Game of Love 21 October 2020: Game of Love Wednesday 21 October 2020 Written Update, Dadi asks Shivaye and Anika to gift something, available in the house. Anika says I m the best gift for you. Shivaye says this is your gift, Sahil’s custody, none can snatch your brother from you.

Some time before, Shakti gets a gift for Pinky. Dadi says we will see which rose he chose for Pinky. Shakti shows the cactus plant. They all laugh. Pinky cries and says everyone insults me, you also did my insult. Shakti says its just a joke. Dadi asks Pinky not to get angry, its fun. Pinky says they like making fun of me. She throws the pot and goes. Dadi asks whose turn is it now. Shivaye says Om. Om says how can I play, Gauri is not here. Gauri says I have come.

Om goes to her and asks where were you. She says it was raining, so I got stuck. He says you could have answered call, I have called many times. Dadi asks them to take a chit. Gauri gets a chit and reads, get blindfold and find partner. She says I will get other chit. Dadi says no, you have to do. Anika says anything can happen if you try. She blindfolds Gauri and asks Om to hide. Om asks what’s this kiddish game. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…. Gauri tries to find him. They all direct her. Gauri senses Om and goes to him. Saathiya….plays…. She removes the blindfold and sees Om smiling. Dadi says Gauri reaches Om after many hurdles, Om now its your turn.

Om reads to say some good poetry for partner. Rudra jokes on Om. Shivaye asks Om did he do any shayari for Gauri. He says its not cool, you have to do it, come on. Gauri says no need. Om does shayari. Gauri looks at him. Om’s shayari… don’t know when a small story turned into a big one, all the time got spent on your name, half in teasing you and half in convincing you, what work the heart has with you, what name this relation has, me and my heart are busy in solving this puzzle. Shivaye and Anika smile. They all clap. Gauri says thank you. Om asks what did you say. Gauri says thanku, what did you hear. He says thanku… Dadi says now its Billu and Anika’s turn. Shivaye nods.

Anika says so thank you. He asks what. She says for keeping this function. He reads chit. She says I will pick mine. Dadi says its same chit for both of you. Anika reads the chit. Dadi takes it and says you both have to gift each other, but the gift should be something from the house, you can’t get it from outside, you just have two minutes, this is the challenge, get started, go. Shivaye and Anika smile. Dadi says this was gift challenge, give it, Anika your turn first.

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Anika says I think the best gift for you, I m the best gift for you. She makes him hold her. Rudra does the gift wrapping by a ribbon and says its impossible to beat this gift, Shivaye should accept failure. Shivaye says I have to say thanks and hugs her. Dadi says two feet away. He says she came after many days and you are saying this Dadi. Dadi asks him to show his gift, its about Oberois respect. He gives papers to Anika. She checks and says Sahil’s custody paper. He says Sahil’s custody is yours now, none can snatch your brother from you. She cries. She says how did you do this. He says its not imp, tell me how did you like my gift. She says I didn’t get a better gift than this, don’t know how to thank you. He says no need to say. She cries and hugs him.

Dadi asks are you crying, we kept this function to bring happiness on your face. Anika says I m very happy. Rudra says such an emotional moment, TRP will go high this time. Dadi asks him to click family pic. Rudra takes a family pic, asking them to say paneer….

Tej hears Shwetlana talking to someone. She sees Tej and ends call. She goes to him and asks are you keeping an eye on him. He sings and asks her to hear music. She says stop nonsense, answer me, were you hearing my conversation. He says you are disturbing me. She goes. He says I have heard you, but whom were you talking you, I will find out who is helping you.

Commissioner says Manav said you asked for some time to think, is there anyone in your heart, you don’t like Manav, do you have feelings for Rudra. She recalls him and says no, I was helpless to stay there, I have a sense of responsibility for him. He asks are you saying this to me or yourself, its your life, you just think and decide, Manav is a nice guy, if you have anything for Rudra in heart then…. She says no, there is nothing between Rudra and me.


Rudra says there is nothing between Bhavya and me. Chubby says I m fed up hearing this. Rudra says she was doing duty, there was nothing. Chubby asks why did you ruin dare with Kaira, why are you having raw eggs and spoiling taste and life. Rudra says Kaira is boring girl, anything eaten in raw form is healthy. Chubby says Kaira is not boring, she is hot and happening. Rudra says but she is not Bhavya, I mean there is nothing between us. Chubby says I will hit my head on wall if you say this again. Rudra asks what do I do, she is not going from my mind, she is older than me. Chubby asks him to just talk once.

Rudra calls Bhavya. Commissioner disconnects. Rudra says she disconnected my call, she doesn’t want to talk to me, its fine, I m not dying to talk to her, there is nothing between us. Shakti says don’t know where is Dadi. Shivaye holds Anika. Dadi comes and says now she has come back, so guy and girls’ team will go to their places, I have got a mahurat for Billu and Anika’s marriage. Shivaye asks Dadi to say. Dadi says Guru ji gave mahurat date after 7 days. Shivaye says 7 days. He teases Anika. Shakti says behave yourself, you are flirting with her. Dadi says we will keep chunri rasam ring ceremony in evening. Shakti asks how will we manage things. He takes guests invitation responsibility. Om says I will manage catering. Some man comes there to meet Dadi.

Bhavya marries someone. Rudra wakes up and says no, this marriage won’t happen. He says it was a dream, what will happen if I see this in real. He calls Bhavya. Commissioner answers. Rudra asks where are you. Commissioner says its me, I have her mobile. Rudra says I have to talk to her. Commissioner says she is busy in marriage. Rudra gets shocked.

Dadi asks Khanna to let Bansi come in. Bansi invites them in her daughter Suman’s marriage. Dadi says give shagun for Suman. He asks her to come and bless Suman. Dadi says I wish to go village, but I have knee pain, doctor asked me not to travel, boys will come. Shivaye says I have an imp meeting, Om will go. Om says its last day of exhibition. Shivaye says we will send.. Rudra says don’t take my name, I m going for some imp work. Shivaye says keep me posted. Dadi says bahus of this house will go. Gauri says sure, why not. Bansi says I will leave now and takes Dadi’s blessings. He goes. Dadi says there is much respect of your Dada ji there, I know you both will also earn respect there. Anika asks her not to worry. Gauri says village marriage is fun. Dadi asks them to come soon for rasams. Shivaye says just come fast.

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Gauri hides her books. She packs her bag and thinks to inform that she can’t come for class. Om comes and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I need to talk to you. He sees her phone and says whom was Gauri messaging that she can’t come. Anika looks for her charm. She asks Shivaye. He sees it and takes it. She says its imp for me. He says I really got a moon and shows her the bracelet. She tries to take it. He holds her. Ishq hai aansun….plays…. He says your moon is very beautiful, but not more than my moon. She says Aw. He says you learnt to do aw on right place. She asks him to give it, don’t tease. He says just like that. She says I don’t want it. He holds her and makes her wear the bracelet. O jaana…..plays…. They hold hands. He kisses her hand. Om helps Gauri. Saathiya……plays….He asks her not to say thanks.

He asks if she has any problem when Dadi asked her to go, if she has any other plans. He says just go if you want, else not. She says why don’t you think I get happiness in doing something for this family. He says I m saying generally. She says you have never understood me. He says even you didn’t understand me ever, I have apologized for my mistakes. She says I m not saying this to make you realize mistakes, I have left everything on time, its good I m going out, you will get a break from me. Saathiya….plays…. He stops her and says have a safe trip. She goes. Shivaye asks is going necessary, its not good to go. She says I have to go. He throws a dupatta on her. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…. He gets under the dupatta and holds her hand to kiss. She asks what are you doing. He says I m showing the evening function is so beautiful. He holds her close.


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