Game of Love 23 October 2020: Game of Love Friday 23 October 2020 Written Update, The man lifts the ghunghat. Bansi says this is not my Suman. Shivaye says Anika’s 12 missed calls. He talks to Anika.

The man throws her phone. Gauri and Anika get away on a scooter. Some time before, Gauri and Anika join hands and plan. Gauri gets up and runs. Lady says someone stop her. Anika says where did she run, I will go and see. Ladies stop Gauri. Gauri asks are you all following me, I was going bathroom. Lady says I will come with you. Gauri goes to washroom. Lady sees Anika running and asks someone to catch her. Anika runs and sees a locked room. She opens the lock and gets in. She thanks Shivaye.

Shivaye says Anika…. and takes phone. The man tells them about the rare diamond ring. Shivaye says just show it to me. The man says of course, you have to come with me in high security area. Shivaye leaves phone and goes. Om says I hope he likes the ring. Anika sees Suman crying. She asks Suman not to worry, Shivaye will make everything fine. She calls Shivaye and can’t connect. Suman asks her not to get in this matter. Anika says we will find some way. Suman says all the ways are shut, pheras will start in some time. Anika says we will take you. Suman asks how. Suman’s mum asks her to open the door. The lady asks Gauri to come out. Gauri asks Lord to help her. She sees a window and runs out. The lady goes to check.

Rudra says what a relief, I did tough thing, I went to washroom. Bhavya says I will also go washroom. He asks her to go and enjoy. She goes and turns. She thinks why does she feel someone is following me, Rudra is right, I always doubt. The men break the door and see bride. They ask women t get bride. Anika in disguise goes with them. Suman looks on. A woman tells Rudra that marriage should happen on time, when woman turns 30, it becomes difficult to have a child. Rudra imagines Bhavya showing socks for baby. She tells him to play with kids. A naughty boy asks Rudra to play antakshari with him. Rudra says your daddy will be uncle, if you call me uncle again, I will leave you in train, call me Bhaiya. Boy says understood.

Gauri looks on and calls Om saying he can help us. Om sees her call and says why is Gauri calling me, so break….. She says Om doesn’t even answer my call now. She sees bride and looks for Anika. Anika winks to her and smiles. She signs her. She says Anika is going instead Suman, I have to do something. She goes and says this scooty can help me, but I don’t know driving. She takes internet’s help. Anika calls Shivaye. She say what shall I do now. Bhavya plays antakshari with people. A man sings an old song. Rudra says I will learn old songs, Om has many ghazals, as Bhavya found this song cute. He jokes and thinks of the song. Bhavya sings my name is sheela. The boy dances with them. Anika says I have to do something, what to do. The man asks her to come. She falls down and says thank God, veil didn’t move. The village head sees her slippers. She says why did they get quiet, what happened. The village head says she has come in mandap wearing slippers, Bansi did you give this values to her. Bansi says she can’t be my daughter Suman. The man lifts veil.

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Shivaye says Anika’s 12 missed calls, is everything fine, did you get call. Om says yes. Shivaye says you should have answered, they may need help, I feel there is some problem. Shivaye says I have to call her. The man asks where is Suman. Anika answers Shivaye’s call. He asks are you fine. The man throws her phone and points gun. Shivaye says strange, why did she end call. Om says lets go. They leave. Village head asks where is Suman. Anika refuses to say. He asks her to think what will they do of her. She says think what will my husband Shivaye do of you, you can’t find Suman. The man aims gun at her. Gauri calls her out. She gets the scooty. Anika runs and drives the scooty. They leave and get Suman along.

The boy says I m getting bored, will you play ludo with me. Bhavya says I m tired. Rudra asks her to rest. She says I m just four years older, not forty years. He asks why does this come in between us always. She says this is the point. Boy calls them aunty and uncle. Rudra says we are not uncle aunty. She says relax, I have no problem if he calls me aunty. Rudra asks the boy to stop it, else he will leave him in train. He gives chocolate to boy. The boy swallows coin. Rudra says this boy will not get saved, he has swallowed a coin, someone call the doctor, he is gone. Bhavya says keep quiet. She pats on the boy’s back. The coin comes out. The lady asks Rudra to learn from Bhavya. Rudra says he is close to my heart, I was scared. She says kids panic and elders matter the problem smartly.

Jhanvi gets Shwetlana and says I will end your drama today. Shwetlana says don’t try to act smart, why are you doing this. Jhanvi asks her to see what game she plays, I want the video by which you are blackmailing Tej. Shwetlana refuses. Jhanvi threatens her. Shwetlana gives the phone. Tej comes and throws pot on her hand. Jhanvi says your game is over. Shwetlana says my game has just begun, I have the painting which has Oberois secret. Jhanvi says it opens by a key. Shwetlana says I will open it with or without key, think what will happen when the secret comes out. He says it will happen when you get saved. She throws pot at him and runs.

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Some guy holds Bhavya and reminds the old days. He says I was with you in academy, remember I teased you. She says yes, I slapped you, nice to meet you after long time. Rudra looks on and says I m Rudra, it will be good to know about her, old stories. The guy asks BF. She says friend. The guy says I have an idea, we will go to my friend’s guest house, we will enjoy. She says thanks, we are fine here, next train will come anytime. Rudra says its better, there is pool also. She says no need Rudra. The guy says don’t tell me, you are still angry, we are grown up now, Rudra is also with us come. Rudra insists. She agrees and goes to get her purse. The guy smiles.

Shwetlana sees Khanna and hides. Pinky tries a necklace. She screams seeing Shwetlana. Dadi hears the scream and goes to see. Shwetlana says anyone can hear, talk in low tone, I need your help. Pinky asks why, you don’t trust Oberois. Shwetlana says tell me will you help me or not. Pinky says Om and Tej made you out of here, you can’t even help yourself. Shwetlana says my time will also come. Pinky asks what do you want. Dadi comes and knocks door. She comes in. Pinky checks her clothes. Dadi asks is everything fine, whom were you taking to. Pinky says no, I was cursing the maid. Dadi says take care and goes.

Pinky gives money to Shwetlana. Shwetlana says I will message account number if I want more. The guy gets Bhavya and Rudra to his best friend Malik’s guest house. Malik says I hope you like our guest house. Bhavya asks Rudra to rest, then they will leave. Rudra sees basketball. The guy says I have to take the slap revenge. Malik says I will see Rudra, you see Bhavya well.

Rudra says I have to play basketball. She asks are you a kid. He says as you say, I m a kid. Malik says I think you like playing basketball. Rudra says I love it. He goes with him. The guy asks Bhavya will she have something. She says no thanks, I will freshen up. The guy smiles. Tej hugs Dadi. Dadi says thank God, that woman is gone from your life. Jhanvi says yes, everything got fine. Tej says sorry Shakti, I m elder, but you always showed big heart. Shakti hugs him. Pinky looks on. Shakti says you are a superb actor, you looked like Peter. Tej says it was a torture. Shakti says you learnt to make dosa. Dadi says we will complete arrangements for Shivaye and Anika’s ring ceremony, where are Billu and Om. Shakti says yes, even Anika and Gauri should come by now. Tej calls Shivaye and says number is not reachable. Dadi says even Anika’s number is not connecting. Tej says everything will be fine now.

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Malik takes Rudra and says this is our game zone. Rudra asks him to switch on lights. Malik locks him and goes. Rudra says I didn’t ask you to shut door, I don’t like jokes, open the door, he just met and started playing pranks. The guy comes to Bhavya and says finally we got time. She asks how did you come in, I locked door. He says its my guest house and my keys, I will take revenge, or think we will take revenge. She throws soap and cleans her face by towel. Rudra says felt these guys are strange, I have to find out, something is wrong, is Bhavya’s life in danger. The guys catch Bhavya. Rudra breaks the door. He thinks where is Bhavya.

Bhavya beats the guys. The guy holds her. She injures his hand and asks them to move back. She says last time I slapped you, this time I will complaint in police department. Rudra comes and asks whats happening. She says nothing, lets go. The guy asks why, you are leaving a man and going with a kid. Rudra asks what did you say. The guy asks did baby get angry. Malik says he is a chick. Rudra punches a guy. They catch Rudra. Bhavya asks them to leave Rudra. She hits the guy on his head. Rudra says see I told you I will handle. She says shut up. He asks what did I do. She says this happened because of you, I told you I don’t want to come here, you had to come here, I tried to say there is some problem, you didn’t listen, if anything happened then, we would have fallen in big problem, there is limit of immaturity. He says what did I do and asks her to stop. Jhanvi shows photo frame to Tej. He asks how did glass crack, I will get it replaced. Shwetlana says don’t think you have won, I will be back to run you. She hits the frame. Jhanvi says why do I feel problems didn’t end.


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