Game of Love August Teasers 2020 Star life

Game of Love August Teasers 2020 Star life
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Game of Love August Teasers 2020 Star life: On Annika attends job interviews while, Ranveer reproaches Kamini for troubling Priyanka. Ragini plans to trap Shivaay. READ MORE Game of Love Teasers August 2020

Game of Love August Teasers 2020 Star life

Game of Love August Teasers 2020 Star life

Game of Love Saturday 1 August 2020
Episode 260
Kamini ousts Mahi from the house. Later, Mahi confronts Kamini for sending men to attack Shivaay.

Episode 261
Shivaay gets beaten up by goons when he comes in search of Ranveer. Mahi rescues Shivaay! Will Shivaay know about Mahi’s true nature?

Episode 262
Pinki complains to Shakti that Shivaay loves Anika over that he loves her. Shivaay’s behavior makes the situation worse!

Episode 263
Pinki is mad with Anika because Shivaay gives her all the credit. Meanwhile, Anika tries to find out about Shivaay’s lookalike.

Game of Love Sunday 2 August 2020
Episode 264
Anika finds Mahi and confronts him Pinky insists on knowing Anika’s history from Shivaay. Not able to provide an answer, Shivaay is in a problem.

Episode 265
Anika is inquisitive to find out Mahi’s motive in rescuing Shivaay. Meanwhile, Anika has something shocking to inform Shivaay.

Episode 266
Shivaay tells his brothers he wants to learn about Anika’s family background. Anika becomes mad on hearing this and leaves the mansion. Will they reconcile?

Episode 267
Shivaay visits an orphanage to find out about Anika while Anika heads into a hospital. What is she going to find?


Game of Love Monday 3  August   2020
Episode 268
On learning that Mr. Bajaj attracted Anika into the orphanage, Shivaay supposes that Anika is his grand-daughter. Is she?

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Episode 269
On learning Anika’s unhappy ago, Shivaay is determined to make sure that she’s a fantastic life from here on. Meanwhile, the Pinki bribes that the warden of this orphanage with bad intentions.

Episode 270
Anika expects the DNA test outcome to understand whether Shivaay and Mahi are all brothers. She faces Shivaay for spying . Afterwards, things get nasty, as soon as a blunder from Anika lands them in profound trouble.

Episode 271
Anika and Shivaay split into a home and spend some enjoyable time indoors. Afterwards they listen to a radio statement. Are they in trouble?

Game of Love Tuesday 4  August  2020
Episode 272
Some criminals hold Anika at gunpoint. Anika tries to inform Shivaay that she is in trouble. Will she succeed?

Episode 273
Shivaay confronts the criminal when he tries to shoot Anika. In the tussle, the criminal gets shot!.

Episode 274
Shivaay refuses to perform the puja. Later, Anika receives a call about the DNA report, while Pinky hatches a heinous plan against Anika.

Episode 275
Mahi tells Anika that Pinki is not Shivaay’s mother leaving her shocked. Meanwhile, at the press conference, a bar dancer, Nayantara, introduces herself as Anika’s mother!

Game of Love Wednesday 5 August 2020
Episode 276
Omkara escorts Anika home. Afterwards, Shivaay finds Anika speaking to Nayantara. Can Anika learn the reality?

Episode 277
Anika decides to bond with Nayantara but is left perplexed after the meeting. Will she find out the truth about Nayantara?

Episode 278
Anika asks Nayantara the reason why she left her. Nayantara attempts to mislead her. Can Shivaay and Anika find out Nayantara’s identity?

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Episode 279
Nayantara moves Shivaay’s tests she is Anika’s mother. Ahead of the final word, Shivaay arranges for a DNA test on Nayantara.

Game of Love Thursday 6 August 2020

Episode 280
Ranveer emotionally blackmails Priyanka. Later, Shivaay tries to collect the DNA report. Will Pinky try to swap the reports?

Episode 281
Though Pinky destroys the reports, Shivaay gets the copy from the doctor. Pinky humiliates Nayantara while Ranveer tries to win Priyanka’s trust.

Episode 282
Anika is shattered to know the DNA test result. Later, Shivaay brings Nayantara home. What makes him confront her?

Episode 283
Anika learns that Shivaay is lying about Nayantara. Will she find out why?

Game of Love Friday 7 August 2020
Episode 284
Rudra saves Shivaay and Omkara from the explosion. Later, fake Svetlana puts Gauri’s life at risk and blackmails the Oberoi.

Episode 285
Shivaay brings Gauri home and scolds Omkara for not informing him about his marriage. Later, the Oberois conduct the ring ceremony of Shivika and OmGauri.

Episode 286
The Oberois perform a ritual, while Shivaay tells Anika of his plan to expose the traitor in the house, who is behind Nayantara’s arrival. Will Pinki get caught?

Episode 287
Anika is shocked learning who is behind Nayantara’s arrival. Gauri tries to skip writing her name in the ‘Kul Pathri’. Will Anika reveal the truth to Shivaay?

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