GAME OF LOVE 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE MONDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Pinky says see its so lovely S, S for…. Shivaye says Siddharth, come in…. They all get shocked seeing Siddharth.

Pinky says you know what this guy did with Ragini, he is dangerous. Shivaye says no, dangerous is one who is with us, right Ragini.

Some time before, Vikram comes to Anika and says Gauri said you want to talk to me. She says yes, I wanted to apologize. He asks why. She says you would have not seen much drama like this, you would have not thought this will stretch so much, you really helped me, I want to thank you from heart, I feel bad that you have to get trapped in this. He asks do you want to apologize, I think you told me sorry many times. She say I know, this drama will not stretch till marriage. He worries and says if I say, I don’t want this marriage to end, and if I say I really want to marry you, then…. She gets shocked and asks what. He laughs and says just kidding I m really sorry, your expression was priceless. She says leave all this, I had to return this, don’t know how I got your ring. He asks why are you giving it to me. She says its not mine, I have no right on it. He asks why. She says we are not engaged, its just Shivaye in my heart and life, I will just wear his ring. He says why do you always explain me, I know that, give it. He takes the ring. She looks at him and goes.

Shivaye sees Anika. She says Pinky said we have to go downstairs in 15mins, mehendi will start again. He says yes. She asks all these functions necessary. He says say it if you don’t want these. She asks is it necessary to say. He says I think you are getting second thoughts, say truth, I will stop this. She says I m not getting any thoughts, maybe you are getting. He says no, I m fine. She says I m also fine. He says then we will let this happen. She says sure. He says sure and holds her face. Music plays……He says your hair were going in your eyes. She says Shivaye…. Pinky shouts Shivaye, come, Ragini is ready. He says excuse me, my fiancee is ready. He goes.

Bhavya says I told you not to come after me, you never listen. Rudra asks her to save him. She says relax, don’t panic. Rudra asks Sultan to be quiet. Bhavya says I will lift his hand, you leave quickly. She lifts Sultan’s hand. Rudra gets free. They hide under the bed. Rudra says I m scared, can I hug you. She asks why. He says I m stressed, my brothers are not here to hug. She smiles. He says you are laughing, we are under death. She says its said ….in death’s mouth, or death is standing over our head. He says death is sleeping over our head. She says fine, you can hug me as you are stressed. He holds her. They have an eyelock. They hear Sultan’s snores. She says we shall leave fast. They leave.

Anika comes downstairs. Pinky says be careful, first time abshagun happened. Anika talks to Gauri. Gauri says Shivaye will do whatever he has to, he was so angry. He will stop this function, don’t worry. Anika says I wish your words get true, I can’t get anyone’s name in my hand. Ragini comes. Shivaye compliments her. She thanks him. He holds her hand. He says mom this time my would be wife will get mehendi applied first. Anika says see, he looks so happy with Ragini, Gauri I don’t think he will do anything now. Gauri asks how can this happen. Om says he got mad. Dadi says I had many hopes, Billu broke my pride. Shivaye says lets start rasam. Pinky asks why are you so anxious, Ragini sit. Shivaye asks Anika to sit as well. He asks why is he so silent, its my mehendi, let’s have some music. Pinky asks the girl to write S for Shivaye.

Shivaye says I will apply mehendi by my hands. Pinky says I didn’t know my son is so romantic. Ragini gives her hand. Shivaye writes S. Anika looks on. Kaisi teri khudgarzi…….plays……. Shivaye looks at her. Girl asks Anika whose name to write in your hand. Anika says Shivaye. Pinky says see its so lovely S, S for…. Shivaye says Siddharth, come in…. Siddharth walks in. They all get shocked seeing Siddharth. Pinky says you know what this guy did with Ragini, he is dangerous.

Shivaye says no, dangerous is one who is with us, right Ragini, are you not happy seeing Siddharth, he was your fiance, you should be happy, I m just exposing what Ragini did, I met Ragini when she came in front of my car, I thought it was an accident, I was going through a bad phase, she became my good friend, slowly she started telling me about fiance Siddharth, she said about her tormented relationship, I told her to complain in police, but she didn’t do that, Anika came back in our lives, don’t know how, she knew this and warned me against Ragini, I didn’t agree to her, I felt Ragini is victim, she has to deal with so much, Anika told me many times, I didn’t believe, then I realized Anika was right, then I called Bhavya. FB shows Bhavya telling him that Ragini is doing all this, after that coffee shop incident, we have cloned her phone, all threatening phone numbers were registered on her name, Siddharth settled in US two years ago. He says that means…. She says yes….. He angrily throws his phone. FB ends.

Shivaye says this basically means Siddharth didn’t attack Ragini, she herself planned attacks, engagement breaking, threatening and abuse, that coffee shop accident and when she got hurt in our house, she did this, I decided to track Siddharth and got to know he is not in India, wonderful, he was in US and when I called him, Siddharth was visiting. He thanks Siddharth for coming and asks him to say remaining story. Siddharth says I met Ragini three years ago, when I was getting married, her obsession started, she broke my marriage by fake calls and letters, I got to know she broke two more marriages, I went to US to get rid of her, when I got Shivaye’s call, I got to know he is her latest target, so I came to help him, she was kept in mental asylum for some months, she is a psycho. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye says Samar told this to me, you used your brother also, he helped you being worried for you, he was sounding guilty on phone, I can send you jail for this, but its no use, you need medical help, just go. Ragini says I know I did mistakes, but I changed, you are different, I told you that you are special, I love you, I want to marry you and become Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says you don’t love anyone, not even yourself, do you know meaning of love, getting someone by force is not love, love means becoming of someone. She says I really love you. He says just leave, I m really done with this. Ragini sees Pinky. Pinky turns away. Ragini signs Vikram. He also turns. She thinks why is he not understanding my sign, if my game is over, his game is also over, what game is he playing. Shivaye and Gauri ask her to leave. Ragini leaves. Pinky says its good we got saved.

Dadi says first Tia and Ragini, you got cheated twice while getting big house bahu, accept your bahu heartily. Pinky says Shivaye gave divorce to Anika, she is not his wife, she is not my bahu, she is becoming Vikram’s wife, her mehendi and marriage with Vikram will happen. Gauri says Anika has Shivaye’s name mehendi in her hand. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Pinky asks who wrote name in her hand. She scolds Anika. She says you want to trap my son again, but I won’t let you trap him. Anika goes. Dadi asks Pinky to think before talking. Pinky says its about my son’s life, you will always curse me. Dadi says you will always curse Anika. Pinky says sorry Vikram, this girl will never change, she is mad. Shivaye says stop it mom, the function is over. He goes.

Rudra asks what’s happening. Dhansuk says its village tradition, groom and bride are made to play game to know each other, you can also play. Rudra agrees. Bhavya says game is for real couples. Rudra says then we should play, so that people don’t doubt on us, we will enjoy, come. He says game is simple, we have to count rotis and win. Dhansuk says no, you have to eat rotis, one who finishes first will win. Rudra says what will happen of my diet. Bhavya asks him to play. Dhansuk says rotis are spicy. Rudra says not more than her, I can handle. Bhavya asks him to taste roti once. Rudra jokes. The game begins. All couples eat roti. Rudra eats roti. Bhavya asks water? Dhansuk asks how is it, we added most spicy chilli in it. Rudra asks Bhavya to start. She asks are you sure you want to play. He says Oberois never quit. Bhavya finishes all rotis and smiles. He sees her empty plate. She says my training was in Rajasthan too, I had much spicy food, this is nothing. Dhansuk says she has won this time. Rudra says who can make her lose in eating game, tell me next game. Dhansuk says clothes. Rudra says simple, it would be dressing up. Dhansuk says no. Bhavya says what’s the need. Rudra says I have to play.

Dhansuk explains game and asks them to see each other. He says I will tie you, competition will be between couples. He ties all couples by dupattas. He says you all have to do Shringhaar of would be bride by these jewelry, then open the chunri and run there lifting her in arms. Bhavya asks happy. Rudra says super happy. The game begins. Rudra adorns Bhavya. She asks him to hurry up, else they will lose.

Rudra lifts her in arms and runs. They win. The man tells Bajrangi that Lachi and Bhuvan have won, what to do now. She sees Sultan coming and asks Rudra to hide somewhere. Sultan comes there. He stares at them. He gives money to Bhavya and congratulates her for winning. Sultan goes. Rudra says he didn’t identify you. She says how can this happen, he knows me. He says don’t take it on heart if he didn’t identify you. She says how can he just let us go. She thinks something is wrong.

Rudra says you are simply worried, how can he identify you, I understood, he lost memory in accident, I have seen this in daily soaps, or maybe he is acting so that we don’t get alert. She says if he did acting, his eyes would have anger, there was nothing. He says its good he didn’t identify us, else there would be garlands on our pics, I have no good pic, I have body and pout pics, but garlands won’t suit it. She says come on, its serious matter. He says so is it imp that we get serious. She says something is strange, we have to find out. He agrees with her.



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