Game of Love 14 August 2020 Written update: On Game of Love friday 14 August 2020, Tej says we have to let Om go. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me.

Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life.. Pinky says he left on bike in much anger, I m scared he does something, you can stop Shivaye. Anika says I understood. Some time before, three months leap is shown. Shivaye says will we believe anyone. Tej says why don’t you get it Shivaye, we are discussing this since three months, he is gone. Shivaye says I will wait for him for three births. Tej says wait and time is over. Shivaye says he was, is and will be with me. Tej says we have shown him to world’s top most doctors, they all have same answer, that there is no hope, we as a family will have to accept it. Jhanvi says don’t say this Tej. Tej says be practical Jhanvi, we tried everything, its time to take decision.

Dadi asks what decision. Tej says there is no hope for Om’s recovery. Gauri and everyone cry. Gauri recalls Om’s fall. Tej says Om will never come out of coma, there is no use to keep him alive, we have to let him go. Gauri says no, this can’t happen. Shivaye holds her and says I won’t let anything happen. She hugs her and consoles. Shakti says just once, listen to Shivaye, consult to the doctor. Tej says there is no point, we are increasing Om’s suffering, the fact is Om will not come back. Shivaye says he has to come, I will not believe even if Lord says he won’t come. Tej says you are not a doctor, who are you. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you have taken all decisions of my son’s life, but not this time, we will have to let Om go, I can’t see him like living dead, if he has to die, let him die with some dignity, not become a vegetable. Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life’s big decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life, you forgot living since Anika went. Shivaye leaves.

He gets on a bike and drives away. Pinky says I could not stay and called you, I m a mum and can’t see him like this, he left on a bike in much anger, just you can stop Shivaye, please respect my words. Anika says I understood and ends call. Shivaye races and reaches the end of the cliff. He accelerates the bike. Ragini comes here and goes to him. She holds him and smiles.

Chanda asks what will you do now. Anika says as if anything will happen by my thinking, I m struggling for a job, I got offer letter too, then same story, sorry, I m a burden on you since three months. Chanda says you have helped me a lot, you can stay in my house. Anika says thanks, I will give rent and food expenses. Chanda says leave this, think how will you pay for boarding school. Anika says I have to arrange his fees. Chanda asks her not to take tension. Anika cries. Someone sitting away at the tea stall drinks wine. He walks towards the chawl. He sees Anika crying.

Pinky says thanks Ragini, you got Shivaye back, I was worried, you know he used to drive car in speed limit in video games, now he does not care for his life, you did big favor on me. Ragini says no favor, just kept friendship, Shivaye and my meet was an accident, but a beautiful one, we are now friends, he can’t refuse to me. Pinky says he will agree to everything. Shivaye asks what. Ragini says its Siddharth and my engagement tomorrow, its happening because of you, I stayed here for two days after my accident, I got time to think about my relationship, Siddharth and I patched up, my grandma says such eyed people are lucky for others, Kanji eyed people. Shivaye recalls Anika teasing him. He says no, I mean don’t say that word again. Pinky says congrats, did Shivaye meet your Siddharth. He says no, sorry I don’t go in parties, I wish you all the best. He goes. Pinky says don’t worry, I will send him.

Anika sees Shivaye’s video and recalls him. She sits crying. The guy sees her. He does shayari and offers tea. She says no thanks. He says I don’t talk to strangers, but I thought you need this. She takes the tea. He says sorrow is like a sea, learn to swim, you will learn living. She asks did you learn, if you did, you would have not had wine at this time. She goes. He does sad shayari seeing someone’s pic. Guard asks him to come, madam called him. The guy stumbles. Guard holds him. The guy says Samar does not need support. He wears his shades.

Shivaye answers the call and says Anika… She says Shivaye…. and cries. Some time before, Shivaye goes to Om’s room. Rudra sees Om and cries. Rudra says how can dad think so, how can we let Om go, Ru is nothing without Om. Shivaye says Shivru is nothing without Om, this story started with three of us, till we are there, Om will stay, we will not let him go, Om talk to me, come back, we will not let you go, we will fight with you to get you back. They cry. Shivaye says don’t cry, Obro moment does not look good like this, you remember one for all. Rudra says all for one and hugs Shivaye. They hold Om and think of Om. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…..

Anika checks Gauri’s missed call and says hope Om is fine, I will call Gauri. She calls Gauri and says she is not answering, what to do, I will call on landline. She makes a call. Shivaye answers the call. She hears him and cries. Their moments are seen. She says Shivaye…. He thinks of her. O jaana…..plays….

Priyanka cleans the house and gets tired. Ranveer comes and holds her. She hugs him and cries. He wipes her tears and asks did you miss me so much, that you cried on seeing me, what happened, is there any problem. She recalls Kamini’s words. Kamini comes. Priyanka says I have seen you after many days, so I got emotional. Kamini asks Ranveer how is he and hugs him. She asks how did you get so lean, did they not give food. He says outside food does not have the taste of homemade food. She says now you have come, your fav. food will be made. He hugs and thanks her. She expresses her pain. He asks what happened. She says nothing, just little, you both talk, I will get tea for you. He sees her wound. She goes.

Shivaye thanks the doctor and says Khanna will be at the airport to receive you, have a safe flight. He tells Rudra that specialist doctor is coming from Tokyo, he has seen Om’s reports and is very hopeful. Pinky comes and takes Shivaye along. Kamini gets the tea. Ranveer asks her about her wound. She says nothing, I fell down, I had some fever, I went out to get water and fainted. She asks what was the need to work if you were unwell. He asks Priyanka why did she let Kamini work when she was unwell. Priyanka asks when? Ranveer says what do you mean you don’t even know. Priyanka says aunty did not tell me. Kamini says I have told you yesterday, leave it, my son has come back after long time, why are you worries for small things. She hugs Priyanka and smiles.

Someone throws a sack outside Oberoi mansion. Khanna shouts out. Kamini heats the iron and goes to Priyanka. Priyanka turns. Kamini hides. Rudra checks the sack. He sees Bhavya inside and gets shocked. He asks her to open eyes. He asks Khanna to get water. He sprinkles water on her. Bhavya gets conscious. He asks her is she fine. She nods. He says you need rest and lifts her. They have an eyelock. Jeena laga hoon…..plays….. Their moments are shown.

Ranveer holds Priyanka. He says I m loving my wife, I missed you. She cries and says I missed you too. She hugs him. Bakhuda tum hi ho….. They romance. He gets close. They hear Kamini’s scream. Rudra sees Bhavya’s wounds. She looks at him. He does aid and says sorry. She asks why are you saying sorry. He says it would be burning by antiseptic. She says so its not your mistake. He says its my mistake, I failed to take care of you, I took you in that party, what happened that day, where were you for 3 months, how did you get hurt. He holds her. She says its a long story. He asks her to say, who did all this. She says that day, when you all were dancing in pool, someone… She faints. He gets shocked seeing bullet mark on her arm.a

Pinky says Ragini is not answering, I m worried she can do anything. Ragini’s servant calls Shivaye and asks him to come fast, Siddharth has beaten up Ragini. Pinky asks what happened, what did Ragini say. Shivaye says Ragini and Siddharth had a fight, he has beaten her up. Pinky says I m afraid she does something to herself. Some time before, the reporter tells about Shivaye and Ragini’s love affair. Dadi says they are spreading false rumors. Pinky says I m worried for Ragini, Shivaye call the news channel and scold them. Shivaye says its their work, my work is to avoid them. She says think of Ragini, her engagement can break. He says relations are made to break, trust breaks and then marriage breaks, engagement is a little thing, I don’t care. He goes. Pinky says don’t know what happened to him, I feel he is not my Shivaye. Dadi says he is annoyed with himself, I feel whatever Anika did, could not cope up, Anika went and even out Billu went somewhere, don’t know what is Ragini going through.

Ragini says I have saw it on tv, I want Shivaye and my pics on all web portals. She says Shivaye’s girlfriend Ragini Malhotra, sound so cool. She hits her head on the mirror and says its no fun. She then hits herself with a hammer and gets the wound on her forehead. She praises herself. She takes her selfie and pouts.

Ranveer asks how did this happen. Kamini says my hand got burnt, iron was on. Ranveer asks Priyanka did you not off it. Priyanka says I did not on it. Ranveer says just we three stay here, Kamini and I did not do it. Priyanka says I did not use it. Kamini says its fine, everyone makes mistake. Priyanka says I swear, I did not do anything. Ranveer says stop it, you are arguing instead apologizing, its been four months, she would have got habitual to work till now. He takes Kamini.

Shivaye sees Samar’s pic. He calls and says Samarjeet Malhotra, I want all his details, his business plans, all his market shares, everything. Bhavya says Sultan is finding that locket, it means it was some imp info, Rudra had worn it, I have to check his things. Rudra walks to his room. She checks the room. She gets his clothes and says he has worn these clothes that day, but it has nothing. Rudra asks her what is she doing.

Priyanka comes to Kamini and stammers in tension. She asks shall I go and meet Om. Kamini says fine, you can go, just put these clothes in washing machine Ranveer may need it for his interview. Priyanka nods and goes. Kamini smiles. Bhavya asks what. He asks who kept these clothes, are you finding something. She says yes, water. He asks water in cupboard? She asks cupboard, I felt its fridge, I feel unwell, I m getting dizzy and not able to see everything well, I had to raid in cupboard. He asks what. She says I m much hurt Om. He says I m Rudra, not Om and shows his trimmed hair. She says yes, you are Rudra, I can’t see well. He says you have weakness, sit, are you fine. She nods.

Priyanka puts the clothes in washing machine and goes. Kamini comes there and says red color is a sign of shagun, Priyanka this is sign of danger for you. She puts red cloth in the machine. Rudra asks where were you for three months, please tell me. Bhavya thinks want to say, I can’t say truth and don’t want to lie. She says I was scared that day when Raghav was shot, Sultan’s men did this, I got to know this when they kidnapped me, they took me somewhere. He asks where. She says some dark place, then they asked me did you shoot the criminal. He asks what language are you using. She says yes, goons spoke such in front of me, they asked were you involved in encounter, I said no, we were marrying in Mumbai that day, then my fate was good, I have ran away, someone has seen me and shot. Rudra says sorry, you had to bear all this because of me, its my mistake, I should have protected you. She says protecting is my work. He says I could not protect you sorry, I will take care of you now. She thinks Rudra is so nice, sorry I m cheating you and using for my mission, I have no option, its my duty and adamancy to catch Sultan. He does the aid and says sorry. Mere dil ko ye …..plays… she looks at him.

He says when would we live normal life. She says till Sultan is caught, we have to stay together. He says right, if you did not fight with me that day, you would have not got kidnapped. She thinks thank God, Rudra did not doubt on me, where did that locket go. Ranveer sees the white clothes colored. Kamini asks what will you wear now. He says its fine. She says Priyanka should understand, colored clothes are not washed along whites, sorry Ranveer. He says I will buy new shirt. She says you gave money to Priyanka. Priyanka says money is spent in bills and rations, if you say, I will get money from home. He asks what, never, I don’t have to beg to your family. She says sorry, listen to me. Kamini smiles.

Pinky says Ragini is not answering, I m worried she can do anything in tension. Ragini calls Shivaye and gives phone to her servant. Ragini’s servant asks Shivaye to come fast, Siddharth has beaten up Ragini. Shivaye says I will send doctor and inform police. Ragini gets shocked and sends servant. She says what nonsense, he is not affected by anything, I have hurt myself uselessly. Pinky asks what happened, what did Ragini say. Shivaye says Ragini and Siddharth had a fight, her servant said he has beaten her up. Pinky says I m afraid she does something to herself, you should go to her.

Shivaye takes Ragini, while Anika comes in with Ragini’s mum. Shivaye senses Anika Some time before, Shivaye comes to meet Ragini. Servant asks him to sit, he will call madam. Shivaye says I will meet her myself. Ragini is listening music. Shivaye goes to her and calls her out. She does drama to hide behind the bed and getting scared. He asks her to come out, its him, Shivaye. She runs and hugs him. He asks how did this happen. She says Siddharth came here, he thinks that you and me…. he believed the news. Shivaye says I m sorry. She says no, its not your fault, its my fault, I could not explain him, its his fault, he could not understand, Pinky called me home, he did not trust me.

Anika reaches there and says I will look for the building. She helps Ragini’s mum and says I will drop you inside. She gets a call and says yes, I m coming, oh fine. Ragini’s mum asks what happened. Anika says I had interview, it got cancelled. Shivaye asks where is your family. Ragini says mum went out, and brother maybe in office. Shivaye says I will take you to hospital. Servant sees Ragini’s mum coming and signs her. Ragini says I forgot my bag in room, can you please take me to my room. Shivaye takes Ragini, while Anika comes in with Ragini’s mum. Anika says I will drop you to your room. Ragini stumbles. Shivaye makes her sit and looks for her bag.

Ragini sees Rudra’s incoming call on Shivaye’s phone and disconnects. Shivaye and Anika miss to see each other. Shivaye senses Anika and turns to see. He thinks why do I feel like, no, she can’t be here. Ragini asks what happened. He says nothing, come. Ragini’s mum asks Anika’s name. Anika says just Anika. Ragini’s mum says I have a job for you.

Ranveer shouts for Kamini and gets shocked seeing her lying unconscious. He asks Priyanka to get water fast. He sprinkles water. Kamini gets up and coughs. He asks are you fine, how did this happen. Kamini says I got gas leak smell and I fainted here. He asks how was gas on. She says I think maybe Priyanka forgot to switch off gas. Ranveer asks Priyanka how can she be so careless. Priyanka says I remember well, I have put off the gas. Kamini says its fine, she had to go Maayka. He asks was it so imp for her to go. Priyanka says sorry, I took Kamini’s permission. He says enough, you are arguing like ill mannered, I did not expect this from you. He takes Kamini. Kamini recalls switching on the gas and lying down to do drama. She thinks this game will go on for long. Pinky asks Shivaye is Ragini fine, is her engagement happening. Shivaye says I will meet Om and goes.

Shivaye sees the moon bracelet part in his watch and gets shocked. He recalls Anika. Anika’s bracelet moon dropped at the table, where Shivaye kept his hand, the moon part stuck to his watch strap. Shivaye says it means she was there, everything that reminds me of you, I will throw it out of my life. He throws the moon.

Shivaye goes to meet Om. He does not see Om on the bed. He calls out Om. He gets worried. Om holds him and asks are you finding me. Shivaye gets surprised seeing him and says you are fine, I m so happy to see you. He hugs Om. He says I was dying to hear your voice, talk to you and hug you. Rudra says even I was eager for a Obro moment. The brothers hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahin…..plays…. Rudra says I feel good, life got normal again.

Shivaye says why did Rudra not tell me. Rudra says I called you, you did not answer, I have sent a message on your voicemail. Om says I m out of coma, we can talk better things, I m back. Shivaye asks how did this miracle happen. Rudra says Chulbul bhabhi did this. Shivaye says I should thank Gauri. Om says no need. He goes. Rudra says Om is stressed, as Gauri is pregnant. Shivaye asks what, how. Rudra says there is just one way. Shivaye says I did not mean that, our Om is going to be a father. Rudra says yes, very soon long haired child who talks meaningful things will be roaming at home. Shivaye says its a happy thing, why is he angry. He gets a call and sends Rudra. He answers call and says I hope you called to give good news, what, I don’t know, I want to buy happy home chawl.

Chanda feeds sweets to Anika and says I told you will get a job soon. Anika says I got a job, I m scared anything can happen, I can lose the job. Chanda asks her not to think wrong and goes. Shivaye reaches the chawl.

Shivaye says I will buy this chawl as Anika stays here. He recalls Anika’s words. Anika recalls Pinky’s and Shivaye’s words. She comes at the window. Shivaye sees her. O jaana….plays…..Anika looks at the moon.


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