GAME OF LOVE FRIDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE: ON GAME OF LOVE 4 SEPTEMBER 2020, Shivaye and Anika have a moment. Rudra says if we tell truth to Shivaye. Om says no, we promised Anika, but there has to be some way that Shivaye gets to know it.

Rudra says there is a way. Om asks what. Some time before, Anika slips in Shivaye’s arms. O jaana….plays…. They get seated. She thinks he will become Mr Stylish Singh Oberoi now, as if he is sitting in any five star. Shivaye does so and asks what happened. She says nothing. He thinks something happened so she is smiling, she won’t tell me on my asking. She says arrangements are great. He thinks does anyone praise self arrangements. She serves the food. He says this Linguine is delicious. She thinks what’s Linguine , can’t he see thick noodles, he is praising his food himself. She asks shall I serve Raita. He thinks now she will make it fall while serving and then say Raita Phail gaya. She says sorry, Raita Phail gaya. He thinks I knew this will happen. He cleans it with napkin. He says we are okay, we should continue. He thinks she will ask for formality, shall I eat by hands, to get taste. She says like you have habit to have food by knife and fork, I have habit to have by hands. He says you can eat anyway you like. He thinks now she will out her fingers in the food straight. She mixes the food and eats. He cleans the food particle off her lip. O jaana…..plays….

He gets back to his seat. His imagination ends. He signs her about the food particle. She cleans it and continues eating. He thinks now she will call this Linguine as fat noodles. She says this fat noodles is really tasty. He thinks now she will lick her fingers. She says its so tasty, I will lick fingers. She does so. She thinks now he will see me and drink water. He drinks water. She smiles. He asks what, why are you laughing. She says ha ha is laugh, I m smiling. He says whatever, why are you doing this. She asks whose mouth is it, its mine, I can smile, laugh and sing song or bhajan, my wish, why are you smiling having fat noodles. He says its my face, my wish. Rudra clicks their pic and says Aw so cute, they are made for each other, they will understand when everyone say, I will upload, they got many comments and likes, why don’t I get such. He reads comments.

Ragini sees the pics on facebook. She gets angry and throws the tea cup. She calls Samar and says its time to execute our plan, if we get late, it will get too late. Shivaye says so tell me now. Anika says you say. He says you called, so say. She says you called me. He says why will I call you. She says to apologize. He says I did not do anything to apologize. She asks why did you call me, to make me have this fat noodles. He says its Linguine. She says whatever, why will I call you. He says you thought wrong about me and Ragini. She says Nagini is making you Pappu. He says don’t fight, why did you invite me for dinner. She says you invited me. He says wait, you did not invite me, Om… She says Rudra told me. They say Omru. He says I will not leave them. She says why don’t they understand, its no use to do this till you understand. He says you need to understand, not me. She says this is your problem, have your Linguine. She goes. She says she eats my hands and says I should understand. He leaves.

Shivaye asks Omru what did they want to prove. Om says you both like each other. Rudra says you guys enjoyed, I have pics. Shivaye says you got hidden and took our pics. Rudra says no, I was standing bit away. Shivaye says you guys can’t solve our problem, for a moment I forgot we are divorced, old memories overpower, but there is a bitter memory which Anika gave me that day. He says if a man just sees stain than the moon, none is unfortunate than him, forget that thing. Shivaye says I can’t forget it, she has hurt my family, you know what family means to me, would you guys do this if Gauri or Bhavya did this, would you two forget, no right, even I can’t forget, Anika and my ways parted, and we can’t walk together. He goes. Rudra says if we tell truth to Shivaye…. Om says no, Anika made us swear, but there will be some way that we don’t need to say and Shivaye knows it. Rudra says there is a way, but you have to do something. He tells the idea.

Rudra says maybe Om got mad. He compliments Gauri. Gauri feels shy to wear gym clothes. Rudra says you have to remove this dupatta, did Om say about perspiration. She says yes, he said he needs perspiration to become artist again. Rudra says Om got weird, anyways, start. They both start exercising. Om comes and asks Gauri what are you doing. She sweats and says you wanted this to become artist, perspiration. Rudra says you could have gone to gym if you needed this. They both start again. Om starts laughing and says not perspiration, I wanted inspiration. Rudra laughs. Gauri says I did what you wanted. Om pulls her cheeks and calls her cute. He says thanks for doing all this for me, but its inspiration. Om goes. Rudra says you are super cute and goes.

Bhavya says I have to keep this safe with me. Rudra comes and takes the packet, asking whats in it. She asks him to give it. He checks and says pendrive, you are a responsible cop and you watch pirated movies. She says it does not have pirated movies. He asks what’s in it then. She thinks to do something and smiles. She turns to him with a naughty smile. She says you want to know what’s in it. He says yes and gets back. She flirts with him. She says there is a big secret in it, kids don’t need to watch it. He says I m not a kid. She says you are not a kid. She touches him teasingly and says then I can show you what’s in it. He asks what other training did you take. She says you have made me helpless. She falls over him on the bed. He flirts.

He says this is wrong. She says don’t say anything, I don’t have time to waste. He says so you are wasting me, I m feeling used. She says kids don’t play with dangers. She gets away. He finds himself handcuffed and asks her to open it. She blindfolds him and says this is punishment as you don’t let me work. She goes. He calls out everyone. Shivaye laughs and says perspiration. They hear Rudra and come to his room. They laugh seeing Rudra. Rudra says Bhavya did this. Shivaye says your relation reached till here, I did not know you are like this. Om and Shivaye make fun of him. Shivaye says Dadi wants bahu to tie the family, but she did not mean tying such way. Om says if Pinky came, it would be Sanskar ki Oh my mata. Shivaye says if anyone else came then… and names. Om says what if Khanna came. Rudra says free me. Shivaye says sorry, we don’t interfere in anyone’s love life, Anika called me, Om says Gauri called me. They run. Rudra says are you my neighbor’s brothers, free me.

Its morning, Rudra asks Om to make sandwich. He asks him to do it well and apply jelly too. Om says you do it yourself. Rudra says I slept in hands up position all night. Om says don’t even think to ask me to feed you. Rudra says Shivaye would have fed me, brothers give life for each other, my brothers changed after marriage. Om asks what did we do, Bhavya did that. Rudra says you were having fun. Om says yes, why does this happen with you. Rudra says I don’t wait for inspiration like you. Om takes back the sandwich and says make your breakfast on own. Rudra says I m hungry. Om makes him say sorry and feeds the sandwich. He asks how did you get free of handcuffs. Rudra recalls asking Bhavya to free him.

Bhavya asks him to promise he won’t interfere in her work. Rudra promises. FB ends. Rudra says I told her I will call commissioner and complain about her, so she turned to a cat from inspector. Om asks really. Rudra says yes. Shivaye comes and asks Rudra when did you get free from jail. Om laughs. Rudra says very funny. Shivaye says I hope you learnt your lesson. Rudra recalls Bhavya saying the same to him. Rudra says now I will not lose and find out what she is hiding. FB ends. Rudra says I understand, but did you understand. Shivaye asks what do you mean.

Shwetlana asks Jhanvi did she not sleep all night. Jhanvi says everyone is asking me about Tej, how to say he is no more. Tej comes with the knife and threatens to kill her. Jhanvi screams and wakes up. She calls Shwetlana and says is Tej alive, he was not in grave. Shwetlana says how can this happen, you good people have this problem to not bear any burden of guilt, you would have seen him in Tej, you are afraid as you did murder for the first time, come to my home. Jhanvi says I got scared by a dream, how can Tej come back. She gets a call from Tej’s number.

Rudra says we are talking about Anika, you don’t know something which we should have told you. Om asks are you sure. Rudra says yes, we have to tell Shivaye. He says Shivaye knows Anika, you know she does anything, she is also unpredictable like you, you know she is bit crazy. Shivaye says you mean to say Anika is mad. Rudra says I did not say, you always say she is mad. Shivaye asks what do you want to proof. Rudra asks Om to say now. Om says Rudra is trying to say, Anika did not do that intentionally. Rudra signs from behind. Om says maybe there are some other reasons or helplessness. Shivaye says its her mistake, she is my wife and should know what to say and when, she spoke of breaking this house and separating us, she called you… I can’t forget it, I accept she did not say anything such before, she ruined everything on that one day, she was an ideal wife, bahu, sister and Bhabhi, I had much hopes from her, everything ended, she broke my trust such that I can’t trust her again, I was going to propose her, she ruined everything, she did not just break my trust, she broke my heart. He goes. Rudra talks like Anika and Gauri. Om asks what happened to you. Rudra says Bhabhis…., Shivaye’s heart broke. Om says one who broke heart can join it.

Anika calculates expenses. Shivaye comes and says one zero is less, atleast do it right from calculator. She checks and says one zero is less. He says Rudra says right, she is really mad. She asks what did you say. He writes the figure. She says fine, but what did you say. He says human’s basic nature never changes. She says right, if human’s nature changes, it has some big reason behind it, but you won’t understand. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing. He holds her and asks her to look up. He asks why are you crying. She says just like that. He says you meant to say something. She says I have to go and leaves.

Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to take medicine. Jhanvi says no, I m not ill. Shwetlana says calm down, what happened. Jhanvi says Tej’s call came on this phone, I can prove it. She calls back. Shwetlana says its your imagination, you are panicking, take this medicine, you will feel better. Jhanvi shows Tej’s incoming call. Shwetlana answers the call. She says hotel manager got the phone in lobby, your number was stored as wife, so he called you, relax.

Pinky comes to Shivaye and asks did you talk to Tej. He says no, he is out of town. She says I know what’s happening, he is roaming by work excuse. He asks on what basis are you saying this. She says I have two eyes and a heart eye too, I know what’s people doing and hiding. He asks and Anika, what is she hiding. She asks what do you mean, did she say anything. He asks what do you mean. She says I mean did she do something that made you feel she is hiding something. He says don’t know but are you hiding something from me. She says no, you are asking me. He says you said you know everything about people’s doings, how do I know why Anika did that, I did not see her like that before and after that day, why did she react in such a way, there would be something, what happened, are you hiding something. She recalls blackmailing Anika.

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