Game of Love Friday 15 November Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Friday 15 November Update 2019 On Starlife

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Game of Love Friday 15th November Update 2019 On Starlife

Rudra asks Bhavya to listen, he loves her. He proposes her. Veer says marriage and celebration will happen, you will be the bride, I will be the groom, you will become a widow tomorrow. Shivay counts notes. Veer says this poison is amazing thing, a person gets killed and murderer remain a mystery, Shivaye is really rich, money will be the cause of his death. Some time before, Shivaye says its good you told me everything, I have called him. Shivaye holds Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and asks what are you doing here. She holds her neck. She asks didn’t you go. He says I came back, come I need to talk to you. Rudra comes home and calls him out. Shivaye pats his cheek. Rudra asks what’s this way to slap and welcome me. Shivaye hugs him. Rudra asks him why did he slap him. Shivaye takes him out and shows Bhavya. They have lunch. Rudra joins them. He says I understood why Shivaye slapped me, don’t know what Bhavya told you, just listen to me. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says why don’t you have this rice, don’t waste my hardwork. He jokes on Soumya.

Shivaye says Bhavya, Soumya told me about a duffer who misbehaved with you. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks what did he do. Bhavya says he was younger to me, he had an issue about my age, he misunderstood me and doubted my character, he has broken my trust and heart, I thought he has feelings for me and is just doing stupidities, I was wrong to trust him. Soumya says she decided to settle abroad. Bhavya says I wanted to meet you two before leaving. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaye says its good, why should you care for such a person. Rudra interrupts. He asks them to listen, its not needed. Bhavya says we should leave. Rudra says I broke your heart, I m sorry.

Shivaye asks is it done. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says sorry doesn’t work like this. Shivaye says say whatever you have in heart, come on. Shivaye asks Bhavya to come. Rudra shouts listen to me, please stop, I love you. They all smile. Rudra says I accept I m an idiot, feelings are like maths, I understood it late, I m really immature, I know you are older than me, but it doesn’t matter to me, I love you and will always love you, please don’t leave me. He proposes her for marriage. He says don’t refuse, you know my suicide track history. She asks are you mad. Soumya asks her to answer Rudra. Bhavya gives her hand and says I will marry you. They clap. Bhavya and Rudra hug. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) hugs Bhavya. Shivaye says it would have been better if Om and Gauri were here, they don’t know Rudra has become an Ishqbaaz too, I m so happy for you, I hope this brings much happiness. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says red color will be dress code in the marriage, three bahus will wear red outfits.

Veer says marriage and celebration will happen, you will be the bride, I will be the groom, you will become a widow tomorrow, you will wear the red dress, but first you will wear the white dress tomorrow.

Shivaye receives a parcel and says its Veer’s parcel. The man asks him to collect the parcel on Veer’s behalf, its very imp. Shivaye calls Veer. Veer says its an imp parcel, you receive it on my behalf, I m very busy. Shivaye agrees. Veer says there is cash in the parcel, just count it for me. Shivaye says okay, I will do it. Shivaye asks the man to come in and wait, till he quickly counts the cash. Veer looks on.

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Shivaye counts the notes and asks why are the notes so sticky. The man says don’t know, I just came from the bank. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks what’s this. Shivaye says Veer gave me this task to count the notes. She teaches him to count money by applying saliva on the finger. He says that’s disgusting, normal people count like this. She says fine.

Om says its good you are back Dadi, how was your trip. She says it was good. Tej asks Pandit to come. Dadi asks did you keep puja at home. Tej asks Pandit to start preparations. He says its Gauri’s Shraddh. They get shocked.

Dadi asks what are you saying. Om says I know she did a mistake but… Tej says mistakes don’t happen often. Om asks Jhanvi to explain. She denies. Dadi asks Tej did he lost his mind. Tej says Gauri is dead for me, Shraddh is done for dead people. Dadi asks Om to say something. Tej says either Gauri or my Shraddh will happen, choice is yours. Om says its my mistake that I couldn’t manage business, you do my Shraddh. Tej asks pandit to start. Pandit says sorry, I can’t do this sin to do Shraddh of a living person. Gauri cries.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks Shivaye to count notes quickly, its easy. Shivaye says okay, got it. He counts the notes. Veer smiles and recalls sprinkling poison over the notes. Veer says this poison is amazing thing, a person gets killed and murderer remain a mystery, Shivaye is really rich, money will be the cause of his death.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks Shivaye to pull out his tongue. She smiles. Shivaye says I have counted it, I think its fine, you can go. The man leaves. Shivaye stumbles. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) holds him. She says you didn’t had medicines, I will get it. He says I need to talk. He takes her.

Dadi asks Gauri not to worry, she will talk to Tej. Tej does the Shraddh rituals. Om shouts stop. Tej completes the rituals. Dadi and Gauri cry. Tej says from now on, Gauri is dead for me, she is no longer my bahu and your wife. Om gets angry. Dadi holds him. Tej and Jhanvi leave. Om hugs Gauri. Rudra sits to have a sandwich. Shivaye stops him. Rudra says I m in love, I know I shouldn’t eat carbs, I have applied organic peanut butter, its fine. Shivaye says I m not talking about toast, did you book Mumbai tickets or not, you are marrying, you have to inform family.

Rudra says I will inform them. Shivaye says there will be much work. Rudra says I will do everything here, there won’t be any function in Oberoi mansion. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks him to think about his mum and dad’s dreams. Rudra says my happiness lies in you. Shivaye says happiness is where the family is. Rudra says you are my family. Shivaye asks what about Om and Gauri. They get surprised seeing Om and Gauri. Gauri cries.

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Shivaye says your brother is still alive, I promise I will make everything fine Gauri. She cries. Shivaye and others dance on Ainvayi song. He gets dizzy and holds his chest. Some time before, Shivaye, Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Rudra see Om and Gauri. Gauri cries and hugs Anika(Surbhi Chandna). Shivaye asks Om what happened to Gauri. Om says Tej has done such a thing that I m ashamed to say. Shivaye asks what did he do.

Gauri says Tej has done my Shraddh. They get shocked. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) hugs Gauri. Om says how could we stay there after that. Shivaye says you did right, I can’t believe Tej can do such a thing. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says poor Dadi, she would have broken down. Shivaye says I will talk to Dadi. He gets dizzy and says I will just make a call and come. Pinky tells Dadi that her phone is ringing. She sees Shivaye’s call and answers.

She asks are you fine, don’t you miss your mum, how is Anika(Surbhi Chandna), is she taking care of you. Shivaye says everything is fine, how are you and dad. She says how would be parents without children, how long will you stay away from us, come back. He asks where shall I come back, to that house where bahu’s Shraddh is performed, I left my brothers there but you all didn’t let them live in peace, they have come here. She asks are Omru and Gauri there at your place. He says what would they do, how would they stay there after Tej’s did that, did you and dad stop Tej. She says we couldn’t do anything when he had ousted you from this house, why shall we get in his family matters.

He says no, its our family matter. She says this has ruined everything, you can break all relations, you can stay alive for your brothers, forget even your mum. She cries and ends call.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks Shivaye what happened. He says I m trying to understand, we left the house so that everything gets fine, but everything has fallen apart, Rudra is going to get married, its a joyous occasion, but I m happy but I m unable to feel it, its not right. She says please handle yourself, you have to handle everything now, Rudra, Om, Gauri, they need their elder brother, if you fall weak, can you imagine what would happen to then, you are their support, you can’t fall weak.

He says you are saying right, for the sake of my brothers, their happiness and family, we have to be strong, I m sure to end the problems going on in our family, during this wedding, everything will get fine.

She says Rudra is stubborn, he wants everything to happen here. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him, we will do pre-wedding functions here and marriage in Oberoi mansion, till then I will get some time to make everything fine. He comes to Gauri. She wipes her tears.

He asks are you crying, you know the one who doesn’t have anyone cries, you have your brother who will make everything fine. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and Om come. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks Gauri to see shagun. Shivaye says its a suhaagan’s shagun, you are Om’s wife, till I m alive, no one can snatch your rights of being an Oberoi family bahu.

Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says Dadi always says, forget it, consider elders as immature and forgive them, they can also make mistakes. Shivaye asks Om to fill sindoor in his wife’s maang. Om fills Gauri’s maang. Saathiya…..plays…. Om hugs Gauri. She cries. Shivaye says no more crying now, we need to prepare for Rudy’s pre-wedding functions, Gauri has to do double work, she has to rectify someone’s wrong doings too.

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Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks are you telling about me. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks Om to see their bhai-bahen bonding. Om says its fine, we are also Devar-Bhabhi, I m on your side. Shivaye gets dizzy again. Gauri holds her. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks him did he not take his medicines. He asks them to get to work.

Rudra comes to Soumya. She says I m going to meet my friend. He gives her a paratha roll. He says I have made this with pure ghee, I had to thank you, we are best friends. She says I m very happy that you got your love, keep Bhavya happy. He asks do you have a doubt on me. She says yes, that’s why I m saying.

Bhavya dances. Gauri says listen to me, bride has to act shy. Bhavya says I just know shooting. Gauri says I will teach him and keep reminding too, just look at me. She acts shy. They laugh. Rudra says you would be happy for my marriage happening. Om says we know what will happen post marriage.

Rudra says I also know, helpless jokes will be cracked, that torture also has its own fun. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) asks what torture. Rudra says I will tell you, Shivaye said marriage is like a torture. Om says no, we were talking about marriage. Shivaye asks did I say that. Rudra says yes. Shivaye asks Gauri to say Anika(Surbhi Chandna). Gauri says Shivaye can never say this. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says you are taking your brother’s side.

Gauri says I m saying true. Rudra asks am I lying. Shivaye and Om say yes. Shivaye asks Bhavya why is she crying. Bhavya says I was thinking if my family was here today, they would have…. Om signs Rudra. Shivaye says go and hug her.

Rudra hugs Bhavya and says don’t cry, my family is your family too. Gauri says enough, go now, groom and bride should be away before marriage. Shivaye says yes, Dadi made two feet rule. Rudra says we are new generation. Gauri says firstly, where will we sleep. Rudra says you all make your arrangements, Bhavya and I will manage ourselves. Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says you both aren’t married yet.

Gauri says there is just one room here, so… Anika(Surbhi Chandna) says girls will sleep in the room and guys will sleep in hall. They argue. Rudra says we are having a marriage here, not Dangal, there is no music and dance, it doesn’t look like a marriage house. Gauri agrees. Shivaye says we will do something then.

Tej says why are Omru not answering my call. Pinky says they have gone to my son, you won’t let my son live in peace, you have ousted him and now when he wants to start afresh, your sons take their problems to him. Tej says Shivaye has made them against me. She says your deeds are responsible for this. Shivaye and Omru dance on Ainvayi…. along with their partners. Shivaye gets dizzy and holds his chest.

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