Game of Love 2 november 2020: Game of Love Monday update 2 November 2020, Anika comes to Shivaye’s room and argues with him. Gauri tears the card and says from today, my shadow won’t fall on you. Om looks at her. Some time before, Shivaye asks Anika where is he taking her. She asks him to listen, if they don’t talk, things will complicate, what’s the matter, why are you doing this, tell me, you went on wedding night and came with Tanya after 15 days, you are acting of not knowing me. He says I can’t say. She asks why. He says I don’t want to put you in danger. She says I know you are the great wall of SSO, it doesn’t mean you will do everything alone. He says stop it, don’t argue for everything. He gets leaving and stops hearing her. She says vow no. 1, whoever spoils things, we will together make it fine, vow no. 2 if I have a share in your happiness, I have right in your problems too, vow no. 3, our relation and love are equal, it doesn’t mean we compete, we faced problems together and so we have won always, because one and one is eleven, I love you Shivaye, please share the problem with me.

Shivaye says why don’t you agree to me. She says I will agree to everything, just tell me the problem once. He agrees and takes her. Khanna keeps Shivaye’s lifesize pic and goes. Tanya says where did Shivaye go. She sees the pic and says thank God he is here. She goes to washroom.

Shivaye says I was shown this video and blackmailed on our wedding night. She asks what’s in this video. He shows and says its Kalyani mills video, its 25 years old. Tej says we all were here at the time fire caught up. Shivaye says according to official records, none from family was here. Pinky says it was good, enquiry guy was Shakti’s friend, he told him and got that written. Shivaye says I also believed this, but see this video, Tej is entering the mill. Tej says I agree I came here, I was called here for technical work, ask Shakti why did he come. Shivaye says dad’s here. Shakti says I came here for you, I was afraid you could do anything wrong as you told in meeting that you will burn the factory. Tej says fine, you didn’t trust me and came, why did Pinky come. Shivaye says mom was also there. They see video.

Pinky says because I had to talk to Shakti, I learnt he is here. Shakti says Jhanvi also came here. Shivaye says even Jhanvi was there. Jhanvi says Tej knows why I came there. Anika says it means they all were there. Shivaye shows video of Shakti, Tej, Pinky and Jhanvi running out of the mill when people started screaming seeing fire. Shivaye says fire caught up, this doesn’t prove they are responsible for fire or not, this industrial disaster was the biggest one, this Oberoi empire is built by the insurance money, I also felt my family is not involved, but this video is saying something else. Anika says by this video leaking fear, you had to agree to Tanya. He says I was just trying to save my family. She says she blackmailed me, I will not leave her. He says calm down, someone else is the mastermind, who knows our family’s big secret.

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Tanya says strange, Shivaye is still standing there. She gets a call and talks to someone. She says everyone is under control, Oberois will be destroyed. Gauri asks Om to stop. She shouts I said stop…. Om turns to her. She says you said what you wanted to, you can’t go without hearing me out, its my turn, and you will have to listen. She cries and says in English….. I m a simple small town girl, I love my mother, I have been taking care of my mum, I have faced a lot of problems in my life, I felt as if my Shankar ji has sent you for me. He looks at her. She says because you saved me from Kaali, and then you married me, I fell in love with you, I wanted you to take pride in calling me your wife, I wanted you to love me, the way I love you…. Saathiya……plays….. Om gets shocked.

Om asks when did you learn English. She says I have learnt, for you, I thought to say my feelings in English, but I have realized today that I thought so wrong, I fell in love with a wrong person, you have hurt me a lot before, but today the wound you gave to my self esteem, it will never heal. People bring Lord idol there.

Shivaye says the world will know my family was there, it will affect business too. Anika says I think you are thinking much, I agree they were there, but it could be someone else who ignited fire, or fire caught up on own. He says the blackmailer knows media will ruin Oberoi family respect. She says fine then we will find truth from Tanya. He says its not easy, I tried to ask her, she didn’t say anything, maybe she doesn’t know, she is planted to keep an eye on me. She says I know its troubling you that our family members can be behind that accident, I m sure they can’t do this. He says I hope so, but facts are saying something else. She says you want time. He says I want to get rid of Tanya too. She says don’t worry, if we make her sure that we are not together, then… He says problem solved, everyone calls me great wall of SSO, but you are my foundation, sorry, I promised your life will just have happiness, I couldn’t keep my promise. She says I m very happy that you are with me. He says no problem can break me when you are with me. O jaana….plays…. She says its true, I think you should accept your wife is khidki tod. He says yes, okay I m in stress.

Gauri says your head bowed down in art exhibition because of me, I decided to learn English, I joined English classes on Shivaye’s saying, I used to hide and go for classes, so that I could give you a surprise, I wanted to confess love on Shivaye and Anika’s marriage day, my fate is bad, mum got unwell, I had to go Bareilly, I didn’t wish to trouble anyone, I know you will not believe me, I will show, see this ticket, my books, my ID card, see this, you were talking about Arjun, he is my English teacher, my Guru. He says I felt…. She says you can’t be right always, you never understood me, trust was never there between us, you have raised finger at my character, I have forgiven you thinking you will trust me some day, but I was wrong, the person whose thinking is wrong, his sense can’t be right, our marriage would have happened in any situation, if you didn’t give me wife’s status, I have tried to do wife and bahu’s duty, I have worshipped you and never asked love in return, I hoped you will trust me, but I was wrong, I always wanted your happiness, if your happiness is in breaking this marriage, then be it, I free you from every relation, from today, my shadow won’t fall on you. She shows the card and tears it. She throws the card pieces over. Om looks at her. She leaves. Saathiya……plays….. Om cries and picks the card pieces. He reads Dear Omkara ji, I love you, your wife, Gauri….

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Tej says strange, he called us there and didn’t come. Shakti says maybe he wanted to remind us. Tej says we shouldn’t fight. Shakti says we should trust each other. Jhanvi and Pinky argue. Tej says we just decided, we will not fight. Shakti asks Pinky to calm down. Pinky says I m already calm. Tej asks won’t you cooperate. She says why not, I know the consequences. Tej says Shivaye, Rudra and Om shouldn’t know this, if we get a message, we will tell each other. They disperse.

Its morning, Tanya asks Shivaye where was he all night. He says I slept outside, I presented you as a wife, don’t expect anything more. She says I understand. Anika comes in room and argues with Shivaye. He says wow, you are packing, it means you are leaving. She asks why will I leave my house, your hard disk crashed, you don’t regard me your wife, but everyone regards me bahu, Sasural is home for a bahu. She asks him to stay two feet away. He says I didn’t hear this rule, I will get freedom from you. She says stay away. He asks her to maintain distance and stop being overdramatic. Anika asks Tanya to help her in packing. They do drama. He says I can’t bear her and her things, I hate it. Anika asks Tanya to get her things from bathroom. Tanya goes.

Anika asks how did you like my acting. He says khidki tok. She asks him to continue acting. She holds him close. They shout and act to argue. He takes her aside and romances. She runs. Tanya gets the things. Anika thanks her and leaves with her bags. Pinky looks on and smiles. She says Anika went out of Shivaye’s heart and room, she has to leave from house too. Shivaye asks happy now, tell me who is giving you these directions. Tanya says you will know it on right time.

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Kaka sees Bhavya and says you…. She asks why did you do this, I got your shop back and you snatched my job. He asks her to leave and tries to run. She asks him to say. He says I was helpless to do this. She asks who made you do this. He says I got a threatening call, the person told if I didn’t do this, my family will be in trouble. She says who can it be. Abhay looks at her and says you broke Rudra’s heart. He recalls Rudra’s words asking for his help. Abhay says I have done it, I know I did wrong, but I can do anything for my brothers. Om comes to institute and says I just hope Gauri is here, I have to apologize.

He hears the lady saying its Gauri mam’s call for Arjun. Om takes the call and apologizes, asking where is she. Arjun says that call is for me. He talks to Gauri. Om looks on. He asks are you Arjun, Gauri…. Arjun says so you are Omkara, Gauri’s husband, she is a bright student, she has learnt English soon, just to surprise you, I hope you gave a surprise. Om recalls Gauri’s words and asks about Gauri. Arjun says this Gauri, there is some confusion, she is my fiancee, her name is also Gauri. Om asks where is Gauri. Arjun says I don’t know. Om leaves.

Tanya talks to someone and says I came out to talk to you. The guy says I told you to keep an eye on Shivaye, how can you be so careless. She says I m doing this as I love you, don’t make me feel I did mistake by loving you. He apologizes and says you know how much I tolerated because of Oberois. She says I know, so I m supporting you, our plan is working perfectly, Shivaye and Anika don’t want to see each other’s face. He says great, they are each other’s strength, we had to separate them.

Abhay calls Kaka and says you will get your reward. Kaka asks him to send his family safely. Abhay says don’t worry, they will reach. Bhavya hears the conversation and thinks how she has fixed tracker to Kaka’s phone. She says he was saying true, who is blackmailing him. She tracks the number and says I have to get details of this number. Om thinks of Gauri. A sadhu comes. Om asks what are you seeing like this. Sadhu says I m seeing your fate, you have lost a precious gem, love wave can erase any old mistake, you have to rectify, when Maa Parvati got annoyed and went to Kailash, Bhole Baba knew she will never meet him, he took disguise and went to convince her, everyone has to do Leela in love. Om thinks of Gauri and calls her.



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