GAME OF LOVE 9 SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE WEDNESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Shivaye says you have no fiance. Anika says I have fiance, I will make you meet him. Gauri leaves for Pune.

Om boards the same. Rudra says it means Bhavya’s family died in that explosion, how is Sultan connected to this. Some time before, Shivaye says why is my head aching, did I eat that bhaang dish, why don’t I remember what happened. Anika gets coffee. She says I told everything to Shivaye yesterday, don’t now how will he react, I will not let my Shivaye break. She thinks where did he go. He says come on Shivaye, why don’t you recall what Anika said, I m feeling it here in heart, she said something imp, think what happened. He recalls and says she was crying, she said something. She sees him and thinks there will be storm if he talks to Pinky. He feels her presence and turns. Music plays….. She says sorry. He thinks it means its big matter. She says whatever happened last night. He thinks I can’t let her know that I don’t remember anything, I should just play along, maybe she tells me. She says maybe I should have not told you, I know you will have thousand questions. He thinks there is one question, what she said. He says what you told me yesterday. She says we will forget it, it will just hurt you, I know you are hurt. He says I want to know. She asks what, I told you everything.

He says you said right, I have many questions in mind, if you tell me everything again, I will clear my confusion line by line. She says its not any story, its truth of our life. He says yes, we just have to… She says I know you want to stay alone, I knew what you will go through. He says no, you did good to tell me everything, I will be very thankful if you say it again. She asks do you want to hurt yourself again, I won’t repeat it, I can’t see you in pain. He thinks I don’t remember, what to do.

Rudra thinks of Bhavya’s words. He says how can she leave home, she is not answering call, attitude. Om says she did not come till now. Rudra says how to find she is safe, I will contact her family, but I don’t have number, what to do. He recalls his friend. He calls and says I have some imp work. Om says I won’t do your exhibition, don’t waste your time. He ends call. Gauri’s mum calls him and asks him to remind Gauri to keep woollen clothes, Gauri said you both are going to mountains area for a holiday, God bless you. He thinks it means Gauri did not go to her mum, she lied to her mum, she might have gone to Kaali. He recalls Kaali and Gauri.

Shivaye says I don’t want this. She says you will need this. He asks did you make me eat bhaang dish. She asks did you add bhaang in my food, sometimes you try to become clever and you become Pappu, you thought I will tell truth that way, I told truth my by wish. Shivaye says I did not think truth could be bitter. She says I did not think I will say it myself, you will think your family and identity changed, but I told you will be always our same Shivaye, I should have trusted you and our relation, but I was scared, I felt you could bear this or not, I lost without fighting. He thinks family, identity, relations, trust, oh my God, matter was so big, why don’t I remember. She says we shall forget it, Dadi says we should not take things on heart and go ahead, I know you will need time to understand and accept, but remember one thing, me, Omru, we all are with you, just talk to us, every person does mistake, sometimes our dear ones hurt us, we have to forgive them, we can’t get family again, you love your family a lot, you are the foundation of this family, don’t talk to her. He asks who. She looks at him and thinks I m talking of Pinky, he is asking who, he did not talk about Pinky, what’s the matter. He says whatever happened, tell me one more time.

She thinks he is asking me to say it again, it means he does not remember anything. He says I want to fill some gaps, so tell me all that again. She says you don’t remember. He says I remember. She says don’t lie, you don’t remember. He says you made me eat bhaang aloo, you owe me an explanation, tell me again. She says its too much, I m explaining you and you are acting. He says you are acting, you did not tell me anything till now. She says I will not tell you, its your mistake that you don’t remember. She goes.

Rudra sees eggs in fridge and recalls Bhavya. He gets a call and asks did you find anything. His friend asks him to connect video call. Rudra smiles seeing Bhavya. He gets shocked seeing her doing Shraddh of her family. He says it means everyone in her family is dead, how can she do Shraddha same day, it means they died on same day, why did she not tell me. He recalls talking to Bhavya and knowing her likes and dislikes. FB shows Rudra asking Bhavya her fav color. She says Khaki. He says girls like pink. She says yes, I was seeing your reaction, what’s your fav color. He says black, what’s your fav food. She says eggs, its very healthy. He asks with whom are you most close in your family. She says its my turn, I will ask you. He says I m close to Shivaye, you say now. She gets sad and says I m close to my mum, dad and sister, they are all away from me. He says then you would be not fighting with them. She says I used to fight much before, but now I don’t get a chance. He asks is your sister elder or younger, what does she call you. She says its my turn now. FB ends.

Anika says I will not tell anything. He asks why can’t you say second time. She says I don’t want to dig old wounds. He says its my wound. She says that’s why, I don’t want to, our life turned over by this truth, things got spoiled, that we are not us now. He says this is the problem, we are not us, I want to know the reason. She says what will you do knowing it now, how does it matter. He holds her hand and asks really, I do care, you wanted to hear it. She says but why now, Ragini came in your life now. He says so you will not tell me. She says its no use to say now. He says just because you have moved on first, you did engagement. She says yes so what. She twists her hand and asks are you sure you have moved on. She says I told you before. He says I want to hear truth. She says leave me, you don’t have any right to do this. He asks don’t I have any right. She says yes, we got divorced. He says oh yes, now I remember you did engagement, where is your fiance, is he there. She asks what do you mean to say. He says I want to meet your so called fiance. She says he is much busy, whenever he gets time, I will make you meet him. He says he has no time to meet you. She says yes, he travels often. He says I will look forward to meet him, I have this right. She says yes. He says you can catch my lie, so I can also catch my life, you have no fiance. She says I have fiance, I will make you meet him and clear your misunderstanding. He says fine. She goes.

Jhanvi says you have seen Tej. Shwetlana says no, I just saw someone attacking you, stop imagining things. Jhanvi says you saw the blood. Shwetlana says it was just paint, have wine and relax. A waiter gets wine and drops it on them. Shwetlana scolds her. Jhanvi says Tej is playing a game with us. Shwetlana asks her to shut up.

Gauri’s namesake brother Dandy comes to meet Om. Guards stop him. Om asks them to let him come. Dandy asks what did you do, she is leaving Mumbai. Om asks him to ask Gauri. Dandy says her phone is not connecting now. Om asks him to go and ask Kaali. Dandy says she has got saved from Kaali and came here. Om says she was marrying him for money. Dandy asks if she had money, why would she not get her mum treated in good hospital, she would have run to Kaali, than hearing your bad taunts, I stayed with her for two days and understand you, you stayed with her for months and don’t understand her, you feel Kaali is true. Om says it means… Dandy says she used to say Om is her Lord, you and Kaali have no difference, both insulted her. Om asks where is she now. Dandy says I don’t know, I spoke to her one hour back, maybe she was at bus stop. Om recalls Gauri and leaves. Rudra comes to that house and says that footage was imp for Bhavya, she is hiding some secret, I have to find it.

Shwetlana cleans her dress. She gets tensed seeing red color and says its wine, not blood, Tej is dead, he can’t come back. She sees Tej and says you are dead. She screams. She sees Tej gone. Rudra sees the footage. He gets shocked. Rudra says it means Bhavya’s family died in that explosion, how is Sultan connected to this. Shwetlana says I m laying a trap for Tej to make sure if he is alive. Jhanvi says it won’t be useful if its his soul. Shwetlana says its not any soul, I should have believed you, Tej is alive and playing games with us, its our turn now. Jhanvi says maybe its Tej’s lookalike. Shwetlana says he is playing with us, I know him well. Gauri boards the bus and thinks it will be good if I go Pune. Om boards the bus. She hides. Om thinks where are you Gauri.

Rudra says now I understand why Bhavya behaved such, what did I do. Shwetlana gets shocked seeing Tej. She shouts Jhanvi and runs to her. She says Tej is here. Jhanvi says he is not here, maybe its his soul. Shwetlana says Tej I know you are acting, I m Shwetlana, come out Tej. Om gets down the bus. Om thinks of her. Saathiya….plays….The bus leaves.


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