GAME OF LOVE MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE: ON GAME OF LOVE 7 SEPTEMBER 2020, Rudra asks Bhavya to shut it, get up. Bhavya says I have to see it. He lifts her and takes her out of the fire.

Om says I don’t want to talk to you. Gauri says I m here because of you, why, you told me you don’t regard me wife and friend, what do you want. Shivaye asks Anika why did she do all that, he wants to know that reason. Some time before, Shivaye says I did not see Anika such like that before and after that day, why did she react such, there would be some reason, are you hiding something. She thinks of blackmailing Anika and says no, I m thinking you are so innocent to find the reason, that was her truth, she has done drama to trap you, she trapped someone else now, its good you divorced her, are you understanding. He says I have much work. She asks him to carry on and goes.

Tia collides with Shivaye. He says sorry. They get surprised seeing each other. She says its so good to see you Shivaye baby, sorry I said that out of habit. He says its fine, what are you doing here. She says Dushyant was wrapping a meeting, we have a flight to catch. He asks are you going somewhere. She says ya, Sri lanka for holidays. He says lovely, are you and Dushyant fine. She says yes, everything is perfect thanks to you and Anika, I m so happy to know you both are also together, I felt so bad that day, just Anika could take such a strong step, thank God you got to know truth, I know it was tough to handle truth, but you would know Anika loves you a lot and did big sacrifice. He asks sacrifice, what are you talking about. She thinks Anika did not tell truth to Shivaye. She says I thought you know it, now that you are together. He says we are not together. She says I saw your photo on social media. He says its just a random pic, what’s the truth, you know it, but I don’t know. She worries. She gets a call and says I m coming. She says I have to go Shivaye, take care, She goes. He recalls Omru, Tia, Pinky and Anika’s words. He thinks Anika did that by some helplessness, everyone knows it except me, I have to find out truth.

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Gauri asks Rudra to help, Om said he will get inspiration by rain, clouds light, something striking. Rudra says its not possible, I can’t get rains or create clouds. She says I mean he said about the feeling on seeing such sight. He says Om used to confuse me before and now she is also confusing me. He says I could not understand Om’s words till now. She says same with me. They think. She says how will I help him and awaken the artist in him. Shivaye says there is some way, you want to inspire Om, all you have to do is follow my instructions. Rudra says Shivaye will help you and goes. Gauri asks what do I need to do.

Bhavya talks to commissioner and says we want underground hacker to get footage, I m going there. She leaves. Rudra says she won’t tell me, I have to find out what is she hiding. Bhavya turns to see and leaves. Rudra follows. Anika talks to Sahil on phone and asks him to be good in maths. Shivaye comes and asks what’s going on. She says I m talking to Sahil, he got less marks in maths. He says I was talking about you, why did you do that, I had to make you leave from house, what’s the reason. She recalls Pinky’s words. He says just say it. She says I don’t know what you are saying. He says I m asking you, Tia met me, she told me you made big sacrifice for me, was there any reason behind it, I want to know, why did you do this. She says I don’t know what Tia told you. She goes. He says she is hiding something from me.

Jhanvi asks Shwetlana to come fast. She sees Tej and screams. Shivaye holds Anika. Ishq hai aansun…plays.. He asks her to tell him. She asks what. He says you know it. She asks him to leave her. He asks her again. She asks are you asking me after 3 months, its no use now, Ragini came in your life now. He says someone came in your life, you did engagement right. She thinks truth did not change, I can’t tell you. She says you have seen it right. He says yes or no. She says yes, I did engagement. He says look in my eyes and say. She says I m not scared of your kanji eyes. He says then tell me you moved on, there was no reason behind all that. She says its all over. He says if everything happened according to me, we would have not separated, distance increased in one day that our relation broke, I want to know what happened. She says I don’t want to talk. He pulls her close. She says you can’t force me. He says you know what I can do. She says do anything you want, I won’t tell you.

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Om turns and sees Gauri’s new avatar. Saathiya….plays….He asks what’s all this. She says inspiration, you said rain, clouds, colors are your inspiration, something striking. Kaisi hai ye……plays…. She plays with water and dances. Om smiles. He says seeing you, I wish to make your painting. He lifts her and makes her lie on a couch. He makes her painting. He holds her to make her pose right.

Bhavya comes to meet someone. Rudra sees her and looks for some way to enter the house. Sultan’s goons also come there and inform Sultan that they both are here. Hacker tries to get the footage. He says its done, you can check. Bhavya thanks him. He goes. Om makes the painting. He says I m seeing my inspiration. She says you know when I saw you in Bareilly for the first time, I did not know you are an artist. He recalls the moment and thinks how can I forget Bareilly, how I forget your truth. He gets away and goes. She goes after him. The guy locks the house. He sees the goons and says Bhavya and chip are inside. He gives the keys to goons and goes. Bhavya checks a video. Rudra is at the window. Goon says we have to kill them.

Gauri stops Om and asks why did you come in anger, sorry if I said wrong. He says stop it. Pinky claps and says you are mistaken, you forgot what I said, Om and you are no match. You made looks fine, but this won’t help, your status and truth won’t change, Om knows this well. She goes. Gauri says there is something troubling him, I will find out.

Rudra goes to Bhavya. She gets shocked seeing him. She asks what are you doing here, go from here. He says I came to help you. She says just leave, I m doing imp work. Goons pour kerosene. Rudra gets its smell.

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Om says I want to stay alone, just go. Gauri says I have to talk to you, I came here because of you, you stopped me, why, you told me you don’t regard me wife and friend, what do you want, I m not one to make someone else’s house mine, did you stop me to get anger out, you did not answer me, I want my answers today, tell my place in your life, I won’t go without my answers, if I go, I won’t come back again, tell me, you have no courage, I can’t believe you are same Om who fought with world, you are not facing truth when you hate lies, give me an answer. She goes. He gets angry. Rudra asks Bhavya is she getting petrol smell. He runs out and finds door locked. Goons burn the house. Bhavya sees video of her parents’ death and cries.

Goon says they will die and also the proof against Sultan. Bhavya thinks I hope to see Sultan’s real face in this footage. Goons leave. Rudra sees the fire. Rudra asks Bhavya to shut it, get up. Bhavya says I have to see it I won’t go without seeing this video. He lifts her and takes her out of the fire. She says my mum and dad… I have to see that footage. They come out. She cries. Om recalls Gauri’s words. He thinks of Jhanvi Thakurain’s death and past. Bhavya says you know what you did today. Rudra says you know what could have happened there, you would have died. She says so what if I died. He says you should say thanks, but you are upset. She says I m upset as you followed me, I missed imp footage. He asks is it imp than your life. She says its imp than my life, I can do anything with my life. He asks why can’t I save your life if you saved my life. She says it was my duty as an police officer. He asks really, did you save me to do your duty. She says I did not mean that, I m requesting for the last time, don’t come between me and my motives. She goes.


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