Game of Love 24 July 2020: On Game of Love Friday 24 July 2020 Written update, Kamini says married couples bless the bride. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to come. Kamini says I don’t want my son and would be bahu to get affected by a nameless relation.

Shivaye asks Anika to go. Some time before. Kamini says I will say what is done in this rasam, married couples bless the bride and make her wear the chunni. Tej and Jhanvi start first. Kamini calls Shakti. Ooh la la….plays…….. Shakti and Pinky do the rasam. J

hanvi asks Shivaye and Anika to come. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. Kamini says wait a min, maybe you did not hear, I said just married couples. Jhanvi says Shivaye and Anika are married. Kamini says I did not mean namesake marriage, real marriage. Jhanvi says they got married by all rasams. Kamini says I don’t know what’s happening here, I will believe what I heard, Tia is Shivaye’s wife in their sight, not Anika. Rudra says its misunderstanding, Shivaye married Anika.

She says why are you explaining me, I will see there is no abshagun happening in my son’s life, I don’t want my son and would be bahu’s relation to get affected by a nameless relation, we did not make shagun and abshagun, its made by ancestors, sorry if you all feel bad, but I don’t think Shivaye will want any abshagun to happen in his sister’s marriage. Jhanvi says Anika is this house’s bahu. Om says that’s why, Anika will do rasam. Rudra says yes, Anika is part of our family. Kamini says fine, let Shivaye decide, tell us Shivaye. Daksh shows his phone. Shivaye recalls Daksh’s words.

Tej says if Kamini does not want Anika to do rasam, let it be. Jhanvi says if family does not respect relations, what will we expect from outsiders. Kamini says Shivaye did not accept Anika as his wife in front of outsiders, how is this marriage, just family knows about it. Shivaye asks Anika to go. She looks at him. Daksh smiles. Anika cries and leaves.

Shivaye gets going. Kamini asks where are you going, you are Priyanka’s elder brother. He says elders are there to do rasam, you said rasam is done by couples, how can I do this alone. He goes. Pinky asks Kamini what else they have to do.

Anika sits upset in room and thinks of Kamini’s words. Shivaye says I know you are upset. She asks do you feel ashamed to stand with me. He says its not like that. She says its like that, you always said, family, blood and name is important, how can you stand with me, how can you give a name to our relation, marriage happened unwillingly, you were helpless, you can end this nameless relation, break it. He says its nothing like that, its complicated and I… She says and you… if you try to solve this, it will get more complicated, you told me in morning that you are with me, when you had to stand with me outside, you moved back, you stand as wall for family, I forgot I m not part of your family. He says its nothing like that.

She says you always call me important, but why am I your responsibility, why am I in this house till now, I have no answer, I asked you before, you still don’t have any answer, I will say, I felt bad of Kamini’s words, but I know its true, our relation has no name, there is no guarantee when it breaks. He says you are going on some other tangent. She says its because of you, you made me fall in my eyes today, I had complete faith in our relation, but this relation stood in a circle of questions, it used to be my strength, today it became my weakness. He holds her and says its not that, its important for both of us, its biggest truth of our life. She asks why does it become lie in front of everyone.

He says I can just say this won’t happen again, I did this so that function happens properly, Kamini makes issues, I did it thinking as a brother, I know you got hurt. She asks will this not happen again. She moves his hands away. She says this will happen again. He says I promise, I will handle it. She says today you will shut one Daksh’s mouth, then some other Daksh will come, I lost today and will lose again. He holds her hands and says I will not let you lose. He goes.

Pinky says we are also punjabi, we don’t know these functions. Jhanvi says Ranveer is her only son, maybe she wants to fulfill all her dreams in this marriage. Rudra says so you have to wear floral jewelry and we have to gift it. Priyanka says yes. He stops Anika and says Kamini told us to gift floral jewelry in this function, but we are rich that we can make her wear diamond necklace. Anika says flowers mean life, happiness, so maybe floral jewelry is used in this function. He nods. Priyanka asks him to arrange jewelry soon. He goes.

Anika tries to remove the beads string from her dress. Shivaye sees her and goes to help. She goes. He gets a call. The man says we are outside Daksh’s house, Daksh is inside, we will not let him come. Shivaye says okay, make sure he does not come here. Jhanvi asks Anika to come, you don’t need to do all this, servants are there. Anika says I can’t leave everything to them, I will come. Jhanvi asks her to come soon and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika. Shakti asks Anika what are you doing here, come, gifts ceremony is starting. Anika says I will come. He says staff will do this work. She says I have to get these gifts kept in Kamini’s car. He says fine, come soon. Kamini stares at Shakti. Everyone give gifts to Priyanka and Ranveer. Kamini asks Shivaye to come. He says just a min. He calls Rudra and sends him to Anika. Rudra goes to Anika. She says I have to keep these gifts in Kamini’s car. He gives gifts to servant and asks her to come to Shivaye. She says I have much work. He says nothing will happen, come. He takes her to Shivaye.

Reporter says Shivaye married Tia, do you both have any illegitimate relation. Daksh says tell them that Anika is your mistress. Shivaye says Anika is my…. A heavy sack falls on the table and everyone get shocked. Some time before, Rudra says now its Shivaye and Anika’s turn. Anika says no, function will spoil. Rudra says there won’t be any problem, I will handle it. He gives the gift box to her. Shivaye signs her. Kamini stops them.

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Security guy Tiwari sees Daksh and calls Shivaye. He goes to attend call. Anika says leave it Rudra and goes. Tiwari says Daksh left from home just now. Shivaye asks why are you saying me, make sure he does not come here. Tiwari follows Daksh and stops his car. The security guys see someone else and ask who are you, what are you doing in Daksh’s car. The guy says I m Rohit, Daksh’s friend, I borrowed his car. Daksh looks on and smiles. He leaves.

Shivaye talks to Tiwari and gets shocked seeing Daksh. Daksh walks to Shivaye. Kamini says Daksh, where were you. Daksh says someone was there who was not letting me come here. She asks who will dare so. Daksh says traffic, but stopping Daksh is impossible. She says you came on right time, function is going to start. Daksh says I had to come, else how will party fun get spoiled. He says Shivaye, I planned a surprise for you.

Kamini fixes flower in hair. Tej teases Shakti. Kamini reminds Shakti how he used to sing song for her. Pinky jokes on Kamini and laughs. Kamini says Pinky ji, you are very funny. Pinky says I know, you are very stubborn. Kamini asks Shakti will he fix the flower in her hair, its just a help. She drops her pallu. Ooh la la….plays……… Pinky says it slipped again. Kamini says come on Shakti, you are getting shy as if you are going to fix flower in my hair for the first time. Tej asks Shakti to fix it, its just a flower. Kamini requests. Shakti takes the flower and smiles. Pinky stops him and says I will fix the flower, allow me. Kamini says you let it be. Pinky fixes flower and spoils Kamini’s hair. Kamini asks what did you do, you spoiled my hairstyle.

Security guy says media has come, they are saying they are invited. Tej says who called media. Kamini says I called them Shivaye. He says you know its our private function. She says yes, but they said its news to get related to Oberois, Daksh said we should call them. Shivaye allows media. Daksh smiles.

Daksh walks to Shivaye. Someone pulls his hand. Shivaye smiles. Daksh is taken by security. Shivaye calls them to talk to Daksh. Daksh asks what’s this misbehavior. Shivaye says you were going to misbehave, I m just limiting it. Daksh argues. Shivaye says you did not leave any option for me, now sit silently there else…. look on your right. The man aims at Daksh.

Shivaye says even sound won’t come, you will leave from world silently, when it comes to my family, I can do anything. Daksh says you think I will be scared, I will not be scared of your threatening, I know you won’t do mistake to get me killed, when my nephew is an ACP. Shivaye says you don’t know Oberois well, I know how to handle media, it will be better for you that you agree to me. He ends call.

Reporter asks them for a family picture. Kamini says where did Daksh go. Shivaye says I have seen him going out, talking on phone, we will have a family picture. He stands with Anika. She gets leaving. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks where are you going, our family is incomplete without you. She says Kamini will feel bad. He says smile, look there. She asks why are you doing this. He says because you are my…. she says you won’t be able to say ever. They see each other. Media clicks the pictures.

Daksh thinks Shivaye can’t win, I have to do something. He says relax, I m getting bored, shall I play one game. He thanks them and sits playing game. He quickly messages someone and smiles. Shivaye says thanks, we did not invite media as it was our private function, but Mrs. Randhawa thought you all should be here, thanks for coming, Priyanka is marrying a brave and honest police officer, enjoy the evening. Media asks about Tia Kapoor, did she leave this house, what’s the reason of your fight. Shivaye asks who said this. Media says we got information, she is not here, it means you got separated. Shivaye says this news is true. They ask who is this girl, did Tia leave the house because of her. Shivaye says don’t you dare point finger at Anika.

Reporter asks do you both have any illegitimate relation, we want an answer, say something. Daksh calls Shivaye and asks how did you like my surprise. Daksh looks on from far. He says I will help you, tell media that Anika is your mistress. Shivaye sees Anika. Daksh says not wife, else same media will print Priyanka’s pregnancy pictures in paper, don’t think much, today you have to choose one between Anika and your family, you said you can do anything for your lovely family, tell media that Anika is your mistress, come on Shivaye, just say it. Shivaye sees Daksh. Daksh shows the envelop and asks him to say.

Reporter asks Shivaye to answer, do they have illegitimate relation. Shivaye sees Anika. He says Anika is my……Everyone look at him. A sack hangs in front of them. The sack falls over the glass table. Shivaye rushes to see. They all get shocked seeing Daksh popping out of the sack.

Shivaye says whatever is between me and Anika, it does not need to be explained, today I will answer everyone what’s Anika for me, Anika is my wife. Anika cries and sees Shivaye. Some time before, Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh inside the sack. Kamini runs to Daksh and asks what happened, who did this. Reporter asks who is he. She says he is my brother Daksh. Daksh begs to Shivaye to forgive him. He says don’t kill me, I thought we now got related, I will do as you say. Kamini asks why will Shivaye kill you, tell me what happened. Daksh says Shivaye will kill me.

Shivaye asks Daksh why is he doing this drama. Reporters ask Shivaye does he have any enmity with Daksh. Kamini asks why are you asking Shivaye, will he admit, Daksh tell them without getting scared. Daksh says they did not wish me to come in front of press, so they hanged me, putting me in this sack. Reporter asks whom are you talking about. Daksh says Shivaye. Shivaye holds his collar and says this man is lying, he is a psycho. Kamini says don’t dare to call him psycho. Shivaye says you don’t know what he did. He asks Daksh to tell everyone that he is lying. Kamini asks will you kill him? Tej asks what’s all this Shivaye. Shivaye says its Daksh’s new plan to defame us. Om says I told you Shivaye to think again about this relation. Shivaye says I did mistake, this man has no right to stay in this world. He pushes Daksh. The pictures fall down from his pocket. Media checks the pictures and asks Shivaye what’s this.


Daksh takes picture and says this is the reason, he did not wish me to come here, Anika and my engagement has happened. Kamini checks the pictures. She asks when did you get engaged. Daksh says last time I came Mumbai in Shivaye’s marriage function, I saw Anika, fell in love, proposed her, got engaged to her, I wanted to give surprise to you, Shivaye made me leave city and snatched Anika, he married Tia, but he stays with Anika, did you see, Shivaye has no answers, he is not able to give any name to his relation, because Anika is not his wife, she is his mistress. Shivaye says mind your tongue, if you say a word against Anika… Daksh asks what wrong did I say, I said what was true, Anika tell me did we get engaged or not. Anika says yes, but…. Daksh says yes, she accepted we got engaged, when I got back to Mumbai, what Shivaye did, you know… He shows picture of Shivaye beating Daksh. He says he framed me in wrong case, what was my fault, I asked him why did he snatch Anika, I did not expect this from Anika, she sold herself for money, she did not become my wife and chose to become Shivaye’s mistress.

Shivaye gets angry. Tej and Shakti hold him. Daksh says look, he is ready to beat me in front of everyone, this is his real face, so he… Shivaye says he is lying, he is a psycho. Everyone look on. Daksh says I did not say any lie, I said true, I told pictures too, Anika accepted we got engaged, Shivaye is lying, ask him what relation he has with Anika, his wife is Tia Kapoor, why does he stay with Anika, tell them Shivaye, what is your relation with Anika, you share a bedroom, say it.

Kamini says you raised hand on Daksh for such a girl who is not related to you, strange Shivaye, and you all are standing quiet, why don’t you throw such characterless girl out. Daksh asks Shivaye to say it, Anika is his mistress, I m sure you will not stain family respect for a mistress, its rich people’s choice, so matter ends. He shows the phone and signs. Shivaye thinks of Priyanka’s words.

Reporters start unpleasant comments on Shivaye. They ask Shivaye to answer, else they will believe Daksh said true. They ask what’s your relation with Anika. Shivaye says Anika is my……. Daksh asks him to say, else questions will keep arising, say it. Shivaye says Anika is my….. and pauses….. Anika starts leaving and cries. He sees her. Daksh says when person has no courage to say truth, such happens, Anika is leaving as she knows what’s the truth, if she was Shivaye’s wife, she would have said it with confidence, but no, she is just Shivaye’s mistress. Shivaye hears Daksh. Anika gets away. Shivaye calls out Anika. She stops.

Shivaye says whatever is between me and Anika, there is no need to explain it to anyone, our relation does not need anyone’s approval, whatever is between us is just ours. Anika cries. Shivaye says because there are some people who has dirt filled in their mind, can never understand it and will keep trying to force dirt on this relation, so its necessary to shut their mouths, you all are asking, how is Anika related to me, today I will tell everyone what Anika means to me, Anika is my wife…. Mangalam……plays………Anika turns and sees him.

Shivaye says Anika is not just Anika. He turns to her and says she is Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi, my wife. Everyone look on. Shivaye says today, in front of my family, media and the world, I accept that Anika is my wife. Daksh, Ranveer and Kamini look on with frozen expressions.

Anika and Shivaye see each other. O jaana……plays……… Their marriage moment is seen. Shivaye holds her hand and says I took wedding rounds with her, we both gave vows to each other, I filled sindoor in her maang, her neck has mangalsutra of my name. Om, Rudra, Jhanvi, Shakti and Priyanka smile. Shivaye says Anika is not just my wife, she is my strength, if anyone tells anything to her what hurts her, I will not tolerate that person, so before saying anything to her, think a thousand times, if Anika’s heart gets hurt, then none will be worse than Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika looks at him.

Shivaye says I told you I will not let you lose, why were you losing, did you not have believe in me. She says there was much trust, more than me, I did not wish Priyanka to fall in trouble because of me, I know Priyanka….. FB shows Anika seeing Shivaye tensed. She says I understood Daksh is blackmailing you, I did not wish you say what what I always wanted to hear it from you, as it was about Priyanka’s happiness, your family’s respect. He asks is your respect not family’s respect, did you think I will let you get insulted, your respect is my respect.

Anika says there is someone who is very important than ourselves, you are that person in my life. He says Aw…. She says I said such heavy 100 kg lines with feelings, and you are saying Aa…. Some time before, Shivaye says what did you think Anika, I will let your insult happen, I told you, your respect is my respect. She says Daksh will not sit quiet, he will get anger out of Priyanka. He says I know, we faced situation before also, this time we are together, stop crying, what did I say, I can’t bears tears in your eyes. They hug. Daksh says what a lovely, superb, if there was any award named best husband, I would have given you, but I would have not even nominated you for best brother award, when you had to choose between wife and sister, you chose wife, you did not think of your sister’s respect, now see what I do, I will send that baby pic to media. Shivaye says do anything, come on. Daksh asks do you think I m joking.

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Shivaye asks is message not going. Daksh says how is it not going. Shivaye says it won’t go, network jammers are fixed here, you can’t send message to anyone, no one will receive your message. Daksh says very smart, you can fix network jammers, but you can’t shut my mouth, I will give this good news to media. He says ladies and gentlemen, you think you got spicy news, no picture is still there. Shivaye makes him fall down. Daksh says you can’t stop me. Shivaye says I will not leave you, not a say anymore. Daksh says see he is not letting me say truth, his sister. Shivaye says if you say anything against my family, I will kill you. He beats Daksh.

Kamini says Shivaye leave him, Daksh tell me what do you want to say. Daksh says his sister Priyanka…. Ranveer punches his face. Kamini asks did you get mad, you raised hand on your Mamu. Ranveer says Mama or anyone else, if anyone says nonsense about Priyanka, I will not bear it, enough mom, much drama happened, I gave a chance to change, but Daksh has shown truth, I m convinced Daksh has place in jail, not at home. Kamini asks what are you doing, on what basis are you sending Daksh to jail.

Shivaye asks him to wait. He gets Daksh and takes him to Anika. He says Anika……. Anika thinks how Daksh tortured her. She slaps him. Daksh falls down. Shivaye holds Daksh’s collar and says if you take Anika’s name again, I will not leave you alive. He says apologize…. Daksh touches her feet, just like she was made to apologize before. Kamini looks on. Shivaye says take him. Constables take Daksh.

Shivaye says whatever happened here, was because of that man, he is mentally unstable, I m sure police will take care of him, I hope matter does not go out, I want to clear one thing, I told for business reasons that my marriage happened with Tia, that’s not true, my marriage happened with Anika, Anika is my wife. She looks at him. O jaana….plays………

Shivaye asks will you come Mrs. Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says I m just Anika. He asks not Mrs. Oberoi? You said you are SSOO. She says yes, I m your organizer, but I m Anika first. He says you started behaving like wives, I don’t like wives showing attitude. She says you are saying as if you have 100 wives. Rudra says if Billu and Billi’s fight got over, shall we start function. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. Flowers fall on them.

Shivaye reads newspaper. Anika looks at him and recalls his words. He sees her. She turns. She thinks of him. She sees him. He looks at her. She turns away. Bells ring. She says what happened to me, Shivaye is same, I m same, why do I hear bells, I feel he is my lane’s naughty kids, who is repeatedly ringing my heart’s bells and running. She sees him and hears bells. She turns. She says I have to say so much to Shivaye, but my smile is not getting off, Shivaye would be feeling I got mad. He asks do you have to say anything. She asks how do you know, its nothing like that.

He says like you are reacting, the world would know by now, will you say anything. She says when you said in front of everyone that I m your… He asks I m your? What? I said a lot, what are you talking about. She says I know you said a lot, I m saying what you said about me, that I m your… He holds her hand. She hears bells. He says you always taunted, when your turn came, you are not able to say. She says its not like that, I can say. He says okay, so say.

She says yesterday, you said in front of everyone that I m your wife. He drinks coffee and says yes, so?? She says no, I wanted to say that… in everyone’s life, there is someone who is very important for them, those are lucky to have someone in life, seeing whom they live and die, that person is their weakness and strength, who manages our life’s problems and assures that he will always be with you in every problem and sorrow, whose happiness is linked, in my life, that person is you.

He looks at her. Music plays….. He says Aw…. She asks what did you say. He says I just said Aw. She says you said Ah… I told heavy 100 kg lines, with feelings, what are you saying Ah. He says its not Ah, its Aw. She says I know english talking girls make such sounds seeing lovely dogs, Ah. He says its not that, you can try, with feeling, Aw. She says I don’t want to learn. He says Aw, try it. She says put this in pocket, no, you are businessman, you do its FD, you will get interest, move. She sees Om and Rudra and says its no use to talk to Shivaye, maybe Shakti has sent him abroad to learn many languages, when he had to say, you know what he said, Ah, nothing can happen of him. She goes. Rudra asks Shivaye why did she become Rani ki jhansi. Om corrects Jhansi ki Rani. Rudra says I said same, you will hear anything if your focus moves off Chulbul.

Shivaye asks can you say Aw. Rudra and Om say Aw. Shivaye says she is jhansi ki rani, her temper gets high anytime. Om asks did you both fight. Shivaye says no. Rudra teases him. Shivaye says nothing, no fight, no talks. Om says I m sure you did something. Shivaye says that’s the problem, I did not say anything. Rudra asks didn’t say or do anything, then what happened. Shivaye says you don’t know Anika, she is double Tadibaaz, the matter should be between us, Anika should never know this. Rudra asks why are you not convincing her. Shivaye says I won’t, see now, she will come back and say sorry. Anika comes. Shivaye says she has come. Rudra and Om react same. Rudra asks where did you go.

Game of Love 24 July 2020 ended when Anika says nothing, to get water. Shivaye says good, you need it, have cold water and cool your mind, this girl is… Anika throws water on his face. He looks at her. Old moment is shown. Shivaye and Anika see each other.


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