GAME OF LOVE 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020: On GAME OF LOVE Monday 21 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Vikram holds Anika’s hand. She turns and sees Shivaye. Some time before, Shivaye sees Anika.

Ragini says Anika looks so beautiful, they look made for each other, even we are looking good together, let’s take a picture, smile Shivaye. He asks what are you doing, stop this drama. She asks what drama. He says what you started in press conference. She says I called press conference as I was worried for you. He asks are you my family, were you more worried than them, I thought we are good friends, until you said you are my fiancee, you misbehaved with Anika and insulted her calling her my ex wife, be thankful I m talking to you, I can’t bear anyone hurting my family, you did that. She asks why are you upset, that I said I m your fiancee, or that I called Anika your fiancee, you can’t handle Anika has moved on and getting anger on me. He says we can’t have anything between us, mind your own business. He goes.

Rudra says I have to do something to stop this engagement. Bhavya asks what are you finding. He says I have to do something, Om had to go Germany for workshop at this time, I can’t talk to Shivaye. She says just chill like me. He says I m getting panic attacks. She says you won’t find solution if you panic. He says don’t apply your police rules here, I want your help. She says it means you are asking my help, I have to use my police mind, will it work. He says yes, just stop this engagement. She says cool then. She gets juice. He says I don’t want juice. She adds some powder in the juice glass. He says omg, you are something. She says I know, lets leave.

Gauri asks Anika not to worry, everything will get fine. Rudra gives juice to Anika. Anika says I don’t want to have it. Gauri thinks Rudra would have added something in juice, they came with this plan, I have to do something. She takes juice. Rudra says no, I made this specially for Anika, its our plan. Gauri says my plan will work. Bhavya says maybe she thought something better, just trust her. Ragini compliments Anika and clicks her pic. She says if I put this pic on social media, it will go viral, what caption to add, ex Mrs Shivaye Singh Oberoi moving onto a new life. She asks Vikram to come for couple pic. Pinky says yes, take their pic. Ragini says why are you guys standing as if you don’t know each other, show some romance, put your arm around her shoulder. Shivaye comes and holds Vikram’s hand. He says you should start engagement.

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Gauri gives the juice to Ragini. Ragini says I don’t want. Gauri says fine, I will give it to Anika. Ragini drinks juice. Vikram asks Anika for her hand. Shivaye sees Anika and asks do you have to say anything. Ragini asks Vikram why is he asking. Pinky asks him to hold hand. Vikram holds Anika’s hand. Gauri says Anika, you are wearing Shivaye’s ring till now. Shivaye sees the ring and recalls the moment. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays…. Gauri says you have to remove it, you have to end old relations to make new one. Rudra says Vikram changed and then Gauri joined Vikram’s team. Vikram says I think we should take it off. Anika tries to remove. Rudra says this ring won’t come out, we will postpone engagement. Vikram says no, engagement will happen today. Rudra asks Bhavya to take Anika to room. Vikram says no. Ragini says what nonsense, will engagement not happen, you are spoiling Anika’s beautiful moment, he can make her wear ring in other hand. Gauri and Vikram agree with her. Vikram holds Anika’s other hand and asks what did this happen now.

Shivaye and everyone look on. Rudra says you can’t make her wear ring in other hand too, you got insulted. Bhavya says she got hurt. Ragini asks how. Bhavya says while wearing bangles. Ragini says such happens in just movies. Rudra says we got this idea from movies, Bhavya take Anika to room. Gauri says no, I will get soap water, ring will come out. Gauri tries to remove the ring. Anika sees Shivaye. Their moments are shown. Chann se jo tuta….plays…..They see each other. Gauri says I told you, ring came out. Anika wipes her tears. Rudra says Gauri got mad. Gauri gives ring to Anika. Anika sees Shivaye. The ring falls down, and goes near Shivaye’s feet. Gauri says your ring came back to you. Shivaye picks the ring. Ragini asks Vikram to make Anika wear ring. Anika sees Shivaye. Ragini thinks why is her head aching. Gauri signs Sahil. Ragini sees this and thinks they are upto something. Vikram holds Anika’s hand. Ragini follows Sahil.

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Lights turn off. Anika says how did it get dark. She moves back. Shivaye hugs her. He says I m here, I know you are scared of darkness. She says you made me away. She cries. He holds her hand. Lights come. Ragini says I think someone switched off mains, everything is fine now. Pinky says start engagement now. Gauri says its done. Vikram asks what. Gauri says I mean, Anika has ring in her hand, see. Anika recalls Shivaye holding her hand and making her wear the ring. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…… She turns and sees Shivaye. Gauri says Vikram did engagement in darkness, amazing. Ragini says Anika did not make Vikram wear ring, its Anika’s turn now.

Servant gets the ring. Anika takes it and sees Shivaye. Gauri wishes Ragini falls down. Anika is about to make Vikram wear ring. Ragini falls. Vikram and Pinky worry for her. Vikram shouts get some water. Rudra says whatever happened is good. Rudra asks Gauri what was all this. Gauri says I was getting engagement done. Rudra says you went in Vikram’s team. She says it was so much fun. He says Anika got engaged to Vikram, you are getting fun. She says Shivaye made her wear ring in darkness, I knew Anika will be scared of darkness and switched off mains. Rudra says you are genius. She says you mean Aladin’s lamp one. He says that’s genie. She says we have to get Shivaye and Anika’s marriage done too.

Anika asks Shivaye what’s this. He asks what. She shows the ring. He says your engagement ring is nice. She asks what’s this. She shows his ring. He asks is this that one. She says its same which we exchanged on our engagement. He says you remember. She asks how can I forget. He asks what did you say. She says stop your drama. He says correction, I m not doing anything, you are doing this. She says you have put this engagement thing on me. He says you are already engaged. She asks why did you make me wear ring again. He asks did I? She says when lights went. He says I still remember you are scared of darkness. He says he used that darkness. He says you would have worn this ring, you don’t want to marry Vikram.

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She sees the ring and says if you say once…. He says say it once. She goes. They see the rings and get sad. She cries. Jhanvi sees Naren. He says you guys came here. She says I would have not come if I knew you will meet me here. He says you still avoid me, there is much fun in your denial. She says your talks are still cheap. He says you did not take me seriously till now. She asks why are you still here, you should have given keys and went. He says I did not know I will meet you. She says Tej and I came here for privacy, I hope you will leave.

Commissioner talks to Bhavya. He says you have to go, all arrangements are done. She sees Rudra. He says you know this mission is dangerous, you have to leave right away. She says fine. She gets sad and says I have to go Rudra, this time is to focus on mission, not getting emotional.

Tej says I m going to get diesel, if generator stops, heater will end, you will be hurt, gas station is nearby, I will be back soon. She asks him to listen. Tej goes. She gets shocked seeing Naren. She goes. She asks did you come Tej. Naren holds her. She says stop this nonsense. He says its my madness, I knew fate will make me meet again, why did you refuse me and my love, you knew how much I liked you, I like you even today. She says stop it, its been 30 years, I have three kids. He says we are alone here.



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