Game of Love Friday 22 November Update 2019 On Starlife


Game of Love Friday 22 November Update 2019 On Starlife

Nani takes Mannat(Niti Taylor)’s side and asks Shivaansh to forget everything. She asks him not to look upset in Shivani’s Shagun, guests will be coming home. He asks her not to use overrated proverbs on him. She laughs and goes to see arrangements.

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He sees Mannat(Niti Taylor) and says I will make her out, I will bring her truth out. Varun sees her and thinks this girl will make me reach the safe today. Shivaansh welcomes Angad and family. Bua says I have a request, we have a custom, we do the bride’s aarti, we would like to do this. Nani says the girl is yours now, you don’t need to ask. Shivaansh gets Shivani. Everyone smiles. Mannat(Niti Taylor) gets aarti plate.

Shivaansh feels uneasy with the diya smoke. He recalls the doctor’s words. Mannat(Niti Taylor) sees Shivaansh coughing. Khanna gets worried. Shivaansh signs him and goes to his room. He looks for medicines. He looks for water. Mannat(Niti Taylor) gets water for him. She says I know you are annoyed with me, please have water. He says no thanks. She says I didn’t add anything in it. She keeps the glass and goes. He picks the glass. He takes the pill and feels better. He leaves. Bua comes there and checks the pills. She says what medicines is he taking, we got related to a family of ailing people, I will find out. Shivaansh makes Shivani wear the chunri. Nani goes to get jewellery. Mannat(Niti Taylor) stops her and asks is there any other work. Nani says no, I m going to take jewellery, come with me. Varun says its a good chance. He calls and says today, our work will be done.

Nani takes the jewellery. Shivaansh’s will file falls. Mannat(Niti Taylor) helps Nani. Nani catches the file and says its imp papers of Shivaansh. Varun gets in disguise and thinks I will get the will today. Nani asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) to lock the safe and come. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says you keep it, I can’t do this. Nani says just lock this and come. She leaves. Mannat(Niti Taylor) does shayari. She checks the right key. Varun goes to hit her. Shivaansh comes and asks what are you doing, you act innocent and deliver full page dialogues to win Nani’s trust, so that she gives you the safe keys. She says no, you are misunderstanding. He says I don’t want any clarification, just leave. She leaves. Shivaansh locks the safe and goes. Varun calls and says work couldn’t complete, but I have another plan. Shivaansh comes back and asks what plan.

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Varun hides the chunri and ends call. He says I m making plans for Shivani’s marriage, I complained about you to Dadi, you aren’t letting me do any work. Shivaansh says we don’t make sons-in-law work. He gets a ring. He keeps the keys in pocket and asks Varun to come. Varun leaves. He gives the ancestral ring to Angad. Angad says I promise I will always take care of Shivani. Shivaansh blesses him and says now we will have Raatjagga. Nani says then we will see the morning together. Pandit says it will be good if all the women wear red chunri.

Nani agrees. Pandit goes. Varun pays him for telling them about red chunri. Mannat(Niti Taylor) holds the chunri and comes downstairs. Shivaansh sees her wearing the chunri overhead and stops. She comes in his way. He removes her chunri and throws it on her. He signs her to go. She slips. He holds her in arms. The chunri flies and then falls over them. They have an eyelock. Lal dupatta…..plays… He leaves and turns to see her. Varun says I have to hide this mask, if anyone sees this, it will be a problem. He goes to guest room. Mannat(Niti Taylor) goes to guest room to get gift boxes. She takes the gift boxes. She drops some and picks. Varun hides under the bed. She stops and looks under the bed. He hides somewhere else. She goes on Nani’s call. Varun thinks he has won.

Bua says I will find out about these medicines. She goes to ask Radhika. She says Shivaansh got breathless and took this medicine, I want to know his illness, does he have any health problem. Khanna worries and thinks she will make Radhika doubt. Radhika says no, he has no problem, Shivaansh is health conscious. Khanna asks Bua to have one laddoo. He asks her to have juice. Bua gets scolding him and goes. She says Khanna is always with Shivaansh, he must be knowing the truth, he is acting clever, I will find out. He calls someone and says I m sending a medicine’s pic, tell me for what illness is this taken.

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Shivaansh asks everyone to stay awake all night. Khanna says you won’t dance, you felt unwell. Shivaansh says I know how to take care of myself. He asks Khanna to keep an eye and keep the safe protected. Khanna asks him not to worry. Everyone worries. Munda thoda….plays… Everyone dances happily. Varun looks on. Shivaansh coughs a lot and gets dizzy. Varun dances and goes towards Shivaansh. He thinks I want the keys at any cost. He jerks Shivaansh. The keys fall away. Shivaansh sees the fallen keys. He sees someone picking the keys. He faints. Everyone sees him and gets worried. They ask Shivaansh what happened to him and get him to consciousness. He says I didn’t had any food and maybe I fainted, sorry for this, continue the party, I will just come. He goes and sees Mannat(Niti Taylor). She gives his medicine and says I ordered a new strip for you. He asks are you keeping an eye on me.

She says no, I m ignoring you. He asks how do you know its my medicine. She says I noted down its name on hand. He says I don’t want your medicine. She says its yours, not mine. She asks him not to get angry if it harms himself. She goes. Bua sees Shivaansh taking pills. He joins everyone. He says Khanna, I think something is wrong. Khanna says yes, lets go to doctor. Shivaansh says I felt someone pushed me down, I think its the intruder. Varun says I will make an imp call and come. He goes. Mannat(Niti Taylor) recalls trying to pick the keys. Varun goes to open the safe. He gets shocked seeing the safe empty. He asks where did the will papers do. Shivaansh thinks of Mannat(Niti Taylor)’s hand and thinks it means Mannat(Niti Taylor) has taken the keys. He looks for keys. He asks where is Mannat(Niti Taylor). Mannat(Niti Taylor) thinks who picked the keys, what if someone else gets the keys. Mannat(Niti Taylor) goes in that room and gets shocked seeing safe empty.

Shivaansh looks for Mannat(Niti Taylor). She says someone has stolen everything. He comes and says so you have shown your true colors, even Nani can’t save you today, I caught you red-handed. She says no, I have come here to check. He says I doubted on you and told Nani, I know the criminal hiding behind your innocent face. He scolds her. She says I didn’t even touch the keys. Varun hides and looks on. Shivaansh takes her out. Varun jumps off aside. Shivaansh asks Khanna to stop the music. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I haven’t done anything. Shivaansh asks the guests to leave, he has a problem to handle now. The guests leave. Bua thinks what happened that he is so angry. Nani asks the matter. Shivaansh says this is called a drama, Mannat(Niti Taylor) was going to steal everything and run away, let me complete first, you have reasons to trust her, she did a drama to win your trust. Nani asks what are you saying. She asks Radhika to call Varun. Radhika says don’t know where is he. Varun is standing over the chandelier. Radhika says I will call him. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says don’t blame me. She asks Nani to believe her. Shivaansh scolds Mannat(Niti Taylor) and calls her a thief. He says when I fell down, I saw this girl picking the keys.

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Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I didn’t pick the keys and then the keys went missing. Varun thinks this girl is putting me in trouble. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says believe me, I didn’t do anything. Shivaansh asks why did you come to safe room. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I thought to check the safe once, when I reached there, the safe was empty, trust me. He says you make good stories. Nani says we may regard an innocent person wrong. Shivaansh asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) if she has a proof of truth. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says my Lord is proof. He says I have a proof, you are a culprit, I was doubting that someone will go wrong, I have emptied the safe and applied solution on its handle, the solution will glow on the culprit’s hand, Khanna dim the lights. He says we will know it now, when your hand glows, everyone will know that you are a thief. Varun sees his glowing hands. Shivaansh asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) to show her hand. He doesn’t find the hands glowing. She cries and says you have given proof of my innocence yourself. Nani says I told you, Mannat(Niti Taylor) can never do this. Shivaansh asks then who has opened the safe, I wasn’t sure and did this as a precaution. Radhika says Varun is nowhere. Shivani asks did he see the thief and went after him. Dhruv says his life maybe in danger. They hear a gunshot and go out.

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