Game of Love 20 October 2020: Game of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Written Update, Gauri introduces herself in class and says I have come here to learn English. Anika says one should say feelings within time, else talk remains incomplete.

Some time before, Dadi asks Shakti how did papers reach storeroom, did you got other copy. Shakti asks her not to take tension. She says Pinky can bring this matter out, keep an eye on her, Billu and Anika’s life will get a storm, he is upset with Pinky’s lie, if he knows this secret, don’t know what will he do, he can’t handle this. Shivaye asks what can’t I handle. She says you are getting married and have much work. He says I can manage everything, but it won’t look good if I do things in my marriage, you take the responsibility. She says don’t know when will your bride come, we can’t do any function without her. He says I m waiting for her too. He goes.



Gauri comes to learn english and enters the class. She greets everyone. She asks is it first day for you all. She introduces herself. A man says I have come to learn english, as I m helpless, my son got an American bahu, we don’t understand each other’s talk. She asks about teacher. A guy corrects and says I m the teacher, I m one of you, the difference is I just know one language more, my teaching style is different, I will sit between you and teach, I will teach you english and learn something from you, I m Arjun. Gauri introduces herself.

Shivaye asks Khanna to get car ready. Dadi says I think Anika is coming, so you are happy, she has come. Anika and Shivaye smile. Anika greets Dadi and says Sahil is fine. He asks how did you come. She asks why, shouldn’t I come. He says no, I was coming to pick you. She says no need, thanks, I came by bus. He says I would have sent car. She says its okay. Dadi says its good you came back, I got suits for you, I will show. She goes. Shivaye says you got slim, shall I make food for you. She says no, I m fine, thanks. He asks shall I get tea. She says no thanks, you know what I was saying and what I got in return, thanks. He says go and rest, we will talk in room, I will get your bag. They hold bag. He holds her hand. She gets away. She says I can lift my bag myself, I forgot to say thanks, thank you. She smiles and goes. He says she is still annoyed, I did a sin by saying thanks, I have to do something big to stop this thank you.

Anika goes to Dadi. Dadi shows the dresses. Anika asks what happened. Dadi says I won’t get peace till Shwetlana goes, I wish Tej and Jhanvi get rid of problems, Jhanvi has seen many sorrows, she should get happiness now. Anika says Shivaye will find some way to make Shwetlana leave. Dadi asks her to try the dresses and check fitting. She goes. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says something happened. She says I was thinking, life has no guarantee, what happens, so one should say what’s in heart, else time passes and talks remain incomplete. She goes. He says I think Anika got hurt, I have to tell my feelings to her.

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Om says its too late, she didn’t come, she didn’t tell me where she is going, I would have sent car. He sees Gauri coming and acts to be busy. She comes to room and asks are you here. He says yes, it means you didn’t see me. She says I was lost in thoughts. He says Dadi was asking about you. She says I didn’t rickshaw. He says I would have sent car. She says no, I can manage. He asks did you have food. She says no, I will go and have it, maybe you had. She goes. He says even I didn’t had food.

Dadi asks function. Shivaye says yes, I want to make Anika happy. She asks what function to keep, I will think of something. He thanks her. She goes. He says I hope Anika’s anger goes after this function.

Anika hugs the papers and cries. Shivaye comes there. She hugs him. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. She says you gave me my family, I was afraid to lose Sahil, you got his custody on my name and ended my fear, you gave me my brother, thanks, I m saying thanks by happiness, not anger. He says I did this for your happiness, stop crying. She says I m so happy, I m not crying. He says you gave me world’s biggest happiness and I disappointed you, I couldn’t say what you wanted to hear. She says you can’t say even today. He says I try and get stuck, but you know. She says I know you will take time, but till then, don’t say thanks please. He says never, I hate thank you, this word should be banned, sorry, you said those three magical words, I felt the magic in my life, I m also trying, you know what you mean to me, sometimes I try. She laughs and says you don’t need to say, what you do for me, it shows what you have in heart for me, I know my Tadibaaz Bagad billa is Bheegi billi in these things, but its fine if you don’t say it. She kisses on his cheek and says thanks Shivaye, from my heart, I love you. They smile. O jaana….plays… She goes. He says you don’t need words, but I will still say it, I know how it feels when one hear these words.

Shwetlana shows the video of Tej hitting Naren. She asks what will Tej say in police, you know who will go jail. Jhanvi worries. Servant says this parcel came for Gauri. Om says fine, I will give her, maybe mum has sent this. He goes to tell her. He calls her out. Pinky comes and asks what happened, did Gauri go again, she didn’t tell you, its not right. He says maybe she went for some work, its small thing. She says fine do anything. She goes.

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Gauri studies in class. Gauri recalls the reporters and asks Arjun about her doubt. Arjun tells her about vowel sounds. She says I m not so intelligent to learn. He asks her not to lose and try, Rome was not built in a day. She asks what does Rome mean. He says that’s all for the day. They say its raining much. Arjun asks them to wait till rain stops. Shwetlana says I can send you to jail anytime, don’t you think you should thank me. Jhanvi says if I have to go jail, I will kill you and go. She gives shock to Shwetlana. Shwetlana falls. She says you can’t do anything, I have proof against Tej. Jhanvi asks her what does she want. Shwetlana says painting. Jhanvi asks painting. Shwetlana kicks her and says I will get what you want, you won’t know why I want that painting. She goes.

Shivaye asks what does Tej want, he is helping Shwetlana and giving us leads. Anika asks why is he agreeing to Shwetlana. Jhanvi says Shwetlana is keeping an eye on him. Om says till he tells us, how will we know why she came here. Jhanvi says she has come for a painting. Shivaye asks painting. Jhanvi says I don’t know why she wants it, but there is something imp. He says she was here in this area when we were catching her red handed. He asks is that the painting. Om says it was not here, its a copy. Shivaye asks are you sure. Om says this is not a painting, its the last photocopy. Shivaye says it means painting is changed. Om says just Shwetlana can do this. Shivaye says what if she has painting, we have the keys, she can’t do anything, we will know the secret once we get that painting.

A foreigner man comes in the class and says my car broke down, can I stay here for some time. Arjun explains the students. Gauri gives tea to the man. Arjun acts sick and says I m allergic to eggs. Gauri asks how will we take him to doctor. The man says I m doctor, everyone step out.

Dadi says its a test of all the couples. Shakti says I didn’t understand. Shivaye asks Om why does he look worried. Om says function is going to start, Gauri didn’t come. Shivaye says she will come. Om says I don’t know where she went, its raining, if she gets stuck. Shivaye says don’t worry, we will enjoy function, she will come. Rudra asks Chubby to go. Chubby asks why are you getting anger on me if Bhavya went. Rudra says sorry.

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Dadi asks them to sit. Rudra asks what’s the game now. Shakti says all jodis will have tests. Rudra says don’t say we will play Lovakshari again. Dadi says no, we will give challenge to them, everyone has to do what’s written in chits. She asks Rudra why is he upset. Om calls Gauri. Shivaye says I m excited. Anika says don’t know what plan you and Dadi made, I told what you wanted. He says but thing didn’t complete. Dadi asks Pinky and Shakti to start. Pinky refuses and argues. Shivaye says I don’t want everyone’s mood to get spoiled here by someone. He asks Shakti to start. Shakti says its written, gift a flower to partner, how will I get flower. Dadi asks him to get flower from garden. He goes. She asks Rudra to play. Rudra says I have no partner. Dadi says Bhavya would have been there. Rudra says she is not my partner. Chubby says Bhavya is a cop, I will become his partner. Rudra jokes. He says I don’t want to play. Shivaye asks him to sit.

The man asks can anyone get my briefcase. Gauri and others try to follow his instructions. Shwetlana pushes Tej. She says you didn’t get affected, you were giving divorce to Jhanvi, now you are planning with her. He asks where is Jhanvi. She jokes on his love and asks why did you remove this locket. She makes him wear it. She says Jhanvi is alive, I would have killed her, I thought how will I control you then, so I left her, next time I will not leave her, just do what I say, become Peter again. Gauri thinks to do something, Arjun’slife is in danger. She asks everyone to know what is doctor saying. She asks the man what he wants.

He asks her to get lukewarm water. She checks and says normal water. She gets water. He feeds water to Arjun. He asks what’s your name. She says Gauri. He asks can you pump his chest, sorry he is no more. She asks what are you saying. Tej thinks how to get rid of Shwetlana. Jhanvi comes and asks are you fine. She hugs him and cries. He signs her not to talk. He writes on her hand that she is listening. He shows her the locket and signs her to go. She hugs him. She goes. Tej cries. Arjun gets up and laughs. He thanks his friend and asks how was my acting, I m happy and impressed, the way you all understood his english, Gauri you took internet’s help, that was a smart move. You are intelligent. She thanks him. Everyone claps for her.


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