GAME OF LOVE 23 SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE WEDNESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Anika says no, we have to finish everything soon. Om hears her. Shivaye says no, we have to finish everything today.

Gauri hears him and worries. Ragini swaps a ring and smiles seeing Anika. Some time before, Gauri thinks these bhaang laddoos for Shivaye and Anika, they will forget anger and tadi, they will talk their heart out. She keeps laddoos and talks to servant. She turns and sees laddoos gone. She says where did laddoos go. Servant disturbs her again. She looks around. She sees Ragini and Vikram, and goes ahead. She finds the laddoos and says I will take it. Pinky collides and laddoos fall. Pinky says these laddoos came from Bareilly girl. Gauri says how can we have it now, it got spoiled. Pinky says our trolley is clean, I will make laddoos. She gives laddoo to Gauri. She eats a laddoo and says its good, I will distribute this to guests. She gives laddoos to everyone. Gauri says I will have bhaang laddoo, my work is done.

Its morning, everyone is seen fallen here and there. Pinky wakes up and asks Shakti to get up. She asks where we sleeping here all night. Shakti says everyone were sleeping here, did anyone feed us anything alcoholic. Pinky says that Bareilly girl’s laddoos. He stops her and says we will get fresh by taking tea.

Ragini wakes up and looks around. She holds her head. She wakes up Vikram. Vikram looks around and asks what happened. She says nothing, thanks to you, I told you to get Anika close, you were sleeping here. He says excuse me, you start anytime, I was not sleeping, I was almost unconscious, like everyone. She says concentrate on plan. He says I will freshen up, I have an imp meeting to attend, take a deep breath. He goes. She says nothing is happening according to my plan, its all because of Gauri’s laddoos.

Gauri wakes up and holds her head. She sees people sleeping. Om comes in. She says how can Om come here, he has gone abroad, maybe I m still dreaming. Om sits next to her. She looks at him and smiles. She says you look so calm in dream, stay like this, you look good. He says this is not a dream. She asks what and pats his hand. She says its not a dream, you have really come. He says you got drunk at night. She says no, I just had bhaang laddoo at night, I added bhaang in it, I had it by mistake, I made that bhaang laddoo for Shivaye and Anika, everyone had it. He looks around. She asks where are Shivaye and Anika, I will find out, my plan worked. She gets up and stumbles. He holds her. They recall their old moments. Saathiya……plays…..


He asks are you fine. She says I will find out if my plan worked. He says take rest, I will find out, we are a team, tell me what to do. She smiles and says you are asking my advice for the first time, you never liked my idea, you always scolded me and said get out. He says its old thing now, I have realized well you were right. She says we have to solve Shivaye and Anika’s problem first. She tells her plan. Khanna gives them last night’s footage. Om and Gauri check. Om says everyone fainted. She says everyone had bhaang laddoos. They see Shivaye and Anika talking in kitchen. She says they did not get under bhaang effect. They see Vikram having laddoos from their hands and eating. Gauri says it means Shivaye and Anika didn’t eat bhaang laddoos. Om says obviously, something is serious. Gauri says we have to know what were they talking when we all… He says unconscious… She asks how to find out.

Shivaye says we will divide work. Anika says I will cancel florist and caterer. He says I will cancel decorator and lighting guys. They recall cancelling the marriage. Anika says that sweetmaker… He says I will cancel him, what are you seeing. She says your face and goes. Anika cancels order on phone and asks what, we still have to pay 75%, fine. Shivaye cancels order and says no, we are rectifying our mistake, marriage isn’t happening, come and take your cheque, collect your things. Gauri says how to find their talk. Om says I will find out with Anika. She says I will go to Shivaye. Anika says no, we have to finish everything soon. Om hears her. Shivaye says no, we have to finish everything today. Gauri hears him and worries. She says Shivaye wants to go sangeet function one day before. Anika says I m talking about sangeet, yes same address, come fast. Om says why is Anika preponing sangeet. He goes. Shivaye says just come fast, you have to do everything today. Gauri says it means sangeet will happen today. Gauri goes to Om.

Om claps and says what a plan, they are preponing everything. Gauri says it means Shivaye wants to get Anika married soon, I thought they will talk and end misunderstandings, my plan was fine, maybe they fought and doing this in tadi. He says what will happen of them. She says I will think, don’t worry, I have to make a plan, time is less. He goes. She turns and sees him gone.

Bhavya says you don’t listen to me, how could you. Rudra says I came to help. She says I don’t want your help. He says I came to take revenge from Sultan, I m an Oberoi and don’t like anyone’s orders. He sees Bajrangi coming and hugs her. She asks what are you doing, its not needed. He says we would have got caught, look out of window. She sees Bajrangi. Bajrangi goes. Rudra says Bajrangi would have doubted on you, we will make a team. She says I m on mission. He says our mission is same, Sultan. She says please be serious, its not so easy, I have an idea about Sultan, but he does not know about me. She says you know nothing, there is much more to that.

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Gauri talks to Rudra on phone. Rudra asks her to chill and thinks how many problems will he solve one day. He says I will help you from here. She asks him to say. He says its time to use Brahmastra. She asks what. He says jealousy, when Shivaye gets jealous, his distance with Anika gets less. She says he decided marriage in jealousy, this time he can do bidaai. He says no, you have to make his jealousy meter down, he will get angry, I m also not there to manage him. She says Om is here. He says what will Om say, he will talk boring things and do some shayari, he will anger Shivaye more, Shivaye will create big drama and cancel marriage, jealous SSO rocks. Gauri asks are you sure. He says yes, call me and inform when plan gets successful. She thanks him and says leave everything on me. He says my pleasure and ends call. She says jealous SSO rocks.

Rudra turns and sees Bhavya. Gauri says Rudra said this plan will work, jealous SSO rocks, Shivaye will stop this marriage. Ragini hears them and says oh, now I understand what khichdi are they cooking, its useful to hear their plans, if jealous SSO rocks, I will use it in my favor, Shivaye’s jealousy will make Anika and Vikram’s relation strong. Om says I don’t think this will work. Gauri says it will work, jealousy is great thing, when two people love each other, thought of some third person hurts them, you won’t understand. He holds her and asks why do you think I won’t understand. She says jealousy happens where there is love. He says I know how jealousy happens, what a person goes through in jealousy. She says its good to know. Saathiya…..plays…. She goes.

Gauri asks Anika why are you not ready. Anika asks what’s the need. Gauri says I know everything, you were talking so loud, I heard it. Anika says I was going to tell you, you know what happened last night. Gauri says sit now, you will get hurt. Ragini comes. Gauri calls her a fly and taunts. Ragini acts to hit fly and spoils Anika’s kajal. Anika goes to clean it. Gauri asks Ragini what does she want. Ragini says Om is calling you. Gauri and Ragini argue.

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Shivaye says its good you came early from Germany, I had to tell you about Anika, last night Anika and I spoke. Om says I know, you took this decision. Shivaye says yes, I m excited. Om says you would have got hurt. Shivaye says we went through much pain, she said we will keep everything aside and think what to do, I realized I wanted this. Om says really, I felt you don’t want this. Shivaye says now I m very sure this is what I wanted. Om says don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand you often. Shivaye says I don’t understand myself often, I feel this is correct decision, I m happy. Om says what can we do if you have taken this decision, anyways, have this, change, everyone is waiting for sangeet. He goes. Shivaye says what happened to Om, I told about marriage cancelling news, no reaction, sangeet outfit. Om says its his wife’s marriage and he is happy, mad.

Rudra asks are you jealous hearing my good plan. Bhavya says yes amazing, you could have thought more to make more useless plan. He says you talk to me when this plan works. She says this can make situation worse, Shivaye is doing this by jealousy. He says I know my brother well, everything will get fine, I m going, please don’t disturb. Gauri gets Om’s call and says yes I m coming. She says Ragini, I will keep an eye on you today. She goes. Ragini says I will spoil things right now. She sees Anika. She sees the ring and thinks the ring will show its magic now. She goes and swaps the ring. She thinks when Shivaye sees Vikram’s ring in Anika’s hand, jealous SSO rocks.

Dhansuk says Bajrangi is a dangerous goon. Bhavya says I m not scared of danger, I don’t like anyone’s life falling in danger. Chini says its good man is along with you, its tough for lonely girl to stay. She asks Rudra to have desi ghee. Bhavya says you are Bhuvan here, not Rudra, stop acting and have ghee. Bajrangi’s man comes there and says Bajrangi called him. Rudra gets shocked.

Bhavya asks Rudra not to worry, she will keep an eye on him, don’t show over smartness and don’t leak any info. He says I m very smart, the smartest among three brothers, I don’t show off my smartness. She says I know. He says I will go. She holds his hand. Jeene laga hoon….plays….They have an eyelock. Their old moments are seen. She asks him to be careful, many lives are in danger. He goes to Bajrangi. Bajrangi says I did not find anything about you. Rudra says I m common man. Bajrangi says even common man has family. Rudra says I didn’t do anything wrong. Bajrangi asks will you do anything special, you will get much money, its a deal, sell your fiancee Lachi to me. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked.


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