscious. He says not yet. She asks what are you finding. He says medicines for Anika. She says I was also finding medicines for myself, the day was bad, Priyanka’s doli was to be lifted, and bullet was shot instead. He recalls Anika getting shot. She says see if I have fever, Shakti was tired and slept. He says wait mum, I have to give medicines to Anika.

He sees Sahil sitting alone and goes to him. He asks when did you come. Sahil says Rudra got me home, will anything happen to my Anika. Shivaye says nothing will happen to her. He hugs Sahil. Sahil asks pinky promise. Shivaye makes pinky promise. He says nothing will happen, a small bullet passed over shoulder, doctor said she is out of danger, she just has fever like we get, no need to worry, don’t cry. Sahil says I m not crying, you are crying. He wipes Shivaye’s tears. Shivaye says no, something went in my eyes. Sahil says nothing will happen to Anika, Lord knows I just have Anika, how can he snatch Anika from me. Shivaye says who said Sahil has just Anika, you have me, entire family is with you, Sahil you and Anika are my family, I promised you, nothing can’t happen to Anika till I m there. He hugs Sahil. Pinky looks on and thinks he did not listen to me and sharing sorrow and happiness with Sahil, Shivaye is forgetting his mum. She goes.

Rudra gives coffee to Om. Om thanks him. Rudra says you had to see Shivaye’s face when Anika was shot, it looked like his world ended, you saw him getting aggressive talking to doctors. Om says I know, he would have done same if it was some other member of family. Rudra says he did this for Anika, she is important to him like us. Om says its surprising that everyone knows this except Shivaye. Rudra says his love needs a push, once it starts, it won’t stop. Om says when will your muscles come to use. Rudra says I know he loves Anika, but he does not accept. Om asks how will he accept, when he takes step towards Anika, name, blood and family come between, Shivaye told me, he has friendship, care and respect for Anika, but as a life partner and mother is his children, she is not the one, as she does not have big family name and blood. Rudra says this does not matter once love happens. Om says problem is Shivaye does not want to change himself and his thinking. Rudra says he will change, he will fall in love, just Anika will tie the bell in his neck. Om says lets hope.

Anika gets up. Shivaye asks what’s the need to get up, lie down. She says I m tired of rest. He asks is it necessary to become superwoman every time, you could have told me, thank God bullet just touched, else you made complete plan to leave. He makes her sit. He asks what was the need to come in between. She holds his hand and asks is this anger or pain. He asks her to have water. She drinks and coughs. He asks are you fine. She asks are you okay. He says you got shot. She says but you got worried. He says I m upset, what was the need to get shot. She asks did you forget, you also got shot for me. FB shows Shivaye getting shot to save her. He asks you realize your life would have gone. She says bullet hurts me or you, my life would have gone. Music plays….

They have an eyelock. He says you got shot, you should just rest. She says Aw…. He asks why this Aw now. She says this Aw because you became Billu ji. He asks what do you mean. She says when I say something, if you don’t have answer, you leave attitude and become cute. He says I don’t get it, what do you mean. She says I mean I know what you want to say, but you can’t say as you are Tadibaaz. He says medicines affected her mind. She says your Tadi can stop your mind, but your Kanji eyes say everything. He asks her to come to point, tell me what I want to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She touches his face and gets up.

Mahi says I can’t accept this, how can you shoot Shivaye. Kamini says I wish you did this. He says he is Shivaye…. She says so what, if I don’t care, why do you care. He says because I can’t take anyone’s life, I m bad, not very bad. She says you can’t imagine how much he insulted me, it was good plan that you will go there as Shivaye and we will get Oberoi mansion, it was good plan to take revenge, but Anika failed the plan. He says if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, there are many people in that 100 crore house, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house. She says I m seeing you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for long, I understood what’s family and love. He recalls getting hurt and everyone caring for his small wound. Mahi looks at all of them. Mahi gets sad.

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Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. The goons come there. Shivaye beats them. They hit him. Shivaye falls down. Some time back, Mahi says you are not understanding, if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house. She says you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for much time, I realized what’s family and love. He recalls everyone caring for him and thinks they all love Shivaye a lot. He says there is solid love between them. She says where there is money, love comes on own, all relations are selfish. He says no, family is not made by motives, but by love, so we did not make any family ever. She says great, you stayed between Oberois for 10 days and finding our family less. She scolds him.

She says if they come here finding you, there will be another problem, pity on us and leave from here. He asks where will I go. She says go anywhere, I recall my life’s biggest mistake seeing your face. He asks what are you saying Maa. She says your mum is dead, I don’t want to see your face, go from here. He gets sad and sees her. He leaves.

Shivaye asks Anika to say straight, what she means to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She holds his face. Music plays….. She gets up. He asks is it speech to stand up. She says you want to tell me that… He asks what, say it. She says don’t stop me, you want to tell me, Anika you are so beautiful. He says wait, what’s that. She says you said again. He cups his mouth. She says since you came in my life, colors filled in my life, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast. If I don’t see you, my breath stops, if I don’t talk to you, my day does not complete, you have spread everything in my heart, you made me Ishqbaaz. He asks really, do you think so. She says yes, you get nervous seeing me.

He asks why will I get nervous. She says yes, you turn from SSO to cute. He says you are affected by medicines, I m not like this, its so not me. She says you are Tadibaaz SSO, I knew you will not agree. He asks really, you think I have become Ishqbaaz. She walks back and says you became SSO from Billu ji. He walks to her and says my Kanji eyes tells everything to you. She says it tells all. He holds her hand. Music plays…… She says you just don’t want to say it. He says I won’t say. She says you will say it for sure. He lifts her in arms and makes her lie on the bed. O jaana….plays………..He gets close to her. Ishq hai aansun….plays……….

She says you will say it right, its ringing. He says yes. She says phone ring. He says oh yes, ringing. He answers call and says great, I m coming. He asks her to take rest till he comes back, Sahil has come, he will meet you in morning. She asks where are you going. He says there is some work, you take rest like a good girl. She says fine, but on one condition, you should be in front of me, when I open eyes. He agrees. They smile. He leaves. She calls him out. He comes to her. He says sleep Anika, and goes.

Mahi comes to Kamini and asks did you send goons to kill Shivaye, I told you not to do this. She says I told you not to show me your face. He says you can’t do his Gangaram. She asks will you tell me, why do you care if I don’t care. Mahi says because he is my……. She asks what, he is your… He says I won’t let Shivaye die and leaves.

Pinky sits crying. Dadi comes to her. She asks why are you crying. Pinky hugs her. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says Shivaye is my only son, he went away from me, like he does not value me, Omru was special to him, then Oberoi family and then me, I was happy and relieved that my son cares for me, he fulfills my every wish, he used to come to me running when I was annoyed, he used to ask me not to be sad, I try to accept Anika, but don’t know why do I feel that since Anika came in his life, he got away from me. Dadi says you are crying for this, mad, don’t forget Anika is his wife, he will worry for her. Pinky asks does children forget mum when wife comes, I have fever, I told Shivaye, he did not care, he took medicines for Anika and went, he did not see me.

Dadi says Shivaye is alive today because of Anika, remember she got the bullet to save Shivaye. Pinky says even I can give life for my son, if he ignores me, I won’t feel good, what shall I do.

Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Shivaye falls down unconscious.


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