GAME OF LOVE 25 SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE FRIDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Anika asks did you say anything. Shivaye says no, did you say anything. She says no.

Shivaye sees Ragini disconnecting call and thinks why did she end call seeing me. He checks and says honeymoon package, she knows marriage won’t happen, is she mad, it means Anika did all that…. Some time before, Shivaye holds the ring and gets sad thinking about Ragini’s words. Ragini comes there and says thank you so much, you surprised me, I don’t know how to react, you made my life, seriously, marriage in two days, it feels like a dream. Shivaye says I owe you an apology, I didn’t mean that, I was just a reaction in anger, that Anika… She gets shocked and says Anika… He says its my mistake, I did wrong with you, I m sorry, you know there can’t be anything in between us, I had to provoke Anika, you know Anika, sorry Ragini, Anika and I are such. She says I understand. He says thanks, sorry I involved you in my personal life again. She says no problem.

He asks will you do me a favor. She says sure, what can be better, I m ready to help. He asks will you act as my fiancee in front of Anika, I want to show Anika that we are really getting married. She says come on Shivaye, you are my friend, order me, don’t request, I will help you. He says that’s so sweet of you, thanks and hugs her. She goes. She slaps herself in anger and shouts fool….. She cries and throws anger around. Vikram says sorry for that. She says you heard everything. He says yes, you would be feeling bad, I can understand, you are mad after Shivaye, he feels nothing for you, that’s really sad, he wants you to act as his fiancee, that’s unfair. She says I don’t need your sympathy, keep it to yourself, Shivaye will marry me, I will turn this drama into reality, none can stop me from becoming Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, not even Shivaye.

Its morning, Om and Gauri hear dhol sound and go out to see. Gauri says why all these decorations. Pinky says for mehendi. Gauri asks mehendi today? Pinky says yes, did Shivaye not tell you, he is marrying Ragini in two days, he never gives me time to do arrangements, go and get ready, I called Ragini here, I have sent her mehendi dress. Shakti and Dadi come. Shakti asks what’s happening. Pinky says congrats, its mehendi arrangements, Shivaye and Anika’s mehendi is happening. Dadi says thank God, they got sense, they will marry and unite. Pinky says no, they are marrying separately with Vikram and Ragini. She goes to check lights. Gauri says everything will be fine. Dadi says I don’t think so. Shakti says Shivaye has gone mad, what’s the need to drag this drama, he made marriage a joke.

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Gauri says he is doing this as he loves Anika a lot, they will unite, don’t worry, we have to try that they marry each other. Om goes to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what do you want to say. Om says you are wrong, matter reaches mehendi, you should end this. Shivaye says I was cancelling marriage but…. He recalls Ragini’s words and says if Anika is stubborn, I m not less stubborn, this will stop when she tells me truth. Om says fine, but why this new angle, marriage with Ragini, its not a joke. Shivaye asks will you give lecture on marriage, you are confused about marriage, you are explaining me the meaning.

Om says yes, Gauri and I couldn’t understand each other and our relation, but you know what, I understand one thing well, you and Anika are still perfect for each other, you guys can’t live without each other, stop it, don’t push Anika so much that she gets away, this time if you guys get away, you can never get back, I m sure you don’t want to lose Anika. Shivaye says I agree, but till I know entire truth, why our relation broke, this relation can’t form again, she is not ready to say truth. Om says she would have said if she could. Shivaye says then you tell me, I will stop all this. Om recalls promising Anika. Shivaye says I got your answer, with no other option, then stand and watch this. Om asks can you do this. Shivaye says even Anika thinks so, this time she will back off and tell me entire truth. Om recalls the truth and says she won’t move back. Shivaye says then why shall I back out. He leaves.

Anika walks downstairs and stops seeing Shivaye. Shivaye too walks there. Anika asks did you say anything. Shivaye says no, did you say anything. She says no. They walk down. He says you look great, I mean you look ready for mehendi. She says Gauri made me ready, even you look good. He says thanks. They walk few steps down. He says marriage is in two days. She says yes, marriage is in two days. They come downstairs and try to talk. Pinky calls him out to come fast, Ragini is waiting. Shivaye signs Anika to go. He looks on.

Anika sits for mehendi. Shivaye looks on. Pinky says mehendi girl will come, I told her to write Vikram’s name in Anika’s hand and Shivaye’s name in Ragini’s hand such a way that the night passes in finding the name, nice joke right. She pats Vikram. Shivaye recalls old moment. Om asks Gauri what happened. She says nothing, why does this happen that people made for each other have to go through a lot to unite, lovers always unite, Lord always has a better plan, I m sure Lord will not let them get separated. The mehendi girl comes. Pinky asks her to apply mehendi to her bahu first, apply to Ragini first. Ragini says its okay, Anika should get mehendi applied first, she will feel awkward to do rasam in front of her ex husband, let her finish then I can do this. Dadi says if you worried for this, you would have not got Shivaye’s mehendi sitting beside her.

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Pinky asks Dadi not to taunt Ragini. Gauri collides with the girl and makes mehendi fall down. They all get shocked seeing mehendi fallen on Ragini’s face. The girl gets away. Ragini asks what the hell. Gauri says sorry. Ragini asks can’t you see and walk. Gauri says I did mistake, anyone can do mistake, you also did when I was applying makeup to Anika. Anika and Om smile. Ragini thinks I know you did this intentionally, I wish to…. Gauri thinks I know what you wish to do, just say or do something, then I will slap you to the wall. Pinky asks Ragin to go and clean face, Anika will get mehendi applied till then. The girl says I have to mix mehendi again. Gauri says its fine, take your time. Pinky says I m in hurry, go and mix it fast. Anika sees Shivaye. Ragini stares at Gauri. Gauri shows attitude and goes. Om says there is still time, stop this madness.

Gauri says my plan worked, rasam got postponed, I will inform Rudra. Anika comes and says you did that intentionally. Gauri asks what else could I do. Anika says if Shivaye had problem, he would have done something, he was silently watching. Gauri says no, he was breaking within, he couldn’t do anything. Anika says he should do something, but you guys are trying, the way he is standing and seeing mehendi silently, marriage will happen. Gauri asks don’t you trust your love. Anika says I trust so I came far doing this drama. Gauri says poor Ragini, but it should have been cow dung instead mehendi. Anika asks her not too laugh. Gauri says Sanskari bahus…. They laugh. Om comes. Anika sees him and goes. Om asks Gauri why did she do this, can she change anyone’s decision. Gauri says I can try to make things right, I m trying to help them. He says you maybe feeling bad, we can’t do anything, just Shivaye and Anika can change this situation as they have to keep the relation. Gauri says relation is kept when two people want to, one sided relation is never kept. Saathiya…..plays…..Gauri says Shivaye and Anika’s relation is not one sided, they love each other, I m just showing them the way. She goes.

Ragini checks places for honeymoon. She calls someone and books honeymoon package by Mrs. Ragini Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s name. She sees Shivaye coming and ends call. She hides the tab. He thinks why did she end call seeing me. He asks what are you doing here in my room. She says I love your room, I love your bed, I was just kidding, Pinky said I can use your room, I hope you don’t mind. He says that’s fine, I came to help if you are doing okay, sorry you had to bear all this because of me, mehendi function… She says these rasams are nothing, I can do anything for you. He asks why, we are just friends. She says no, we are more than friends, you are my special friend. He says that’s really sweet of you, I assure you this won’t happen for long, marriage won’t happen, I will end drama today. She asks today? He says ya today, mom was calling you, you should go and see her. She goes. He gets the tab and checks. He says honeymoon package, she knows marriage won’t happen, is she mad. He recalls Anika’s words about Ragini and says it means Anika …….

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Rudra and Bhavya see Sultan. She signs Rudra. Bajrangi welcomes Sultan. He asks the girls to greet and take Sultan’s blessings. Girls take blessings. Sultan gives them gifts. The man asks about fourth bride. Bajrangi calls out Lachi to come and take blessings. Bhavya goes to Sultan and stares. Chini says my Lachi is shy. Sultan holds her hand and gives her the gift. Chini takes her.

Jhanvi cries and says I think we should inform police. Tej asks are you mad, we are prime suspects. He goes out and says its stormy outside, its a chance to dump the body. She gets shocked seeing a lady at the door. Rudra asks Bhavya what were you doing. She asks would I take Sultan’s blessings, I have hidden my face, and controlled my anger, you held Bajrangi’s hand, you got saved when Sultan came, its good none saw us. He says its miracle. She recalls her parents’ death and says its same man, I forgot my mission and duty and couldn’t control my anger, this won’t happen again, I have to strong, I have to find about Sultan’s men and weapons, this time he shouldn’t get saved. She goes. He says what type of girl is she, anyways she is cute.

Tej stops Jhanvi. The lady turns out to be blind and calls out Naren. She goes to basement and holds Naren. She checks him and gets hand on knife. She shouts. Tej leaves with Jhanvi. Bhavya sees Rudra sleeping. She goes and sees Sultan sleeping. She thinks there is just one guard here, his trunk may have weapons, I have to check it.

She hides and tries to check. Rudra comes and asks her to come, don’t worry, its me. She asks are you mad, what are you doing here. She says I m a cop, I m doing my duty, go, I will check box and come. He says I won’t go. She says why, I have to work. He refuses. She pushes him. He falls on Sultan’s bed. Sultan keeps his hand on Rudra. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked.



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