Game of Love 3 november 2020: Game of Love Tuesday update 3 November 2020, Shivaye says everyone were in hospital at the time of fire. Anika says how can this happen, that they were at two places. He says we have to find if these reports are true, that video is false, and if this video is true….. Shivaye tells everyone about some caller who told him about the fire incident in Kalyani mills. He says I have organized a memorial for the victims, that person will also come, I want you all to be present at that time. Some time before, Shivaye shows Kalyani mills fire incident FIR report to Anika. Pinky comes looking for him. Shivaye and Anika hide behind sofa.

Shivaye stops Anika and frees her hair from his watch. Music plays….. Pinky cleans the room. Anika thanks her. Pinky stops and says this was Anika’s voice, she would be outside. She goes. Anika says I can’t do this hiding. He asks do you plan to do openly. She asks is romance something to do openly. He says I was saying about discussing secret, someone said fruit of patience is sweet. He says this has everyone’s statement, everyone were in hospital at the time of fire, as Dadi was admitted for jaundice. Anika says how can this happen, that they were at two places. He says we have to find if these reports are true, that video is false, and if this video is true…. She says we will ask Dadi. He says I can’t ask her. She says don’t worry, I will ask her. She goes to Dadi and says my heart got bitter by fighting with Shivaye, I will have sugarcane juice.

Dadi says its good for health. Anika says I heard this is good for jaundice cure. Dadi says don’t care for Billu’s words, maybe he is helpless. Anika asks is Shivaye like this, or is this affect of any illness, did he get jaundice or typhoid. Dadi says no. Anika asks did you had it. Dadi says no, why will I, I never went to hospital. Shivaye hears them. He sees Tanya and asks where were you. She says I have to keep an eye on you, you don’t have to keep an eye on me. He asks her to come, he has something to talk. He thinks if Dadi didn’t had jaundice, it means my family gave wrong statement to police, I have to make them say truth, but how.

Bhavya meets Abhay and says I m meeting you for the first time, but you would be knowing me. Abhay says I m also meeting you for first time. She introduces herself and says you have framed me in fake bribe case, you kidnapped Kaka’s family and sent money by Kaka, don’t act now, I have traced that number, its yours. He says show me that number. He says its not my number, this number is on company name, maybe someone else called using this number, if anyone blamed you wrong, you can’t blame anyone for wrong. She says sorry. He says please have a seat. She says no thanks. He says I will be glad to help. She goes. He says its just a start, I have to make you pay for Rudra’s every tear. Om tries calling Gauri. Shivaye comes there and asks all fine.

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Om says yes, all is well. Shivaye says why don’t you look fine. Om says your life has many problems, but thank God you are with Anika, I was afraid your relation may break. Shivaye says when love is true, nothing can break relation, in fact it makes relation stronger. Om recalls Gauri. He says I have doubted on her, she used to go out and I thought she has an affair. Shivaye says you want to say that she used to go for English classes. Om says you know this. Shivaye says of course, I got her admission in coaching classes, she went in art exhibition on my saying, she was upset and thought she is not deserving of you. Om says why, I don’t care she knows english or not. Shivaye says we know this, not her, you didn’t give her wife’s status, how will she feel, you failed as a husband, did you make her feel special, no.

Om says you are right, I did many mistakes. Shivaye says mistakes can be rectified. Om asks how, she is not answering. Shivaye says go and find her, Oberois never quit, we are oberois, go and get your wife now. Om agrees. Shivaye hugs him. Om asks how to leave you alone, Rudra is not here. Shivaye says you would have heard of great wall of SSO. Om says I agree. Shivaye says Anika is with me, you are not going away, you will come back with your wife, you can do it. Om says I will get Gauri back.

Bhavya is on the way and thinks who can it be, who has so much enmity with me. People look at her. She reaches home. They throw her bags out of the house. Lady says you can’t stay here, society people said you have no right to stay here, see what’s written about you, thief, cheat, I have to listen all this nonsense. Bhavya says you can’t make me leave without notice. The man says you got suspended now, we will call police. They all ask Bhavya to leave. Bhavya cries and takes her bags. Her scooty doesn’t start. People laugh. She drags her bike and leaves. Abhay looks on and calls Rudra. He says Bhavya lost her job, house and ego, she will have no option than to stay with you, don’t thank me, you know I can do anything for my brothers. Om reads Gauri’s lovely words. He thinks of her. Om gets dressed up. He says I m coming to take you Gauri.

Tej says Shivaye called me here, what happened today that he called us together. Shivaye says not today, it happened 25 years ago, I got an anonymous call and that person told there is some secret related to Fire incident in Kalyani mills, so I called you all here to know the secret. He asks Tej what’s the secret. Tej says everyone knows about the fire. Shakti says there is no secret. Shivaye says no, that man said there is some secret, tell me if there is anything. Jhanvi says I think someone fooled you. Shivaye says I have organized a memorial for the victims, that person will also come, I want you all to be present at that time. He goes. Pinky asks what did he say. Shakti says it means the blackmailer reached Shivaye. Jhanvi says he will tell everything to Shivaye. Tej says if this happens, everything will be finished.

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Pinky says you made me get up at 4am. Dadi says its Karwachauth today. Pinky says I remember. Dadi jokes and asks her to become a good wife. She gives sargi to Pinky and Jhanvi. She says every suhaagan will keep fast. Tej asks for his sargi. Dadi gives sargi to Tej and Shakti. Anika likes the tradition that men also keep fast in their house. Dadi says your Dada ji made this tradition, even SRK kept fast in DDLJ seeing your Dada ji, its your first Karwachauth, it would be good if Gauri was here. Anika says I also miss her, she will come back when her mum gets fine. Tanya comes and asks where is my sargi. Dadi gives her sargi. Tanya goes. Anika asks for her sargi. Dadi says I don’t know what’s going on in between Shivaye and Tanya, but nothing wrong should happen here. Anika asks her to trust Shivaye, he won’t let wrong happen, she will keep fast. She takes her sargi and hugs Dadi.

Anika comes to bathroom, while Shivaye is dressing up. He covers up himself and asks how can she come without knocking. She asks are you shy. He says no, I m complaining, how can anyone like this. She says its my bathroom. He says but I m here. She says you are also mine. Music plays…. She says there was no signal light. Shivaye says I will fix light to sign I m in, wait outside. She holds his cheeks and asks why did your cheeks turn red. He says its anger.

She laughs. He asks are you time passing here. She says I didn’t know I affect such, see…. He asks what. She shows the wrong buttoning and rectifies it. O jaana….plays…… He looks at her. She says I was talking, did you not hear me. He says I heard, you said we didn’t fix AC here. She says it means you didn’t listen, you wasted my energy today, its Karwachauth. He says sorry, happy Karwachauth. She asks what. He says Merry Karwachauth. She says you know its our first karwachauth, women keep fast for husband. He says I know, mum and Jhanvi use to keep. She says you would know Tej and Shakti also keep fast. He says yes, but you can’t keep hungry. She says you feel so, I came to say I m not keeping fast, you also won’t keep right. He says yes, if Tej and Shakti keeps, it doesn’t mean I will also keep. Anika says fine then. Tanya knocks and calls him out.

Tanya says I have some work. Anika says I have to hide. Tanya asks who’s inside with you. Shivaye comes out. She asks who’s inside. He says I was talking on call, can’t I talk to any girl on phone, I don’t owe you an explanation. He stops her and asks are you going to check. She says my things…. She goes in. Shivaye says there is no one. She asks what’s this sound. He says I heard nothing. She says I think this sound came from bathtub. Anika is inside the bathtub. Tanya gets a call and goes.

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Anika gets up. Shivaye gets her out. He asks are you fine. He covers her and worries. She says I m fine, you got mad. He asks was it necessary to risk life. He says I was not in a sea, I did what I thought. He asks her not to risk her life, as his life is in her. She smiles and says aw…. He says we will leave, if Tanya comes again, it will be a problem.

Tanya asks why did you not answer. The guy asks her not to call. She says if you don’t meet me tonight, I will really forget we are on some mission. Shakti asks how will I know who is calling Shivaye. Pinky asks him to find out. Tej asks her not to say bad. Pinky blames him. Tej says everyone knows it. Jhanvi says they are coming, be quiet. Dadi asks what’s the talk. Tej says nothing. Shivaye asks any problem. Shakti says we didn’t had food, so we look tired. Shivaye says that person will come in memorial and everything will clear. Dadi asks what. Shivaye says business talk. Dadi says leave business today, its Karwachauth today, puja is there, right Anika. He asks Dadi why are you telling her, she won’t keep fast. Anika asks Dadi to leave it.

Tanya says I got this food, I have a fast, we all suhaagans kept fast, why should Anika stay hungry. Shivaye says Anika have food. Anika asks him not to worry for her. Dadi asks what’s happening. He says nothing. Anika says there is no fasting. Tanya asks her to have something. Anika asks does anyone eat plain paratha, I will get pickle. She goes. Dadi asks Shivaye will he have anything. He says I didn’t keep fast. He takes food and says I will have this in my room, I have an imp call. Anika hides the food. Shivaye gives servant to eat and feeds paratha.

Gauri comes home. Her mum hugs her and asks how did she come soon. Gauri recalls Om’s words and says I had to come, Om scolded me that I left ill mum and sent me here. Her mum says you will be needed in Sasural, I m afraid they can get angry. Gauri says no, they are good people, Om understands me well. Her mum says don’t know what diamonds I donated that I got a good son in law. Gauri says yes, its last birth’s deeds that I got a husband like Om. Her mum says your friend Richa’s marriage is fixed, help her, get ready now.


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