GAME OF LOVE 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020: ON GAME OF LOVE TUESDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Shivaye asks Anika to do marriage in a grand style. Gauri meets the actors of Bareilly ki barfi.

Some time before, Ragini asks how did Anika wear the ring. Vikram says maybe she has worn it herself, it was really dark out there, nothing was visible. She says fine, everything has to be perfect now, no stupidity will work. He says excuse me, I m doing a favor, talk to me nicely. She says excuse me, if my family did not sponsor your education and didn’t give you first job, you would be on road. He says I did not forget that favor, so I left everything and came here to help you. She says if my brother helped me, I would have not needed you. He says only if he was capable of doing it. She says anyway, you have to separate Shivaye and Anika, make sure this time no mistake happens.

Shivaye says so sorry Vikram, its really sad engagement could not happen because of Ragini. She comes and asks who said Anika didn’t make Vikram wear the ring. Shivaye says I was there, engagement was called off. Ragini makes Vikram wear the ring and says Shivaye you are very innocent, lovers don’t care for crowd, see she has made Vikram wear the ring later. Shivaye asks Vikram did Anika make him wear the ring. Vikram says yes, Anika came to me later on and made me wear this ring. Shivaye says it means Anika and you got engaged. She says secret engagement, how romantic, what’s next, mehendi or sangeet, or anything else. Shivaye gets angry.

Rudra comes to room and asks Bhavya why did she keep lights off, is she upset about engagement, everything is sorted, Shivaye made Anika wear the ring, why are you not answering. He switches on the lights. He gets a note and reads… this time I m informing and going on a dangerous mission, don’t follow me, I don’t want any problem to come on you and your family. He says she could atleast meet me and leave.

Bhavya is on the way. She recalls commissioner’s words about girls trade done by Sultan. He says Sultan will be coming to that village, we have arranged undercover story, you will get a village couple’s pic, Dhansuk and Chini, you will stay there as their daughter Lachi. She gets the pic and clothes. She dresses up as a villager avatar.

Gauri says calm down. Rudra says she knows I don’t like this, even then she does this, I won’t go after her. She says fine. He says if she worried for us, she would have stayed, I won’t go, I m going out for my work now. She thinks these three brothers are similar, they think wrong. She says we will first deal with Shivaye and Anika’s problem. He goes. She says Shivaye wants to get Anika married, when everyone can see Anika is not happy, and Om’s story started with misunderstanding, and Rudra doesn’t know he is missing Bhavya.


Bhavya comes to village and greets the couple. She says I m Lachi, your daughter. Chini covers her head with dupatta. Dhansuk introduces Lachi. Gauri says Bhavya and Rudra are gone, I have to do everything, I will make plan, but how to get it in action. Rudra comes and says tell me what to do about Shivaye and Anika. She says you went in anger, I thought just I m left here. He says I was angry with Bhavya but I can’t get back from responsibility. She says all brothers are same. He asks what. She says I mean Shivaye made Anika wear ring, how will he see marriage if he couldn’t see engagement. He says it means we won’t have to do anything. She says yes, we have to make him more jealous. He asks how. She says I have thought of it.

Gauri talks to Anika. Anika says you want to stop marriage, I trust you, but what’s the need of all this. Shivaye says its needed, you should do marriage with all functions, I m your wedding planner, I won’t let anything get less, do you want to do this function secretly. Anika asks what do you mean. He says wedding functions don’t happen secretly. She says you know more what I want. He says yes I m your husband… wedding planner. O jaana….plays… She says I have to talk to Vikram. He says yes, he is everything for you, its about me, not you and Vikram, I promised I will do your marriage well, it should be beautiful Raatjaggah of Anika’s life. He goes. Gauri says Shivaye is jealous, I feel his blood is boiling, you don’t take tension, everything will get fine. Rudra says you have to find Bhavya, use contacts Khanna, do anything. Gauri hears him.

Vikram gets ready. Shivaye asks where are you going. Vikram says its Raatjagga today. Shivaye says its women’s function. Vikram says its my wedding, you can join me if you want. Shivaye says make your collar fine. He holds collar angrily and says sorry. Vikram says Anika would be waiting for me. Shivaye stops him and says you are agreeing to Anika, you are spoiling her habits, her demands will get high, be a man. He says I really want her to make demands, she never asked me for a rose. Shivaye says why will she ask me, she will ask me, I m wedding planner, she will ask me. Vikram says absolutely, I think I should go, function started. Shivaye says sit here, we will make her wait, we will drink and celebrate, come on, stop one second, for Anika…. He gives the drink. They drink.

Bitti/Kriti Sanon comes and asks does Gauri stay here. Gauri and Anika get surprised. Gauri introduces Anika. She says Bitti does great breakdance in Bareilly, how did you come here. Bitti says I m finding a groom for myself. Anika says you can find even Lord. Bitti asks how does it feel after marriage. Gauri smiles. Chirag/Ayushman Khurana and Vidrohi/Rajkumar Rao walk in. They ask the marriage experience. Chirag says we came to find bride. Gauri says marriage means everything doubles, families, parents, I m lucky to get good husband and good inlaws, A Jethani like Anika, she is my best friend.

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Anikaa says you are finding your life partner, you should express feelings, sometimes we say what we shouldn’t, and sometimes we don’t say what we should. Vidrohi does shayari. Gauri asks Bitti how will she get a groom. Rudra asks what, is Bhavya in Gujarat. Khanna says yes. Rudra says what is she doing in village. Gauri asks him to go to Bhavya. He asks why will I go village, I won’t go after her like always. She says fine, I meant you can go if you want. He says you are needed here, someone has to go, she knows I will easily find her, will you manage here. Gauri says yes, it will be bit tough. He says thanks. She says sweets are not for you. He says fine, I m on diet. She sees laddoos and smiles.

Anika asks Shivaye to cook as she wants. He says everything is happening your way. She says yes, even marriage. He says you are taunting me, you are marrying, I m just organizing. She says we will forget everything for a min, our anger, tadi, truth, lies. She asks do you think you are doing right. He asks what am I doing. She asks do you think this marriage should happen, will it not affect you if I do second marriage. He says I don’t want you to marry someone. He burns the dish. She gets water glass. He gets back. She says I m not throwing on you. She pours water in the dish. He says none can bear you except me. She says none can bear you except me. They see each other and smile. She asks what to do. He says if everything happens as your wish. She says we will stop this, we are not happy, even family is not happy. He asks and marriage….. She says we will cancel it. They have an eyelock.

He says lets cancel this. She asks right now. He says yes. They run. Dhansuk asks Bhavya not to worry, none knows them. He shows the goon Bajrangi coming. Bajrangi asks who is this girl. Dhansuk says she is my daughter Lachi, she stayed with my sister, she has come here to see marriage. Bajrangi says get her married too. Chini says no, she is young. Bajrangi says its good to get young girls married soon. He goes. He asks his man to convince Dhansuk, the girl is pretty, we will get good rate. Bhavya tells commissioner that she has met Bajrangi, three marriage are happening here. Bajrangi comes and asks what were you doing. She says I was talking on call. He says such a costly phone, your parents are poor. She says my uncle gave it to me. She holds the gun. The man says alliance came for you, shall I talk to your parents or uncle and aunt. She asks why. The man says Bajrangi is the guy. She gets shocked and looks at Bajrangi. Bajrangi asks don’t you believe your fate or seeing your would be husband well.

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Jhanvi asks Naren to stop it. Naren says I can do anything with you Jhanvi, I can kill you. He holds her neck. Tej hits a button on his head. Naren falls down. Tej drags Naren. He says don’t worry, he is just unconscious, we will call police in morning and get him arrested. Jhanvi looks at Naren. Its morning, Dhansuk says we did not think of Lachi’s marriage. Bajrangi says then think. Chini says my daughter is not ready for marriage. The man asks her to convince Lachi, she will rule, Bajrangi is rich, shall we think alliance is accepted. Rudra comes and says but she is engaged. Bhavya gets shocked seeing Rudra in villager’s getup. She says you here….. Bajrangi asks who are you. Rudra thinks what name to tell, village names are desi, I have watched Lagaan, what was Aamir Khan’s name in it. He thinks and says my name is Bhuvan, I m her fiance. Bajrangi asks Lachi’s? Rudra says no, hers, do you call her Lachi by love, I call her cutie. The man asks what’s this name. Rudra says it means lovely cute. He asks Dhansuk did he not tell him. Dhansuk says I did not get chance. Rudra says I will tell him, Bajrangi ji we are engaged, you cancel the alliance. Bajrangi and his man leave. Bhavya stares at Rudra.

Jhanvi wakes up and looks for Tej. Tej asks what happened, I went to check doors and windows. She says I was just worried, is Naren there. He says yes. She asks why are your hands wet. He says I just washed hands with soap, some oil was not getting away, we will inform police and get Naren arrested.

Its morning, Jhanvi recalls Naren. Tej gives coffee. She asks did you check Naren. He says no, I couldn’t talk to police, we will talk to Naren once, he is my friend’s brother, come. They go to talk. Jhanvi says we were going to give you to police, but we decided to give you another chance, just behave yourself. Tej says you did wrong, I hope you understand, I m talking to you Naren….. Naren doesn’t move. Jhanvi holds Naren. Naren falls down. They get shocked seeing a knife stabbed in his back. Tej says he got murdered.




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