GAME OF LOVE 29th SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Pinky gives clothes and jewelry to Anika from Shivaye’s side. Shivaye says there would be some reason, I want to know that Gauri. Pinky asks maid to make Anika ready.

Shivaye sees the ring sadly. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye’s name in her hand and cries. Shivaye comes and sees her. He recalls Anika’s words. He thinks Anika was right about Ragini, if I go in front of her now, she will say something, but I have to talk to her. Phone drops. He sits to look for it. Anika turns and sees him. She says so you got on your knees. He says in your dreams, I was finding this phone. She asks will your ego get hurt if you accept mistake. He asks do you accept your mistake. She asks about Ragini. He says I accept it was my mistake, you told me. They argue.

Shivaye says our relation came to this point that you have to hide my name in your hands, and you are saying its not your mistake. Anika looks at him. He holds her hand and reminds her words during their mehendi, that she won’t get his name written, he told her that she can get anyone’s name written, the fact is …she is his wife, but he can’t say this today, even if she has his name in her hand, she is going to become someone else’s wife. He leaves her hand and turns to go. She says Shivaye, I accept my decision was wrong, I had no right to take decision of our lives alone, it my my mistake, but we both are bearing it, till when will we stretch this, till when will we blame each other and taunt, we fought for each other and started fighting, but this won’t go on always, we have to take a decision, if we can’t move ahead, we have to move back, if you can’t, then give me a sign, its my marriage tomorrow, we just have today’s night, if you want to give another chance to our relation, tell me till 11, just keep our ring near the pool, I will understand what you mean to say. O jaana…..plays…..


Anika says I m scared to lose Shivaye, maybe I lost him, so he is not doing anything, you know Gauri, there was a time, when I felt michmichi by the name of love, I never thought I will love someone and then Shivaye came in my love, he has filled my life with happiness, everything was going right, I never knew when he will become reason of my life, my two rs fate spoiled things, then I had to go away from Shivaye, I know it was my mistake, so I came back to rectify it, I thought I will make everything fine, I didn’t know when everything went wrong, we got away. She cries. Gauri says don’t you think you should tell truth to Shivaye. Anika says if I could say, matter would have not reached here, now I can have just one hope, that he leaves his adamancy and stops this marriage. Gauri says we all want this.

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Anika and Shivaye stand at the window and see the moon. Tumko bhi hai khabar……plays…..They recall each other. Shivaye holds the ring. Anika cries seeing her mangalsutra. They get sad.

Its morning, Rudra sees Bhavya. He can’t get eyes off her. Music plays…..Bhavya shows the gun. Rudra smiles and says nice gun. She says yes, nice gun, were you staring at me. He says I don’t get a chance outside. She asks what. He says joking, I was thinking where will you hide this gun in this dress. She keeps the gun and says here, will you stop staring at me now. He says why will I stare at you. He asks what’s your police badge doing here. He says give it to me. The badge falls outside the window. She asks what did you do, you made my police badge fall outside, it has my pic. He says chill, its good, you can make it profile pic. She says I m undercover here, if anyone identifies me then…

Anika sits sad holding her mangalsutra. Pinky gets things. Anika asks what’s this. Pinky gives clothes and jewelry to Anika from Shivaye’s side. She praises Shivaye and asks Anika to get ready fast, he asked you to leave for wedding venue. Anika asks did Shivaye send this. Pinky says yes, he gave it to me and I got it, you should congratulate me, you challenged me, Shivaye will make you wife and get you here, but he is doing your bidaai as someone’s wife, I have won this challenge, get ready now. She goes out and sees Om.

Om asks why did you lie to Anika that Shivaye has sent the clothes. Pinky says Anika is not your Bhabhi, Shivaye took her marriage responsibility, so I got her clothes so that she gets out of Shivaye’s life. She goes. Om sees Anika and goes. Anika sees the time, 10am, and says what happened, why are you not stopping me, I m sure you will not let me go from your life, don’t let my trust break.

Gauri comes to Shivaye and says you regard me younger sister, will you listen to me, stop all this, Anika and you are not happy, you are just seeing her one mistake, its not bigger than relation. He says she broke my heart, who has taught my heart to beat, I m doing this by my fear, but any Tadi, I m scared because there will be some reason, Anika took a big reason, that reason is still there, right, maybe that situation comes again in our life, I want to end this fear and reason, I want to know the truth. Gauri says you are right and Anika is also right, but even if person is right, one mistake is enough to make everything wrong, just be happy, I have lost, I m very scared. She hugs him and cries. He consoles her. She asks do you think everything will get fine. He says I will make everything fine but…..

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Rudra and Bhavya look for badge. Rudra says I think that lady is going to burn it. She says stop her. They argue. Lady burns the things. They run to stop her. They see the junk in fire. Bhavya says my police badge got burnt because of you. He says I have just thrown it out, this aunty burnt it. She says atleast no one got it. Someone sees the badge.

Pinky asks Anika did you not get money, its just 20mins to 11. She asks maid to make Anika ready in 20mins. She goes. Shivaye sees the time. He sees the ring and recalls Anika’s words. Sultan eats good. Bhavya keeps an eye on Sultan. She sees his hand. She thinks its not that hand, it means he is not Sultan. Rudra says he is such a hungry man.

Jhanvi asks Tej to stop. Tej says stop it, I will handle it, you want us to go back to bungalow, so that police arrests us. She asks what did I do, you have killed Naren. He gets shocked and asks are you out of your mind, why will I murder him, I was thinking maybe you killed Naren. She asks why will I kill him. He asks why will I do it. She says maybe you were trying to stop him, you went out. He says I told you I went to check doors and windows, I got oil on hand and washed my hands, your nightie had blood, your finger was cut, did you murder Naren in anger. She says you know me since many years, how can you think so. He says if we both didn’t murder him, who did this.

Bhavya thinks to find who is this man, why did he come here as Sultan. She gets scared by Rudra. He says I was missing you, you could have told me before coming here. He jokes. She says be serious, I noticed something strange, when Sultan ordered food, he signed three. He says what’s strange. She asks do you remember Sultan’s video. He recalls and says you mean this is not Sultan. She says we have to find out. He asks what are we doing here. Sultan says there is an undercover cop here. Bajrangi asks who. Sultan gives Bhavya’s badge. Bajrangi says Lachi, she is police officer. Sultan says yes find her. Bajrangi says matter can get worse, it will be big loss. Sultan says fine, keep an eye on her till marriages happen, prepone marriage date. Rudra says they were talking about marriage, it means prepone. Bajrangi says I will get arrangements done. Someone says stop, if Bajrangi did work well, Bhavya would have not done this. Sultan agrees with her. The lady behind Sultan, shoots Bajrangi. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked and leave.

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Tej and Jhanvi see police coming and sit in the car. The police car passes. Jhanvi says they have seen us. Tej says don’t panic, thank God they are gone. Inspector comes to them. Tej says I will manage. Inspector asks did car break down. Tej says no, wee stopped to have some rest break. He drives ahead and says its checkpost ahead, don’t worry. Jhanvi asks did they get Naren’s murder news. Tej says just relax. Inspector asks from where are you coming. Tej says we went for a drive, what happened. Inspector says a murder happened in a bungalow that way, we have info that murderers are two persons. Tej says so sorry, we just went for drive. Inspector asks them to be careful. Jhanvi says we should have informed police. Tej asks her to stop it. The car breaks down. Tej says flat tyre and gets frustrated. Jhanvi asks what will we do now. Tej says I will check for help in that bungalow, stay here.

Dhansuk says Bhavya said we have to take girls away, rasams should happen so that none doubts. Rudra agrees and asks with whom will rasams happen. Dhansuk says three guys will become girls. Rudra says very smart, it means some guy will sit with me, I won’t marry a guy. Bhavya comes and says don’t worry, I will sit with you in mandap. Rudra looks at her. Dhansuk leaves with girls. Rudra asks what now. Bhavya says now marriage, you look happy. He says I m getting married. She says its fake marriage, we are just buying time. He asks for what. She says so that police reaches fast here.




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