GAME OF LOVE 9 OCTOBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE FRIDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE STAR LIFE, Shivaye scolds a man. Gauri says I will fight instead my husband.

Gauri fights with Balram and kicks him down. Some time before, Shivaye reads local language newspaper. Anika says I got tea, there was no coffee. He says okay, I will try. She asks him to have it in chawl style. She puts tea in saucer and asks him to drink tea while enjoying it. He drinks tea and says very good. She asks did you like it. He says I like it. She gives him towel and says I filled water in bucket, go and bath, bucket which filled by rain water. He asks will I bath by that. She says I was joking, I have kept soap, but there is a problem, you have to use brushing stick instead brush, I m joking, go. He says your jokes are dangerous, will you come with me. She asks him to go. He goes.

Gauri says I felt you are innocent man, why did you agree for Dangal, did you not see that wrestler, what will I do if you get hurt. He says I will manage, nothing will happen. She says confidence is good, but over confidence is bad. He says win is by mind, not power. She says you don’t have to make painting with him, you have to do Dangal, you need powers and also know rules. He says don’t worry, if Balram learnt wrestling, I have seen Dangal movie many times. She asks what, seeing Dangal and doing it has difference. He says I just have 24 hours, so I have to start it now. She says end this, I will go and refuse. He says enough, we are Oberois, we don’t move back from challenge so I will fight. She prays.

Anika and Shivaye see a man asking some workers to remove things. Shivaye asks who are you. The man says work is going on. He asks workers to blow the place today. Anika asks are they talking of blowing off our chawl. Shivaye says what to blow and who said. The man says owner, Shivaye Singh Oberoi gave orders, just leave. Shivaye says okay just stop it now. The man asks are you Shivaye that I follow your orders. Shivaye says damn right. He recalls Dadi’s words.

Om sees video and practices. Gauri says none can’t win wrestling this way, have this healthy things, this will help. Servant says its impossible to make Balram lose. Om and Gauri smile seeing him. Shivaye says I will talk to Shivaye, you go. The man pushes him. Anika scolds the man. Shivaye asks her to calm down, let him handle. The man says there is no time to listen now. Anika asks Shivaye to tell who is he. Shivaye says I can’t, I promised Dadi that I will hide my identity. Anika says but I can say, he is…. Shivaye says a common man staying in this chawl. He says I don’t want to lose this challenge Anika. He sits on dynamite. The man says its dynamite, get up, what do you want to prove. Shivaye says I m peacefully protesting as an ordinary man. The man asks him to leave, his drama can’t stop him. Shivaye says I can stop anything, but today I will stop you as a common man. The man asks him to become anything, but he can’t stop him from breaking this chawl. Anika asks Shivaye to say who is he. Shivaye says I can stop this in a second, it was my business decision to make a building here, now its my personal decision to save this chawl, this is your house, Sahil and you have memories, how can I let this break. She holds his hand.

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The man says you also sat, this chawl will break down. Anika says none can break this chawl as my husband doesn’t want this to happen. Om practices fight with servant. Gauri smiles and claps for Om. Servant runs and says I don’t want to die. Om asks with whom will I practice. Gauri says I m here. Om looks at her. She says I won’t let you lose. He asks sure. She says sure. He asks shall we start. He holds her hand and pulls her. She gets close. Saathiya….plays… They fall down and laugh.

The man asks worker to move them away. Shivaye stops the worker and says how dare you, if you try to touch my wife, I will bury you alive. The worker will you bury me alive. Anika says don’t go on his height. Shivaye says is this necessary to say. She says this fat guy is joking on your height. He says you underlined it. She says sorry. Shivaye pushes the man. The man asks worker to leave him, we will take him to boss. He calls out boss and says this man is saying he won’t let us break the chawl. Khanna says who is it interfering in Shivaye’s work. Shivaye says Khanna. Khanna gets shocked and says Sir you… He tells the man that this is Shivaye. The man apologizes. Shivaye asks them to leave, this chawl won’t break now. Anika greets Khanna. Shivaye says boss. Khanna says don’t say this, better shoot me. Shivaye and Anika joke.

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Gauri wakes up and looks for Om. She sees Om practicing alone. She calls Bhavya and says I need your help, Om is going to fight wrestling tomorrow, do you have any tips to fight well, you will know something, tell me fast so that I can help Om. She says fine, I understood, I will explain Om as well, thanks. Gauri says Om will win and smiles.

Dadi does tika to Shivaye and Anika. She does aarti and asks them to come. Rudra asks Dadi to ward off bad sight. Dadi says I knew they can easily pass this challenge, their jodi is so good. Rudra asks why did you keep competition. Dadi says so that they understand they are perfect for each other, many a times there is everything in relation, love, trust and honesty, but person has to know importance. Rudra says enough now, Shivaye doesn’t know how to live between women, you went to chawl, Om went to haveli and I was repairing tap, in short I became a good plumber and a responsible man. Shivaye asks how did this miracle happened. Rudra says someone challenged me, and you know if challenge is given to Oberois then… Shivaye says then we win. Bhavya says its good you came Bhabhi, I was getting bored, some people here just boast of themselves. Anika says I also missed you, tell me did you two had any fight. Dadi says they also fight like you two. Rudra says there is some correction, I don’t fight, she fights. Dadi says she is not such. Shivaye says I won’t hear anything about Bhavya, because she is in my team. Bhavya gets emotional and cries.

Om works out. Balram comes for the wrestling match. People cheer for Balram. Om gets ready. Gauri asks servant to get lassi for Om fast. She tells Om that she spoke to Bhavya. Om says let me concentrate, not now. She says I know you are in tension, Bhavya told some tips. He says don’t confuse me saying new things, stay here. He collides with servant and falls down. Gauri gets shocked. She asks him to get up. Everyone laughs. The man says game didn’t start and player got down. The old man says tiger has fallen down, I thought he will play atleast one round, but he fell down by fear. Gauri asks servant to get first aid box. The old man asks him to get chunri for Om to hide face. Gauri says you are elder so I m quiet, else I know to answer you. The old man says even your husband came to answer, make him wear your bangles. She shouts enough. She gets up.

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Anika asks Bhavya what happened. Bhavya says I forgot what’s family, but you all have never made me miss my family. Anika says you are part of our family. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says I don’t like anyone crying in my family, so no more tears. Dadi says challenges are over, Anika come this way. Rudra says we will take a day break. Shivaye says I don’t watch cricket match without Rudra. Bhavya says Anika and I have to see film awards. Dadi agrees and says just tonight. Rudra says let’s call the gang, we have surprise element. Anika asks surprise.

Gauri says if you say a word against my husband, I will forget you are elder to me. The man asks what will you do. Gauri says I will fight. The old man says we men fight in wrestling. She says I m also saying about wrestling, I will fight instead my husband and make your grandson lose. The man says her husband got hurt and she got mad. The old man says we don’t raise hands on women. She asks if you have courage, make a woman lose and show. The old man asks Balram to show her real place, one whose back touches ground first will lose. Gauri removes her ornaments. She goes for the fight. Balram runs towards her. She gets on his back and defends his moves. Balram pushes her away. She falls down. She runs aside. Balram catches her. Everyone cheers for Balram. He throws her again. Om opens his eyes. He says Gauri and sees her. Om signs Balram to come to him.

Om fights with Balram. Om throws him down. The old man and everyone get shocked. The old man asks Balram to get up. Gauri gets up. Om asks Gauri is she hurt. He says you have taught him a lesson. He says I got angry seeing you hurt. She says your third eye opened in anger like Shankar ji, you have put your life in danger for me. He says you did the same, why did you do this foolishness. She says you said Oberois never lose, how could I see you losing. The old man and everyone clap. The old man says today an Oberoi made me lose again, I m not angry, I m happy, my pride failed and love has won, when husband and wife are together, no power of the world can make them lose, Lord keeps you two happy always. Om and Gauri see each other.


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